539 examples of drawl in sentences

Ash Wednesday, being now called upon for a song, with his eyes fast stuck in his head, and as well as the Canary he had swallowed would give him leave, struck up a Carol, which Christmas Day had taught him for the nonce; and was followed by the latter, who gave "Miserere" in fine style, hitting off the mumping notes and lengthened drawl of Old Mortification with infinite humour.

He roused himself to drawl out: "Come on, Fernando, we're off now, for sure.

At the head of the Eleventh Infantry was Colonel I.D. DeRussy, who, with his ministerial drawl and dry wit, was a sharp contrast to his blunt, impetuous, and fiery second in command, Lieutenant-Colonel Burke.

Stammering N. inarticulateness; stammering &c v.; hesitation &c v.; impediment in one's speech; titubancy^, traulism^; whisper &c (faint sound) 405; lisp, drawl, tardiloquence^; nasal tone, nasal accent; twang; falsetto &c (want of voice) 581; broken voice, broken accents, broken sentences.

mumble, mutter; maud^, mauder^; whisper &c 405; mince, lisp; jabber, gibber; sputter, splutter; muffle, mump^; drawl, mouth; croak; speak thick, speak through the nose; snuffle, clip one's words; murder the language, murder the King's English, murder the Queen's English; mispronounce, missay^. Adj. stammering &c v.; inarticulate, guttural, nasal; tremulous; affected.

V. be inactive &c adj.; do nothing &c 681; move slowly &c 275; let the grass grow under one's feet; take one's time, dawdle, drawl, droil^, lag, hang back, slouch; loll, lollop^; lounge, poke, loaf, loiter; go to sleep over; sleep at one's post, ne battre que d'une aile

When we went in they all stood up and, touching their foreheads, said in a queer sing-song drawl, "Salaam, Mees Sahib, salaam!"

" "Eh?" Tom tapped the points of his fingers smartly against the side of his head, and then went on, in the same cynical drawl, which he had affected throughout "I heard thatagainst a piece of timber as we went overboard

" "Thaht's him," returned the Old Cock, speaking with the soft drawl of the New York cockney.

"I ask because" began M. Paul with his indifferent drawl, then swiftly drawing his whistle, he sounded a danger call that cut the air in sinister alarm.

" Her voice was low and peculiarly soft; she uttered her words with something of a drawl.

It tells how the maidens gave them dainties and sweet glances, and boutonnières of tuberoses and violets, and bloodthirsty adjurations, and blarney for blarney; gave them seven wild well-believed rumors for as many impromptu canards, and in their soft plantation drawl asked which was the one paramount "ladies' man," and were assured by every lad of the hundred that it was himself.

quite forgetting in the excitement of the moment his English accent and drawl.

They weren't a moment too soon, for the next instant I heard two or three people jump on to the platform, and Albert Cullen's voice drawl, "Aw, by Jove, what's the row?"

Finally he got the truth through his head, and it was nuts to me, even in my rage, to see how his English drawl disappeared, and how quick he could be when he really became excited.

Now that I have heard the long, unhurried drawl of Vermont, my wonder is, not that the New England tales should be printed in what, for the sake of argument, we will call English and its type, but rather that they should not have appeared in Swedish or Russian.

That there are such folk, a long nasal drawl across Main Street attests.

The one was a delicious drawl; the other had been the guttural rasp and click of the kitchen and the bazaar.

He sipped the home-made wine with José, talked of many things in his soft, easy-natured drawl, and by letting his inner friendliness with the whole world look out of his eyes when they dwelt upon his host, went José one better in courtesy.

"It's a big lot of money to pay if you think of it by the mile," said the southerner, in her soft drawl; "but you just think how cheap it is by the hour, Cousin Annieonly about thirty-five cents.

These words were uttered by the unseen speaker, now in hasty anxiety, now in a sighing drawl, with a tone which alternated between mild softness and harsh hoarseness, such as one hears in consumptive people.

"This young brother of mine has a way of turning things topsy-turvy," he said in his easy drawl.

She had often longed to go to Baronmead, and she was already thoroughly at her ease with the master thereof, who sat and conversed beside her in that rather monotonous, tired drawl of his.

"It's a real pleasure to meet you again, Miss Waring," said Lucas, in his pleasant drawl.

besought Lucas in his easy drawl.

539 examples of  drawl  in sentences