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539 examples of  drawl  in sentences

539 examples of drawl in sentences

One moment I thought him clever, the next an utter ass; now I found him frank, open, a good companion, eager to please,and then a droop of his blond eyelashes, a lazy, impertinent drawl of his voice, a hint of half-bored condescension in his manner, convinced me that he was shy and affected.

gasped Browse, choking with rage, and shaken for once in a way out of his usual drawl; "it's that Thurston and his crewI know it was!"

"Colonel Musgrave," he said, with a faint drawl, "if you have entirely finished your edifying and, I assure you, highly entertaining monologue, I will ask you to excuse us.

He could hear the drawl of languid, half-sleepy voices, and, as he pushed farther to the eastward, saw a group of troopers lounging about a dying fire.

Heywood spoke with a slow, mischievous drawl; but he crossed the room quickly.

Then the tall man consulted the beautiful lady as to her preference, and Duchemin caught the words "madame la comtesse" spoken in the rasping nasal drawl of an American.

Mr. Collison, the second mate, was another kind entirely, an American with the drawl of the South in his voice, a dark, slender man with eyes quick and shrewd.

Ash Wednesday, being now called upon for a song, with his eyes fast stuck in his head, and as well as the Canary he had swallowed would give him leave, struck up a Carol, which Christmas Day had taught him for the nonce; and was followed by the latter, who gave "Miserere" in fine style, hitting off the mumping notes and lengthened drawl of Old Mortification with infinite humour.

I am sick of blind leaders of the blind, of respectable preachers to the respectable, who drawl out second-hand trivialities, which they neither practise nor wish to see practised.

He roused himself to drawl out: "Come on, Fernando, we're off now, for sure.

He read aloud, in a sing-song drawl "'We are greatly honoured by the presence amongst us of Professor Adam Chawner, the eminent surgeon and pathologist'" "How's that?" demanded Dan.

"Yes," the Ramblin' Kid broke in with a slow drawl, "fight one with sour-dough biscuits at a hundred yards!

"No, thanks," she said, with her musical drawl.

" Howard nodded, and speaking with his usual drawl, said: "'Awake and call me early, mother.'

Surely notsince" "This afternoon," she answered quietly, in a pretty, un-English sounding voice, with a soft little drawl of the South in it.

At the head of the Eleventh Infantry was Colonel I.D. DeRussy, who, with his ministerial drawl and dry wit, was a sharp contrast to his blunt, impetuous, and fiery second in command, Lieutenant-Colonel Burke.

"I'm sorry yore pa ain't here," he resumed in a drawl.

It was a pleasant enough place on this summer afternoon, contrasted with the dingy street whence we had come, though its grass was faded and yellow and the twitter of the birds in the trees mingled with the hideous Board-school drawl of the children who played around the seats and the few remaining tombs.

" He spoke in the same rather amused drawl as he had done at the hut, and there was no hint of hurry or excitement in his manner.

"Dr. McMurtrie," he said in his quiet drawl, "is the most dangerous man in Europe.

" "There will probably be a demand for that a little later on," said Latimer in his quiet drawl.

" "It was very natural," he replied in that unconcerned drawl of his.

'I'm a great admirer of yours, Seรฑorita,' said Mr. Feist in a womanish voice and with a drawl.

'Don't you think he is a wonderful man?' insisted Mr. Feist, with his disagreeable drawl.

His voice was always a flat, weary drawl, but his eyes, wrinkled against the sun, usually held the shrewdness of those who make their living out of two-penny trades.

render long &c adj.; lengthen, extend, elongate; stretch; prolong, produce, protract; let out, draw out, spin out^; drawl.

; languor &c (inactivity) 683; drawl; creeping &c v., lentor^. retardation; slackening &c v.; delay &c (lateness) 133; claudication^. jog trot, dog trot; mincing steps; slow march, slow time.

Stammering N. inarticulateness; stammering &c v.; hesitation &c v.; impediment in one's speech; titubancy^, traulism^; whisper &c (faint sound) 405; lisp, drawl, tardiloquence^; nasal tone, nasal accent; twang; falsetto &c (want of voice) 581; broken voice, broken accents, broken sentences.

mumble, mutter; maud^, mauder^; whisper &c 405; mince, lisp; jabber, gibber; sputter, splutter; muffle, mump^; drawl, mouth; croak; speak thick, speak through the nose; snuffle, clip one's words; murder the language, murder the King's English, murder the Queen's English; mispronounce, missay^. Adj. stammering &c v.; inarticulate, guttural, nasal; tremulous; affected.

V. be inactive &c adj.; do nothing &c 681; move slowly &c 275; let the grass grow under one's feet; take one's time, dawdle, drawl, droil^, lag, hang back, slouch; loll, lollop^; lounge, poke, loaf, loiter; go to sleep over; sleep at one's post, ne battre que d'une aile

Then Greening, who had a singing voice for all his drawl, struck up with Says the Cap'n to the crew, We have slipt the revenue, but Ratsey stopped him with a sharp 'No more of that; the words aren't to our taste tonight, but come as wry as if the parson called Old Hundred

Turning round half way, so that his words could not fail to be heard by the retreating Regent, the Beau asked of his companion in his usual drawl, 'Well, Jack, who's your fat friend?'

With a keen sense of the dramatic, the Congressman let his next words drawl out with full effect.

When we went in they all stood up and, touching their foreheads, said in a queer sing-song drawl, "Salaam, Mees Sahib, salaam!"

'Yes,' said Mr. Smithson, with his gentlemanlike drawl, 'Spanish America and the West Indies are delightful places to talk about.

" "Eh?" Tom tapped the points of his fingers smartly against the side of his head, and then went on, in the same cynical drawl, which he had affected throughout "I heard thatagainst a piece of timber as we went overboard

His usual lazy drawl is exchanged for foolish excitement.

" "First Fundamentalist Hospital," Molly said, her gorgeous drawl following him around the corner.

You should have seen the two young patricians drifting in, with the regulation drawl of the Piccadilly "nut""I say!

Carroll's slow, pleasant drawl seemed to soothe O'Leary.

" "Thaht's him," returned the Old Cock, speaking with the soft drawl of the New York cockney.

Phil's voice had a drowsy drawl, as if the subject of Katherine's looks had very little interest for him, as indeed it had.

On the memorable night at Arden, however, it was but wretchedly rendered by a tall, small-voiced, flaxen-haired young woman, who stalked about the stage in high-heeled shoes and prodigious hoops, and declaimed the most fiery passages with an execrable drawl.

We have imitations of Cowper, and even of Milton here, engrafted on the natural drawl of the Lakersand all diluted into harmony by that profuse and irrepressible wordiness which deluges all the blank verse of this school of poetry, and lubricates and weakens the whole structure of their style.

" The lady bowed slightly, and said in a plaintive drawl: "I, uncle?

When he mimicked the awkward walk of one boy, and the bad drawl of another, and the loutish carriage of a third, the school resounded with shouts of laughter, which seemed to our Hero a great triumph,something like the cheers which had greeted the good young King as he left the fishing-town.

" His voice was not quite so harshly nasal as those of the Middle West, but he had not picked up the ultra-English drawl and clipped-off consonants that so many Americans affect abroad and overdo.

"I ask because" began M. Paul with his indifferent drawl, then swiftly drawing his whistle, he sounded a danger call that cut the air in sinister alarm.

" "I dare say, my love,[looking in his face, and continuing to drawl and simper in the manner which we might imagine of Shakspeare's little shepherdess "'Sweet youth chide onI had rather hear thee chide

When he awoke feeling gay he would lean over the extreme edge of his hammock and drawl, with an affected English accent: "If this is Venice, where are the canals?"

The little satirist Piped, chattered, shrieked, and hissed; He then would moan, and whistle, quack, and caw; Then, carol, drawl, and croak, As if he'd pass a joke On every other winged one he saw.

" This, in a voice of ineffable tenderness and poetry, but with that odd, tired little drawl, so epidemic in some of our universities.

" "Though you've certainly added a perfume to the violet," remarked Mr. Frederic Heath, with that sweetly lingering accent familiarly called the drawl, as he looked at the hepaticas.

'You talk as if you'd seen fighting,' he remarked in his soft but pleasant drawl.

" Her voice was low and peculiarly soft; she uttered her words with something of a drawl.

Their brogue is killingevery word a drawl!

And he went on in a drowsy drawl, significantly different from his wonted rather explosive method of speech: "But does any of 'em say what 'proper care' is?

he said with some energy in his drawl.

Aw, an improper diphthong, is always sounded like broad a; as in draw, drawn, drawl.

" He spoke as usual in his slow twangy drawl, which would have proclaimed his Colonial nationality anywhere.

Pavel asked one day, with a drawl.

His voice had what used to be described in satirical writings of the first half of the century as "an aristocratic drawl," and his pronunciation was archaic.

It tells how the maidens gave them dainties and sweet glances, and boutonniรจres of tuberoses and violets, and bloodthirsty adjurations, and blarney for blarney; gave them seven wild well-believed rumors for as many impromptu canards, and in their soft plantation drawl asked which was the one paramount "ladies' man," and were assured by every lad of the hundred that it was himself.

Claire could almost fancy how conspicuously she had contrived to carry this overworked badge of the humanities, and the languid drawl of her voice as she explained to her friends en route: "So sorry I can't stop and chat.

With a drawl that was tantalizingly deliberate the owner of the Three Stars Ranch replied: "I reckon we might as well.

"Too stout," said she, with a drawl.

quite forgetting in the excitement of the moment his English accent and drawl.

They weren't a moment too soon, for the next instant I heard two or three people jump on to the platform, and Albert Cullen's voice drawl, "Aw, by Jove, what's the row?"

Finally he got the truth through his head, and it was nuts to me, even in my rage, to see how his English drawl disappeared, and how quick he could be when he really became excited.

Some one else remarked, with a slightly impertinent drawl, that he did not believe Miss L'Estrange would consider it a liberty.

[Sidenote: Hawkins: 'If any drawl forth his words, help him not']

Thus, Sir, does she constantly drawl out her time, without either profit or satisfaction; and, while I see my neighbours' wives helping in the shop, and almost earning as much as their husbands, I have the mortification to find that mine is nothing but a dead weight upon me.

Now that I have heard the long, unhurried drawl of Vermont, my wonder is, not that the New England tales should be printed in what, for the sake of argument, we will call English and its type, but rather that they should not have appeared in Swedish or Russian.

That there are such folk, a long nasal drawl across Main Street attests.

The one was a delicious drawl; the other had been the guttural rasp and click of the kitchen and the bazaar.

He sipped the home-made wine with Josรฉ, talked of many things in his soft, easy-natured drawl, and by letting his inner friendliness with the whole world look out of his eyes when they dwelt upon his host, went Josรฉ one better in courtesy.

In a soft, Spanish-accented kind of drawl, Menendez said: "Just picked up two important radios, sir.

He spoke mostly in a toneless drawl, that sometimes turned into a shrill whine, but also at rare intervals could change into a soft, heart-winning purr.

Then I found that what they meant by an English accent was an English affectation of speecha drawl with a tendency to "aw" and "ah" everything.

The hammer strokes ring cheery, The plane gives forth a crunching drawl, The rasping saw sounds weary.

He paraphrases David and puts into his mouth such punning conceits as "Fears are my feres," and in his "Saint Peter's Complaint" makes that rashest and shortest-spoken of the Apostles drawl through thirty pages of maudlin repentance, in which the distinctions between the north and northeast sides of a sentimentality are worthy of Duns Scotus.

He breeds racers, and he has an English stud-groom, who has taught him to speak English with a drawl, enlivened by stable-slang.

I have listened in vain for any national twang, drawl, or peculiar intonation.

"It's a big lot of money to pay if you think of it by the mile," said the southerner, in her soft drawl; "but you just think how cheap it is by the hour, Cousin Annieonly about thirty-five cents.

These words were uttered by the unseen speaker, now in hasty anxiety, now in a sighing drawl, with a tone which alternated between mild softness and harsh hoarseness, such as one hears in consumptive people.

"I say, you know," he said in a drawl that was slightly nasal, "you will have to tell me how old you are.

There followed a few moments of silence; then in his careless, unmusical drawl the man spoke.

He had shed his drawl like a garment.

" The drawl in his voice was very apparent as he uttered the last sentence.

"And if I did the same," he questioned in a drawl that was unmistakably supercilious, "should I be a good man?"

"This young brother of mine has a way of turning things topsy-turvy," he said in his easy drawl.

She had often longed to go to Baronmead, and she was already thoroughly at her ease with the master thereof, who sat and conversed beside her in that rather monotonous, tired drawl of his.

"It's a real pleasure to meet you again, Miss Waring," said Lucas, in his pleasant drawl.

besought Lucas in his easy drawl.

He dropped suddenly into his most cynical drawl, so that she wondered if, after all, he were mocking her.

Again came the cynical drawl, covering his actual feelings as with an impenetrable veil.

"Meaning that things have changed since then?" questioned Lucas, in his tired drawl.

Not in the impotent, unwieldy figure, not in the pleasant, emotionless drawl, not even in the friendly quiet of his eyes, the kindly sympathy of his smile.

"It's all right," he said in his expressionless drawl.

Then, "Anne"and the soft drawl had in it a tremor that was almost a break"I guess I do believe in miracles after all, dear.