321 examples of drayton in sentences

Michael Drayton, who has chronicled so many of the credulities of his time, referring to the longevity of antediluvian men, writes: "Besides, in medicine, simples had the power That none need then the planetary hour To help their workinge, they so juiceful were.

[Odyssey] of HOMER out of Greek into Spanish, hath, by good judgement, avoided the fault of rhyming, although [he hath] not fully hit perfect and true versifying: so hath HENRY HOWARD, that true and noble Earl of SURREY, in translating the fourth book of VIRGIL's AEneas: whom MICHAEL DRAYTON in his England's Heroical Epistles hath eternized for an Epistle to his fair GERALDINE.

As LUCAN hath mournfully depainted the Civil Wars of POMPEY and CAESAR: so hath DANIEL, the Civil Wars of York and Lancaster; and DRAYTON, the Civil Wars of EDWARD II. and the Barons.

As VIRGIL doth imitate CATULLUS in the like matter of ARIADNE, for his story of Queen DIDO: so MICHAEL DRAYTON doth imitate OVID in his England's Heroical Epistles.

As SOPHOCLES was called a Bee for the sweetness of his tongue: so in CHARLES FITZ-GEFFRY's DRAKE, DRAYTON is termed "golden-mouthed," for the purity and preciousness of his style and phrase.

As ACCIUS, MARCUS ATILIUS, and MILITHUS were called Tragaediographi; because they writ tragedies: so we may truly term MICHAEL DRAYTON, Tragaediographus: for his passionate penning [the poem of] the downfalls of valiant ROBERT of NORMANDY, chaste MATILDA, and great GAVESTON.

As JOANNES HONTERUS, in Latin verse, wrote three books of Cosmography, with geographical tables; so MICHAEL DRAYTON is now in penning in English verse, a poem called Poly-olbion [which is] geographical and hydrographical of all the forests, woods, mountains, fountains, rivers, lakes, floods, baths [spas], and springs that be in England.

So I say, severally, of Sir PHILIP SIDNEY's, SPENSER's, DANIEL's, DRAYTON's, SHAKESPEARE's, and WARNER's works, Non FOVIS ira: imbres: MARS: ferrum: flamma: senectus: Hoc opus unda: lues: turbo:

" As PINDARUS, ANACREON, and CALLIMACHUS, among the Greeks; and HORACE and CUTALLUS among the Latins are the best Lyric poets: so in this faculty, the best among our poets are SPENSER, who excelleth in all kinds; DANIEL, DRAYTON, SHAKESPEARE, BRETON.

On the part & behalf of the State of South-Carolina HENRY LAURENS., WILLIAM HENRY DRAYTON, JN'O. MATHEWS, RICH'D. HUTSON., THO'S. HEYWARD Jun'r On the part & behalf of the State of Georgia JN'O. WALTON 24th July 1778, ELW'D. TELFAIR., EDW'D. LANGWORTHY.

Drawings by Grace G. Drayton.




Mr. Drayton and Mr. Izard, gentlemen of South Carolina, had been spending the day at Mount Vernon.

Mr. Drayton and Mr. Izard here all day.

Drayton has prettily described the connection which this neighbourhood has with ours when he makes Skiddaw say: 'Seurfell

ON THE TEXT [Footnote A: Compare Michael Drayton's 'Barons' Wars', book i.: 'Then those of Kent, unconquered of the rest, That to this day maintain their ancient right.' Ed.]

Old Drayton furnished that in his 'Battle of Agincourt.'"

Drayton's verse is poor and vapid, even mean, beside Longfellow's.

" DRAYTON, Polyolbion.

The mediaeval poets long used it as a mental quarry, and it has been further utilized by some more recent poets, among whom we must count Drayton, who makes frequent mention of these ancient names in his poem "Polyolbion," and Spenser, who immortalizes many of the old legends in his "Faerie Queene.

Drayton, 208, 210, 217, 218.

Walter resumed, modestly but firmly: "I was thirteen; I used to fish in a brook that ran near Drayton Park.

Why, the beautiful girl that can buy back Oddington and Drayton, peaches and fruit and all.

321 examples of  drayton  in sentences