Do we say dreamed or dreamt

dreamed 2310 occurrences

Now, whilst I slept, I dreamed that the Master-Word did presently beat all about me in the night.

We have dreamed our dreams; we have learned the long lesson of our days; we are stepping on into the shadows.

I dreamed about three giants.

They have, in truth, dreamed away their best days.

"I never dreamed of this.

It was something he never dreamed of.

The one contended that there could be no sufficient reason for repealing a law from which no one suffered; the other, that it was a needless provocation of ill-feeling to retain a law which no one ever dreamed of enforcing.

She sometimes dreamed, as her exclamations and gestures demonstrated, that she was once more a little country girl of five years old, climbing over a hedge, caught in the briars, and weeping with fear.

and no one dreamed of throwing her father's evil career in her face.

Deadly war did Izdubar wage with them, till as his period of exile drew near to a close he said to his mother, "I have dreamed a dream; the stars rained from heaven upon me; then a creature, fierce-faced and taloned like a lion, rose up against me, and I smote and slew him.

'Tis well, for I have dreamed Of spirits, as a Zi-ru fair it seemed.

"I dreamed upon my dum-khi fast asleep, The stars from heaven fell from yonder deep To earth; and one, with fierceful heat my back Did pierce as molten fire, and left its track Of flames like some huge ball along my spine; And then transformed, it turned its face to mine;

Feed me with joy, my dreams with grace direct; The dream I dreamed, oh favorable give To me its omen filled with happiness!

And the man awoke with a sob But the woman dreamed.

And then I dreamed had come to reign True peace within our land again; Not peace that rots the soul with ease, Or those ignoble 'rivalries Of peace' more murderous than war, But just the simple peasant peace The weary world is waiting for.

So dreamed I on from dream to dream, Till, slow returning to my theme, Upon my vote I looked again To whom was I to give it then?

And all the while he thus blasphemed My (solar) system went its round, My heart beat on, my head still dreamed, But my poor atheist was drowned.

Joel studied hard, and refound his old interest in lessons, and dreamed nightly of the Goodwin scholarship.

" At night Alfred dreamed he heard Julia's sweet, mellow voice speaking to him; and lo, it was the able seaman.

The Olga Tcherny which looked at Hermia from the canvas was the one that Hermia had glimpsed in the brief moments between bitterness and frivolity, a woman with a soul which in spite of her still dreamed of the things it had been denied.

I dreamed of you, child, that you cared for me and I" She halted suddenly, her slight figure barring the way, her eyes flashing furiously.

"You're the last man in the world I would have dreamed of.

So I dreamed maybe that, after the manner of phantoms, we might meet again on the spot where we had both diedbut alas, though the wraiths of lighter loving came gaily to my call, she of the starlit silence and the tragic eyes came not, though I sat long awaiting hersat on till the tables began to be deserted, and the interregnum between dinner and after-theatre supper had arrived.

Things that he had dimly dreamed of were suddenly made real to him.

Things of which he had never dreamed were gradually revealed.

dreamt 487 occurrences

At a later time he declared that he dreamt Tiberius came to him and said, 'Why do you hesitate?

A week in London, and that first love was a thing of the past, a dream from which the dreamer awaketh, forgetting the things that he has dreamt.

All that night I dreamt of the little child with the damp night winds blowing in upon it.

Silver was poured into the country (literally) in crores (millions sterling), and cultivators who previously had as much as they could do to live, suddenly found themselves possessed of sums their imagination had never dreamt of.

This necessity, this act of dire necessity, the Federal papers cry up as evincing a most forbearing spirit towards us, and really astonish the English themselves who never dreamt that it could be twisted in that way.

She had dreamt over again the priest's earnest warning that her life was in danger, and she had imagined that she heard a footstep of a person coming up quickly behind her.

It was now too late to think of making a road from Balaklava to the front, a work which, had the authorities in the first place dreamt that the army would have to pass the winter on the plateau, was of all others the most necessary.

Upon thy balmy bosom, Mother Nature, Where my young spirit dreamt its years away, Give me once more to nestle: I have strayed Far through another world, which is not thine.

A grimly sweven I dreamt yestreen; I saw thee lie under the hollins green, And through thine heart an arrow keen; And out of thy body a smoke did rise, Which smirched the sunshine out of the skies:

A lothly sweven I dreamt last night, How there hoved anigh me a griesly knight, Did smite me down to the pit of hell; I shrieked and woke, so fast I fell.

To worship, not to wed, Celestials bid me: I dreamt to mate in heaven, and wake in hell; For ever doom'd, Ixion-like, to reel On mine own passions' ever-burning wheel.

" She took as little notice of her handmaid's volubility as if the latter had been a grey parrot, and dismissed her with a certain cold, imperial manner that none of the household ever dreamt it possible to dispute or disobey; but after Puckers, with a quantity of white draperies over her arm, had departed to return no more, she sat down at the dressing-table, and began to think with all her might.

He had dreamt his dream.

How little he dreamt that the very packet which had helped to cement into intimacy his first acquaintance with her should prove the means of dashing his cherished hopes to the ground, and raising yet another obstacle to shut him out from his lovely client!

] The silly buckets on the deck, That had so long remained, I dreamt that they were filled with dew; And when I awoke, it rained.

I dreamt of him last night.

'I dreamt I was with him in a garden, and was trying to get away; but he held me by a single hair, and the hair would not break.

Was it a dream that you dreamt? High and miraculous skies bless and astonish my eyes; All my dead secrets arise, all my dead stories come true.

All my life I have dreamt of the joy of owning a house.

'Well, do you know,' said Plantagenet, who had hitherto listened in silence, 'it is very curious, but I once dreamt that you did, Lady Annabel.' 'Indeed!' said the lady.

and I dreamt it last night, too,' continued Cadurcis.

After hearing Mr. Vevers preach from 'we must all appear at the judgment-seat of Christ,' I dreamt I saw the heavens melting with fervent heat.

Of all Australian institutions none is more characteristic than the corrobborees or nocturnal dances which are held at intervals by the various tribes all over the continent, and were of course held centuries before a white man was ever seen on the continent; and no white man in his wildest nightmare ever dreamt of such scenes as are enacted at them.

The girl never dreamt of saying that his pity gained her love, or of excusing her brother for doing what all Australian men do.

Before long these awake and rouse Mak, who, pretending he has dreamt that Gill his wife has been brought to bed of another child, goes off home.

Do we say   dreamed   or  dreamt