437 examples of dreamers in sentences

The greater part of these somnambulistic oracles were ascribed to persons who had distinguished themselves as great dreamers when on earth.

And it serves also, perhaps, for an example that, in the midst of the terrors of war, the dim project of a League of Nations, the only hope of the world, first took shape in the minds of Anglo-Saxon dreamers and not of Latin realists.

The same fond mother bent at night O'er each fair sleeping brow; She had each folded flower in sight Where are those dreamers now'?

Cut off from the world, with no bread to sustain the starving body, the heavy boot of a barbarian soldiery trampling their very soul, the dreamers of Palestine refuse to surrender, and amidst the clash of guns and swords they are battling for the spirit with the weapons of the spirit.

In the silence, each shaped for himself that vision of home that brightens so many camp-fires, haunts so many dreamers under canvas roofs, and keeps so many turbulent natures tender by memories which often are both solace and salvation.

"What I fear is that a lot of dreamers and theorists will be selected to work out an organization instead of men whose experience and common sense will tell them not to attempt anything which will not work.

" "Poets are dreamers," the lad had said, turning to his old friend with a smile which seemed affectionate, yet was baffling, and went not deep enough for love.

On a green point of sunny land, Hemmed in by mountains stern and high, I stood alone as dreamers stand, And watched two streams that hurried by.

Dreamers and visionaries were of as frequent occurrence in Erin of ages ago as they are to-day.

THE DAY OF THE LORD The Day of the Lord is at hand, at hand: Its storms roll up the sky: The nations sleep starving on heaps of gold; All dreamers toss and sigh; The night is darkest before the morn; When the pain is sorest the child is born, And the Day of the Lord at hand.

Dreamers and visionaries were of as frequent occurrence in Erin of ages ago as they are to-day.

Disputed boundaries with both the other Colonies, and an especial and continuous feud with Massachusetts,unruly spirits, bent upon working out all manner of impracticable theories,the oddest and most original, as well as the most obstinate and indomitable dreamers and enthusiasts, furnished some daily nutriment to dissension with their neighbors or among themselves.

You say the poets, or the preachers, or the dreamers may gaze upon nature; but Englishmen have something else to dowe have to work.

Certainly we are not dreamers; certainly God has given us practical activity; certainly, whatever we misunderstand, this we can understand, the thirst of the soul for God is the thirst to love goodness because it is right.

Many wilder dreams than this have come true in the science of engineering; and the realization has brought honor and fortune to the dreamers, as you must all know.

And we are the dreamers of dreams.... We in the ages lying In the buried past of the earth Built Nineveh with our sighing, And Babel itself with our mirth.

Leaders, dreamers, and rebels; an account of the great mass-movements of history and of the wish-dreams that inspired them.

Leaders, dreamers, and rebels.

I have received numerous Complaints from several delicious Dreamers, desiring me to invent some Method of silencing those noisy Slaves, whose Occupations lead them to take their early Rounds about the City in a Morning, doing a deal of Mischief; and working strange Confusion in the Affairs of its Inhabitants.

Dreamers there were who watched the hours away Beside a fountain's foam.

The great dreamers don't do that.

Its proximity to the "pearl coast," as the north shore of Venezuela was named, made it the point of departure for all who wished to reach that coast or escape from the shores of poverty-stricken Puerto Riconamely, the dreamers of the riches of Peru, those who, like Sedeño, aspired to new conquests on the mainland, or crown officers who had good reasons for wishing to avoid giving an account of their administration of the royal revenues.

Events, they make the dreamers quail; Satan's old age is strong and hale, A disciplined captain, gray in skill, And Raphael a white enthusiast still; Dashed aims, at which Christ's martyrs pale, Shall Mammon's slaves fulfill? (Dismantle the fort, Cut down the fleet Battle

"Major," burst in a bugler small, "The fellow we left in Loudon grass Sir slyboots with the inward bruise, His voice I heardthe very same Some watchword in the ambush pass; Ay, sir, we had him in his shoes We caught himMosbybut to lose!" "Go, go!these saddle-dreamers!

Who shall control the immortality of thought?a Pius, a Gregory? Ignorant dreamers, perjured priests!never!" As he spoke, the count raised his right arm, and circled it in the air.

437 examples of  dreamers  in sentences