10004 examples of dries in sentences

Almost the whole of the bottom of this central plain (which extends for many hundred miles in a north and south direction) is covered by a fine mud, which, when brought to the surface, dries into a greyish white friable substance.

Anyhow, the so-called heliotrope was the subject of constant symbolic allusion: "The flower, enamoured of the sun, At his departure hangs her head and weeps, And shrouds her sweetness up, and keeps Sad vigils, like a cloistered nun, Till his reviving ray appears, Waking her beauty as he dries her tears.

"And I can think I can see the groves again;" "Was it the voice of thee;" "Turns not the voice of thee, my buried friend;" "Who dries with her dark locks the tender tear,"are touches as true to Nature as any in his other Elegy, written at the Hot Wells, about poor Kassell, etc.

Meek little Dandelion Groweth more fair, Till dries the amber dew Out from her hair.

Then as the sun rises and the early morning heat dries up the song birds' voices, the earth and the life of the palm trees drowse in the sunshine.

When its sap dries out, it rots.

Though grass is abundant on every description of soil, yet the greater part is of inferior descriptions and dries up completely at this season.

" "Ay," remarked Joe; "after the waller dries, it becomes a ring o' greener grass than the rest o' the plain, as ye see.

The rain dries quickly in the hills, and the cloud-burst only came into this gulch.

The sun not only dries them but warms them so that if the first run after lunch is in shadow and the snow is cold, the Skis stick because the warm surfaces melt the snow, which immediately freezes again and adheres to the Skis, so that they come to an absolute standstill.

"This juice is boiled several times in large coppers, and the coarse parts separated from the fine, which at last dries into sugar.

The beneficent African sun dries up and purifies the immemorial filth of Africa, where that sun enters there is none of the foulness of damp.

Aguardiente will serve a good purpose;provided the head be not essentially weak, or too inflammable, it ascends you into the brain, and dries you there, as one hath said, all the nervous, crudy vapors that environ it.

Alcohol when spilt on the hand dries almost instantly and leaves a feeling of coldthe warmth of the hand boils the alcohol and turns it into vapour, and in doing so extracts the heat from the skin, making it cold; now, if the evaporated alcohol could be caught and compressed into its liquid form again you would have a refrigerating machine.

"When the rains are at an end, which usually happens in October, the intense heat of the sun soon dries up the waters which lie on the higher parts of the earth, and the remainder forms lakes of stagnated waters, in which are found all sorts of dead animals.

She looked tall and gaunt, and her eyes had that burning look which dries tears before they can be shed.

The powerful exercise with the paddles dries his body, and sends the pleasant warmth through every vein.

Wood dries more rapidly in summer than in winter, not because there is less moisture at one time than another, but because of the higher temperature in summer.

Wood dries by evaporation, and other things being equal, this will proceed much faster in hot weather than in cold.

It is a matter of common observation that when wood dries it shrinks, and if shrinkage is not uniform in all directions the material pulls apart, causing season checks.

As the outer part dries it is prevented from shrinking by the wet interior, which is still at its greatest volume.

If this outer shell dries while the fibres are thus strained they become "set" in this condition, and are no longer in tension.

Later when the inner part dries, it tends to shrink away from the hardened outer shell, so that the inner fibres are now strained in tension and the outer fibres are in compression.

Later, as the remainder of the stick dries many of the checks will come together, though some of the largest will remain and even increase in size as the drying proceeds.

When a round or a box-heart timber dries fast it splits radially, and as drying continues the cleft widens partly on account of the greater tangential shrinkage and also because the greater contraction of the outer fibres warps the sections apart.

10004 examples of  dries  in sentences
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