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77 example sentences with  drinking coffee

77 example sentences with drinking coffee

She was evidently something of a figure here and received several callers, all ladies of Udine, as we sat drinking coffee.

Then I got up and dressed and walked to the railway station, where I drank coffee and ate biscuits.

Mahommedans of all ranks drink coffee twice a day; it is in universal request in France; and the demand for it throughout the British isles is daily increasing, the more especially since so much attention has been given to mechanical contrivances for roasting and grinding the berry and preparing the beverage.

Go and light your little teakettle, Elsie, and make your uncle a cup of tea as you used to do; he can't drink coffee, you know.

I come in here to drink coffee and cool myself.

They must halt first at the bare village of Prince Town, and drink coffee and warm themselves at the "Plume of Feathers Inn," before facing the last few hundred yards beneath the lee of North Hessary.

Sahib, in accordance with instructions I proceeded to Christian Street to the place you spoke of, where I found Yussuf Dakmar drinking coffee and smoking in company with these men and others.

In ten minutes you shall be drinking coffee or winewhichever you fancy.

I fancy it would have very much improved his art, to see so many fine women naked, in different postures, some in conversation, some working, others drinking coffee or sherbet, and many negligently lying on their cushions, while their slaves (generally pretty girls of seventeen or eighteen) were employed in braiding their hair in several pretty fancies.

"Signor Aurelio came to drink coffee with me next morning: his first words were, he had brought me the history of Pamela.

She went at seven and left at half-past twelve, and with the exception of a half hour of dinner, all the rest of the time was spent in smoking and drinking coffee.

It was a pleasant surprise, and I took my seat with them, drinking coffee for the benefit of the milk (du lait) which I poured into it.

All over this country we drink coffee and tea, morning and night; at least, the majority of us do.

And Peggy doesn't drink coffee at all, so I think it is very unfair, especially as Teddy Anstruther drinks like a fish and she is going to marry him.

The Laplanders, who lived mostly in the open during the summer, had crawled under the tent and were squatting round the fire drinking coffee.

On the road we stopped at a peasant's house to drink coffee; and we were entertained by our hostess with complaints against the Prussians, who commit, as she said, all sorts of exactions on the peasantry on whom they are quartered.

Brede Olsen sat there, his neighbour and no other; sat there drinking coffee.

Ay, Inger was up, the two of them sat there simply and quietly, talking and drinking coffee.

She sits drinking coffee in the hut, but seeing the men come up, all must give way to that, and she comes out.

Later on, when she sat in one of the huts drinking coffee, there was a noise outside, high words between the men, and she knew it was about herself, and it warmed her.

The Turks (this is a picture of some of them) are very fine handsome people; they wear very long beards; and they shave their heads and wear white turbans instead of hair; they are very fond of drinking coffee and smoking from great long pipes.

Mornings, I walked into Kailua to drink coffee and write."

Two state cops were drinking coffee at one end of the counter.

That night, while everybody drank coffee and talked or played bridge in the hall, it was suddenly flooded with a tidal wave of women.

A large open space, not very remarkable for cleanliness, serves in the day as a corn-market; and in the evening several hundred guests are to be seen seated before a large coffee-stall, drinking coffee and smoking nargillies.

While a part of the women were engaged in smoking and drinking coffee, I slipped away, and went into some of the adjoining apartments, where I saw enough, in a few minutes, to fill me with disgust and commiseration for these poor creatures; from slothfulness and the want of education, morality appeared to be so degraded as to profane the very name of humanity.

They conceive the idea of making a single taxicab do double dutyand, knowing that the driver is across the street drinking coffee and getting warmWarren gets into the cab from the blind side, Mrs. Lawrence returns to the waiting room as the accommodation rolls in, she picks up Warren's suit-case which had been left there, steps to the curb and summons the cab, in which Warren is hiding all the time.

There we were presently all seated round three tables, drinking coffee such as we had rarely tasted, and eating a curiously nondescript, but altogether delightful, meal.

He stood drinking coffee and watching people.

When he remembered, he dashed out for food, but for the most part he drank coffee, and more coffee.

He was drinking coffee at a writing-table, with a big plan drawn out on paper in front of him.

Schehabeddin Ben, an Arabian author of the ninth century of the Hegira, or fifteenth of the Christians, attributes to Gemaleddin, Mufti of Aden, a city of Arabia Felix, who was nearly his contemporary, the first introduction into that country, of drinking coffee.

During the repast I was not a little worried by the questions of the blacksmith and some other village worthies who were drinking coffee in the small room that had to do for everybody, and who had so placed themselves that they could watch me at their ease.

We drank coffee at five, and at three we had covered the twelve miles in the sauntering gait of the Tahitian girl, stopping to make wreaths, and to bathe in several streams.

I did nothing all day long but walk the streets, drink coffee, and smoke cigars with constant apprehension of an arrest.

It was very wearisome, doubtless, but they had to submit, and sought to console themselves and pass the time as pleasantly as possible by sleeping, and eating, and drinking coffee.

When I want t' drive fast dogs, and go t' the Moving Pictures at night, and drink coffee, I wish I was old too; but now I can see that gettin' old's pretty tough on a feller sometimes."

Two ladies came out of an arbour where they had been drinking coffee, and sauntered towards the hotel.

Old folks would drink coffee, but chillun would drink milk, especially butter milk.

It was about nine o'clock in the evening, and they were talking politics and drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes.

Beds without sheets, a table without a cloth, some of the plates of tin and others of crockerythe former battered and the latter crackeda less number of knives and forks than there were persons to be supplied, tin cups for drinking coffee, an old fruit-can for a sugar-bowl, and two teaspoons for the use of a large family, formed the most noticeable features.

There is one to his Miss Vanhomrigh, from which I think it plain he lay with her, notwithstanding his supposed incapacity, yet not doing much honour to that capacity, for he says he can drink coffee but once a week, and I think you will see very clearly what he means by coffee.

Joining the rest, they would drink coffee or chocolate, and amuse themselves over the fire with Punch, or some warlike novel in a green or yellow cover.

Young persons should not drink coffee.

Say, Mr. Angel, didst ever drink coffee?

Certain commodities were very scarce Rebecca remembers drinking coffee made of okra seed, that had been dried and parched.

The President rose, went up-stairs to drink coffee; the company followed."

We drink coffee, we drink tea, we pick clever little holes in our absent neighbors, in brisk duet and tortuous solo we hammer the blameless spinnet, we sing affecting songs about "fair doves," and "cleansing fires," and people "far away," and still our deliverers come not.

I drank coffee at Tortoni's.

During the night he drank coffee, and sometimes tea and wine, and at five o'clock in the morning, before retiring, he supped again lightly.

"When may I get up?" "Next week; don't drink coffee.

"Doctor White says I must not drink coffee."

Miss Pondar had made it for him, knowing he'd want it, and he wonders why Americans drink coffee when such good tea as that was comes in their reach.

Meanwhile my longing for breakfast was also great, and, after paying a few compliments to my ladies, I hastened down to drink coffee in the warm public room.

The little danseuse and three gentlemen acquaintances were drinking coffee, and not behaving too quietly.

People drink coffee and other drinks with caffeine to stay awake.

So, without drinking coffee, they experience the same effects from only the smell.

They smoke cigarettes and drink coffee from the officer's dump and then roast the pigs.

However, drinking coffee is not recommended for pregnant women and for women who are in danger of fractured bones.

"I just let him eat as much cereal he wanted and we'd drink coffee all day and just talk, just hang out," Nimmo said.

โ€œI wanted it to be a slumber party, where we could just get in our pajamas and open up a bottle of wine or drink coffee on the porch.โ€

โ€œMy frustration turned to anger when we saw large groups of villagers congregating in the business district drinking coffee, children riding bicycles together, playing soccer, playing lacrosse,โ€ said Police Chief Christopher Satriale.

Now I drink coffee strong and black.

Now, the 73-year-old elder sits alone in the house where he spent 20 years raising his family, watching TV and drinking coffee.

On her first appearance, Rachel was drinking coffee from a cup that is similar to Rossโ€™.

Rishi Sunak drinks coffee from ยฃ180 mug before announcing โ€˜mini-budgetโ€™

As long as it can be done safely weโ€™ll do itโ€ฆ Weโ€™re trying to remain very sensitive to everybodyโ€™s individual levels of caution and provide as many opportunities to support as many local businesses as possible by eating chocolate and drinking coffee.โ€

โ€œThis is also a point for Grab taxi uncles to relax and drink coffee, so they will also come and buy my chicken rice.โ€

Today I love drinking coffee and watching curling and listening to the commentator who is so confused about the game that heโ€™s almost as funny to listen to as I am when I yell at him.

You can sit in a nice chair, talk on your phone, look out the window, surf the webโ€ฆ oh, and drink coffee too."

Drinking coffee in the Jibb Al Qubbeh district of East Aleppo.

Ian likes using fountain pens, drinking coffee, playing guitar, and writing letters with fountain pens.

Iโ€™d invest in a tongue cleaner if weโ€™re going to go forth with drinking coffee.

I donโ€™t drink coffee or tea.

If you don't drink coffee, sub in "tea" or "hot chocolate" or "tequila" or something.

The teen crowd liked to hang out in his cafรฉ, drink coffee and listen to the Jute box.

What they do seem prepared to say is that people neednโ€™t worry about the adverse effects of drinking coffee.