23386 examples of drives in sentences

But it drives them also occasionally to run away, and sometimes to destroy themselves.

Balls, receptions, teas, theater parties, afternoon drives, plenty of money and plenty of gayety are what I want.

The thing that disappoints and drives us to despair is that we cling to what we had at the beginning; and when we no longer trust that, we feel that all is lost.

He has a new way to wound; he drives his knife to the hilt into my heart.

The cunning pilot never can be known: But when the cruel storm doth threat the bark To drown in deeps of pits infernal dark, While tossing tears both rudder, mast, and sail, While mounting, seems the azure skies to scale, While drives perforce upon some deadly shore, There is the pilot known, and not before.

Thus, we have for our states, cities, and ships-of-war the title of fondness which drives out the legal title of ceremony.

She drives up with her mother, and I wait for her there in the bay-window.

This drives me to the throne of His grace and makes me refuse to be left one moment to myself.

The drives, which she was now able to take into the country, on either side of the river, gave her the utmost delight.

Mr. Prentiss sits in a chair with an umbrella over his head, and pulls up a weed now and then, and then strolls off with a straw in his mouth; he also drives off sometimes on foraging expeditions, and comes back with butter, eggs, etc., and on hot days takes a bath where a stream of cold water dashes over him; "splendid" he says, and "horrid" I say.

Expert log drivers who ride on the tipping, rolling logs in the raging river, guide the logs on these drives.

Needs must when the devil drives; and His Majesty surely was on the box and using his whip-hand, two days ago, back in Washington.

A few rods from the dwelling is the corral or cattle-pen, a large oval inclosure, into which, at irregular intervals, he drives his herds for purposes of branding or enumeration; and near the corral two or three impatient horses, shackled with a thong confining the forelegs, are grazing.

[Sidenote: Pompey drives the pirates before him.]

The unconquer'd spirit drives me o'er life's billows; My planks still firm, my canvas swelling proudly.

Suddenly, unexpectedly, in a moment still as night, there is a fermentation in the treacherous gulf of fire; it discharges itself with raging force, and away over all the plantations of men drives the wild stream in frightful devastation.

But while it drives on in its state of progress as it is now driving, and as it has driven for the last five years, I have ventured the opinion, and I say to-day that we will have no end to the slavery agitation until it takes one turn or the other.

'I do not now drive the world about; the world drives or draws me,' iv.

'Who drives fat oxen should himself be fat,' iv.

Father drives through New York City.

* "NON-STOP WAIST DRIVES, Every Wednesday Evening at 8.30.

But, however delayed, the haymaking is finished at last, and by-and-by, when the leaves have fallen and the hunting commences, a good run drives away for the time at least the memory of so unpropitious a season.

It is said to have a fall of 165 feet; and in the inn, which is about 300 yards from the fall, the concussion of air caused by this immense cataract is so great, that the window-frames, and, indeed, the whole house, are continually in a tremulous motion, and in winter, when the wind drives the spray in the direction of the buildings, the whole scene is coated with sheets of ice.

Oh! that I could be with you, even if only for one day!" To his brother Joseph he writes in a similar strain: "The thought of her illness drives me mad.

There first Apollo tried the various use 9 Of herbs, and learn'd the virtues of their juice, And framed that art, to which who can pretend A juster title than our noble friend, Whom the like tempest drives from his abode,

23386 examples of  drives  in sentences