23386 examples of drives in sentences

This forced overworking of the heart which drives it at a reckless rate, cuts short its periods of rest and inevitably produces serious heart-exhaustion.

As soon as we let go the piston, the elasticity of the bag, being free to act, Movements of drives out the air just taken in, and the piston returns to its former place.

Thus, some strong emotion, like fear or undue anxiety, increases the blood-pressure, drives more blood to the kidneys, and causes a larger flow of watery secretion.

Mother, they [needs] must go, whom the devil drives; For your sharp fury and infernal rage, Your scorn of me, your spite to Marian, Your overdoating love to Huntington, Hath cross'd yourself, and me it hath undone. QU.

It is onlymiles from Mt.orLake; the drives are delightful, and board is only $7 a week.

Stone and Robinson had left their comfortable beds that day at six o'clock, yawning and heavy-eyed, and had caught catches and fielded drives which, in the cool morning air, had stung like adders and bitten like serpents.

With the majority, of course, the fear of being excluded or ejected from a team is a spur that drives.

What is it that drives a man onward, that scourges him with unanswered questions!

We only know that we are driven; we do not know who drives.

It drives him to think one way and act another; it encourages him to seek through outward stimulationwhether drink, or riches, or famea deceptive and unworthy satisfaction in place of that true contentment which comes only from unity within.

MULTIPLICATION IS VEXATION Multiplication is vexation, Division is as bad; The Rule of Three doth puzzle me, And Practice drives me mad.

All the way to Bristol, oh! He drives her four-in-hand.

And since the Armistice, the only real activity in organized religion has been a series of "drives" for vast sums of money, in most cases professionally directed.

A little later, this state of mind gives birth to a thirst for real lifethe impulse to do and sufferwhich drives a man forth into the hurly-burly of the world.

On the Union Pacific Ry.] A thorough system of macadamized roads radiates from Victoria, furnishing about 100 miles of beautiful drives.

Many of these drives are lined with very handsome suburban residences, surrounded with lawns and parks.

Surrounded by magnificent and picturesque scenery, with beautiful drives and lovely bays for yachting purposes, with splendid fishing and sport of every description to be had, with a climate that would charm a misanthrope, why should they not become the favorite resorts on the Great West Coast?

"In Calcutta?" "Yes." "Your Highness shall point her out to me one evening as she drives in the Maidan," said Ahmed Ismail, and again Shere Ali answered "Yes.

commends hypericon, or St. John's wort gathered on a Friday in the hour of "Jupiter, when it comes to his effectual operation (that is about the full moon in July); so gathered and borne, or hung about the neck, it mightily helps this affection, and drives away all fantastical spirits."

Observe, bright maid, as his resistless voice Drives on the tempest of destructive war, How nation after nation falls before him.

Phoebus drives his burning car Hence, my lovely Stella, far; In his stead, the queen of night Round us pours a lambent light; Light, that seems but just to show Breasts that beat, and cheeks that glow.

He drives straight to the bachelor flat of his old chum, Egerton Vartrey.

To make this fifteen miles a day, they had to make two drives, letting the animals stop to feed whenever they had made seven or eight miles.

TIME FLIES On drives the roadanother mile!

Winter came and went, and once more the calendar marked the first days of spring; but though the horse-chestnuts of the Champs Elysees were budding snow still lingered in the grass drives of Saint Desert and along the ridges of the hills beyond the park.

23386 examples of  drives  in sentences