129 examples of drover in sentences

Returning to Ogallala I purchased from Bill Phant, an extensive cattle drover from Texas, a herd of cattle, which I drove to my ranch on the Dismal river, after which I bade my partner and the boys good-bye, and started for the Indian Territory to procure Indians for my Dramatic Combination for the season of 1878-79.

For some help, meantime, I commend the opinion of an architect of my acquaintance, who said the highest compliment he ever received was from a drover, who could not account for it that "he had passed that way so often and never seen that old house."

He envied every daysman and drover in the tavern their manly speech.

THE OVERLANDER There’s a trade you all know well It’s bringing cattle over I’ll tell you all about the time When I became a drover.

And now I am compelled to take a drover’s life, To drive cattle through the sunshine and the rain, And to leave her behind me, my own dear loving wife We were happy on that freehold on the plain.

Why, here is a gallant young drover of livings.

Fond gull, whom I would undertake to bastinado quickly, though there were a musket planted in thy mouth, are not you the young drover of livings Academico told me of, that haunts steeple fairs?

Notwithstanding, democracy is fully complete there, and the election of Mr. Lincoln, once drover, once flatboatman, once rail-splitter, once clerkof Mr. Lincoln, the son of his works, who has succeeded by his own powers in becoming a well-informed man and an orator, this election proves certainly that American equality is not menaced by the success of the republican party.

[Destruction of animals]; euthanasia, sacrifice, humane destruction. neatherd^, cowherd, shepherd; grazier, drover, cowkeeper^; trainer, breeder; apiarian^, apiarist; bull whacker [U.S.], cowboy, cow puncher [U.S.], farrier; horse leech, horse doctor; vaquero, veterinarian, vet, veterinary surgeon.

It is, however, as an assistant to the flock-master the farmer, the butcher, and the drover that the Collie takes his most appropriate place in every-day life.

He is a favourite with the butcher and drover who have sometimes a herd of troublesome cattle to handle, and he is well suited to rough and rocky ground, active in movement, and as sure-footed as the wild goat.

CHAPTER IX THE OLD ENGLISH SHEEPDOG Intelligent and picturesque, workmanlike and affectionate, the Old English Sheepdog combines, in his shaggy person, the attributes at once of a drover's drudge and of an ideal companion.

The herd dogs of foreign countries, such as the Calabrian of the Pyrenees, the Himalayan drover's dog, and the Russian Owtchah, are all of them massive and powerful animals, far larger and fiercer than our own, though each of them, and notably the Owtchah, has many points in common with the English bob-tail.

Her father, Jack Bint (for in all his life he never arrived at the dignity of being called John), was a drover of high repute in his profession.

But, ye see, while I was a drover, I was very little at hameindeed

But I saw plainly it wadna do for a rough country drover, jauped up to the very elbows, and sportin' a handfu' o' pound-notes the day, and no' worth a penny the mornI say, I saw plainly it wadna do for the like

The English drover applied to the bailiff on the property, who was known to him.

Mrs. Callander was a most respectable woman, whose father had begun life as a cattle drover in the colonies, but had succeeded in amassing a considerable fortune.

It was all like a dream, until I tramped off to the coach that evening, and looked back at the grey farm steading and at the two little dark figures: my mother with her face sunk in her Shetland shawl, and my father waving his drover's stick to hearten me upon my way.

A drover wants to know where to put his fat cattle; a carter wants to ask where a great cart-horse is to standhe and his horse together are hopelessly floundering about in the crowd.

Directly in front was a man who, he judged from his dress, was a Texan drover, or

The men built fires and made tea and ate their suppers, and sang, as the night fell, those olden ballads of the frontier"Barbara Allen," "Bonaparte's Dream," or the "Drover's Daughter.

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2.00 Drover's Telegram, (6 iss.

129 examples of  drover  in sentences