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152 examples of  druggist  in sentences

152 examples of druggist in sentences

They tell him that he must seek those articles at the druggist's, and he compromises by requesting that four lemons be forwarded to his residence.

Beware of impositionsat all respectable druggists.




Seth Davis, the blacksmith, dropped his tools and hurried to the store, and the druggist three doors awaya dapper gentleman known as Nib Corkinshurriedly locked his door and attended the meeting.

" "As fer that," remarked the druggist, "we'll get a cheap paperif it's any goodan' that's somethin' to be thankful for.

Your sister kept it with her medicines, and the druggist with whom you deal remembers selling it some time ago to a member of your family.

Above all, keep them warm; a corner in the kitchen fender, for a day or two, will do more to effect a cure than the run of a druggist's warehouse.

ain St. "That is from a druggist," said Dick.

I figure out the name is William B. Schlemp, that he is a druggist, and that he is doing business at some number on Main Street," came from Tom.

"Then that stuff came from that druggist beyond a doubt.

But there is no druggist named Schlemp here," went on Tom, "and the druggist here doesn't know of such a fellow.

But there is no druggist named Schlemp here," went on Tom, "and the druggist here doesn't know of such a fellow.

" A few minutes later the following message was being flashed over the wires to Dan Baxter, then supposed to be located at Detroit: "Send full name and address of Blank B. Schlemp, druggist, at once.

Then had come a telegram from Dan Baxter giving the address of the druggist, Schlemp.

It halted at the corner, where the Colonel began to read his Argus notice to Bela Bedford, our druggist, who had been on the point of entering his store.

Two other prescriptions the doctor made, and these were all, not counting repetitions at the druggists.

and one address is as good to a druggist as another.

As she stood in the doorway watching the two ladies out of sight, a just indignation grew within the breast so strongly fortified outside, so vulnerable within; and without even waiting to call her giggling young ladies to order, she pinned on her hat and departed to send Mrs. Coombe's postal note to the Detroit druggist, who, oddly enough, was not a druggist at all.

As she stood in the doorway watching the two ladies out of sight, a just indignation grew within the breast so strongly fortified outside, so vulnerable within; and without even waiting to call her giggling young ladies to order, she pinned on her hat and departed to send Mrs. Coombe's postal note to the Detroit druggist, who, oddly enough, was not a druggist at all.

Milk sugar is readily obtained of the druggist.

In the next block he passed a youth who stood earnestly examining the conventional display in a druggist's window.

You followed me up-town, where I made a call on a relative, and you studied the colored globes in a druggist's window when I went away.

Early the next morning, Morgiana went to a druggist, and asked for a sort of lozenge used in the most dangerous illness.

In the evening she went to the same druggist, and with tears in her eyes asked for an essence given to sick persons for whose life there is little hope.

For if it so falls out that there should chance to be neither Apothecary, nor Druggist at church, there is an excellent jest wholly lost!

Probably a dollar's worth of almost any thing out of any other shop than a druggist's would "cleanse their blood" better,a geranium, for instance, or a photograph, or a concert, or a book, or even fried oysters,any thing, no matter what, so it is innocent, which gives them a little pleasure, breaks in on the monotony of their work or their trouble, and makes them have for one half-hour a "good time."

"Pardon," he called aloud in English, "does the sahib know where I can find a druggist's open at this hour?

This old tavern, which exists still, we believe, a venerable relic of the border past, was, in the year 1777, the abode of a "number of Quakers, together with one druggist and a dancing-master, sent to Winchester under guard, with a request from the Executive of Pennsylvania, directed to the County-Lieutenant of Frederick, to secure them."

I am going to send for the druggist in the Rue Montorgueil!'

In addition to the doctor-in-chief, Dr. Abbas Bey Helmey, two doctors, three surgeons, and one druggist live in the hospital.

Then nearly every morning, at the druggist's, for a bluff, He'll ask the clerk for vichy, to make him think he's tough.

The various ingredients are generally only to be obtained from a large wholesale druggist.

dispensary; dispensatory^, drug store, pharmacy, apothecary, druggist, chemist.

And though some wild stories were afloat about his using the juice of mandragora (p. 140,) and opium, (p. 144,) yet neither of these articles appeared in his druggist's bill.

[Illustration: Arthur McElfresh A Centralia druggist.

Went to Enfield School; apprenticed to a druggist 1811-15; student in London hospitals 1815-17; passed examination at Apothecaries Hall 1816, but never practised.

Jem had gone to the druggist's, and Mary cried out for assistance to raise her father.

[Illustration: Fig. 121.Shop of a Grocer and Druggist, from a Stamp of Vriese (Seventeenth Century).

"Well, I heard Sister Clark say that she had heard him call her 'Kitty' one night when they were eating ice-cream at the Mite Society," Sister Candish, the druggist's wife, added to the fund of reliable information on hand.

Haydn ended with having to appease the woman, to lose his point, and pay the doctor and the druggist to boot.

What does a druggist mean?

And springing up, he walked across to the druggist's shop.

No, father didn't start IN as a druggist," she went on, expanding with the signs of Marvell's interest; "he was educated for an undertaker, and built up a first-class business; but he was always a beautiful speaker, and after a while he sorter drifted into the ministry.

Undine was recalling with intensity that one of Indiana's shoulders was higher than the other, and that people in Apex had thought her lucky to catch Millard Binch, the druggist's clerk, when Undine herself had cast him off after a lingering engagement.

The shape of the doors, the colour of the shop-fronts, the lettering on the sign-boards, everything about it was familiar; not a thing in it, down to the night-bell at the chemist's and druggist's, but called up memories, associations, to touch him.

Then Frank went out and rang up a druggist who had gone to bed, for it was after midnight.

He told the man the sort of scrape his friend was in and offered the druggist inducements to give him something to remove the paint.

The druggist said it could not be paint, but must be some sort of staining, and he gave Frank a preparation.

I went up directly to his store, when it turned out that he was no druggist at all, nor wished my skill in this way, but, having heard there was a doctor aboard, he had taken this facetious mode of inviting me to partake of some refreshments.

Defense called Jonathan Alexander, a druggist who testified that on the night in question he had been roused at half past three by the prisoner, who had said his wife was ill, and had purchased a bottle of a proprietary remedy from him.

An enterprising druggist bought up the little fat left in the animal after its long winter's fast; and such was the demand among sensational people for gallipots of "grease of the bear that killed Cantin," that it seemed as if fashion had ordained the wearing of hair "on end.

Friday's supply gone," writes a druggist to whom a big shipment was made last week.

Friday's supply gone," writes a druggist, to whom a big shipment was made last week.

While I was at Wheatley, there was a man by the name of Will Smith who married the daughter of Dr. Paster, druggist at Brinkley.

"The best thing you can do is to go right into the druggist's, next door but one, and look in the City Directory.

She forgot the name of it before she got to the druggist's.

His business was of a most multifarious description, and besides the trades of bookseller, stationer, and druggist, he had a printing-office, and was, moreover, a self-taught printer, He was post-master and stamp sub-distributor, receiver of bail, and agent for insuranceslittle official appointments which would have made him mayor in a corporate town.

Shaped like a druggist's spatula or a flattened spoon.

Chemist and Druggist.

The mayor, a long-bearded and shrewd druggist, had bought up all the half-way accurate scales in the city, for there had not been a balance in the market.

Within three hours of his return from Patutoa, a meeting was called of the council of state, the governor, the doctors, the druggist, a merchant or two, and a lawyer, and before it M. Lontane disclosed that the natives were possessed by a new devil that he feared was a recrudescence of the ancient struggle for independence.

There the metal worker or the cloth worker, the wheelwright or the druggist of yesterday did his work under almost exactly the same conditions as his predecessor did it five hundred years before.

This was either a porter-brewer's dray, or more probably the Van of his druggist.

The druggist thrust out a bottle already wrapped in a printed cover, and the price, as became a cut-rate pharmacy, proved to be ninety-eight cents.

Chemist and Druggist.

"He was exhibiting to a number of gentlemen, who happened to be collected together in a druggist's store, some weapons which he claimed to have taken from Captain Pate in Kansas.

SLATER, Mr., the druggist, iii. 68.

[Footnote: From the American Druggist.]

Mr. John Hart, a druggist, generously advanced the sum, and James was indentured to him for the term of five years.

Having married meanwhile, he was desirous to avail himself of an opportunity to obtain a higher salary; and the druggist very willingly testified that his conduct had been entirely satisfactory during the time he had been with him.

Meanwhile, the druggist was very willing to receive the young man back again; and he returned.

A hurried explanation from Luigi brought a cloud to the open face of the druggist, as if he hesitated to lay himself and his little fortune open to the blackmailers.

The signal for them to appear was to be the extinguishing of the lights behind the colored bottles in the druggist's window.

The Chaussee and other streets are well furnished with useful shops of which those of the Tinman, the Druggist, and the Conservateur et Patissier, are the most numerous.

My road homewards lay through Oxford Street; and near "the stately Pantheon" I saw a druggist's shop, where I first became possessed of the celestial drug.

I observed a considerable number of druggists' shops; they were generally entirely open in front, so that the whole economy of the interior was revealed to view.

She was fifteen years old, and had just received marriage gifts from her betrothed, the son of P'ei, a neighboring druggist.

" Very low, she answered him: "I am betrothed to the son of P'ei, the druggist, and already they are urging that the ceremony should take place.

Marshey was there, talking with the druggist.

I heard the druggist say: "No, Marshey, I'm sorry.

When you refuse to take something just as good in this world, you'll usually find that the next time you call the druggist has the original Snicker's Sassafras Sneezer in stock.

We thought of our hospital, of our supplies, of our perfect uselessness unless Soissons could yet reach usand I resolved to go down to the druggist at Charly and see what could be done.

She snipped off dead leaves with painstaking precision, and administered water with the jealous care of a druggist compounding a prescription; then, with her back still toward him, she gave vent to a sigh far too intense in its nature to have reference to such trivialities as plants.

A severe cold, which she caught while going to the druggist's in a rain, did the rest.

It was situated over a drug store, and was owned by the druggist, Mr. Boolpin, who was universally regarded as the meanest man in the village.

2.00 1.00 American Dressmaker, Chicago ................. m .75 American Dressmaker and Harper's Bazar ......... 1.50 1.50 Am. Druggist, N.Y.

1.35 1.25 Western Druggist, Chicago .............. m Phar.

There were a hundred men around him and hanging on to the rope, when a druggist, whom most of them knew, burst through the crowd, and whipping out a knife cut the rope within a few feet of his neck.

'What in hell are you varments trying to do?' roared the druggist.

Oppose the progress of the town, too, do you?' "'No, I don't,' said the druggist, 'and I'll see that my cousin here doesn't.'

We hold you responsible if he opens his mouth again against the bonds.' "'Hold me responsible, gentlemen,' said the druggist, with a profound bow.

"The druggist took him through his store, and up some back stairs; and once he had him alone, this was his advice, as reported to us later: 'You're a stranger to me.

One hot June afternoon Mealy stood looking at a druggist's display window, gazing idly at the pills, absently picking out the various kinds which he had taken.

In the interim, how many a druggist bought his own bottles the third and fourth time, how many a junk-dealer paid for his own iron, how many bags of carpet rags went to the ragman, the world will never know.

After he had arrived, however, the authorities had refused to let him take pictures with the army, but, like the proverbial druggist, had offered him something "just as good."

" As the two old fellows were departing after enjoying their temperance beverage, the druggist asked them what the wager was.

" A Scotsman who has a keen appreciation of the strong characteristics of his countrymen delights in the story of a druggist known both for his thrift and his philosophy.

" "Well?" "I thought it was a prescription, and took it to the druggist to be filled.