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2426 examples of  drummed  in sentences

2426 examples of drummed in sentences

The partridge drummed upon his log; the squirrels chattered as they chased each other up and down the great trunks of the trees; the loon lifted up his clarion voice away out upon the water; the eagle and the osprey screamed as they hovered high above us in the air, while a thousand merry voices came from out the old woods, all mingling in the harmony of nature's gladness.

Or to some cracked viol strummed With vile skill, or table drummed To the tune of some brisk measure, Wont to stir the pulse to pleasure, Men and maidens timely beat The ringing ground with frolic feet; And the laugh and jest go round Till all mirth in noise is drowned.

" He drummed his fingers, for a moment, on the table.

For we were young then, and we believed in things, andand Jack Charteris had not taken a fancy to me" She sighed and drummed her fingers on the table.

" The big blue eyes were fairly bulging, like two monster morning-glories, as Elkins, putting the note carefully in his jacket pocket, said, softly: "Ef I don't get thet 'ere letter into Jones's hands, you may have me drummed out

" The boy stared from the window and drummed on the sill with his fingers.

" CHAPTER II UNCLE JOHN'S IDEA Two hours later Uncle John, who had been dozing in his big chair by the fire while Patsy drummed on the piano, sat up abruptly and looked around him with a suddenly acquired air of decision.

Perhaps that was why this giddy faintness troubled her, why the blood drummed in her ears.

Time itself was a nightmare of running, falling, rising, staggering, running again until the blood pounded in her temples, drummed in her ears.

" The Minister of Public Works lapsed into meditation and drummed pleasantly with his plump, shining hand on the table beside him.

"Yes," responded the father, and drummed on the desk.

Nothing else to do, is there?" Dripping bearers and shrouded chairs received them on the lower floor, carried them out into a chill rain that drummed overhead and splashed along the compound path in silver points.

" Chantel drummed on Heywood's long table, and smiled quaintly, with eyes which roved out at window, and from mast to bare mast of the few small junks that lay moored against the distant bank.

"Quick!" As they slammed them home, more stones drummed on the boards and clattered against the wall.

To Bull Hunter the mysteries were revealed for nothing, freely, and drilled and drummed into him through the weeks of his convalescence; and still the lessons continued now that he was hale and hearty once moreas the clean-swept platters from which he ate three times a day gave evidence.

She drummed carelessly and lightly on the keys of the pianoher thoughts evidently far away.

Grouse drummed a welcome in the woods; the honk of wild geese filled the air with a joyous clangor, and in every open pool the ducks were quacking.

He drummed a signal with his knuckles on the panel of a narrow door of olive-wood, set deep into the wall under a projecting arch.

Were all I had on earth drummed together, it would barely make out a respectable competency for a private gentleman in that extravagant state of society; and what is a mere name to one in such circumstances?

He flushed, looked embarrassed, and drummed with his fingers upon the table.

But here comes Carlina to call us to breakfast," said she, as she laid down her crayon, and drummed the saltarello on her picture while she paused a moment to look at it.

His legs drummed with Lilliputian paces.

Upon this the traitors were seized, convicted, and, on the beginning of October, 1738, sentenced to be whipt and drummed out of the regiment.

Who drummed such nastiness into your head?

Besides which, how could we get along without you for a spokesman, and I marked that you drummed to our dance very tunefully.

He held his fork, with a bit of untasted pigeon on it, uplifted in one hand; with the other he drummed nervously on the table.

They had been on the march all day, and next day would probably march half the day and fight the other half, for the French and English were just ahead; but now they sprawled over the school benches and drummed on the boards with their fists and feet, and sang at the tops of their voices.

The rain drummed on the roof and went hissing along the soaked ground; it sprayed out as the grass bent and parted under it; every hollow tuft was a water spout.

Some of them drummed lightly on the top of the bar and strove to whistle, but the only sound that came through their dried lips was a whispering rush of breath.

He drummed on the table.

Now, cher maître, what do you think of my position?" Mr. Oxford drummed lightly on the table.

The soldiers drummed on the table to keep their hands warm and in a moment of inspiration I showed them how the darkies in our country warm their feet.

Blanche drummed time on the bench, and the river sentries pounded time with their rifle butts.

" The captain said nothing, merely screwed his lips up and drummed on the table; but when Miss Jenkyns returned later to the charge and recommended the doctor's style to Captain Brown's favourite, the captain replied, "I should be very sorry for him to exchange his style for any such pompous writing.

For a time he drummed idly on the window pane.

If any one, by chance, heard a burglar prowling around there to-night he might shoot, and in that event either kill Monsieur Boisségur oror me!" When the secretary had gone Mr. Campbell idly drummed on his desk as he studied the face of his subordinate.

" Mr. Howard thoughtfully drummed on his desk for a little while.

Big clocks, little clocks, old clocks, new clocks, fat clocks, lean clocks, solemn clocks, fussy clocks, clocks of red, of green, of brown, of pink, of white, of orange, of blue, clocks that sang, and clocks that rang, clocks that whistled, and blared, and piped, and drummed.

As for the deputy, finding that if he did not leave it voluntarily he would be drummed out of the village, he departed, whither I do not remember if anybody ever knew.

Only his long, lean fingers drummed on the table.

" "See you next Saturday, Miss Arundel, if I'm alive" Hilliard drummed on the counter with his fingertips and frowned.

His fingers drummed on a stack of black $100 chips, twenty at least.

Her fists drummed on his back.

Next day, swinging southward into another sector of the front, over beautiful rolling hills, rather like the Genesee Valley, we drummed up a hill and came out at the top in a village square.

She sat silent, her chocolate thickening in the cup, while one hand, almost as much beringed as her mother's, drummed on the crumpled table-cloth.

He resumed his former position, and drummed lightly on the table, while waiting to be served.

The planters' wives and daughters of the neighborhood were not people who would be apt to comprehend music as a science, or to use it as a language; they only saw in the little negro, therefore, a remarkable facility for repeating the airs they drummed on their pianos,in a different manner from theirs, it is true,which bewildered them.

" The senior doctor drummed thoughtfully on the desk.

The rain drummed steadily, and as steadily came the gentle modulations of Kirk's voice, as the tale of "The Tinder-Box" progressed.

Fyfe put his foot up on the stove front and drummed a tattoo on his mackinaw clad knee.

He made Everton point out the digging figure, and was calculating the distance from the nearest point of the trench, and the bullets that drummed between.

The trees stood upthe whole beleaguering host of them stood upand with the uproar of their million branches drummed the thundering message out across the night.

As they sped on, with the road-side trees dancing past the narrow windows, and the white dust streaming behind them, the guardsman drummed his fingers upon his knees, and fidgeted in his seat with impatience, shooting an occasional question across at his grim companion.

The king arched his eyebrows and drummed his fingers impatiently as he glanced at the downcast face and dejected bearing.

I was sitting, one Sunday, just as the minister was commencing his sermon, with my eyes carelessly following the fingers of my right hand, as I drummed them slowly across my knee.

The old coal-digger drummed on the fire-plug uneasily.

Count Manuel sat down and drummed with his fingers upon the top of his writing-table.

He drummed on the table with his fingers.

" Pavel Petrovitch drummed with his finger-tips on the table.

Gloucester drummed upon the table, his brows contracted.

The lean fingers of John Mark drummed on the back of the chair, while he smiled down on her, an inexplicable expression on his face.

for Citizen Bird and friendly House People!" drummed the Downy Woodpecker, beating away for dear life on a telegraph pole.

I reckon I'd be drummed out of the Yankee army."

"You wicked little thing," it ran, "if you hadn't taught me self-respect I'd have tried to run the guard to-night, and would probably have been caught and drummed out or shot.

And another face, Camilla's, was there in the confusing brilliancy; and she reeled a little, embraced, held hot and close; and in her dulled ears drummed Celia's voice, murmuring, pitying, complaining, adoring: "Honey-bellOh, my little Honey-bud!

D'ye take me, my lord?'the while he drummed merrily with his heels on a leg of the table.

He came to the Raja's palace and there he drummed and sang: "The son of the Raja Has the ears of an ox."

I think I forgot to tell you in my letter of last week that the people drummed out of the towns on the other side of the Marne, that is to say, the near-by towns, like those in the plain, and on the hilltops from which the Germans were driven before the 10thbegan to return on that night; less than a fortnight after they fled.

When they were drummed out, they took a roundabout route, to leave the main roads free for the army.

You can't deny that if I had been drummed out and came back to find my house a ruin, my books and pictures destroyed, and only those worthless bits of china and plated ware to "start housekeeping again," it would have been humorous.

All that day we lay at Flagstaff, and after a good sleep, as there was no use keeping the party cooped up in their car, I drummed up some ponies and took the Cullens and Ackland over to the Indian cliff-dwellings.

Dealer and Stockman drummed their fingers on the table unconcernedly.

" Mr. Tredgold drummed with his fingers on the arms of his chair, and after a little hesitation asked as a great favour to be permitted to see the map.

The district attorney drummed on the polished surface before him.

" Sally's long eyelashes suddenly drooped, and she drummed on the gate nervously.

Tilly Ann's eyes had been fixed unwinkingly upon the new comer since his arrival, and she had now apparently classified him, for, after successfully piloting one or two spoonfuls of beef and potato to her little red mouth, she paused, drummed on the table with the handle of her spoon, and remarked conclusively: "Another daddy!" "Dear, to be sure!

" Torrance drummed on the desk with his long, strong fingers.

The ponies reared and took to the ditch as a machine flicked past and drummed away in the distance.

" Red drummed on the table, thinking.

" The man stopped his slow pacing, sat on the edge of the table and drummed with his fingers on the teak.

Four or five friends were drummed together.

Temperance brought Arthur to the table half asleep, but he roused when she drummed on his plate with a spoon.

When I heard him coming, I opened my book, and seated myself in a corner of a sofa; he walked to the window without noticing me, and drummed on the piano.

And Fanny drummed on the table energetically.

"I think," said Miss Delany, with a flash in her eye and a ring of decision in her voice, "that such men ought to be drummed out of town!" As she spoke, there was an expression which seemed to say, "

With a breathless interest she watched him, and the thunder of his horse's hoofs drummed in her brain.

They arrested certain of the most unbearable offenders, tarred and feathered them, and drummed them out of the township.

The precedent of the historic great ladies of Prussia who exchanged their golden wedding rings for rings of iron is drummed into the smaller folk continuously.

how much do I not owe to the French drummer who was so long quartered in our house, who looked like a devil, and yet had the good heart of an angel, and withal drummed so divinely!

For instance, if I knew not what the word liberté meant, he drummed the Marseillaiseand I understood him.

If I did not understand the word égalité, he drummed the march "Ça ira, ça ira, ça ira, Les aristocrats à la lanterne!"

If I did not know what Bêtise meant, he drummed the Dessauer March, which we Germans, as Goethe also declares, drummed in Champagneand

If I did not know what Bêtise meant, he drummed the Dessauer March, which we Germans, as Goethe also declares, drummed in Champagneand

He once wanted to explain to me the word l'Allemagne (or Germany), and he drummed the all too simple melody which on market-days is played to dancing-dogs, namely, dum-dum-dum!

I did not understand, it is true, the words which he spoke, but as he constantly drummed while speaking, I knew what he meant.

"But when you hear the red march of the guillotine drummed, you understand it correctly for the first time, and with it the how and the why.

I am speaking of the Court garden of Düsseldorf, where I often lay upon the grass and piously listened there when Monsieur Le Grand told of the martial feats of the great Emperor, beating meanwhile the marches which were drummed while the deeds were performed, so that I saw and heard it all vividly.

Monsieur Le Grand drummed so that my own eardrum nearly burst.

As I pressed through the gaping crowd, thinking of the doughty deeds and battles which Monsieur Le Grand had drummed to me, my heart beat the "general march"yet at the same time I thought of the police regulation that no one should dare ride through the middle of the avenue under penalty of five dollars fine.

His fingers drummed a careless tattoo upon the table-edge.