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2426 examples of drummed in sentences

" The big blue eyes were fairly bulging, like two monster morning-glories, as Elkins, putting the note carefully in his jacket pocket, said, softly: "Ef I don't get thet 'ere letter into Jones's hands, you may have me drummed out

" The boy stared from the window and drummed on the sill with his fingers.

Uncle John looked thoughtfully, and drummed with his finger upon the little table.

He made his palms taut and drummed on the table.

His legs drummed with Lilliputian paces.

Instead of suffering death for his treasonable conduct, in the last instance, he was whipped and drummed out of the regiment.

He held his fork, with a bit of untasted pigeon on it, uplifted in one hand; with the other he drummed nervously on the table.

The rain drummed on the roof and went hissing along the soaked ground; it sprayed out as the grass bent and parted under it; every hollow tuft was a water spout.

"The boss of the Senate" sank down in his chair, crossed one knee over the other and drummed his fingers lightly on the table.

" The captain said nothing, merely screwed his lips up and drummed on the table; but when Miss Jenkyns returned later to the charge and recommended the doctor's style to Captain Brown's favourite, the captain replied, "I should be very sorry for him to exchange his style for any such pompous writing.

Big clocks, little clocks, old clocks, new clocks, fat clocks, lean clocks, solemn clocks, fussy clocks, clocks of red, of green, of brown, of pink, of white, of orange, of blue, clocks that sang, and clocks that rang, clocks that whistled, and blared, and piped, and drummed.

I have a notion that the Bonnie Lassie, to whom any variety of want or helplessness is its own sufficient recommendation, drummed up trade for him among her uptown friends.

Next day, swinging southward into another sector of the front, over beautiful rolling hills, rather like the Genesee Valley, we drummed up a hill and came out at the top in a village square.

He resumed his former position, and drummed lightly on the table, while waiting to be served.

The Bart bit his moustache and drummed his hands, while I already felt myself at the head of my dear little rascals.

Beginning with the lower standard onwards (that is to say, the children of six years), stories not only from the New Testament, but also from the Old Testament are drummed into the heads of the scholars.

He drummed on the table with his fingers.

for Citizen Bird and friendly House People!" drummed the Downy Woodpecker, beating away for dear life on a telegraph pole.

I reckon I'd be drummed out of the Yankee army."

"You wicked little thing," it ran, "if you hadn't taught me self-respect I'd have tried to run the guard to-night, and would probably have been caught and drummed out or shot.

And another face, Camilla's, was there in the confusing brilliancy; and she reeled a little, embraced, held hot and close; and in her dulled ears drummed Celia's voice, murmuring, pitying, complaining, adoring: "Honey-bellOh, my little Honey-bud!

D'ye take me, my lord?'the while he drummed merrily with his heels on a leg of the table.

Tilly Ann's eyes had been fixed unwinkingly upon the new comer since his arrival, and she had now apparently classified him, for, after successfully piloting one or two spoonfuls of beef and potato to her little red mouth, she paused, drummed on the table with the handle of her spoon, and remarked conclusively: "Another daddy!" "Dear, to be sure!

Partridges drummed back in the woods, flocks of ducks got up with a great rush of wings at almost every turn, and once, late in the morning of the first day out, Rod was thrilled by a crashing in the undergrowth scarcely a stone's throw from the canoe.

"I think," said Miss Delany, with a flash in her eye and a ring of decision in her voice, "that such men ought to be drummed out of town!" As she spoke, there was an expression which seemed to say, "

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