2426 examples of drummed in sentences

Or to some cracked viol strummed With vile skill, or table drummed To the tune of some brisk measure, Wont to stir the pulse to pleasure, Men and maidens timely beat The ringing ground with frolic feet; And the laugh and jest go round Till all mirth in noise is drowned.

" He drummed his fingers, for a moment, on the table.

For we were young then, and we believed in things, andand Jack Charteris had not taken a fancy to me" She sighed and drummed her fingers on the table.

Perhaps that was why this giddy faintness troubled her, why the blood drummed in her ears.

She drummed carelessly and lightly on the keys of the pianoher thoughts evidently far away.

He flushed, looked embarrassed, and drummed with his fingers upon the table.

His legs drummed with Lilliputian paces.

Upon this the traitors were seized, convicted, and, on the beginning of October, 1738, sentenced to be whipt and drummed out of the regiment.

Who drummed such nastiness into your head?

Besides which, how could we get along without you for a spokesman, and I marked that you drummed to our dance very tunefully.

He held his fork, with a bit of untasted pigeon on it, uplifted in one hand; with the other he drummed nervously on the table.

" The captain said nothing, merely screwed his lips up and drummed on the table; but when Miss Jenkyns returned later to the charge and recommended the doctor's style to Captain Brown's favourite, the captain replied, "I should be very sorry for him to exchange his style for any such pompous writing.

For a time he drummed idly on the window pane.

Only his long, lean fingers drummed on the table.

The planters' wives and daughters of the neighborhood were not people who would be apt to comprehend music as a science, or to use it as a language; they only saw in the little negro, therefore, a remarkable facility for repeating the airs they drummed on their pianos,in a different manner from theirs, it is true,which bewildered them.

As they sped on, with the road-side trees dancing past the narrow windows, and the white dust streaming behind them, the guardsman drummed his fingers upon his knees, and fidgeted in his seat with impatience, shooting an occasional question across at his grim companion.

The old coal-digger drummed on the fire-plug uneasily.

Count Manuel sat down and drummed with his fingers upon the top of his writing-table.

" Pavel Petrovitch drummed with his finger-tips on the table.

The lean fingers of John Mark drummed on the back of the chair, while he smiled down on her, an inexplicable expression on his face.

I reckon I'd be drummed out of the Yankee army."

And another face, Camilla's, was there in the confusing brilliancy; and she reeled a little, embraced, held hot and close; and in her dulled ears drummed Celia's voice, murmuring, pitying, complaining, adoring: "Honey-bellOh, my little Honey-bud!

" Red drummed on the table, thinking.

And Fanny drummed on the table energetically.

"I think," said Miss Delany, with a flash in her eye and a ring of decision in her voice, "that such men ought to be drummed out of town!" As she spoke, there was an expression which seemed to say, "

2426 examples of  drummed  in sentences