146 examples of dryades in sentences

or what associating league to the imagination can there be between the seers, and the seers not, of a presential miracle? Were an artist to paint upon demand a picture of a Dryad, we will ask whether, in the present low state of expectation, the patron would not, or ought not to be fully satisfied with a beautiful naked figure recumbent under wide-stretched oaks?

Now, Morpheus, rouse thee from thy sable den, Charm all his senses with a slumb'ring trance; Whilst old Sylvanus send[s] a lovely train Of satyrs, dryades, and water nymphs Out of their bowers to tune their silver strings, And with sweet-sounding music sing Some pleasing madrigals and roundelays, To comfort Sophos in his deep distress.

Here also playing on the grassy greene, Woodgods, and Satyres, and swift Dryades, With many Fairies oft were dauncing seene.

Dryades, Oriades, Hamadryades. 1194.

"You take shape from solitude and empty air as easily as a Dryad steps from her tree.

When Cheerfulness, a nymph of healthiest hue, Her bow across her shoulder flung, Her buskins gemmed with morning dew, Blew an inspiring air, that dale and thicket rung, The hunter's call to Faun and Dryad known!

Faun and Dryad.

Robert Browning, The Return of the Druses. DRYAS or DRYAD, a wood-nymph, whose life was bound up with that of her tree (Greek, [Greek: dryas, dryados].)

It needs a peculiar lightness of hand to give grace to these colloquial numbers, and the author of Ionica is more at home in the dryad-haunted forest with Comatas.

"The Lady to her Guitar", that recalls the dead and forgotten player, sings: It is as if the glassy brook Should image still its willows fair, Though years ago the woodman's stroke Laid low in dust their Dryad-hair.

The dryad and the hired boy. Illustrated by C. J. McCarthy.

The dryad and the hired boy.

Dufau calls her works illustrations and posters, and gives the following as the principal examples: "Fils des Mariniers," in Museum of Cognac; "Rhythme," "Dryades," "Automne," a study, Manzi collection; "Espagne," "Été," Behourd collection; "Automne," Gallery of the Luxembourg.

What can I do for you, to show you how grateful I am?" "I am very glad," said Old Pipes, "that I let you out, since I see that it makes you so happy; but I must admit that I tried to find the key because I had a great desire to see a Dryad.

" "To the village!" exclaimed the Dryad.

"Good-night," said the Dryad.

What have I ever done to you that you should have condemned me for years and years to echo back the notes of those wretched pipes?" At this the Dryad laughed loudly.

"No he has not," said the Dryad, whose quick eyes perceived the Echo-dwarf among the rocks.

" Old Pipes thrust the Echo-dwarf into the tree; the Dryad pushed the door shut; there was a clicking sound of bark and wood, and no one would have noticed that the big oak had ever had an opening in it.

let me out!" For a moment the children stood still in astonishment, and then one of the boys exclaimed: "Oh, it is a Dryad, like the one Old Pipes found!

The moment Old Pipes saw his mother, he knew that the Dryad had been there; but, while he felt as happy as a king, he was too wise to say any thing about her.

"Nature has ceased to be lovely," said the Dryad, "and the night-winds chill me.

And what became of the Dryad, no one ever knew.

After this the news of her death is reported to Orfeoby a shepherd in the original, by a dryad in the revised version.

The branches of the trees lash one another like penitential dryades.

146 examples of  dryades  in sentences