Do we say dual or duel

dual 231 occurrences

The second and most novel principle of the Constitution is its dual form of Government.

The Constitution, however, developed the idea of a dual citizenship.

For the same reason, the dual system of government has been profoundly modified by the great elemental forces of our mechanical age, so that the scales, which try to hold in nice equipoise the Federal Government on the one hand and the States on the other, have been greatly disturbed.

Nevertheless, it would be erroneous to suggest that the dual system of government is a failure.

We know that if our diction rises to this dual standard, it silently distinguishes us from the sluggard, the weakling, and the upstart.

The roadway which ran between its broad white-gravelled footwalks was smoothly asphalted for motor tyres; the avenues of great chestnut trees which flanked the footpaths served the dual purpose of affording shade in summer and screening the houses of Tanton Gardens from view.

Although he went to and fro between them daily, his personality was almost a dual one, though not consciously so; his passion for crime investigation was distinctin outward seeming, at all eventsfrom his polished West End life of wealthy ease.

The Zendavesta represents a perpetual dual between Ormuzd and Ahriman, between whom there is no compromise.

Preservation of our dual system of government, carefully restrained in each of its parts by the limitations of the constitution, has made possible our growth in local self-government and national power in the past, and, so far as we can see, it is essential to the continuance of that government in the future.

Whatever happens, the effete Dual System in its present form is doomed, for while an Austrian defeat means dissolution, an Austrian victory means the absorption of Serbia and Montenegro, and in either case the balance between Austria and Hungary will be fatally disturbed and a new constitutional arrangement rendered inevitable.

[Dual supervision over friars.]

By a fine dramatic touch, Shakspeare has made each describe the other, in such a way that the portrait might stand for the speaker himself, and thus establishes a dual-identity.

I did not even know it was funny until afterward, when the whole scene seemed to have been by a sort of dual process photographed unconsciously on my memory.

Moreover, the advantages of co-residence, which La Fleur naturally counted upon, were not so great as might have been expected; for Mrs. Drane, having perceived that Ralph was fond of the society of young ladies to a degree which might easily grow beyond her ideas of decorous companionship between a gentleman of the house and a lady boarder, gently interfered with the dual apple gatherings and recreations of that nature.

She told of the Mary and the Marie, and of the dual nature within me.

How we helped NapoleonThe Revolution and the Two GermanicsReligious Resistance of Austria and RussiaIrreligious Resistance of Prussia and EnglandNegative Irreligion of Englandits Idealism in SnobbishnessPositive Irreligion of Prussia; no Idealism in AnythingAllegory and the French RevolutionThe Dual Personality of England; the Double BattleTriumph of Blucher.

That doubtful and double battle before Waterloo was like the dual personality in a dream.

And now began his tormenta form of exasperation peculiar to his dual capacity of shopkeeper and manager of a post-office.

In some languages, as the Greek and the Arabic, there is a dual number, which denotes two, or a pair; but in ours, this property of words, or class of modifications, extends no farther than to distinguish unity from plurality, and plurality from unity.

of Dual number, found in Gr. and in Arab.

According to their explanations, then, we have two "distinctions of one from two, several, more, or many;" and the Greeks, by adding a dual number, have three!

R111304, 23Apr53, Haldeman-Julius Co. (PWH) Dual and multiple personality.

Dual and multiple personality.

This last novel shows no traces of dual workmanship, and might have been the outcome of a single pen.

Briefly described, it provided the Colony with a dual system of self-government under a Viceroy appointed by the Colonial Office, who was to be Commander-in-Chief of the Queen's forces in the Colony, and might reserve Bills for the consideration of Her Majestyin effect for that of the Home Government.

duel 899 occurrences

They sat narrowly eying each other, although there was in this close duel small advantage for either except in the run of the cards themselves.

"Success, indeed, no more decides for the right, than a man's killing of his antagonist in a duel.

He was educated at Westminster School, served as a soldier in the low countries, became an actor in Henslowe's company, and was twice imprisonedonce for killing a fellow-actor in a duel, and once for his part in the comedy of Eastward Hoe, which gave offense to King James.

She is troth-plight wife to Amintor, and after he, by the king's command, has forsaken her for Evadne, she disguises herself as a man, provokes her unfaithful lover to a duel, and dies under his sword, blessing the hand that killed her.

The dispute between Milton and Salmasius over the execution of Charles I. was like a duel between two knights in full armor striking at each other with ponderous maces.

She died of a broken heart, and Lovelace, borne down by remorse, was killed in a duel by a cousin of Clarissa.

First I relate how all the nation Is ruined by Emancipation: How honest men are sadly thwarted; How beads and faggots are imported; How every parish church looks thinner; How Peel has asked the Pope to dinner; And how the Duke, who fought the duel, Keeps good King George on water-gruel.

CARTEL, m., provocation en duel.


DUEL, m., combat entre deux adversaires.

The duel on the beach.

The duel on the beach.

FANGEN, RONALD. Duel, translated from the Norwegian by Paula Wiking.

Duel for Europe: Stalin versus Hitler.

"Is it true," asked Mynheer Van Zoon, "that David Willet in a duel with swords slew a famous bravo?"


It sounds incredible; but I set my teeth and did it, Grizel, because you had challenged me to a duel, and I would not give in." As soon as it was out he was proud of himself for having the generosity to confess it.

I took'and he jerked his elbow contemptuously in the direction whence he had come'to fight a duel for her.

But a duel was so alien from the lawyer's walk in life, that he knew nothing of the punctilios, and he felt a delicacy.

A duel was a fine thingat a distance.

Lumholtz says (184) that "the majority of the young men wait a long time before they get wives, partly for the reason that they have not the courage to fight the requisite duel for one with an older man."

Often, in the long duel between them and the redoubtable French leader, he paid tribute to the valor and skill of St. Luc.

It is the inability of gun to see gun, and even when seen to knock out gun, which has put an end to the so-called artillery duel of pitched- battle days, when cannon walloped cannon to keep cannon from walloping the infantry.

2. The Beau's Duel, or a Soldier for the Ladies, a Comedy; acted at the Theatre in Lincoln's-Inn-Fields, 1703; a Criticism was written upon this play in the Post-Angel for August.

CARREL, ARMAND, French publicist, born at Rouen; a man of high character, and highly esteemed; editor of the National, which he conducted with great ability, and courage; died of a wound in a duel with Émile de Girardin (1800-1836).

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