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4423 example sentences with  ducking

4423 example sentences with ducking

In old New England there was once a pleasing invention called a "ducking stool," that was for "women only."

"You have volunteered to aid the lieutenant go ducking" "Aisy me boy!

[Illustration: ducking stool] A crowd of bearded men, some in the sad-colored clothes and steeple-crowned hats of Puritans, others in loose top-boots, scarlet coats, lace and periwigs of the cavaliers of the Cromwellian period, intermixed with women, some wearing hoods and others bareheaded, was assembled on the banks of a deep pond within sight of Jamestown, Va.

pillory, stocks, whipping post; cucking stool^, ducking stool; brank^; trebuchet^, trebuket^. [instruments of torture: list], triangle, wooden horse, iron maiden, thumbscrew, boot, rack, wheel, iron heel; chinese water torture.

Indeed, an educated man, who creeps along with an apologetic air, cringing to this name and ducking to that opinion, and hoping that it is not too presumptuous in him to beg the right to exist,why, it is a spectacle piteous to gods and hateful to men!

Then followed the fun of ducking, the scuffling and the capers of the young human animals at playat play even as gods in the elder days.

Any one who wished could purchase immunity for four days' allowance of wine, but the others had to pay the penalty of ducking.

The shells were falling fairly thick on the Boulevard de Leopold; every two or three hundred yards a house was partially destroyed; bricks and glass littered the pavement, and occasionally, every quarter of a mile or so, I saw a figure skulking along under the eaves of a building, crouching and ducking in time to the nasty music of the shells.

He swam all around Karr, ducking and snorting, perfectly at home in the water.

They fled on, ducking their heads along their horses' necks to escape the bullets which the pursuers occasionally sent after them.

But the Serb was out for blood and made a slash at the polkovnika's head, the full force of which he evaded by ducking, though the sword severed the chin strap and button of his cap and carved its way through the thick band before it glanced up off the skull, helped by his right hand, which had been raised to turn the blow.

"Well, Emma, you have certainly manoeuvred well to bring us over the equator without the usual visitation of Neptune and Amphitrite, and we must all thank you for landing us, without a ducking, in the principal town of Brazil.

I'll let you know," he said, ducking out.

They were compelled to replenish their kite-supply often; for whenever an accident occurred, and the string broke, or a ducking kite dragged down the rest, or the wind suddenly died out, their kites fell into the Pit, from which place they were unrecoverable.

Growing desperate, he adopted what might be called not an unfair but a mean method of attack: he would manoeuver, leap in and strike swiftly, and then, ducking forward, fall to the ground at Joe's feet.

Timing his blow with Simpson's attack, he delivered it just as Simpson was ducking forward to fall.

Luckily for them, the barrel was overturned, or they too would have received a ducking, for Joe, who was in advance, had blundered against the slat.

"Good-evenin', suh," she answered, ducking suddenly with a quaint curtsy.

The judges had been agreed that on the points of defense, guarding, ducking, getting away, and counter-hitting, Bobbles, considering his size, was plainly the more brainy and speedy of the two.

"You are really a shocking boy, and if you get a ducking it will be only what you deserve," said Katherine, who was laughing at this picture of the discomfiture of Nick Jones.

But she did not call him back, being quite willing to shield his retreat so far as she could possibly do so, for a ducking at that time in the evening would not be pleasant; moreover, Mrs. Burton would have his clothes to dry, which was another consideration of importance just then.

"Quit ducking and dodging and get into the game.

The last time they had noticed them was at the moment of Peter's ducking when in their excitement, the foolish creatures had hidden their faces on each other's shoulders, rolled themselves into a kind of ball, and stowed themselves under a seat.

The Policeman gave a frightened yell, doubled up as if he had been shot, and ducking under the shoulders of the crowd made off into the darkness.

And a rare ducking he got!

One of them has just had a ducking.

The man's body bounced on the incline, rolled, slid, tumbled, till at length he brought up against the boat's guard, and all that saved him a ducking was the prompt extension of several stout arms, which clutched and hauled him to the flush after deck.

Before that estimable lady could recover herself, or offer the slightest retaliation, she was forced into a kneeling posture by a crowd of shouting tormentors, and compelled to swallow a spoonful of the odious mixture, rendered more than usually savoury by the immersion in the bowl of Master Wackford's head, whose ducking was entrusted to another rebel.

If I have gained nothing else by the ducking, I have gained a knowledge of the manner in which my servants love me."

The 'North Carolina Literary and Commercial Journal,' of January 20, 1838, published at Elizabeth City, devotes a column and a half to a description of the lynching, tarring, feathering, ducking, riding on a rail, pumping, &c., of a Mr. Charles Fife, a merchant of that city, for the crime of 'trading with negroes.'

The 'North Carolina Literary and Commercial Journal,' of January 20, 1838, published at Elizabeth City, devotes a column and a half to a description of the lynching, tarring, feathering, ducking, riding on a rail, pumping, &c., of a Mr. Charles Fife, a merchant of that city, for the crime of 'trading with negroes.'

When he came back along the trench five minutes later he found Bunthrop feverishly busy re-piling sandbags and strengthening the parapet, ducking hastily and crouching low when a shell roared past overhead, but hurriedly resuming work the instant it had passed.

The house was surrendered to the King in 1539, the warden and ten brethren being compelled to sign a humiliating document, in which they professed to "profoundly consider that the perfection of Christian living doth not consist in dumb ceremonies, wearing of a grey coat, disguising ourself after strange fashions, ducking, nodding and becking, in girding our selves with a girdle full of knots and other like Papisticall ceremonies."

And it is well if the culprit, at the conclusion of the business, has not a ducking added to the rest of the punishment.

When a skater on a pond who is describing graceful circles, and showing off before the crowd, breaks through the ice and gets a ducking, everybody shouts with joy.

'Well, something's got to happen pretty soon,' answered Roy, ducking, as a shell burst almost overhead.

They both set off at a run, dodging and ducking under the low-growing trees.

And hit and harmed had been Amyclæ's king; But, ducking low, he smote with one stout fist The foe's left templefast the life-blood streamed From the grim riftand on his shoulder fell.

In a former letter, wherein I gave you my motives for making this attempt, I mentioned their extreme hardiness; of this I had now additional proofs: these birds were in a coop on the deck, and I expected every sea we shipped over our quarter during the first gale, they certainly would be drowned; but was agreeably surprised, when the gale was over, to find them very little the worse for their severe ducking.

He had paid up all but $40 on mother's account, when by accident Mr. Davidson was shot while ducking on the South River by one of the duck hunters, dying instantly.

These February violets are in remembrance of a May ducking.

He had got in as far as the windlass himself, when the sea came aboard; and, as soon as he recovered his sight after the ducking he received, he caught a dim view of the launch, driving off to leeward, on the top of a wave.

The appearances of the thunder-shower were so much increased by this time, that our mariners hastened back to the ship in order to escape a ducking.

The ducking-stool may have been a very needful piece of public furniture in those days, when it was deemed one characteristic of a notable housewife to be a good scold, and when women of a certain description sought, in the use of vituperation, that sort of excitement which they now obtain from a bottle and a glass.

"These kind of knaves I know, which in this plainness, Harbour more craft, and more corrupter ends, Than twenty silly ducking observants.

"I haven't done muchfor days," Vina said, ducking from under her huge hat, and tossing it with both hands upon the piano-top.

"Well, father," answered the youth, "I do not care much about the ducking I have had, provided you will direct me to some place where I can have my clothes dried, for it is my only suit, and I must keep it somewhat decent.

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The frowsy-looking grassy bunches, here and there, were ducking blinds, where hunters soon would be in hiding with their wooden decoys floating near.

CHAPTER XXI AN UNDERGROUND MYSTERY AND A DUCKING-STOOL For a day or two Gadabout lay out in the James in front of Westover.

We had not known that it was a place of such associations as the words "Ducking-stool Point" indicated.

It was the law, made and provided, that a ducking-stool should be set up "neere the court-house in every county."

"Is he drowned, or is it only a ducking?

The ducking of Herbert Polton.

The ducking of Herbert Polton.

The ducking of Herbert Polton, and Coincidence.

R87857, R87858, 26Dec51, Violet Evelyn McNeile (W) The ducking of Herbert Polton, by Sapper, pseud.; illus.

The ducking of Herbert Polton.

The ducking of Herbert Polton.

The ducking of Herbert Polton, and Coincidence.

R87857, R87858, 26Dec51, Violet Evelyn McNeile (W) The ducking of Herbert Polton, by Sapper, pseud.; illus.

In the time of the Saxons, it was a custom in the city of Chester, that any person who brewed bad ale should either be placed in a ducking-chair, and plunged into a pool of muddy water, or, in lieu of that punishment, should forfeit four shillings.

Do you see the angel with the book?" He was ducking and craning his head about to see over and under and between the souls that crowded round us.

We took the hint, and hastily extricating man and beast, though not until they had experienced a severe ducking, we proceeded onwards to where the waters enclose within their fertilizing arms the grassy fields of the mountain Doa[=u]b.

Presently, scraping, ducking, chuckling, the old darky appeared with his boots and uniform, everything dry and fairly clean; and he dressed by lantern light, buckled his belt, drew on his gloves, settled his forage cap, and followed the old man out into the graying dawn.

Franz soon found a wherry and, after crossing the Rhine, we marched slowly down the river street, ducking our heads to the blast.

"Well, that's the only kind of weather for them," commented Merritt; "though as both Jack and Bill can swim, I wouldn't mind seeing them get a good ducking."

The Upper Inlet was a sort of narrow and shallow bay a short distance above Topsail Island, and was well known to both Bill and Jack, who had been there in the winter on frequent ducking expeditions.

bye & she called to her & bad her on-bewitch her sow & tould her yt folks talked of ducking her

she should need no ducking & soon after yt her sow was well and eat her meat."

"Went a ducking between breakfast and dinner and kill'd 2 Mallards & 5 bald faces."

DUCKING STOOL, a stool or chair in which a scolding woman was confined, and set before her own door to be pelted at, or borne in a tumbrel through the town to be jeered at, or placed at the end of a see-saw and ducked in a pool.

They next decided on giving Sir Francis Mitchell a sound ducking in the Thames.

The hounds, probably not relishing their ducking, were making for the nearest shore, as if their lives depended upon the issue.

Their guns were found to be none the worse for their ducking; the loads, of course, were wet, and had to be drawn, but a good coat of oil, and a thorough rubbing inside and out, made them look as good as new.

Some women on the beach retired as we were about to land, but a number of boys and a few men received us, and after a preliminary halt to see that our guns were put to rights after the ducking, we all started together by a narrow path winding up a rugged wall of basaltic rock, fifty feet in height.

As he swung it around his head there was a yell from men ducking out of the way, and Pale Annie curled his hand again around his favorite empty bottle.

I've had a ducking, that is all.

They say that the cucking stool and the ducking stool are really two different types of punishment devices.

This would tip the chair up backwards, ducking the victim.

Ducking meant that the offender was placed in a chair over a river or pond.

Bumrah capped an eventful day by facing 11 balls as the nightwatchman, ducking cleverly and blocking confidently to end with his wicket intact.

No movement is wasted, whether he's ducking bullets in a speeding Mercedes or leaping from a cliff.

The best way to use binoculars is by simply poking out from behind cover, laying out the targets then ducking back down.

The skimming Phantoms climbed briefly to higher altitude so as to appear on Iraqi radars, before ducking back down to hit the deck.

At the same time, Morgan’s girlfriend Sandra Brown, a passenger in the vehicle, points something at the officer while ducking behind the front of the vehicle.

Tyson Fury accuses Deontay Wilder of ducking public appearances: 'He doesn’t want to be in the same room as me because I’ll take him to school'

I am not ducking this issue.

It is common to have corporate witnesses on the stand constantly ducking questions by alleging that the area of inquiry is "not my responsibility", or "you should ask that of X, not me".

Mr. Speaker, I think that is called ducking the issue.

As a matter of fact, she pushed a senior bureaucrat to take an interview because she was ducking for cover and would not even stand to talk about her own record.

She kept looking around and ducking a bit when he flew over her head but didn't move otherwise.

The Grade 8 Enriched French students exhibited storyboards for Le vilain petit canard (The Ugly Ducking), a story they had enjoyed so much that they decided to feature it in a video production.

At the Teatro Greco (Greek Amphitheater) built in the 2nd Century A.D., kids love ducking in and out of the endless doorways and ruins.

They would imitate the gathering of berries reaching high to gather berries, ducking low to get berries closer to the ground, making intricate movements from hand to basket to imitate picking berries.

You did not see him ducking it.