3626 examples of ducking in sentences

He dodged back, grinning and ducking amiably.

The cleverest footwork could not always elude his tremendous rushes, the coolest ducking and dodging could not wholly escape that frantic shower of fists.

In old New England there was once a pleasing invention called a "ducking stool," that was for "women only."

A day and a night have I been in the deep, like the man in the good book; and bed is the best of medicine for a ducking;' and the colonel shook him kindly by the hand and disappeared.

A ducking was a light punishment, yet the disgrace which attached to it was sufficient to break the spirit of one possessing any pride.

We were not more than a hundred yards from her when we swung our foreyard aback, and there we were, the barque and the brig, ducking and bowing like two clowns in a dance.

" "I can see the poor old bird ducking down side-streets, skulking in alley-ways, diving into dust-bins.

He came to the gate at which they stood, and ducking his head, unslung the pack, and without further ceremony opened it.

Redbud, without knowing very well why, bought a little red coral necklace, which looked bright and new, and rattled merrily as she took it; for some reason the pedlar parted with it for a very small sum, and then somewhat hastily packed up his goods, and ducking his head in thanks, went on his way.

Any one who wished could purchase immunity for four days' allowance of wine, but the others had to pay the penalty of ducking.

I'll let you know," he said, ducking out.

"Good-evenin', suh," she answered, ducking suddenly with a quaint curtsy.

The 'North Carolina Literary and Commercial Journal,' of January 20, 1838, published at Elizabeth City, devotes a column and a half to a description of the lynching, tarring, feathering, ducking, riding on a rail, pumping, &c., of a Mr. Charles Fife, a merchant of that city, for the crime of 'trading with negroes.'

And it is well if the culprit, at the conclusion of the business, has not a ducking added to the rest of the punishment.

These February violets are in remembrance of a May ducking.

DUCKET, George, i. 294, n. 9. DUCKING-STOOL, iii. 287.

" "Is he drowned, or is it only a ducking?

Suddenly his keen eyes noted themthe strange uniforms and stranger faces, ducking forward here and there through the hell of their own making.

"Went a ducking between breakfast and dinner and kill'd 2 Mallards & 5 bald faces."

DUCKING STOOL, a stool or chair in which a scolding woman was confined, and set before her own door to be pelted at, or borne in a tumbrel through the town to be jeered at, or placed at the end of a see-saw and ducked in a pool.

It is one thing to steer a pleasure-boat with a rudder, and another to steer a dory with an oar; one thing to paddle a birch-canoe, and another to paddle a ducking-float; in a Charles River club-boat, the post of honor is in the stern,in a Penobscot bateau, in the bow; and each of these experiences educates a different set of muscles.

They next decided on giving Sir Francis Mitchell a sound ducking in the Thames.

The hounds, probably not relishing their ducking, were making for the nearest shore, as if their lives depended upon the issue.

Their guns were found to be none the worse for their ducking; the loads, of course, were wet, and had to be drawn, but a good coat of oil, and a thorough rubbing inside and out, made them look as good as new.

" Archie's ducking and his long walk in his wet clothes had chilled him completely through, and he was very willing to comply with his cousin's suggestion, and he drew up as close as possible to the fire.

3626 examples of  ducking  in sentences