3626 examples of ducking in sentences

The elder kept ducking the little fellow's head into the water, upon which the one who was washing himself sobbed, and spat, and cried out in great glee, "Do it again, Jack!"

" The dizziness produced by his twenty-seven attacks of fever on the road made it all he could do to stick on Sindbad, who managed to give him a last ducking in the Lombe.

"You have volunteered to aid the lieutenant go ducking" "Aisy me boy!

Sir Albert strolled down to a pond or lake that was near to the town, on the banks of which was an ancient ducking-stool.

"It is a ducking-stool for scolds," was the answer.

We were not more than a hundred yards from her when we swung our foreyard aback, and there we were, the barque and the brig, ducking and bowing like two clowns in a dance.

But when she perceived the truth, the qualm passed away, and she rewarded them handsomely for their ducking; begging, however, that it might not be repeated, and assuring them that she needed no such proof to convince her of their dutiful and faithful loyalty.

This verbal ducking into the cellar out of the path of her storm stirred up a tempest.

But the Serb was out for blood and made a slash at the polkovnika's head, the full force of which he evaded by ducking, though the sword severed the chin strap and button of his cap and carved its way through the thick band before it glanced up off the skull, helped by his right hand, which had been raised to turn the blow.

"Well, Emma, you have certainly manoeuvred well to bring us over the equator without the usual visitation of Neptune and Amphitrite, and we must all thank you for landing us, without a ducking, in the principal town of Brazil.

By Jove, that's a ducking!"

"Quit ducking and dodging and get into the game.

The Policeman gave a frightened yell, doubled up as if he had been shot, and ducking under the shoulders of the crowd made off into the darkness.

'Well, something's got to happen pretty soon,' answered Roy, ducking, as a shell burst almost overhead.

They both set off at a run, dodging and ducking under the low-growing trees.

"This kind of knaves I know, who in this plainness Harbour more craft, and hide corrupter ends, Than twenty silly ducking observants.

As his Highness piques himself upon wearing a caftan of calico, and a juba or exterior robe of coarse cloth, a ducking has not for him the same terrors

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We took the hint, and hastily extricating man and beast, though not until they had experienced a severe ducking, we proceeded onwards to where the waters enclose within their fertilizing arms the grassy fields of the mountain Doa[=u]b.

Franz soon found a wherry and, after crossing the Rhine, we marched slowly down the river street, ducking our heads to the blast.

He had a cause the other day for ducking a sharper, and was going to swear: the judge said to him, "I see, Sir, you are very ready to take an oath."

In Northumberland on Hallowe'en omens of marriage were drawn from nuts thrown into the fire; and the sports of ducking for apples and biting at a revolving apple and lighted candle were also practised on that evening.

"Went a ducking between breakfast and dinner and kill'd 2 Mallards & 5 bald faces."

It is one thing to steer a pleasure-boat with a rudder, and another to steer a dory with an oar; one thing to paddle a birch-canoe, and another to paddle a ducking-float; in a Charles River club-boat, the post of honor is in the stern,in a Penobscot bateau, in the bow; and each of these experiences educates a different set of muscles.

As he swung it around his head there was a yell from men ducking out of the way, and Pale Annie curled his hand again around his favorite empty bottle.

3626 examples of  ducking  in sentences