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93 examples of  dunster  in sentences

93 examples of dunster in sentences

Veterans who had been in the form for terms said afterward that there had been nothing to touch it, in their experience of the orator, since the glorious day when Dunster, that prince of raggers, who had left at Christmas to go to a crammer's, had introduced three lively grass snakes into the room during a Latin lesson.

"Silly ass, Dunster," he groaned, "slamming about like that.

" "I'll give you a hand," said Dunster.

He helped the sufferer to his feet and they staggered off together, Jellicoe hopping, Dunster advancing with a sort of polka step.

Before he got there he heard his name called, and turning, found Psmith seated under a tree with the bright-blazered Dunster.

" "Is your name Jackson?" inquired Dunster, "because Jellicoe wants to see you.

"He is now prone on his bed in the dormitorythere a sheer hulk lies poor Tom Jellicoe, the darling of the crew, faithful below he did his duty, but Comrade Dunster has broached him to.

" "Old Smith and I," said Dunster, "were at prep school together.

I was Ulysses; Dunster gave a lifelike representation of the faithful dawg.

"You needn't be a funny ass, man," said Dunster, pained; "heaps of people tell me I ought to have it waxed.

" "I heard about yesterday," said Dunster.

" "Comrade Dunster went out to it first ball," said Psmith to Mike.

" "I fear Comrade Jellicoe is a bit of a weak-minded blitherer" "Did you ever hear of a rag we worked off on Jellicoe once?" asked Dunster.

Dunster did say he thought it was something important, only like an ass I thought it would do if I came over at lockup.

Passing by the trees under whose shade Mike and Psmith and Dunster had watched the match on the previous day, he came upon the Head of his house in a deck chair reading a book.

It had been the late Dunster's practice always to go over to school in gym shoes when, as he usually did, he felt shaky in the morning's lesson.

On one occasion, when a particularly tricky bit of Livy was on the bill of fare, Dunster had entered the form room in heelless Turkish bath slippers, of a vivid crimson; and the subsequent proceedings, including his journey over to the house to change the heelless atrocities, had seen him through very nearly to the quarter-to-eleven interval.

So Mr. Downing" "It was Dunster, sir.

Why Dunster, of all people?

Dunster, who, he remembered dizzily, had left the school at Christmas.

And why, if Dunster had really painted the dog, had Psmith asserted that he himself was the culprit?

"It was Dunster, sir.

" "Did you say anything to him about your having received this letter from Dunster?" "I gave him the letter to read, sir.

"But Adair," said the headmaster, "I do not understand how this thing could have been done by Dunster.

" "Another freak of Dunster's, I suppose," said the headmaster.

" "If it was really Dunster who painted my dog," said Mr. Downing, "I cannot understand the part played by Smith in this affair.

Of course, Dunster writing created a certain amount of confusion.

In The Man of Forty, by Mr. Walter Frith, we find the following conjuncture of circumstances: Mr. Lewis Dunster has a long-lost wife and a long-lost brother.

Lionel had asked her if she could think of any young people to ask, and she had suggested, with some hesitation, her own niece, Bubbles Dunster, and Bubbles' favourite dancing partner, a young man called Bill Donnington.

She was as popular with women as with men, for there was something disarming, attaching, almost elfish, in Bubbles Dunster's charm.

Hugh Dunster, Bubbles' father, did not often favour his sister-in-law with a letter, but she had had a letter from him three days ago, of which the most important passage ran: "I understand that Bubbles is going to spend Christmas with you.

She could not imagine her own father, though he had been far less conventional than was Hugh Dunster, talking her over with a young man.

With the other, now a widower, with only a life interest in his estate, she was on coldly cordial terms, and sometimes, as was the case now, acted as chaperon to his only child, her niece and namesake, Bubbles Dunster.

How ludicrous the contrast between Helen Brabazon and Bubbles Dunster!

Her father thought so, but then Hugh Dunster was such an old fool!

And then he looked up, startled for oncefor strange, untoward sounds were issuing from the lips of Bubbles Dunster.

"Bubbles Dunster has always possessed extraordinary powers of thought-reading.

Bubbles Dunster had already been what Donnington in his own mind called "deeply bitten" with spiritualism before they had met; yet he had known her for some considerable time before she had allowed him to know it.

And now Bubbles Dunster, with her stupid tomfoolery, was actually driving Mr. Burnaby away!

But the medium who was there was not nearly as remarkable as Miss Dunster seems to be; I mean she did not get the same resultsat any rate, not in my case.

And this hope, this imperious determination, turned his mind suddenly to a less agreeable subject of thoughtthat is, to Bubbles Dunster.

"What do you think of Bubbles Dunster?"

Mr. Tapster had already singled out Bubbles Dunster at dinner the night before.

He wondered how a bright, amusing girl like Bubbles Dunster could stand the company of such a commonplace young man as was Bill Donnington.

Bubbles' father, a fool called Hugh Dunster, who's lost what little money he ever had, is one of her descendants.

"Well, I'd rather you leave all that sort of thing alone, as far as Bubbles Dunster is concerned.

But Span's not always pleasant with complete strangers; and he prefers men, Miss Dunster.

Helen Brabazon whispered, smiling: "Isn't Bubbles Dunster a dear, Dr. Panton?

At times he tried to persuade himself that he was keenly interested in the problem presented by Bubbles Dunster.

Seated between Helen Brabazon and Bubbles Dunster, he had thoroughly enjoyed the delicious New Year's Eve dinner composed by Varick's chef.

It was odd to think that Miss Farrow was the unconventional, friendly Bubbles Dunster's aunt.

"The woman saw nothing," he said, slowly and impressively, "till Miss Dunster arrived at Wyndfell Hall.

I take that to mean that Miss Dunster is a very strong medium.

" "I suppose that, according to your theory"it was now Varick who was speaking, speaking rather lightly, twirling his stick about as he spoke"I suppose," he repeated, "that, according to your theory, if Bubbles Dunster left Wyndfell Hall to-morrow, the spirits would cease from troubling, and we should be at rest?

While three members of the party had thus been walking and talking, the principal subject of their discussion, Bubbles Dunster, had gone through an exciting and unpleasant experience.

As for Lionel Varick and Bubbles Dunster, they were now lagging some way behind the others.

And then, at last, after many weary, fruitless efforts, the inert, sodden mass which had so lately been poor little Bubbles Dunster was pushed and hoisted up the slippery bank, and stretched out on to the narrow brick way.

"I can't help thinking that in some inexplicable way I pushed Bubbles Dunster over the edge of that embankment.

As the doctor came out of his room he decided to go in for a moment and see Bubbles Dunster.

Bubbles Dunster and I have been spending Christmas in this wonderful old house, Wyndfell Hall, our host being Lionel Varick.

"Bubbles Dunster?"

Arms Hotel," "Dunster," 4-1/2 miles from Washford.

The restoration of Cleeve Abbey was carried out several years ago by Mr. G.F. Luttrell of Dunster Castle.

Bordering the Brendons are found the red marls of the Permian series; whilst between Dunster and Williton, and along the base of the Quantocks, in the neighbourhood of Taunton Dean, as well as in some other localities, Keuper and Rhaetic beds occur.

On the death of Henry I. Somerset favoured the claims of Matilda, and the castles at Cary, E. Harptree, and Dunster were held by their owners for her against Stephen, to the no small discomfort of their respective neighbourhoods.

Castle Cary and Harptree were taken by Stephen, but he seems to have regarded Dunster (defended by William of Mohun) as impregnable.

In 1643, however, the king's Cornish army entered Somerset, and was joined by the Marquis and Prince Maurice at Chard; and the Royalists then rapidly became masters of Taunton, Bridgwater, and Dunster.

Fairfax also took Nunney Castle; and as in 1646 Dunster, the last place in Somerset supporting the king, also submitted, the entire county passed into the hands of the Parliament.

Dunster was defended by another Wyndham, but he offered a much more prolonged resistance than his brother at Bridgwater, and withstood the besiegers for 160 days.

The chief were Glastonbury, Bath, Bruton, Dunster, Muchelney, Stogursey (which were Benedictine), Cleeve, Barlynch (Cistercian), Hinton, Witham (Carthusian), Taunton, Woodspring, Stavordale (Augustinian), Montacute (Cluniac).

Fine screens are to be found at Dunster, Norton Fitzwarren, Long Ashton, Bishop's Lydeard, Long Sutton, Halse, Minehead, Banwell, Croscombe, Kingsbury.

Ancient hostelries survive at Norton St Philip, Glastonbury, and Dunster.

Castles are infrequent in the county, the chief remains being at Taunton, Dunster, and Nunney, and a few fragments at Stoke-Courcey, Harptree, Farleigh Hungerford, and Nether Stowey.

Dunster, Watchet, and Shepton were especially noted for their fabrics.

Blue Anchor, a hamlet 3 m. E. of Dunster, with station.

Carhampton, a village on the Dunster and Williton road, 2 m. S.E. of Dunster.

Carhampton, a village on the Dunster and Williton road, 2 m. S.E. of Dunster.

It still contains a fine and richly coloured screen, evidently copied from the one at Dunster (cp. Timberscombe), but there are no indications of a stairway.

Cutcombe, a large parish 7 m. S.W. from Dunster.

It includes Wheddon Cross, the highest point of the road between Dunster and Minehead (nearly 1000 ft. above sea-level).

[Illustration: DUNSTER CASTLE AND YARN MARKET] Dunster, a village 24 m. N.W. from Taunton.

[Illustration: DUNSTER CASTLE AND YARN MARKET] Dunster, a village 24 m. N.W. from Taunton.

For many people picturesque Somerset begins with Dunster, and its attractions are hardly overrated.

The village was once a noted emporium for cloth, and "Dunsters" were quoted at reputable prices by every chapman.

The Castle claims first attention, as the history of Dunster is largely the story of the Castle.

This explains the peculiarity of Dunster Church, which possesses a separate monastic choir.

Amongst the old houses in which Dunster is peculiarly rich, the curious three-storeyed building at the entrance of the street leading to the church claims particular attention.

Luxborough, a village 6 m. S. of Dunster, lying amongst the Brendon hills.

In the Civil War Lord Hertford, foiled in his attempt on Dunster, found Minehead a serviceable stepping-stone to security amid the Welsh fastnesses.

Within the church remark (1) fine rood-screen (cp. Dunster); (2) carved Elizabethan altar; (3) oak box and black-letter books; (4) canopied tomb of priest in eucharistic vestments, and holding fragment of chalice; (5) curious wooden arch to vestry; (6) fine font; (7) defaced brass of a lady under the tower.

Timberscombe, a small wayside village, 3 m. S.W. of Dunster on the Dulverton road.

Withycombe, a village 2-1/2 m. S.E. of Dunster.

Wootton Courtney, a small village 4 m. W. from Dunster.