430 examples of duplicate in sentences

Here it is!" He displayed before the astonished eyes of Nelly Lebrun a paper covered with an exact duplicate of her own swift, dainty script.

Nothing could be easier for a man like Hillan ex-criminalto have obtained a duplicate key, before handing over possession of the keys.

I had a duplicate key which Sir Horace had made.

" "And I see you also have a duplicate key of the desk.

Hand me over the duplicate key of the door by which you came in, and also the key of the desk which you had still less right to have in your possession.

These he cannot duplicate at any furbisher's shop as you who live within doors, who, if your purse allows, may have the same home at Sitka and Samarcand.

Four strokes in duplicate on the ship's bell, then the call: "Eight bells and a-a-all's well!" Lanyard muttered: "No idea it was so late.

Then Frank ran down to the city and returned with several duplicate parts, secured at an aeroplane agency he knew of, and which would come in handy in case of an accident in that strange country, where they must depend entirely on themselves.

Pray accept a little volume, of which I have [a] duplicate, that I may return in equal number to your welcome presents.

Look at figures 1 and 2 until your eye retains the memory of them, then try to duplicate the picture every time you aim.

Immediately after guard mounting he will prepare duplicate lists of the names of all noncommissioned officers, musicians, and privates of the guard, showing the relief and post or duties of each.

The list will be made in duplicate, one copy to be given to the sergeant of the guard as soon as completed, the other to be retained by the corporal.

The guard in charge of the prisoner during transfer will be furnished with a duplicate of this list, and will be held responsible for the delivery of all articles itemized therein with the prisoner.

" He went and got writing materials with evident reluctance, and after three or four trials, succeeded in producing a very good duplicate of ANN'S letter, bearing himself, throughout, like a man who sees his duty plainly before him, and does it without flinching.

He put the duplicate in the envelope, sealed it carefully, put the original in his pocket, and in ten minutes was abed and asleep.

By way of complement to this gorgeous centrepiece, the paper on the walls showed, in infinitely recurring duplicate, a huntress in green habit and big hat carrying on a desperate flirtation with a young man in the habiliments of the fifteenth century, while across the background a huddle of dogs pursued a mammoth deer.

And Mrs. May could imagine a motive, for in San Francisco she had been able to find a duplicate of that illustrated paper.

At 15.12 I was in another building, exchanging it for a buff form in duplicate.

I rather suspect that the drains are also in duplicate.

They're coming straight up!" He ran Mr. Bensington out into the passage, already echoing with the approaching tumult from the great staircase, locked the door behind them, and led the way into the opposite flat by means of his duplicate key.

The absent Constance was down in the town, just then bestowing favors not possible for any one else to offer so acceptably to a certain duplicate and very self-centered Steve aged eighty dayssh-sh-sh!

GRACY, LEONARD R. Duplicate contract bridge in the home and simple tournament procedure.

To begin with, the hostess passed around to the girls slips of paper and duplicate slips to the men.

A stroll through your lovely streets is a feast for the eye and a whip to the imagination that no other city in the German Empire can duplicate or approach.

Marcus had had a twin brother (who died years before), a duplicate of himself in all respects but two.

430 examples of  duplicate  in sentences
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