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685 example sentences with  duplicate

685 example sentences with duplicate

A duplicate out of a friend's library (where he has more than one copy of a rare author) is intelligible.

V. double, redouble, duplicate, reduplicate; geminate; repeat &c 104; renew &c 660.

double; doubled &c v.; bicipital^, bicephalous^, bidental^, bilabiate, bivalve, bivalvular^, bifold^, biform^, bilateral; bifarious^, bifacial^; twofold, two-sided; disomatous^; duplex; double-faced, double-headed; twin, duplicate, ingeminate^; second.

I is a duplicate of Vol.

A piece of tin, with a certain number upon it, was fastened by a strap to each article of baggage, and a duplicate piece given to the passenger.

Look at figures 1 and 2 until your eye retains the memory of them, then try to duplicate the picture every time you aim.

Immediately after guard mounting he will prepare duplicate lists of the names of all noncommissioned officers, musicians, and privates of the guard, showing the relief and post or duties of each.

The list will be made in duplicate, one copy to be given to the sergeant of the guard as soon as completed, the other to be retained by the corporal.

The guard in charge of the prisoner during transfer will be furnished with a duplicate of this list, and will be held responsible for the delivery of all articles itemized therein with the prisoner.

The duplicate manuscript of messages received at, or the original sent from, a station should be carefully filed.

He went and got writing materials with evident reluctance, and after three or four trials, succeeded in producing a very good duplicate of ANN'S letter, bearing himself, throughout, like a man who sees his duty plainly before him, and does it without flinching.

He put the duplicate in the envelope, sealed it carefully, put the original in his pocket, and in ten minutes was abed and asleep.

By way of complement to this gorgeous centrepiece, the paper on the walls showed, in infinitely recurring duplicate, a huntress in green habit and big hat carrying on a desperate flirtation with a young man in the habiliments of the fifteenth century, while across the background a huddle of dogs pursued a mammoth deer.

"If the event of war has not been doubly disastrous to me, thou shouldst have received some small remittances, which I have sent, and of which I have advised thee in duplicate and triplicate.

If he had found a duplicate, and palmed it off upon her, the absence of the check-book and the presence of the money without the purse would be explained.

This is the duplicate of a will executed recently, and expresses my well-considered wishes as to the disposition of my property.

But I am aware that valuable papers are liable to loss or injury, and, therefore, I deem it prudent to place this duplicate in your possession, that, if the other be lost, you may see it carried into execution.

After it was concluded on that the wedding should be strictly private, it was not necessary to buy my aunt's present under a few days, and I could have the decided advantage, in that way, of avoiding a duplicate.

However, there was no help for it,though now, more than ever, since there was no danger of a duplicate, did I long for the fifty thousand different beautiful things the fifty dollars would buy.

"I wouldn't have it brought here till to-night, when I could see Laura, for fear you should have a duplicate.

Thus the idea was kept up that the greatness and prosperity of Rome were especially due to Jupiter Optimus Maximus, who, since the days of the Tarquinii, had looked down on his people from his temple on the Capitol.[470] The Ludi Plebeii in November seem to have been a kind of plebeian duplicate of the Ludi Romani.

The certificate is issued in duplicate, and one copy is handed to the selectmen as a warrant that the teacher is entitled to receive a salary.

But a woman might live to an eternity, without even so much as thinking of producing a duplicate of herself.

Yorkville sprang up, a rubber-stamped neighborhood, of which each street was a brownstone duplicate of the next.

The precipitates thus formed are in the state of an impalpable powder, and in the original Clark process many hours were required for their subsidence in large settling tanks, which had to be in duplicate in order to permit of continuous working.

I showed her my wire puzzle, and ultimately gave it her, promising a duplicate to Polly.

Thought of a plan for simplifying money-orders, by making the sender fill up two duplicate papers, one of which he hands in to be transmitted by the postmasterit containing a key-number which the receiver has to supply in his copy to get the money.

The man was the exact duplicate of her betrothed.

Professor Haeckel, another of the witnesses raised up against us, attained to some celebrity at one time through proving the remarkable resemblance between two different things by printing duplicate pictures of the same thing.

Redundant verbs usually have duplicate forms of all the participles except the Imperfect Active; as, lighting, lighted or lit, having lighted or having lit; so again, being lighted or being lit, lighted or lit, having been lighted or having been lit.

Here, too, and on the duplicate card which was filed in the schoolhouse, the child's attendance record was kept, and also the amount of seed he used and the extent of the crop he harvested.

PHOTOGRAPHICFrom the experience gained in several fields of exploration it seems to me that the voyager should limit himself to one small-sized camera, which he can always have with him, and then carry a duplicate of it, soldered in tin, in the baggage.

The duplicate need not be equipped with as expensive a lens and shutter as the camera carried for work; 31/4 x 41/4 is a good size.

A duplicate letter was sent at the same time to Mr. Burns to be presented to the Board of Foreign Missions of the English Presbyterian Church.

It will be remarked that this plan contains all the parts in duplicate.

The chambers, which may be in duplicate, as in the preceding case, are vaulted, and are about three yards long by three wide and three high.

Trooper Burgess, a comrademy former valetcarries a duplicate memorandum.

This letter is a duplicate written to inform Mr. Lear that he depended upon P****'s coach, horses, and driver, for taking on the children to Philadelphia.

His reasons for writing the duplicate was, that Giles (one of his servants), who was sent on Wednesday to Alexandria with his first letter with directions that if the stage had gone to pursue it to Georgetown so as to overtake the mail, had put the letter into the hands of a passenger, who "all but forced it from him," so anxious was this passenger to do an obliging thing, as he "knew General Washington."

This was Giles's story; and the General adds that as he knew what little dependence was to be placed on the punctual conveyance of letters by a private hand, he writes this duplicate by post to repeat his request that Mr. Lear will inform him, by return of post, what he has to expect with certainty as to the coach hired for taking on a part of his family to Philadelphia.

Then wearing the duplicate dress, she went to her friends in Maysville, and afterward came here.

Much of the charm of the interior is due to the quiet reserve and dignity of the decoration, which is nearly all in the style of Arabian mosques, and may account for the statement on the central arch, that "this mosque is a duplicate of the Holy Place" (at Mecca).

There was no telling how they ran in duplicate below the water line or under the protection of armour to the guns and the engines.

Mary had caused to be drawn up in duplicate a treaty in accordance with the terms that she had outlined at our little council.

There was not a duplicate specimen in the whole collection; only one of each kind; nothing repeated.

As he picked up the duplicate sets of the list and ran over their items once more, Kirby tried to forget his own silly annoyance at his failure to make the dull little Syrian comprehend a custom that had never reached the Land of Moab.

Among the latter class were Paul Perkins' monoplaneSilver Arrow, he called it,Hiram Nelson's two models, the monoplane of Tom Maloney, a lad of about sixteen, and Ed River's little duplicate of a Curtiss biplane.

A stroll through your lovely streets is a feast for the eye and a whip to the imagination that no other city in the German Empire can duplicate or approach.

He talked with the agent, who showed him a telegraph duplicate for an order on Albuquerque covering a steering-knuckle for an automobile.

The Admiral said he felt much concerned as to the delivery of these orders and sent a duplicate by the Hawk with an additional memorandum.

It was Francisco's baby slipper, a duplicate to those worn by the miniature waxen figure of the Holy Virgin herself in her niche in the transept.

Then I saw them returning together, through that pantry-door which she had left unbolted, though locked when she went out by another egress, and which the man, who returned with her, readily unlocked with the duplicate key he carried, not by my father's permission.

I will give you the duplicate key of the safe."

At the self-same second my eyes alighted on a large and clumsy-looking key which lay upon the dressing-table, and my hand at once wandered instinctively to the pocket of my coat and closed convulsively on the duplicate one which the soi-disant Jean Duval had given me.

My hand had closed over the duplicate key of the safe, and I walked out of the room in the wake of the damsel.

Without a single flurried movement, I slipped one of the velvet-covered cases which I still had in my hand into the breast pocket of my coat, I closed down the lid of the iron chest and locked it with the duplicate key, and I went out of the room, closing the door behind me.

The duplicate returns, orders, and other papers heretofore sent to the Assistant Adjutant-General, Headquarters of the Army, will be discontinued.

The soldiers so reporting themselves will be sent without delay to their several regiments, a list of those sent being furnished to the commanding officer of the regiment and a duplicate to the Adjutant-General of the Army.

As I have already stated, however, the best proof is the fact that advanced occultists are able to duplicate the phenomena deliberately, consciously, and at will.

In this case, also, I would say that the advanced occultist is able to duplicate the phenomena at will, as all who have enjoyed the privilege of close acquaintance with such persons are aware.

Presently he returned with a receipted duplicate deposit slip for twenty-four thousand eight hundred dollars, a little, flat check book and two hundred dollars in worn bank notes.

A different opinion states that the Greek flag is an exact duplicate of the East India Trading Company flag.

It does not mechanically duplicate or import the listing of music files.

Duplex slide rules often duplicate some of the scales on the back.

From experience, I thought making four to five dishes would be more than enough in an hour, but with loads of pre-prep and duplicate dishes at the ready โ€” โ€œhereโ€™s one I made earlierโ€ โ€” Short ambitiously made eight.

He suggested there was little the province could do to stop municipalities from building duplicate facilities โ€” except to choose to not contribute any money to them.

In by writer Jed Mackay, artist Alessandro Vitti and colorist Guru-eFx, the Taskmaster must get close enough to Agent Coulson to duplicate his body language, and he decides to do it at the local comic book shop.

Mayor Butteplug thinks he can duplicate the Obama โ€œfirst black presidential candidateโ€ tidal waive and ride the wave of the โ€œfirst gay blade presidential candidateโ€ into the White House.

One of his aims was to assimilate and duplicate Adam Warlock, to eradicate Earth, showing he still harbored a desire to defeat the Avengers.

Some of those claims may be duplicate claims from people who have already applied.

"Up to 1,777,072 duplicate detergents were confiscated from warehouses in collaboration with the Ras Al Khaimah Police in March this year," said Yusuf Al Balooshi, director of the commercial protection section at the department.

โ€œYouโ€™ve got to go back and get a great Wednesday practice in, youโ€™ve got to get a great Thursday practice in if you can get it or whatever the case may be, come out and practice Friday and try to re-duplicate what we just did.โ€

After completing the process of acquiring and screening studies, we jointly read and reviewed six studies in duplicate and compared our extracted data, to ensure that we agreed.

A full-text review of eligible studies was conducted in duplicate, and references were searched using predetermined inclusion and exclusion criteria.

Briefly, all duplicate spots with values having a variance of greater than 0.2 were eliminated from further analysis.

Eliminate or redirect unnecessary efforts that duplicate activities.

Eliminating duplicate data could have a direct effect on the amount of storage and network hardware that is required company-wide.

Everything:wall-an: Easier to fix than graffiti I guess :D Fortunately I keep a duplicate folder of all my online images so that part was fairly simple and Flickr.

All transcript requests, including duplicate requests, are not refundable.

For example, CASRAI envisions research teams maintaining a single authoritative file on their activities and being able to quickly produce, without duplicate effort, any documents needed by any funders and institutions from this single source file.

If all identifiers of the individuals are entered into a set, duplicate entries will be eliminated.

If an index is a duplicate of another index then Access/Jet does not take any extra space.

If you have extenuating circumstances that force you to miss a lab, let me know so that we can make alternative arrangements, although it is sometimes impossible to duplicate a lab.

IllegalArgumentException contains a negative or duplicate value.

In short, it was a great conference for R&D โ€“ which observed stands for โ€œRip off and Duplicate.โ€

It will make it easy to duplicate next year!

I've also verified I don't have duplicate installs of GoldWave.

I've got lots of duplicate NES games for trade.

Keep duplicate records.

Miss unique content wading through too much duplicate content.

Modified SELECT statement to elliminate duplicate information.

Normally, duplicate and mutually-exclusive courses will not be used to satisfy readmission to the faculty.

Sort & Manage your References - You can sort and organize your references quickly using folders, duplicate search, and author, keyword, and periodical searches.

ล  The proceedings to be notified or served that are attached toล the application are sent in duplicate.

The model will duplicate the track arrangement of the prototype with the necessary linear compression as well as a few minor modifications.

There is a duplicate flag in a format specification.

The SIAB is not intended to duplicate, supplant or interfere with other consultation processes within Fisheries and Oceans Canada on fisheries related processes associated with domestic or international treaty agreements.

Thirteen federal departments and agencies worked together to streamline regulations, eliminate duplicate requirements, get rid of overlapping obligations and reduce document filing frequency; that's something.

Using mouse embryonic stem cells as a model for complex mammalian proteomes, we reproducibly identify over 4000 proteins across duplicate 600 min LC-MS/MS analyses.

We feel that Bill C-82 provides the government with a good opportunity to show that it intends to fulfil its fine promises by not legislating and by not adopting regulations that duplicate and overlap what is already being done at the provincial level.