1313 examples of dusty in sentences

CHAPTER IV FROM 1816 TO 1919 Poor mites; you stiffen on a bench And stoop your curls to dusty laws; Your petal fingers curve and clench In slavery to parchment saws; You suit your hearts to sallow faces In sullen places:

The dusty roads, the intolerable thirst, and the nauseous, tepid water, the blistered feet, the abraded hips, where the cartridge-box began to wear the fleshall these woes of the march were ignored in the one impulse to see the ground ahead, to note the first sight of the enemy.

"The first time I ever saw you, love...." "Oh, in thoze dusty old shoes and a sunbonnet!

A fairly smooth but dusty road leads the traveller down to the Kukdi river dried by the fair weather into stagnant pools, in which the women wash their clothes and the buffaloes lounge heavily, and thence through garden-land and clumps of mango-trees to the under-slopes of the mountain.

The members of the junior bar chatted with the representatives of the lower branch of the profession who ranged from articled clerks whose young souls had not been entirely dried up by association with parchment, to hard old delvers in dusty documents who had lived so long in the legal atmosphere of quibbling, obstruction, and deceit, that they were as incapable of an honest impetuous act as of an illegal one.

And sees its summits mirrored In Tagus' crystal tide, The banished Abenamar, Bound by a captive chain, Looks on the high-road to Madrid That seams the dusty plain.

The roadside was dusty, but along all the hedges the acacias still showed a most delicate and tender green.

The old man's nostrils were dusty with snuff, and his poor garments hung about his shrunken form in the careless ease which is common to the tailor's shopboard.

"You can't keep a han'kerchy very clean a-workin' in the breaker, it's so dusty here.

He was shabbily dressed, his clothes' were very dusty, and an old felt hat was pulled low on his forehead.

Looking up, he saw an old man standing by him; an old man with sharp gray eyes and dusty clothes, who leaned heavily upon a cane.

A little later he was trudging slowly along the dusty road, through the crowds of people, up toward the city.

As he laid the last letter aside the incidents of the previous day recurred to him, and he saw again, in imagination, the long line of breaker-boys, with happy, dusty faces, filing slowly by him, grateful for his gifts, eager for the joys to come.

Then the camels passed away along the dusty road, and I was left alone to wonder.

CHAPTER XXIV Back from the dusty roads, the heat and noise of the long day, Anna was resting on the couch in her sitting-room.

In the very heart of London there is a curious, old-fashioned place known as the Temple,an enormous, rambling, apparently forgotten structure, dusty and still, in the midst of the endless roar of the city streets.

He shook his dusty head.

" The three negroes stood motionless in the dusty hallway, motionless save for the racking of Vannie's sobs.

It was evening when I reached the end of my long, tiring railway journey; and when, hot and dusty, I alighted at a village which lay about two miles from my destination.

Then I left the water and the green ribbon that followed its margin, and, taking a sheep-track, rose upon the arid steeps, where the thinly-scattered aromatic southern-wood was putting forth its dusty leaves.

Late in the night they still sat on either side of the table in the dusty, desolate room.

Present, the Builder and a Surveyor, the former looking timidly foxy, the latter knowingly pompous, and floridly self-important; Builder, in dusty suit of dittoes, carries one hand in his breeches-pocket, where he chinks certain metallic substanceswhich may be coins or keysnervously and intermittently.

Well, ours is a dusty job, and I don't care if I do.

A bell was tolling; a green fly, entering through the rear door, sang loud on the dusty window-panes and then flew out and alighted on a plant of nightshade springing up rank at the doorstep.

" A few days later, an afternoon of the same autumnal stillness, they bore him across his threshold with that gentleness which so often comes too lateslowly through his many-colored woods, some leaves drifting down upon the sable plumes and lodging in them-along the turnpike lined with dusty thistlesthrough the watching town, a long procession, to the place of the unreturning.

1313 examples of  dusty  in sentences