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1313 examples of  dusty  in sentences

1313 examples of dusty in sentences

CHAPTER IV FROM 1816 TO 1919 Poor mites; you stiffen on a bench And stoop your curls to dusty laws; Your petal fingers curve and clench In slavery to parchment saws; You suit your hearts to sallow faces In sullen places:

The dusty roads, the intolerable thirst, and the nauseous, tepid water, the blistered feet, the abraded hips, where the cartridge-box began to wear the fleshall these woes of the march were ignored in the one impulse to see the ground ahead, to note the first sight of the enemy.

The firing had gone on two hours or more, which seemed only so many minutes, when to the group near General Tyler a courier, panting and dusty, rode in great excitement.

"The first time I ever saw you, love...." "Oh, in thoze dusty old shoes and a sunbonnet!

A fairly smooth but dusty road leads the traveller down to the Kukdi river dried by the fair weather into stagnant pools, in which the women wash their clothes and the buffaloes lounge heavily, and thence through garden-land and clumps of mango-trees to the under-slopes of the mountain.

The members of the junior bar chatted with the representatives of the lower branch of the profession who ranged from articled clerks whose young souls had not been entirely dried up by association with parchment, to hard old delvers in dusty documents who had lived so long in the legal atmosphere of quibbling, obstruction, and deceit, that they were as incapable of an honest impetuous act as of an illegal one.

And sees its summits mirrored In Tagus' crystal tide, The banished Abenamar, Bound by a captive chain, Looks on the high-road to Madrid That seams the dusty plain.

The roadside was dusty, but along all the hedges the acacias still showed a most delicate and tender green.

The old man's nostrils were dusty with snuff, and his poor garments hung about his shrunken form in the careless ease which is common to the tailor's shopboard.

The day was warm and the dusty road was bare of travelers, except an aged palmer who walked slowly along the highroad that led close beside the gray castle wall of Nottingham Town.

Thus they left Nottingham Town and traveled forward along the dusty highway, laughing and jesting together as though they had been old friends.

After they had traveled some distance, the day being warm and the road dusty, Robin Hood waxed thirsty; so, there being a fountain of water as cold as ice, just behind the hedgerow, they crossed the stile and came to where the water bubbled up from beneath a mossy stone.

In front of them, over beyond the hedge, the dusty road stretched away across the plain; behind them the meadow lands and bright green fields of tender young corn lay broadly in the sun, and overhead spread the shade of the cool, rustling leaves of the beechen tree.

At last the stranger struck Robin's cudgel so fairly in the middle that he could hardly hold his staff in his hand; again he struck, and Robin bent beneath the blow; a third time he struck, and now not only fairly beat down Robin's guard, but gave him such a rap, also, that down he tumbled into the dusty road.

His limbs were stout and strong, and he strode along the dusty road right sturdily with the heavy sack across his shoulders.

Now wilt thou leave thy dusty mill and come and join my band?

Many passed along the dusty road in the glare of the sun: now it was a bevy of chattering damsels merrily tripping along; now it was a plodding tinker; now a merry shepherd lad; now a sturdy farmer; all gazing ahead along the road, unconscious of the seven stout fellows that lay hidden so near them.

"You can't keep a han'kerchy very clean a-workin' in the breaker, it's so dusty here.

He was shabbily dressed, his clothes' were very dusty, and an old felt hat was pulled low on his forehead.

Looking up, he saw an old man standing by him; an old man with sharp gray eyes and dusty clothes, who leaned heavily upon a cane.

A little later he was trudging slowly along the dusty road, through the crowds of people, up toward the city.

As he laid the last letter aside the incidents of the previous day recurred to him, and he saw again, in imagination, the long line of breaker-boys, with happy, dusty faces, filing slowly by him, grateful for his gifts, eager for the joys to come.

Then the camels passed away along the dusty road, and I was left alone to wonder.

CHAPTER XXIV Back from the dusty roads, the heat and noise of the long day, Anna was resting on the couch in her sitting-room.

In the very heart of London there is a curious, old-fashioned place known as the Temple,an enormous, rambling, apparently forgotten structure, dusty and still, in the midst of the endless roar of the city streets.

He shook his dusty head.

" The three negroes stood motionless in the dusty hallway, motionless save for the racking of Vannie's sobs.

Straight before him, into the unruffled, tideless sea, the sun was sinking in all its blood-red glory as he went at swinging pace along the white, dusty road, past the octroi barrier, and out into the country where, on the left, the waves lazily lapped the grey rocks, while upon the right the fertile slopes were covered with carnations and violets growing for the markets of Paris and London.

" "You're going to die, like all the rest of them, I suppose," laughed his friend, as they descended the dusty, winding road that led to the palm-lined promenade of the quiet little Mediterranean watering-place.

We often see plants killed by the wayside dust, and we all know that on this account it is very difficult to make a hedge grow well by a dusty road.

It was evening when I reached the end of my long, tiring railway journey; and when, hot and dusty, I alighted at a village which lay about two miles from my destination.

Everywhere there are soldiersGerman soldiersin their soiled, dusty gray service uniforms, always in heavy boots; always with their tunics buttoned to the throat.

Towards twelve o'clock the drawbridge was lowered, and I saw a party of about sixty soldiers, dusty, tired, and dejected, advancing towards me.

This preposterous poem begins: 'I do not read the famous deeds of my ancestors in the dead, faded, dusty leaves of the history books, but in my own veins, in my own heart.

Morgan's place was miles away from the next oasis in the desert and the closing meant dusty, thirsty leagues of added journey to every man in the neighbourhood.

Twice during the day they verified their course by information received once from a range rider and once from a man in a dusty buck-board.

Here everything was dead and dusty as an old shoe.

The dry bones in the valley of Askelon were as children skipping in the morning sun compared with the dusty death that mouldered and mouldered in this lonely locked-up room,this catacomb of dead businesses.

You should sit on a dusty blanket-roll; you should eat by the light of the embers or a guttering candle.

Into the abode of the nicely governed rules of longevity came the atmosphere of some invasive spirit that would make the stake of life the foam on the crest of a charge in a splendid moment; the spirit of Seรฑor Don't Care pausing inquiringly, almost apologetically, as some soldier in dusty khaki might if he had marched into a study unawares.

We were dusty and sun-burnt by the time we got to Havre, and Hรฉloise and the Marquise and I started at once for the big baths.

And thennearing Indiathe quiet midday siesta after the hot dusty march; the al fresco repast by the light of a glorious sunset, and the welcome rest and fragrant pipe in the cool night air of the silent, starlit desert.

We can date his earlier efforts from his purchase of Deacon Nettle, the dam of Deacon Ruby; Dusty was the dam of Ch.

Eaton Square is a desolate wilderness, where dusty sparrows alone disturb the dreams of frowzy charwomen, who, like Anchorites amid the tombs of the Thebaid, fulfil the contemplative life each in her subterranean cell.

" "What did he do?" "One of the state cops, Dusty Rhodes, drove his cruiser into Billy's driveway to check him out for something or other, about three in the morning.

Dusty arrested him for assault with a deadly weapon, and the judge asked him what he had to say for himself.

Do you think if I'd wanted to hit Dusty, I'd have missed him?'

They saw a good deal of each other during the next fortnight, too much for the school-teacher's peace of mind; for the oftener they met the more was she convinced that Nick was in love, perhaps hopelessly in love, with another woman as different from herself as a lily from a dusty sprig of lavender.

It was as if the fierce little woman in dusty blue serge had struck her in the face.

And between the crowded graves the caravan trail crosses from the outer to the inner gate, and perpetual lines of camels and donkeys trample the dead a little deeper into the dusty earth.

They loosened collars and belts, washed their perspiring and dusty faces, and brushed hair, to the tune of a magpie chatter.

Then I left the water and the green ribbon that followed its margin, and, taking a sheep-track, rose upon the arid steeps, where the thinly-scattered aromatic southern-wood was putting forth its dusty leaves.

Upon the upper surface, at a proper distance from the extremity, two lips appeared, very like two pieces of raw beefsteak picked up off a dusty road.

She revelled in this luxurious operation so long, that I began to fear she was suffering from the antipodes to a lockjaw, and that she was unable to close the chasm; but at last the demijohn rose slowly and solemnly from the horizontal, the gulf gradually closed until, obtaining the old angle of forty-five degrees, the two dusty pieces of beefsteak once more stood sentry over the abyss.

Afterwards a friend came to see the invalid, and on asking him how he did, received this reply: "My dear friend, I'm dying of good signs." THE TRAVELLERS AND THE PLANE-TREE Two Travellers were walking along a bare and dusty road in the heat of a summer's day.

To be trudging along the dusty road when they might be riding!"

" Delectable as honesty is in a bank clerk, or would be in a lawyer, one yearns for a little less accuracy in the moral makeup of the too-accurate man; for a little of the celestial leaven of exaggeration in the dusty dryness of his dead-level garrulousness.

The early and the latter rain, Which fertilize the dusty plain, Thy bounteous goodness pours.

"We can go on with our trees," said Miss Harson, "even if we do not see them just yet; and this evening I should like to tell you something about the poplar, a large tree with alternate leaves which is often found in dusty towns, where it seems to flourish as well as in its favorite situation by a running stream.

But the foliage soon becomes dusty and shabby-looking.

The room was filled with shadow and mournfulness, and in a dusty grate the fire smouldered.

SHE, leaning back against the dusty cushions, dreams of the mountain she loves best and of the low house on it, weighted down with jasmine and virginia-creeper.

for they dress in their best clothes three times a day, and do not soil them by contact with the dusty street.

Spain soon fell into their hands;only that seven-days' battle of Tours, resplendent with many brilliant feats of arms, resonant with shoutings, and weightier with fate than those dusty combatants knew, saved France.

So stands the record in Westminster Abbey; and in many a dusty alcove stands the "Principia," a prouder monument perhaps, more enduring than brass or crumbling stone.

R631001. Look homeward, Dusty.

There cannot be much amusement in roaming over a number of dusty unfurnished rooms.'

More than anything else it was like a dusty draught, sunbeam-lit.

There he recalls a number of mean dirty shops, and particularly that of a plumber and decorator with a dusty disorder of earthenware pipes, sheet lead, ball taps, pattern books of wall paper, and tins of enamel.

" He turned to the window ledge by the stable door where, among a confusion of cobwebs and dusty bottles and tin cans, the drench of turpentine and linseed oil, the little phial of chlorodyne, and the clean tin pannikin with its wide protruding mouth, stood ready, all gleaming in the lantern light, forgotten since the day before.

With prickly ears and eyes lighted with kindly curiosity she looked the dusty fellow over.

On the following day, I left Blois for Amboise; and, after walking several leagues along the dusty highway, crossed the river in a boat to the little village of Moines, which lies amid luxuriant vineyards upon the southern bank of the Loire.

All around them the dry soil was bursting into little dusty fountains where the bullets were striking; ahead, dark smoke hung heavily.

It was slow going, for the road was blocked with artillery and infantry and other ambulances, but the driver found a lane between guns and caissons and through the dusty blue columns plodding forward toward the firing line; and at last a white hospital tent glimmered under the trees, and the slow mule team turned into a leafy lane and halted in the rear of a line of ambulances which were all busily discharging their mangled burdens.

What wonder that at the thought a fresh burst of grief convulsed her frame, or that she presently passed from the extremity of grief to the extremity of rage, and, realising anew Sir George's heartless desertion and more cruel perfidy, rubbed her tear-stained face in the dusty chintz of the window-seatthat had known so many childish sorrowsand there choked the fierce, hysterical words that rose to her lips?

He looked about him at the maze of dusty green-cushioned pews with little alleys winding hither and thither among them; at the great three-decker with its huge sounding-board; at the royal escutcheon, and the faded tables of the law, and was about to leave as aimlessly as he had entered, when he espied the open vestry door.

Her parents asked her why she was always weeping and all the answer she would give was "My sorrow is that I have never worn clothes of 'Dusty cloth' and that is a sorrow which you cannot cure."

But her father and mother determined to do what they could for their daughter and sent servants with money into all the bazars to buy "Dusty cloth".

I mean by 'Dusty cloth.'

God has not given it to me and no one else can; what I mean by 'Dusty cloth' is the cloth of a mother made dusty by the feet of her child."

God has not given it to me and no one else can; what I mean by 'Dusty cloth' is the cloth of a mother made dusty by the feet of her child."

In the month of June, 1871, Miss Anthony and I went to California, holding suffrage meetings in many of the chief cities from New York to San Francisco, where we arrived about the middle of July, in time to experience the dry, dusty season.

" RAIN MUSIC On the dusty earth-drum Beats the falling rain; Now a whispered murmur, Now a louder strain.

Thou hast toiled for fifty years And what hast thou now but thy dusty tears?

Suddenly one of the men in front of Buckingham leant down and traced with his finger on the dusty stone, "They have moved it in this direction, and there is no mistaking it," and he pointed from the ladder.

Late in the night they still sat on either side of the table in the dusty, desolate room.

The child's dusty boots rubbed against the old gentleman's trousers.

Do 'ee see her window yonder, over the ope?" He was pointing across to the soiled white blind that still looked blankly over the street, its lower edge caught up at one corner by a dusty geranium.

When I go into their wardrobes and handle their vestments, I am reminded of no grassy plains and flowery meads which they have frequented, but of dusty merchants' exchanges and libraries rather.

She came towards me as a cool summer breeze comes upon a hot and dusty world.

Here, an enormous die in which a sad eye winked; there, dry and arid landscapes, dusty plains, shifting ground, volcanic upheavals catching rebellious clouds, stagnant and livid skies.

The old man, his white hair disordered, his clothes dusty, and his hands grimy, crept forward just as Lawrence entered, fired down into the side-street, then moved swiftly back into his corner again.

From them shall drink the Cherokee, Faint with the hot and dusty chase; No more from German vintage, ye Shall bear them home, in leaf-crowned grace.

Present, the Builder and a Surveyor, the former looking timidly foxy, the latter knowingly pompous, and floridly self-important; Builder, in dusty suit of dittoes, carries one hand in his breeches-pocket, where he chinks certain metallic substanceswhich may be coins or keysnervously and intermittently.

Well, ours is a dusty job, and I don't care if I do.

A bell was tolling; a green fly, entering through the rear door, sang loud on the dusty window-panes and then flew out and alighted on a plant of nightshade springing up rank at the doorstep.

" A few days later, an afternoon of the same autumnal stillness, they bore him across his threshold with that gentleness which so often comes too lateslowly through his many-colored woods, some leaves drifting down upon the sable plumes and lodging in them-along the turnpike lined with dusty thistlesthrough the watching town, a long procession, to the place of the unreturning.

It turns the scientific universe topsy-turvy, and makes it essentially possible that the key of all social evolution may be found in the dusty casket of some discredited creed.

It isn't much of a place, to be sure, but any place is better than none in the desert, unless you have your own bed and frying pan with you, roped in dusty canvas to the back of your car.

Ten minutes later a dusty limousine stopped for gas and oil, and Casey left his work to wait upon them.