300 examples of dynamited in sentences

That was the troublethru a spirit of fault-finding they got themselves swung around so they blocked the channel, and had to be dynamited.

By rail we traveled south across the level fields and lush green meadows of Holland, over bridges ready to be dynamited in case of invasion, and through training camps of the 450,000 Dutch soldiers then mobilized along the border.

Twice it had been dynamited and twice rebuilt in part, so that at present a single line of slippery beams, suspended a few feet above the water and supported by some heavy wire, was all that remained between ourselves and the retreating road to Ghent.

"What did you think of Edie?" "Dynamite," Mo said.

He spent the next few days working on a story about the time he and Morgan found a cache of dynamite hidden by the Weathermen, a radical group in the late 60's.

"Dynamite kim chee," he said.

Dynamite in bed.

The greater part of the visible damage to the forts, some distance outside the town, was done by the dynamite of the retreating army.

It had all been fought over at least twicerailroad stations and farm buildings burned, bridges dynamited, telegraph-poles cut down.

They chose to get out in time, blew up the railroad bridge across the Bug, burned the barracks, and, with enough dynamite to give a good imitation of an earthquake, tumbled the walls and galleries of the fortress into melancholy heaps of rock.

Heave... whack!"in quaint retribution for what a few sticks of dynamite had done a fortnight before.

One outer angle of the fort had been blown up and the rest was to have been dynamited, but a nimble Pole, fearing that he might be blown up, too, before the order came to retire, had, so we were told, cut the electric wire.

The borers applied to the rock the piston of a cylinder made to rotate with great rapidity by the pressure of air reduced to one-twentieth of its ordinary volume; then when they had made holes sufficiently deep, they withdrew the machines and charged the mines with dynamite.

For mile after mile the splendid trees which lined the highroads were ruthlessly cut down; mansions which could fittingly have housed a king were dynamited; churches whose walls had echoed to the tramp of the Duke of Alba's mail-clad men-at-arms were levelled; villages whose picturesqueness was the joy of artists and travellers were given over to the flames.

It was replacing the old structure which had been dynamited by the Belgians, and which now lay a tangled mass of wreckage in the river.

The chief marks of war were in the shattered windows; the great pontoon bridge of barges, which replaced the dynamited structure by the Rue Leopold, and hundreds of stores and public buildings, flying the white flag with the Red Cross on it.

On reaching a stream they dynamited it, and waded in to seize the stunned fish as they floated on the surface.

PINKERTON, ROBERT E. Calk shoed dynamite.

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"You've done more damage than if you had dynamited the whole mine and then turned a river into the shaft.

That night the roadbed of the railroad was dynamited on both sides of town.

Why don't you laugh at him when he's telling you of the buildings he has dynamited and how many deaths he is responsible for? Did he ever sweat alongside of any of you doing a day's work?

Then came a dull explosion and when the safe's door was torn from its hinges he saw himself upon his knees filling a large bag with the gold coins which poured out of the dynamited treasure box.

While Boston Frank had trouble to quiet the madly plunging, frightened horse, Slippery dove into the store to emerge again an instant later choking, sneezing and almost blinded just as if he had dynamited a box loaded with powdered red pepper instead of a common fireproof safe.

He also heard that the same country store post office had been dynamited twice in the past three months, and that the postmaster had set a trap with the aid of his neighbors, to give the next gang of burgling yeggs a hot reception.

300 examples of  dynamited  in sentences