5125 examples of eagerest in sentences

So may the tortures which I have felt and still feel in my soul become fruitful, and the memory will suggest the words for them, and the hand, more eager than apt for such duty, will write them down.

All the interests in life, so long held in the background, leaped forward, eager for recognition.

Eager for any chance I hissed under my breath; "Danger!

But that which their eager eyes sought was still denied them.

Just a wisp of whitish-grey smoke arose, and beneath it the great rock, with a gapping seam across its top, rolled majestically outward, sending a shower of spray on all sides, and opening to their eager view a black chasm into the heart of the headland.

With an eager light in his face Slade leaned forward and stretched out his hand.

What an eager eye!

They landed at the Great Western Docks, to find themselves surrounded by eager British cabbies.

The huge, complicated press had already inspired their awe, and they were eager to "see it work" as it printed the new paper.

By that time Larry and Fitzgerald, who had been summoned by Louise, rushed from the office armed with iron bars caught up at random, both eager for a fight.

One day when Louise and Arthur stopped at the farm, Mollie ran out with an eager face to say that Friday was her birthday and the Sizers were to give a grand party to celebrate it.

By this time the windows were dark with groups of eager faces that peered wonderingly through the screensthe sashes being upand listened to the conversation within.

It was mighty interesting to them all, and they were so eager each morning to get to work that they could scarcely devote the proper time to old Nora's famous breakfasts.

He is said to receive ten cents a word, and this unusual price is warranted by the eager demand for his stories, of which the reading public is very fond.

" "Then will I come," whispered Roger hoarse and eager, as the friar turned slow-footed to follow the others adown the slippery stair, "beseech thee, lord, thy man am I, twice sworn to thee till death, so suffer me beside thee.

"Save none, messire!" said the young knight, eager-eyed.

" "Say ye so, brother?" cried Giles full eager, his brown eyes a-kindle, "say ye so in very truth?

And speaking, Beltane reached out his hands across his mother's narrow grave, and straightway came Sir Benedict's hands, swift and eager, to meet and clasp them.

Next morning, ere the sun was up, came Beltane into the minster and hiding within the deeper gloom of the choir, sat there hushing his breath to listen, trembling in eager anticipation.

" "And wherefore?" "For that I did so promiseand yetwhat seek you of her, my lord?" "Forgiveness," said Beltane, hot and eager, "I would woo her sweet clemency on one that hath wrought her grievous wrong.

Of a sudden he rose up from his pillow with radiant eyes uplifted, and stretched up arms in eager welcome.

Whereat Beltane, forgetful of all but her loveliness, heedful of nought in the world but her warm young beauty, rose up from his knees and, trembling-mute with love, would have caught her to his eager arms; but of a sudden cometh Giles, breathlesshasting up the narrow stair and, all heedless of his lord, runneth to fling himself upon his knees before the Duchess, to catch her robe and kiss it oft.

But as he arose, and while pale-cheeked Genevra, hands clasped upon the green scarf at her bosom, looked wet-eyed where the archers stood ranked, forth stepped Giles and spake quick and eager. "Lord!" said he, "to-day methinks will be more hard smiting than chance for good archery, wherefore I do pray let me bear thy standard in the fightne'er shall foeman touch it whiles that I do livelord, I pray thee!" "Be it so, Giles!"

For none such monster could the eagerest eye Find in all Greece: Greece harbours bear and boar, And deadly wolf: but not this larger game.

It leaps and it howls like some ravening beast At first sight of feeding, through grating of iron It roars on the shore with a furious purring, It licks on the pebbles with eagerest greed.

5125 examples of  eagerest  in sentences
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