167 examples of earthenware in sentences

Out of this each person in the company takes what is called a clomei.e., earthenware cupfull of liquor, and standing under the more fruitful apple trees, address them in these words: "Health to thee, good apple tree, Well to bear pocket fulls, hat fulls, Peck fulls, bushel bag fulls.

Koom is noted for the manufacture of a white porous earthenware, which is made into flasks and bottles, some of beautiful design and workmanship.

During the season (September and October) the grapes are trodden out in a large earthenware pan, and the whole crushed mass, juice and all, is stowed away in a jar holding from twenty to thirty gallons, a small quantity of water being added to it.

The Chilians are good potters, and make light, strong, earthenware jars, which ring like metal.

In a small saucepanpreferably earthenware or enamel, for it must be spotlessly clean and smoothmelt 1 oz. butter, and into that stir 1 oz.

Royal Pudding Mould Pure Earthenware.

In every below-decks was a wooden or earthenware image of the Virgin, painted in gaudy faded colours; and in one case I found a boy who had been kneeling before the statue, but was toppled sideways now, his knees still bent, and the cross of Christ in his hand.

The next day she came up to the palace reading a book, which turned out to be a cookery-book in English, found at her yali; and a week later, she appeared, out of hours, presenting me a yellow-earthenware dish containing a mess of gorgeous coloursa boiled fish under red peppers, bits of saffron, a greenish sauce, and almonds: but I turned her away, and would have none of her, or her dish.

It has been long observed that the infusion of tea made in silver, or polished metal tea-pots, is stronger than that which is produced in black, or other kinds of earthenware pots.

For everyday use there were earthenware vessels.

Consequently metal implements were never universally in use, and vessels were always of earthenware, with the further result of the early invention of porcelain.

The earthenware vessels used in this period are in many cases already very near to porcelain: there was a pottery of a brilliant white, lacking only the glaze which would have made it into porcelain.

The locality has long been known as "Crock Hill" and is evidently the site of an earthenware factory.

The embossed alms dish and old earthenware plate for the communion should be noticed.

The Potters BrigadeWould furnish us with the earthenware, for which we should from the first have a very large demand.

The village community so familiar to all who have resided in India consists of an independent or rather interdependent, co-operative association which constitutes a miniature world of its own, producing its own food and manufacturing its own clothes, shoes, earthenware, pots, &c, with its own petty government to decide all matters affecting the general welfare of the little commonwealth.

The tanners' quarter is equally well marked, and yonder the groups at work with mud and wheel and surrounded with earthenware vessels of various shapes and sizes, remind you that you are among the Potters.

" The boy put down his spade, went to a brook which threaded the field and came back with an earthenware jug full to the brim.

Fine mats had been brought from China, such as are, and long have been, in common use in America; neat and quaint chairs and settees had also been in the governor's invoices, to say nothing of large quantities of fine and massive earthenware.

" When my wife and I set out for our drive in the cool of the evening,afternoon is "evening" in Southern parlance,one of the servants put into the rock-away two large earthenware jugs.

Fat Buck Walker was perspiring almost grotesquely, like an earthenware pitcher.

What is more worthy of note is the credulity with which he swallows the fabulous inventions of the "monkish chroniclers" when set before him in English earthenware.

Mark the exquisite medley of humdrum, matter-of-fact details, jotted down as if by some unconscious piece of mechanism:"Florence manufactures excellent silks, woollen cloths, elegant carriages, bronze articles, earthenware, straw hats, perfumes, essences, and candied fruits; also, all kinds of turnery and inlaid work, piano-fortes, philosophical and mathematical instruments, &c.

POTTERIES, THE, a district in North Staffordshire, 9 m. long by 3 broad, the centre of the earthenware manufacture of England; it includes Hanley, Burslem, Stoke-upon-Trent, &c. POT-WALLOPERS (i. e. Pot-boilers), a popular name given prior to the Reform Bill of 1832 to a class of electors in a borough who claimed the right to vote on the ground of boiling a pot within its limits for six months.

Pig, in old-fashioned Scotch, was always used for a coarse earthenware jar or vessel.

167 examples of  earthenware  in sentences