5738 examples of ease in sentences

He gave me a half hour's practice, for the most part in quatre and tierce,my A B C's, as it were,and the ease with which he held me off and bent his foil against my breast at pleasure chafed me greatly, and showed me how much I had yet to learn, besides making me somewhat less vain of my size and strength.

For my antagonist was but a small man, and yet held me at a distance with consummate ease, and twisted my foil from my hand with a mere turn of his wrist.

But I was ill at ease, and the sound of voices in an adjoining room increased my restlessness.

To part with Coleridge, to exchange the ease and congenial scholastic atmosphere of the Hospital for the res angusta domi, for the intellectual starvation of a life of counting-house drudgery, must have been a bitter trial for him.

He has taken his ease in the world, and is not fit himself to struggle with difficulties, nor has much accustomed himself to throw himself into their way; and I know his language is already, "Charles, you must take care of yourself, you must not abridge yourself of a single pleasure you have been used to," etc., and in that style of talking.

I prefer the graceful rambling of his essays even to the courtly elegance and ease of Addison, abstracting from this the latter's exquisite humor.

Else, it is far superior to the other, which has but one exquisite verse in it,the last but one, or the last two: this is all fine, except, perhaps, that that of "studious ease and generous cares" has a little tinge of the less romantic about it.

You don't know how wearisome it is to breathe the air of four pent walls without relief, day after day, all the golden hours of the day between ten and four, without ease or interposition.

Peace has unveiled her smiling face, And woos thy soul to her embrace, Enjoyed with ease, if thou refrain From earthly love, else sought in vain.

With equal skill, and godlike power, He governed in the fearful hour Of horrid war; or guides, with ease, The happier times of honest peace.

There was a vague suspicion of sensual softness about his body, as if this might have been a man who loved comfort and ease, who had always chosen the primrose path, had never learned the salutary lesson of self-denial.

J.W.'s mother hadn't said much about the Institute, though she had listened eagerly to all his talk of the crowded week, and she was vaguely ill at ease.

The housemaid who studies her own ease will certainly be at her work by six o'clock in the summer, and, probably, half-past six or seven in the winter months, having spent a reasonable time in her own chamber in dressing.

If I were to bring my strongest objection to American country life, it would be its ambitious desire to ape the towns, converting the ease and abandon of a village, into the formality and stiffness that render children in the clothes of grown people so absurdly ludicrous.

Yet sure, even here, our motives should be known: Rail we to check his spleen, or ease our own? Does injured virtue every shaft supply, Arm the keen tongue, and flush th' erected eye?

It was a habit with Bluff to be always expecting something serious to happen; and in case his suspicions were verified, as might occasionally occur, he would crow over the others, and strut around as though he thought himself a prophet gifted with second-sight, and able to forecast coming events with ease.

At 11.0 passed to the south of an extensive grassy plain trending to the north-west; at 12.30 p.m. halted to ease the horses' backs from their loads, and resumed our route at 1.40, and at 2.0 crossed a ridge of stony country which the aneroid showed to be about 1700 feet above the sea level, and was the highest spot yet visited by the Expedition.

He knew how to ease a crushing burden.

He got up as we entered, regarding us both with a pleasant whimsical smile that put me entirely at my ease at once.

They look as if they had sat down and leaned back to take their ease; and they are all neat and clean-looking, and have rows of flower-beds from the gate to the front door.

You shall find to-day, in any one of the seaport cities or towns of New England, widows and daughters of sea-captains, living, or rather seeming to live, upon the most beggarly incomes, but still keeping up a certain pathetic sham of appearance of being at ease.

whom at the first I bred Of th'inward bale of my love-pined hart, And sithens have with sighes and sorrowes fed, Till greater then my wombe thou woxen art, Breake forth at length out of the inner part, In which thou lurkest lyke to vipers brood, And seeke some succour both to ease my smart, And also to sustayne thy selfe with food.

[Sidenote: 194] That rots it selfe in ease, on Lethe Wharfe,

He forgets not his load where he takes his ease, for he is drunk commonly before he goes to bed.

He is all for the Church but nothing for God, and for the ease of nature loseth the joy of reason.

5738 examples of  ease  in sentences