5738 examples of eased in sentences

Jack Harpe was still eating when Racey eased himself into the chair at Swing's right hand.

Then he eased down into it headfirst and pawed his way through.

Her soft body clinging to his own, the little nervous pressures of her arms, her eased breathing at his neck, wiped away Siner's long sense of strain.

know'And I also dre-eamt, which ple-eased me most' No, that's not it.

The perfectly upholstered seat eased their limbs, the easy swinging motion of the car soothed their spirits.

Then, stretching forth his hand, he adds, "Farewell." "Stay," cries Moll, springing to her feet, as fearing to lose him suddenly again, "I have not eased myself of the burden that lay uppermost.

The wind was turning brisk, and we'd just eased her with a few reefs; Bob Smart, out furling the flying jib, got soaked; me and the boy sitting silent, were spattered.

Nemo in nostra civitate mendicus esto, saith Plato: he will have them purged from a commonwealth, "as a bad humour from the body," that are like so many ulcers and boils, and must be cured before the melancholy body can be eased.

If people overabound, they shall be eased by colonies.

Particular discontents and grievances, are either of body, mind, or fortune, which as they wound the soul of man, produce this melancholy, and many great inconveniences, by that antidote of good counsel and persuasion may be eased or expelled.

That is, that it be done to such a one as may endure it, or to whom it may belong, that he be of a competent age, not too young, nor too old, overweak, fat, or lean, sore laboured, but to such as have need, are full of bad blood, noxious humours, and may be eased by it.

much approves of them at the lower end of the belly; Lod. Mercatus calls them a powerful remedy, and testifies moreover out of his own knowledge, how many he hath seen suddenly eased by them.

He vaunts he was the first invented this remedy, and by means of it speedily eased a melancholy man.

I waited until the lad was a long way in front of his comrades, and then I eased my mare down a littlea very, very little, so that he might think he was really catching me.

I eased Violette down until there was not the length of a long lance between the grey tail and the bay muzzle.

As I pulled him up it eased the stirrup leather, and the spurred heel clinked loudly as it fell.

Nevertheless, she let him go his way, and eased her shame with words.

That paid for the nurse, an' eased the situation.

The knowledge that she must be famous danced through her dreams like a will-o'-the-wisp; had grown within her in the shape of a great pain that never ceased; only eased a little as she strove mightily toward the goal.

Zip gently eased the miner into a chair, then turned another chair around and sat in it, folding his arms over its back and facing George.

"Eased of her load subjection grows more light."

Dave left it feeling that he had eased his refusal into soft, ambiguous phrases; but old Gideon, reporting to Harvey D., said: "That chap hates a small town.

If there be no disposition to reflect and consider the difference, no sense of his loss, but he apprehends such workings of spirit in him unnecessary troubles to him, and thinks it well he is delivered and eased of them.

I, a madcap child, now childlike In the dark to sing am fain; If my song be not delightsome, It at least has eased my pain.

Casey stopped, eased his rifle out of the crease in the back of the seat cushion, chanced a shot,and his luck held.

5738 examples of  eased  in sentences