1714 examples of eastward in sentences

Eastward, the shadows of every seen thing crept toward the coming greyness.

A few minutes passed, and I saw the Eastward sky lighten.

And then, even as I grasped at so much comprehension, there came the Eastward light.

Another minute, or so, and the Eastward sky glowed with the coming dawn.

While the solitary adventurer wended his way eastward, a gorgeous embassy travelled westward in the direction of Rome.

It is the product of insects found only in a certain valley eastward from hence, to obtain access to which it is before all things needful to elude the vigilance of seven dragons.

Our eyes met; she smiled at me, and then gazed again eastward, full of silent meaning.

A direct eastward march from the lower part of Palestine across the great Syrian Desert was then, as ever, utterly impracticable.

Marching eastward from Syria, Alexander would, on crossing the Euphrates, arrive at the vast Mesopotamian plains.

Alexander was too prudent to march down through the Mesopotamian deserts, and continued to advance eastward with the intention of passing the Tigris, and then, if he was unable to find Darius and bring him to action, of marching southward on the left side of that river along the skirts of a mountainous district where his men would suffer less from heat and thirst, and where provisions would be more abundant.

Then he told them that here they should part company; they three going to the eastward and he to the westward, and so, skirting the main highroads, would come by devious paths to Sherwood.

"So, be ye wily," said Robin Hood, "and keep well away from the northward roads till ye have gotten well to the eastward.

After Little John and Will Scarlet and Allan a Dale had left the highway near garnet, they traveled toward the eastward, without stopping, as long as their legs could carry them, until they came to Chelmsford, in Essex.

Seven days it took him to journey thus far, and then he thought he had gotten far enough to the north, so, turning toward the eastward, shunning the main roads, and choosing byways and grassy lanes, he went, by way of Litchfield and Ashby de la Zouch, toward Sherwood, until he came to a place called Stanton.

On the evening of the fourth day he reached Nottingham Town, and there straightway divided his men into bands of six or seven, and sent them all through the countryside, blocking every highway and byway to the eastward and the southward and the westward of Sherwood.

Will Scarlet and Little John and Allan a Dale had just missed the King's men to the eastward, for the very next day after they had passed the line and entered Sherwood the roads through which they had traveled were blocked, so that, had they tarried in their journeying, they would surely have fallen into the Bishop's hands.

Then, buckling his belt more tightly around his waist, he ran fleetly down the road toward the eastward and Sherwood.

Then, turning his steps once more to the eastward, he stepped out right foot foremost toward Nottinghamshire and Sherwood Forest.

The early gray of the coming morn was just beginning to lighten the black sky toward the eastward when Little John and six more of the band came rapidly across the open toward the nunnery.

Tormented, thin forests of it stalk drearily in the high mesas, particularly in that triangular slip that fans out eastward from the meeting of the Sierras and coastwise hills where the first swings across the southern end of the San Joaquin Valley.

Eastward the land goes very far by broken ranges, narrow valleys of pure desertness, and huge mesas uplifted to the sky-line, east and east, and no man knows the end of it.

When the rain is over and gone they are stirred by the instinct of those that journeyed eastward from Eden, and go up each with his mate and young brood, like birds to old nesting places.

Eastward it butts on orchard closes and the village gardens, brimming over into them by wild brier and creeping grass.

It sits eastward and solitary from the lordliest ranks of the Sierras, and above a range of little, old, blunt hills, and has a bowed, grave aspect as of some woman you might have known, looking out across the grassy barrows of her dead.

After their second meal the journey was resumed, and by referring occasionally to his compass Howland observed that the trail was swinging gradually to the eastward.

1714 examples of  eastward  in sentences
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