63 examples of eavesdrop in sentences

He was very angry when Potts and O'Flynn eavesdropped and roared at Kaviak's struggles with "Ow Farva."

It stopped Donnegan like a blow in the face and turned his heart to lead; and then, shamelessly, he glided around the tent and dropped down beside it to eavesdrop.

Something you have heard your father tell What happened to your uncle Your partner's (chum's) escapade Meeting an old friend Meeting a bore A conversation you have overheard When Myrtle eavesdropped When the girls didn't know Algy was in the parlor A public happening that interests you An incident you have read in the papers An incident from your favorite novel Backward Ben at the party Something that happened to you today.

One can readily understand how many and great they were, and how we twisted and turned each additional bit of information which we gathered by eavesdropping, until it seemed as if matters which had no bearing whatsoever on our condition were a direct and deadly menace.

One would have been glad of a chance to eavesdrop again upon those two; but there was no vacant place within earshot of their table.

" "And eavesdropping, I suppose?" insinuated Miss Lavinia.

"You will pardon me, gentlemen, for eavesdropping, but I was curious to know what you thought of this remarkable young man who calls himself 'A. Jones.'

But, lo! this child makes his dramatic entrance into the presence of the court, and, under the inspired guidance of defendant's counsel, tells his story of eavesdropping, and when it is done my learned friend has the temerity to ask you to throw away your reason, to dismiss logic from your minds, to trample law under your feet, to scatter the evidence to the four winds of heaven, and to believe what?

So Sofia could, if she had cared to eavesdrop, have overheard everything that passed between Mr. Karslake and the man Nogam.

But how? THE BLACKBIRD I was having my early snack cozily in the earthenware retreat you see, when suddenlyoh, allow me to express at once the amazement, the admiration CHANTECLER Eavesdropping inside a pot!

"Thank you," said Halloway, coming quickly to her side, anxious to avoid further eavesdropping.

Bobby didn't want to eavesdrop, but it was patent he would embarrass Graham by disclosing himself now, and it was likely Graham would be glad of a witness to anything the detective might say.

She wanted to hear, but it went against her grain to eavesdrop.

He chose the window at which he meant to eavesdrop, a little barred one at the back, close to the ground.

And you must come to visit us" It is hardly fair to eavesdrop upon a young woman in such an hour as this of Adelaide's.

Sometimes, reeking with civet-oil, he crept to her door, eavesdropped, pondered the quality of her sighs, stood hesitant, then stealthily withdrew, grinding his teeth and wheezing: "Not yet.

The reverend gentleman seems to combine with his talent for eavesdropping a most remarkable good-fortune in the contrasts afforded by the various interlocutors whose conversation he overhears.

"And I suppose you have overhead our entire conversation?" "The whole lot of it," said Ronicky, "though I wasn't playing my hand at eavesdropping.

He knew what he was at that moment, as you and I shall never be able to know him, eavesdrop how we may.

One needn't eavesdrop at the key-hole with this little instrument about.

But we must not peep and eavesdrop at palace-doors.

Everybody seems eavesdropping on everybody else.

If you must eavesdrop, keep quiet about it now and hereafter, I beg.

When he had rung the bell, she leaned back; in her chair and eavesdropped with sparkling eyes.

When the maid appeared, she rubbed her eyelids and sat sleepily up as though just awakened: she remembered that she had eavesdropped, and the maid must be persuaded that she had not.

63 examples of  eavesdrop  in sentences