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69 example sentences with  echelons

69 example sentences with echelons

Two other companies were drawn up in echelons farther on, at short distances, occupying the street, but leaving a free passage.

base of operations, point of attack; echelon.

Hillthe four divisions keeping in communication with each other, and moving in echelon on separate roads, if practicable; the left division in advance, with skirmishers and sharp-shooters extending in their front, will sweep down the Chickahominy and endeavor to drive the enemy from his position above New Bridge; General Jackson, bearing well to his left, turning Beaver Dam Creek, and taking the direction toward Cold Harbor.

The plan announced in the celebrated memorandum of 9th October 1805 indicated, for the attack from to windward, that the British fleet, in what would be called on shore an echelon of two main divisions and an 'advance squadron,' would move against an enemy assumed to be in single line-ahead.

It would, of course, have been beyond his power to do this if the position of his own division in the echelon formation prescribed in the memorandum had been rigorously adhered to after Collingwood was getting near his objective point.

The barracks of the European infantry at Ferozepore were distant half a mile from the station, and consisted of ten or twelve large detached buildings, one for each company, arranged in echelon, with some thirty paces between each.

We arrived at Hazelar on a Saturday evening, and collected our echelons during the night.

The first echelon arrived the following morning.

The trenches lay in a sort of echelon formation, the one on the extreme right being the most advanced.

Added to an articulateness which equips him to put his experience and knowledge into words, his background in racquet games is broad, longstanding and at a level sufficiently upper echelon to have garnered national championships in three separate bat and ball sports.

There was a blowing of bugles, a pushing and a shoving, with the sergeants cursing and digging us with their halberts; and in less time than it takes me to write it, there was the brigade in three neat little squares, all bristling with bayonets and in echelon, as they call it, so that each could fire across the face of the other.

A Sense of echelon.

A Sense of echelon.

In the 3rd century, Romanised Illyrians came to dominate the army's senior officer echelons.

It is an Echelon II command responsible for the preservation, analysis, and dissemination of U.S. naval history and heritage.

Some definitions of Gaussian elimination say that the matrix result has to be in reduced row-echelon form.

That means that the matrix is in row-echelon form and the only non-zero term in each row is 1. Gaussian elimination that creates a reduced row-echelon matrix result is sometimes called Gauss-Jordan elimination.

That means that the matrix is in row-echelon form and the only non-zero term in each row is 1. Gaussian elimination that creates a reduced row-echelon matrix result is sometimes called Gauss-Jordan elimination.

The goal of Gaussian elimination is to get the matrix in row-echelon form.

The matrix is now in row-echelon form.

They released the first single from their album, "Echelon (It's My Way)" on August 28, 2013.

Frank, p. 219โ€“220; and Smith, p. 113โ€“115 & 243. Most of the men in Ichiki's second echelon were from Asahikawa, Hokkaidล.

Big Sean has never quite reached the upper echelon of superstar rappers, despite scoring two consecutive No. 1 albums (2017โ€™s ) and hitting No. 6 on the Hot 100 with 2016โ€™s โ€œBounce Back.โ€

Business people, investors and the top echelons of the Emirati economy are rushing to forge promising Israeli connections, and vice versa.

Contrary to the claims of the upper echelons of NHS bosses, PPE is not being adequately supplied to these frontline emergency service providers.

Echelon Wealth Partners reiterated a buy rating and issued a $4.00 price objective on shares of Acasti Pharma in a research note on Wednesday, January 8th.

For the moment, the bikes can pair only with the Echelon app.

Had he not been caught out by echelons on the first Friday then he might be challenging his compatriot even harder for the yellow jersey.

Iaquinta certainly needs a win to prove he still belongs in the upper echelon at lightweight, while a win for Oliveira would certainly set him up for a date with a top-5 contender later in 2020.

โ€œIt feels like Iโ€™m moving into the superstar echelon, man.

And our hero, who struggles to make his way from vague, poorly defined hardship into the upper echelons of career-making education?

It required decades of cutthroat activity against competitors and the control of a powerful oil cartel โ€“ putting the Rothschilds at the top of the upper echelons of power elites in Russia.

Marathon Gold (OTCMKTS:OBNNF) had its buy rating reiterated by analysts at Echelon Wealth Partners.

Miraculously, at 1940 hours, only 30 minutes late, the first echelon of the landing force began to get underway.

And the culprits are not a few โ€œbad eggsโ€ within their ranks but include officers in the topmost echelon of the unit.

Museveni and other big shots were in attendance and this provided Mbabazi with a route back to the top echelons of power.

Pagani, for the uninitiated, is also a โ€œyoungโ€ company but has already established itself in the automotive upper echelon with names like Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Satanic Ritual Abuse Human Trafficking kills over 500,000 children in America each year in a vast conspiracy that goes all the way to the highest echelons of government.

'Sixth Sense' tags nearby enemies as the echelon lurks about the base, giving him more environmental awareness.

Some of these upper echelon countertop blenders will be on discount, although details are sparse.

's Sister Mary Eunice McKee cemented her in the upper echelons of the "Murphy-verse," and props to the season for promoting and then killing him off in record time: bold move for a still-relatively young series getting its footing.

Tensions are brewing in the top echelons of the Guinness PRO14 hierarchy about how to end the season in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

As a group, analysts expect that Echelon Financial Holdings Inc will post 1.25 earnings per share for the current year.

Ashley Nicole Williams plays Abigail, an unquestionably alpha, smart, driven, and courageous witch who hails from the upper echelons of military witch society and is excited to be joining the ranks of the witchesโ€™ army.

The dictum โ€œless is moreโ€ never reached the Belgian high echelons of power.

The medical staff and hospital administration, however, are put into a very difficult position by the political echelon of Israel, when they are โ€œrequestedโ€ to accept such a patient.

At his inauguration in May, people waited for instant dismissal of the top echelon of the civil service who worked with the last administration.

They run governments with two circles: a tiny one made up of themselves and family and cronies and top echelons of their governments and a handful of prominent party faithfuls, and a much bigger one made up of all the rest.

This lack of visibility at the highest echelons discourages them from fully committing to a business.

This signing, along with the presence of second-year safety Sheldrick Redwine, should not preclude the team from drafting a potential upper-echelon free safety in 2020 in Winfield, Jr.

At the top echelons of the party, Republicans have been far more effective at the economic side of their coalitionโ€™s agenda than the social conservative side.

UEX believes that through a series of en-echelon steps the northeast strike extension of the P2 Fault not only crosses the Project but also controls the three known uranium deposits on Christie Lake, the ลŒrora, Paul Bay and Ken Pen Deposits.

โ€œWe have since found out we are not the only hospital across the country with this system that has had this same problem, and we are working now with the highest echelons of the EMR provider to complete the fix we started a year ago.โ€

โ€œWith the recommendation of the professional echelon, I have decided to lift the requirement to wear masks in places that are not crowded.โ€

Echelon Windows shut. week of September 26, 2005.

FF Executive Secretary FF Secretary I ($9,000 - $11,790) -secretaries allocated to top echelon officials, (e.g. Chairman, C.A.O.).

He currently works as an Equity Research Associate at Echelon Wealth Partners, and previously held summer internships with CIBC Equity Derivatives, RBC Pension Investments, and Sprott Asset Management Operations.

If she could consistently turn in vocals as strong as "Childhood" or album opener "Middleman," Steele would sit comfortably in Canada's upper echelon of indie-pop women, alongside Feist and Emily Haines.

In 2004, an important part of the Echelon programme, the wireless monitoring system in the Bavarian town of Bad Aibling, was officially closed down on the recommendation of the parliamentary committee, because it was mainly used for industrial espionage.

It is interesting that English inventories right into the late seventeenth century list looking glasses as a commonly inventoried possession specific to the gentry and the lower echelons of the upper classes.

Know what row-echelon form and reduced row-echelon form are.

Know what row-echelon form and reduced row-echelon form are.

Laurenโ€™s intense determination and drive has led her to the upper echelons of the demanding sport of show jumping.

Not only did this technology allow Suharto's generals to coordinate the killings, it also meant that the highest echelons of the US administration were listening in. Suharto was able to seal off large areas of the country.

Some of the authors invoke biblical precedents for this achievement, comparing him to Joseph, Daniel or Esther; who demonstrated how easy it can be for talented Jews, if they are so inclined, to find success in the highest echelons of gentile society.

That is why our economic growth numbers for the past three years have remained in the upper echelon of Canadian provinces.

The American command found to their surprise that the first echelon commanders of Republican Guard forces had brought along with them the top commander of Saddam's Fedayeen, a man who took his orders directly from Saddam Hussein's son.

The Company distributes insurance products through Echelon Insurance and The Insurance Company of Prince Edward Island.

The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) approved Echelonโ€™s Ontario motorcycle insurance rules and rates on January 6, 2006.