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8979 examples of  edging  in sentences

8979 examples of edging in sentences

Il va bien?" always coming closer to me, so that I was edging back against the wall, with his hard, bright little eyes fixed on mine, and always the same sharp, jerky tone.

And then she said something very fast about how she must see him, and all the time she kept edging in and in, till the first thing I knowed she was inside the door, and then she just pulled the door out of my hand and shut it.

"You'll be old yerself some day," she sobbed, not noticing that he was stealthily edging toward the door, one eye on her, one on to-morrow's pot-roast.

Three of them were edging toward us, when a wave caught them and sent them sprawling almost to his feet.

" All the while the foremost men were edging toward the stairs, while the densely packed throng at the back were struggling among themselves.

Place it in a deep dish, with an edging of dry boiled rice, in the same manner as for other curries.

Slice the onions and apples, and fry them in a little butter; then take them out, cut the meat into neat cutlets, and fry these of a pale brown; add the curry-powder and flour, put in the onion, apples, and a little broth or water, and stew gently till quite tender; add the lemon-juice, and serve with an edging of boiled rice.

The dish should be garnished with au edging of boiled rice.

Afterwards they become more silent, and apparently more solitary, but still fly out to their feeding-grounds morning and evening; and if you sit down in the woods near one of their nests, the uneasy choking chuckle, ending at last in the outright cawing of the disturbed owner, will generally be answered from every point, and crow after crow come edging up from tree to tree to see what is the matter.

" James Crocks, her husband, had chosen for himself a gentler avocation than his wife's, and one which brought him greater peace of mindproprietor of the big red stable which spread itself over half a block, he had unconsciously defined himself, as well as his place of business, by having printed in huge white letters with black edging across the shingled roof, the words: "HORSE REPOSITORY" PROP.J. CROCKS.

Even the restless edging of the platform knew something was happening, and listened.

Every one leaned forward, edging over in their seats to get the best possible look.

He slashed open one of the lower sacks in the bulkhead by the door, stuffed in some kind of twisted cord, and, edging away, sat for an instant with his knife-blade gleaming in the ruddy twilight.

Baffled by powers of patience and immobility that mocked his own, he moved again, edging toward the entrance-hall, a progress so gradual he could have sworn it must be imperceptible.

Then he discovered some manner of sorcerous power over matches in the wind, lighted a cigarette, and signalised his sense of refreshment by smoothly edging the indicator needle up toward the eighty notch, where he held it stationary until Lanyard and Liane with one accord begged him to consider their appetites.

"Five!" nodded Grimes, edging away from Adam's elbow.

hissed Adam, edging a little nearer to him, "go easy, now,Nineteen!" "Come, come Gentlemen!"

"It was a most extraordinary thing that detained me," said Brown, laughing, and edging his way into the ticket line behind his friend where he could talk to him across his shoulder; "I was just leaving the office, Smithy, when Snuyder came in with a card.

The cat, however, was either too stupid or too confused to respond; he gazed blankly at his mistress, and when Brown began furtively edging his way toward him Clarence arose, stood a second in alert indecision, then began to back away.

" "They are edging away," said the boatswain.

Perhaps the falconry surpassed the pack; for the master of the castle, by paying great sums of money, had secured Caucasian hawks, Babylonian sakers, German gerfalcons, and pilgrim falcons captured on the cliffs edging the cold seas, in distant lands.

And this time he pulled out a tortoise-shell shuttle round which was wrapped several inches of lingerie edging.

But Mr. Dawson did not call it lingerie edging.

" "I'm sorry," grieved Racey, edging closer to the gambler.

You might, though, know him then by the red legs and bill, and the white front-edging to his lovely pearly-grey wings.

" "I'm not a patch on you," said Mr. Hills, edging his way by slow degrees into the parlour.

He hangs his mantle loose, and sets to show The golden edging on the seam below; Adjusts his flowing curls, and in his hand Waves with an air the sleep-procuring wand; The glittering sandals to his feet applies, And to each heel the well-trimmed pinion ties.

He tried to speak at an ordinary tempo, but his words kept edging on faster and faster: "Tump, I'm not going to marry Cissie Dildine."

Edwin Clayhanger was edging towards the door....

It is dawning upon the minds of the true lovers of humanity, that there is nothing else to be done, but to revert to the past to find the key to any possible reform, and to that past we are edging rapidly, though, it must be said unwillingly, in the hope and expectation that the old foundations are possessed of sufficient solidity to support a new or re-modeled structure.

[ornamental cloth] embroidery; brocade, brocatelle^, galloon, lace, fringe, trapping, border, edging, trimming; hanging, tapestry, arras; millinery, ermine; drap d'or

She had some difficulty in edging her way through the dense bushes with a long, branching stick in her bill; but she accomplished the feat, fitted the new material into its place, readjusted the other twigs a bit here and there, and then, as she rose to depart, she looked me suddenly in the face and stopped, as much as to say, "Well, well!

The classic front appeared behind an imposing gateway approached by a curious flat bridge across a circular pond which had a solid stone edging.

In these islands Torre procured provisions, and wood and water, whence he sailed for several days with a fair wind, edging towards the north-east, till he came right under the tropic of Cancer.

"Servant, sir!" said Tom, edging himself a little farther off.

From its dense, dwarf growth, rising as it rarely does more than a foot from the ground, and neat foliage, this Barberry is particularly suitable for edging beds, or forming a low evergreen covering for rocky ground or mounds.

" "Betty," said Peter, edging nearer her and lowering his voice to a whisper, "I heard that the Sons of Liberty had another placard up near the Vly Market last night, and that Sir Henry Clinton is in great wrath because they are growing daring again.

The moss-rose, too, is conspicuous, with its heavy odour; while the edging, a foot wide, is formed by thousands of bulbs of the Narcissus poeticus, massed together like packed figs; these, too, give out a pleasant perfume.

Thor continued his food-seeking, edging still closer to the gully.

Practised in evilay, well used to edging her way by tricks and little meannesses from day to day; strong only as a scandalmonger, as one whose tongue was to be feared; ay, so.

It was understood between Bernard and Helen that they were too good friends to tamper with the silences and edging proximities of love-making.

Edging sidewise, accommodating the inequalities of the damp surfaces to the undulations of our forms, deafened, crazed by the roar of the caldrons that dash madly from side to side, we fairly ooze through.

He was shaking Professor Marshall's hand again and edging him towards the door, his mind once more on his paper, hoping that he might really finish it before nightif only there were no more interruptions!

Menneval bore up in good season, this time, edging away, and opening the fire of both ships on his adversaries, when they were about half a mile distant.

None was seen, notwithstanding, and we stood up channel, edging over towards the Irish coast at the same time, determined to work our way to the northward as well as we could.

She rounded the head-land, and was edging away from the coast, apparently for sea-room, when she took a sudden sheer in our direction.

So he compromised on a very exclusive hotel patronized by legislators who had money of their own, by many of the titled attaches of the embassies, and by families that came during the season with the hope of edging their way into official society.

I imagine myself in a threadbare suit of clothes edging my way along the pavement, nearing a great building, and making my way to my desk, and, when the day's work is done, returning home along the same pavement to a room high up among the rafters, close to the sky, in some cheap quarter.

See, I have unpicked this old cap for a little bit of French edging at the back."

" With a moment's hesitation, doubtless caused by distrust of his master, Cadmus began edging to one side.

"Perhaps it is," he replied, "but what do you want in Vise?" As he spoke, he kept edging up, pointing his bayonet directly at me.

She had taken his arm and was edging him through the press in the parlors toward the entrance hall.

EDGING (Mistress), a prying, mischief making waiting-woman, in The Careless Husband, by Colly Cibber (1704.)

" "Yes, I dessay," replied the other, edging away.

"She might," said the girl, edging away from him a little.

" His eyes followed mine to the green patch edging the entrance to the bay and then ran along the tree-lined avenue to the parked section extending almost from the center of the city to the Pacific Ocean.

he asked, as stepping from the car at Lotta's fountain, we lingered before the gay flower stands edging the sidewalk.

Black clouds with copper edging hung in the zenith; seabirds made their way, screaming, to shelter in the island.

As they ran, the herd kept constantly edging a little toward the riders, as if trying to cross in front of them.

"We had better fight them broadside to broadside," Harry said; "but keep on edging down toward the ship to leeward.

" "Good day, your lordshipmy lady," said Bowles, edging away.

He was back in the street, edging through the crowd, his head up, searching for the eager face of Steve Kennedy, late his sergeant.

The waste-paper baskets brimmed with red flannelette and gilt edging.

"The ginger would make the better edging," Helen decided, "because the leaves lie closer to the ground.

Around the pillow on the small camp bed was a beautiful edging of Irish lace, and on the dressing-table a large bottle of Eau-de-Cologne.

"I mutht make inquireth bout thith," said Mr. Skinner, edging out of reach of the station-master's concluding generalisations about the responsibility attaching to the excessive nurture of hens.... Going through Urshot Mr. Skinner was hailed by a lime-burner from the pits over by Hankey and asked if he was looking for his hens.

We jumped into the canoe and the two paddlers dug their blades in the water as they drove her against the strong current, edging over for the opposite bank.

Directions for crocheted edging on hot plate mat covers no. 23-10-24, 25, & 26.

The handkerchief, which protruded from his breast pocket and showed an edging of red, was a trifle noisy; and the soft gray hat was hardly in keeping, but, on the whole, he was a dashing-looking chap.

It was already thronged with the debris of the battle, skulkers, wounded men hobbling, pallid malingerers edging their furtive way out of fire.

The wind hauled materially to the northward, and before the sun set it enabled the French to run off wing-and-wing, still edging from the land.

At his feet the plain broke away sharply, in a series of steplike sandy benches, to where the Rio Grande bore quartering across the desert, turning to the Mexican sea; the Mesilla Valley here, a slender ribbon of mossy green, broidered with loops of flashing rivera ribbon six miles by forty, orchard, woodland, and green field, greener for the desolate gray desert beyond and the yellow hills of sand edging the valley floor.

Zeigler now began edging nearer.

" "An' Murphy," broke in the horrified corporal, edging closer.

I have known a Woman branch out into a long Extempore Dissertation upon the Edging of a Petticoat, and chide her Servant for breaking a China Cup, in all the Figures of Rhetorick.

These wings have a black spot near their middle, which is also on the underside, but there communicates by a transverse, short, and rather curved, black band, with a black superior edging of the wing.

He grinned at Dr. Pettit, and we all swam back to shallower water, Dr. Pettit and Mr. Underwood gradually edging off some distance away from Dicky and me.

I had hoped that thus they would not be frightened, but they instantly began to move towards the shore, and it required some manoeuvring to get near them; succeeding at length, however, I found my acquaintance of the morning anxious to go to the ship, a measure the other two did not at all approve of, as they kept edging away towards the land, whilst I gave the old man the presents I had brought him.

A small flat spinous point projects beyond the scales of the operculum, which has a very narrow membranous edging.

I looked back into her eyes for a momentI remember yet that they were bright blue, with a lighter band about the edge of the sight, instead of the dark edging that most of us have; and as I understood her meaning I took my hands from Rucker's throat, and threw him from me.

I finally grew bolder, as I saw that she did not seem to suspect my scrutiny, and I saw that her brows and lashes were black, and her eyes very, very bluenot the buttermilk blue of the Dutchman's eyes, like mine, with brows and lashes lighter than the sallow Dutch skin, but deep larkspur blue, with a dark edging to the pupileyes that sometimes, in a dim light, or when the pupils are dilated, seem black to a person who does not look closely.

The solemn gravity of his countenance, as he motioned away those who would approach too near and finger his newly-received finerythe dignity with which he strutted along, edging this way and that to avoid any possible contact from homely, every-day wardrobesaugured well for a continuance of propriety and self-respect, and a due consideration of the good opinion of all around.

Edging up to Lorry, he touched his arm.

"You see 'ow it is, Bill," ses Peter, edging back toward the door; "three men laid 'old of me and took every farthing I'd got.

" "Nobody asked you to run away," ses his wife, edging away as he went to put his arm round 'er waist.

You see women will make awful hard work of it, if they once do go at it; they are so used to doing everylittlething"; and she picked out the neck-edging, and smoothed the hem between the buttons.

He came out of his shelter, crossed the cut, went through the belt of wood which I had just passed, and looked out across the park to the houseall this I saw by cautiously edging through the trees and bushes behind me.

The dawn was struggling up fitfully in the east, among cloudy bars, tipping and edging them with smouldering flashes of light, and there was a lustrous radiance in the air.

One of the menwho wore a high stock and an edging of stiff grey hair around his bald headadvanced to me.

"Dey 'ad no bizniz led 'im come oud to-day," said a bystander, edging toward a pillar.

After a pause, edging a little nearer to him, and, regardless of the hay-carts in the market belowlaying my fair-haired head on his shoulder: "What could have made you marry such a shrew?

"Wewefound out who you were," he says, laughing again, with a little embarrassment, and edging his chair nearer hers; "we asked Musgrave!" "Mr. Musgrave!"

He seized an oar to steer with in its place; he saw that they, in their ignorance fast edging on the flats, would shortly be aground; more fisherman than sailor, he knew a thousand tricks of boat-craft that they had never heard of.

The city was edging up, trying to crowd him off his land.

Cut up the pieces required to be dressed, spread over them a seasoning as for cutlets, and fry them; pour over a little good gravy, and garnish with sippets of toast and sliced lemon, or place them in an edging of rice or mashed potatoes.


There is a smaller variety of this, much used for making edging to gravel walks in gardens. 110.

The city was edging up, trying to crowd him off his land.

"That weight of wood, with leathern coat overlaid, Those ample clasps of solid metal made, The close pressed leaves unclosed for many an age, The dull red edging of the well-filled page, And the broad back, with stubborn ridges roll'd, Where yet the title stands in tarnished gold!"

But, lo! as soon as he gets near the creatures, that black hen will be seen edging her way to the outer circle of the flock, on the opposite side from the man.