8979 examples of edging in sentences

Every one leaned forward, edging over in their seats to get the best possible look.

Baffled by powers of patience and immobility that mocked his own, he moved again, edging toward the entrance-hall, a progress so gradual he could have sworn it must be imperceptible.

Then he discovered some manner of sorcerous power over matches in the wind, lighted a cigarette, and signalised his sense of refreshment by smoothly edging the indicator needle up toward the eighty notch, where he held it stationary until Lanyard and Liane with one accord begged him to consider their appetites.

He hangs his mantle loose, and sets to show The golden edging on the seam below; Adjusts his flowing curls, and in his hand Waves with an air the sleep-procuring wand; The glittering sandals to his feet applies, And to each heel the well-trimmed pinion ties.

He tried to speak at an ordinary tempo, but his words kept edging on faster and faster: "Tump, I'm not going to marry Cissie Dildine."

He was shaking Professor Marshall's hand again and edging him towards the door, his mind once more on his paper, hoping that he might really finish it before nightif only there were no more interruptions!

Menneval bore up in good season, this time, edging away, and opening the fire of both ships on his adversaries, when they were about half a mile distant.

None was seen, notwithstanding, and we stood up channel, edging over towards the Irish coast at the same time, determined to work our way to the northward as well as we could.

She rounded the head-land, and was edging away from the coast, apparently for sea-room, when she took a sudden sheer in our direction.

So he compromised on a very exclusive hotel patronized by legislators who had money of their own, by many of the titled attaches of the embassies, and by families that came during the season with the hope of edging their way into official society.

She had taken his arm and was edging him through the press in the parlors toward the entrance hall.

EDGING (Mistress), a prying, mischief making waiting-woman, in The Careless Husband, by Colly Cibber (1704.)

" "Yes, I dessay," replied the other, edging away.

"She might," said the girl, edging away from him a little.

As they ran, the herd kept constantly edging a little toward the riders, as if trying to cross in front of them.

"I mutht make inquireth bout thith," said Mr. Skinner, edging out of reach of the station-master's concluding generalisations about the responsibility attaching to the excessive nurture of hens.... Going through Urshot Mr. Skinner was hailed by a lime-burner from the pits over by Hankey and asked if he was looking for his hens.

" "An' Murphy," broke in the horrified corporal, edging closer.

He grinned at Dr. Pettit, and we all swam back to shallower water, Dr. Pettit and Mr. Underwood gradually edging off some distance away from Dicky and me.

I looked back into her eyes for a momentI remember yet that they were bright blue, with a lighter band about the edge of the sight, instead of the dark edging that most of us have; and as I understood her meaning I took my hands from Rucker's throat, and threw him from me.

I finally grew bolder, as I saw that she did not seem to suspect my scrutiny, and I saw that her brows and lashes were black, and her eyes very, very bluenot the buttermilk blue of the Dutchman's eyes, like mine, with brows and lashes lighter than the sallow Dutch skin, but deep larkspur blue, with a dark edging to the pupileyes that sometimes, in a dim light, or when the pupils are dilated, seem black to a person who does not look closely.

"You see 'ow it is, Bill," ses Peter, edging back toward the door; "three men laid 'old of me and took every farthing I'd got.

After a pause, edging a little nearer to him, and, regardless of the hay-carts in the market belowlaying my fair-haired head on his shoulder: "What could have made you marry such a shrew?

"Wewefound out who you were," he says, laughing again, with a little embarrassment, and edging his chair nearer hers; "we asked Musgrave!" "Mr. Musgrave!"

The city was edging up, trying to crowd him off his land.

"That weight of wood, with leathern coat overlaid, Those ample clasps of solid metal made, The close pressed leaves unclosed for many an age, The dull red edging of the well-filled page, And the broad back, with stubborn ridges roll'd, Where yet the title stands in tarnished gold!"

8979 examples of  edging  in sentences