2521 examples of effectives in sentences

So Arnold found himself with less than seven hundred effectives against the eleven hundred British who were now behind the walls.

But what made the real difference, and what really turned the scale, was that the Americans had hardly any regulars and that their effectives rarely averaged three-quarters of their total strength.

"May 30, the number of sick here was 1,017, of effectives 5,820.

" "Since the arrival of General Pillow, we have effectives (rank and file) 8,061, sick 2,215, beside 87 officers under the latter head.

Belgium has doubled her peace effectives, which now amount to 113,500 men, an enormous army for a population which is about equal to that of the city of New York or London.

Naturally it is possible that the position here may demand the inclusion of further effectives and the Yilderim operation consequently become impracticable.

In the unfruitful attack on Fort Vaux, the 7th reserve regiment was literally mowed down by machine guns, while the 60th regiment lost 60 per cent of its effectives.

"I considered it a patriotic duty," wrote General Keim, "in my quality of president of the German League for Defence, to demand an increase of effectives such that France should find it out of the question to dream of a victorious war against us, even with the help of other nations."

6,000 King's. - 198,000 The out provisional battalions, local corps, &c., of 198,000, I do not think above 100,000 could possibly be disposable, and there would not be 70,000 effectives.

The reinforcements brought up the Delhi Field Force to more than 8,000 effectives, while of sick and wounded we had the frightful number of nearly 2,000 in camp, many more having been sent away to Umballah.

It seems to be, even in master hands, that species of composition which is at once the most artificial and the least effective, which bears the appearance of the greatest labour and produces the least pleasure.

The Chinese fought the Turks several times; but much more effective results were gained by their diplomatic missions, which incited the eastern against the western Turks and vice versa, and also incited the Turks against the Toba clique.

An effective Turkestan policy was, however, impossible so long as the Turks were still a formidable power.

They had but little success to show, as they did not remain in power long enough and, owing to the strong opposition, they were never able to make their control really effective.

In reality, however, the meeting of the two queens, while theatrically very effective, is not the true climax of the play.

For faith in God is effective because it is accompanied with faith in man as the child of God.

His speaking was in a kind of monotone, but his straightforward plainness never failed to be effective.

Choral effectives.

GOUGH, HARRY B. Effective speech, a textbook for beginning courses.

GOUGH, HARRY P. Effective speech.

KING, CLARENCE. Social agency boards and how to make them effective.

Choral effectives.

Francis I. had the advantage in artillery and in heavy cavalry, called at that time the gendarmerie, that is to say, the corps of men-at-arms in heavy armor with their servants; but his troops were inferior in effectives to the Imperialists, and Charles V.'s two generals, Bourbon and Pescara, were, as men of war, far superior to Francis I. and his favorite Bonnivet.

Multiplied inspirations can be tolerated on the strength of emotion, but they should be made as effective as possible.

of their effectives in killed.

2521 examples of  effectives  in sentences