72 examples of egoists in sentences

Human beings are all incorrigible egoists more or less, furtive or frank.

Among the best of his works, besides the two mentioned above, are Beauchamp's Career (1876) and The Egoist (1879).

The plot of The Egoist is slight.

The Egoist is the most Meredithian of the author's novels, and it displays most exuberantly his comic spirit, intent upon photographing mankind's follies.

Her father, who might have sat for the original of Meredith's "Egoist," had decided that his daughter should be an invalid and remain with him for life.

The Egoist is Meredith's most representative novel.

What is the central purpose of The Egoist?

illiberality; meanness &c adj.. time-pleaser, time-server; tuft- hunter, fortune-hunter; jobber, worldling; egotist, egoist, monopolist, nepotist; dog in the manger, charity that begins at home; canis in praesepi [Lat.], foes to nobleness, temporizer, trimmer.

I should never forgive myself if I forgot The Egoist.

And The Egoist is a satire; so much must be allowed; but it is a satire of a singular quality, which tells you nothing of that obvious mote, which is engaged from first to last with that invisible beam.

I have read The Egoist five or six times myself, and I mean to read it again; for I am like the young friend of the anecdoteI think Willoughby an unmanly but a very serviceable exposure of myself.

[Note 19: The Egoist.

"It is confessing that you are an egoist and providing an antidote for your egoism.

I, poor fool, was an egoist, too.

The Individual of whom the title speaks is the egoist.

Thereupon, egoist that he is, feeling things only in so far as they concern himself, he began to grumble at his mother-in-law.

The men who had appeared good at first afterwards became poisoned, turning into egoists and wretches.

Sir Penrose Fry (Wr); 25Jun57; R194588. KAYSER, RUDOLF. Stendhal, the life of an egoist.

It would be singular to imagine how very different the speech of an aggressive egoist, announcing the independence and divinity of man, would sound if he were seen hanging on to the planet by his boot soles.

The egoists may be the martyrs of a nobler dispensation, agonizing for a more arduous ideal.

EGOISM, the philosophy of those who, uncertain of everything but the existence of the Ego or I, resolve all existence as known into forms or modifications of its self-consciousness. EGOIST, a novel by George Meredith, much admired by R. L. Stevenson, who read and re-read it at least five times over.

" EGOISTS, EGOISM, EGOTISM."The disciples of Descartes were egoists, the ego being the basis of their philosophy."

" EGOISTS, EGOISM, EGOTISM."The disciples of Descartes were egoists, the ego being the basis of their philosophy."

Egoists, egotists; egoism, egotism, distinguished, 30.

But while this question of egoism and altruism has thus been recognised as a possible source of perplexity, affecting the ethical standard itself, both egoists and orthodox utilitarians have commonly agreedthough for different reasonsto insist that morality means the same for them both, and to hold with Epicurus that "we cannot lead a life of pleasure which is not also a life of prudence, honour, and justice."

72 examples of  egoists  in sentences