62 examples of egremont in sentences

In a note to 'The Horn of Egremont Castle' (edition 1815)

Charles Egremont was in the ring at Epsom with a band of young patricians.

Egremont had backed Caravan to win, and Caravan lost by half a length.

Charles Egremont was the younger brother of the Earl of Marney; he had received £15,000 on the death of his father, and had spent it.

Disappointed in love at the age of twenty-four, Egremont left England, to return after eighteen months' absence a much wiser man.

The morning after the Derby, Egremont, breakfasting with his mother, learnt that King William IV. was dying, and that a dissolution of parliament was at hand.

" The election took place, and Egremont was returned.

The burning of hayricks on the Abbey Farm at the time of Egremont's visit showed that the torch of the incendiary had been introduced and that a beacon had been kindled in the agitated neighbourhood.

"What do you think of this fire?" said Egremont to a labourer at the Abbey Farm.

Charles Egremont mused, as he wandered among the ruins of the ancient abbey.

Egremont joined the strangers, and talked.

The melody ceased; and Egremont beheld a female form, a countenance youthful, and of a beauty as rare as it was choice.

When it came to the point, Lord Marney very much objected to paying Egremont's election expenses, and proposed instead that he should accompany him to Mowbray Castle, and marry Earl Mowbray's daughter, Lady Joan Fitz-Warene.

Egremont fell in love with neither, and the visit was a failure.

The brothers parted in anger; and Egremont took up his abode in a cottage in Mowedale, a few miles outside the town of Mowbray.

Of Egremont's rank these three were ignorant.

For some weeks Egremont enjoyed the peace of rural life, and the intercourse with the Gerards ripened into friendship.

When the time came for parting, for Egremont had to take his seat in parliament, it was a tender farewell on both sides.

Egremont, embarrassed by his deception, could not only speak vaguely of their meeting again soon.

Gerard and Morley came as delegates to the Chartist National Convention in 1839, and, deputed by their fellows to interview Charles Egremont, M.P., came face to face with "Mr. Franklin.

Meeting Egremont near Westminster Abbey on the very day after Gerard and Morley had waited upon him, she allowed him to escort her home.

She smiled without distress, and presently confided to Egremont that she was unhappy, about her father.

"I honour your father," said Egremont "Counsel him to return to Mowbray.

While these events were happening, Lord Marney, hearing an alarmed and exaggerated report of the insurrection, and believing that Egremont's forces were by no means equal to the occasion, had set out for Mowbray with his own troop of yeomanry.

"And during our excursion we were Ronald Macalgin, Henry Angora, Juliet Angusteena, Rosabella Esmaldan, Ella and Julian Egremont, Catharine Navarre, and Cordelia Fitzaphnold, escaping from the palaces of instruction to join the Royalists, who are hard pressed at present by the victorious Republicans.

62 examples of  egremont  in sentences