62 examples of egremont in sentences

Lord Egremont, in giving the king's instructions to Murray, reminded him that the proviso in the Treaty of Parisas far as the Laws of Great Britain permitshould govern his action whenever disputes arose.

In a note to 'The Horn of Egremont Castle' (edition 1815)

Lord Egremont and Lord Halifax continued to be Secretaries of State; Lord Henley (afterward Lord Northington) retained the Great Seal; Lord North and Sir John Turner remained as Lords of the Treasury; and Mr. Yorke and Sir Fletcher Norton were still Attorney and Solicitor General.]

Morse joyfully accepted, and several happy hours were spent by the two old friends as they wandered through the beautiful grounds of the Earl of Egremont, where Leslie was then making studies for the background of a picture.

the Earl of Egremont.

"And during our excursion we were Ronald Macalgin, Henry Angora, Juliet Angusteena, Rosabella Esmaldan, Ella and Julian Egremont, Catharine Navarre, and Cordelia Fitzaphnold, escaping from the palaces of instruction to join the Royalists, who are hard pressed at present by the victorious Republicans.

The Cross is situate in the market-place of the town; and it is supposed to have been raised about the year 1253; near which period, Thomas de Malton, Lord Egremont, obtained for Holbeach the grant of a weekly market and annual fair.

Among the most important are "The Stream, South Egremont," which is in a private gallery in Denver; "In the Woods" belongs to Mr. Whiting, of Great Barrington; and "Sunlight and Shadow" to Mr. Benedict, Albany, New York.

The other performers were: the two Duchesses of Ancaster and Hamilton, who danced little; Lady Effingham and Lady Egremont, who danced much; the six maids of honour; Lady Susan Stewart, as attending Lady Augusta; and Lady Caroline Russel, and Lady Jane Stuart, the only women not of the family.

Egremont, \ two Courtiers, friends to Cowsy, / Eustace.

Enter Eustace, Egremont, Cowsy.

Enter Eustace, Egremont, Cowsy, and Andrew.

Enter Eustace, Egremont, Cowsy.

Enter Brisac, Eustace, Egremont, Cowsy, Miramont.

Enter Egremont. Egre.

Enter Brisac, Eustace, Egremont, Cowsy.

Not a man, nor make no murmur oft I charge ye. Enter Eustace, Egremont, Cowsy.

Enter Eustace, Egremont, Cowsy.

Enter Eustace, Egremont, Cowsy.

Scaena II. Eustace, Egremont, Cowsy.

Enter Brisac, Eustace, Egremont, Cowsy, Miramont.

If there were [40] one among us who had heard That Leonard Ewbank was come home again, From the Great Gavel, [G] down by Leeza's banks, And down the Enna, far as Egremont.

He travelled back to Egremont: and thence, That night, he wrote a letter to the Priest, [60] 450 Reminding him of what had passed between them; And adding, with a hope to be forgiven, That it was from the weakness of his heart He had not dared to tell him who he was.

There are the remains of an old cross in the graveyard, and of a second near the "Egremont Hotel."

The "foregoing note" is the note appended to 'The Horn of Egremont Castle'; and the "reason given" in it is "to avoid a needless multiplication of the Classes" into which Wordsworth divided his poems.

62 examples of  egremont  in sentences