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93 examples of  eighty-three  in sentences

93 examples of eighty-three in sentences

Dr. Hammond's description of the eighty-three rooms and the condition of the patients in them seems to justify the terms he frequently uses.

We have seen within the last twelve or fourteen years the consumption of cotton in Europe increase from fifty thousand to ninety thousand bales a week; we have seen the weight of cotton goods exported from this country in the shape of yarn and manufactured goods amount to no less than nine hundred and eighty-three million pounds in a single year.

At eighty-three she said, "I have too many petty cares at that age when the grasshopper is a burden.

The population of the United States has multiplied itself nearly tenfold, while its wealth has increased in a still greater proportion, since the peace of 'Eighty-Three.

In the libraries of Europe today there exist seventy-nine manuscripts of the De inventione, eighty-three of the Ad Herennium, forty of the De oratore, fourteen of the Brutus, and twenty of the Orator.

[Footnote 10: Seventy; in time, eighty-three.

Moses was eighty years old when he came and stood tofore Pharaoh, and Aaron eighty-three years when they spake to Pharaoh.

We arrived this night at Edinburgh, after an absence of eighty-three days.

but once more I'd like to be The boy I was in eighty-three.

Thus, Ahasuerus ruled over one hundred and twenty-seven provinces, the opening banquet lasted one hundred and eighty-seven days, the king's bulletins were as unalterable as the tides, the gallows erected was eighty-three feet high, the beds were of gold and silver upon a pavement of red and blue and white and black marble, the money wrested from the Jews was to be eighteen million dollars, etc.

Besides all this, there was a vast quantity of solid gold ornaments: nearly two hundred massive finger and ear-rings; rich chainsthirty of these, if I remember; eighty-three very large and heavy crucifixes; five gold censers of great value; a prodigious golden punch-bowl, ornamented with richly chased vine-leaves and Bacchanalian figures; with two sword-handles exquisitely embossed, and many other smaller articles which I cannot recollect.

There are two thousand and eighty-three excerpts from this writer,one sixth of the whole Digest.

On his motion, the Assembly, in a single evening, abolished all the ancient territorial divisions of the kingdom, and the very names of the provinces; dividing the country anew into eighty-three departments, and coupling with this new arrangement a number of details which were evidently calculated to wrest the whole executive authority of the kingdom from the crown and to vest it in the populace.

The numbers present were four hundred and eighty-three, and the votes as follows: Ayes, four hundred and fifty-eight; Noes, twenty-five.

" It was in January, 1761, that Edward Wortley Montagu passed away at the age of eighty-three.

He died in 1892, at the age of eighty-three, and was buried beside Robert Browning in Westminster Abbey.

I learnt that in consequence of extraordinary storms and hurricanes, no less than five sailors had died and twenty-one had been drowned in eighty-three vessels from that port.

On comparison with the Slave Trade, the result would be, that two vessels to Africa would destroy more seamen than eighty-three sailing to Newfoundland.

On a division, there appeared to be for Mr. Wilberforce's motion eighty-three, but against it eighty-seven.

These having spoken, it appeared on a division, that there were for the question two hundred and eighty-three, and against it only sixteen.

The Chamber of Deputies by a large majority voted for him, and the eighty-three Departments, representing thirty-five millions of people, by a still larger majority elected him king.

The new president was carried into office on an avalanche of Democratic voters, receiving two hundred and sixty-one electoral votes, while Adams had only eighty-three, notwithstanding his long public services and his acknowledged worth.

A magnificent person, a sound physique, inherited wealth, high social position, official dignity, with eighty-three years of earthly existence, compose the framework of this illustrious life.

"I am eighty-three young to-day," he would say.

In 1756, three thousand seven hundred and eighty-three pounds and one ounce of cocoons were received at the filature, and two hundred and sixty-eight pounds of raw silk reeled.

" The cocoons delivered at the filature in 1760, weighed seven thousand nine hundred and eighty-three pounds, and there were spun eight hundred and thirty-nine pounds.

" In 1760, the cocoons weighed only seven thousand nine hundred and eighty-three pounds, and yet eight hundred and thirty-nine pounds of raw silk were spun; at which rate, the product this year should have been about two thousand pounds.

The two houses at Oxford published also their lists of the members, making the commons amount to one hundred and seventy-five, the lords to eighty-three.

But he persisted in living, he carried his eighty-three years well, like an old drunkard saturated with liquor, whom the alcohol seemed to preserve.

Of an ardent and passionate nature and subject to nervous attacks, she had yet reached the great age of eighty-three when a dreadful grief, a terrible moral shock, destroyed her reason.

He was now eighty-three.

The entire quantity raised in 1840 was eighty-three thousand seven hundred and ninety piculs; in 1841, eighty-seven thousand.

Of her later life nothing is known to me; she lived later with the Postmaster Streite in Bayreuth and died there Jan. 25, 1841, at the great age of eighty-three.

I am eighty-three years old, and if I couldn't express myself by this time"the old gentleman lifted his eyebrows, smiled whimsically, and, with a quick movement of shoulders and hands, concluded"it would be a public calamitya malheur public!"

My bill has passed by a vote of eighty-nine to eighty-three.

"Here," said she, "is an epistle from my dear old friend, Lady M.," (Gibbon's correspondent,) "who at the age of eighty-three is caught by new books, and is as enthusiastic as a girl.

Thirteen separate parties, amounting to one hundred and eighty-three souls, visited the office and received issues of provisions this day.

There mother will bring us a flagon Of our old eighty-three, with which we may banish our fancies.

We found his receipts to be, in the United Kingdoms of Great Britain, one thousand six hundred and eighty-three pounds, nineteen shillings; or, eight thousand and fifteen dollars, eighty cents.

The average number of thunder-storms in a year is forty-nine; of clear days, one hundred and thirty-seven; of changeable days, one hundred and eighty-three; and of days without sunshine, forty-five.

The celebrated De Moivre, when eighty-three years of age, was awake only four hours out of the twenty-four; and Thomas Parr at last slept the greatest part of his time.

I'm eighty-three years old.

The vestry had asked for seventy-five dollars, and the sale actually cleared eighty-three!

Still, when it was all reckoned up, eighty-three dollars stood to the credit of the roof!

He was an Irish Yankee, aged eighty-three.

Of the cedars planted in the royal garden at Chelsea, in 1683, two had, in eighty-three years, acquired a circumference of more than twelve feet, at two feet from the ground, while their branches increased over a circular space forty feet in diameter.

That left her about eighty-three years old when she died in 1903.)

The whole cost of redemption, including our travelling expenses, was three thousand five hundred and eighty-three dollars and eighty-one cents.

Eighty-three pieces in verse and prose are the modicum of entertainment in this delightful little work.

From available data it may be confidently surmised, furthermore, that at least one household in every ten among the eighty-three thousand white inhabitants of the colony held one or more slaves.

To that end he stuck up a peaceful citizen of Butte who was hurrying homeward with an armful of bundles, and in the warm dusk of a pleasant evening relieved him of eighty-three dollars, a Swiss watch with an elk's-tooth fob, a pearl-handled penknife, a key-ring, and a bottle of digestive tablets.

He merely back-heeled the pedestrian against a bill-board, held him erect and speechless by placing his left hand upon his victim's shoulder and pressing his left forearm firmly across the gentleman's apple, the while with his own dexterous right mit he placed the eighty-three dollars in circulation.

Shall we take him to the House of Commons to note which of the barristers is making most headway over Welsh Disestablishment, or shall we take him to the Titanic inquiry to hear the latest about those fifty-five third-class children (out of eighty-three) who were drowned?

He had in his house eighty-three gold chains, sixty bracelets, eighteen golden spears, and twenty-three horse trappings,the rewards for his many faithful services as a soldier.

What did they cost?" "Eighty-three thousand, fi'hunnerd an' ten dollars," answered Martin gloomily.

Hugh Monroe tells me that, about thirty years ago, he and his sons made a trap like this, and in one night caught eighty-three wolves and coyotes.

I shall die comfortably in bed at the age of eighty-three, I'm sure of it.

The Hospital of the Invalides, in Paris, has sheltered, for half a century, a fine specimen of a female soldier, "Lieutenant Madame Bulan," now eighty-three years old, decorated by Napoleon's own hand with the cross of the Legion of Honor, and credited on the hospital books with "seven years' service,seven campaigns, three wounds,several times distinguished, especially in Corsica, in defending a fort against the English."

He slipped unobtrusively into the French Academy, and lived to be eighty-three, dying at last, like Anacreon, in the midst of music and dances and fair nymphs of the Opera, affecting to be a sad old rogue to the very last.

On the 30th of this coming September that great old manthe memory of whose noble presence and beautiful courtesy will remain with us foreverwill be eighty-three.

But after careful examination and comparison you can make out at least eighty-three of them that are unmistakable, and ten doubtful.

"DEAR POLLY, "I arrived here, which is eighty-three miles from Boston, about sunset this evening, in good health.

He died January 21, 1773, at the age of eighty-three.

Last Friday-a-week, at eighty-three years of age, my father exchanged earth for heaven.

[20] The numbers above mentioned make only three hundred and eighty-three, so that there is an error somewhere.

The first of these trees seen by Adanson, were twenty-seven feet in diameter, about eighty-three feet in circumference.

'If it is, you may like to know that the name of Smith is in the register of burials just three hundred-and eighty-three timeswas last Friday!

Yet among these eighty-three tales there are only three that come under the head of love-stories.

Professor Weber is now eighty-three years old, and does not lecture.

The total of the contingents thus levied on forty-three Gallic peoplets amounted, according to Caesar, to two hundred and eighty-three thousand men; and two hundred and forty thousand men, it is said, did actually hurry up to the appointed place.

It was calculated that there were in France at this period ten archbishoprics, eighty-three bishoprics, and five hundred and twenty-seven abbeys.

The woman on whom the great king had, for thirty years, heaped confidence and affection, was old, forgotten, dying; she expired at St. Cyr on the 15th of April, 1719, at the age of eighty-three.

On the way I met an old man, eighty-three years of age, busily at work with his wheel-barrow, shovel, and bush-broom, gathering up the droppings of manure on the road.

Profiting by his previous experience and that of his predecessors in the Philippine service, he inaugurated a campaign which practically terminated the epidemic in Manila on February 21, 1906, [501] with a total of two hundred eighty-three cases and two hundred forty-three deaths.

Many of the Beecher family have died; Lyman Beecher at eighty-three, and Catharine at seventy-eight.

"One 'undered and eighty-three pounds seven shillings and fourpence.

It amounted in the English fleet, to one hundred and twenty-eight men killed, and six hundred and ninety wounded; in the Dutch squadron, to thirteen killed, and fifty-two wounded; grand total, eight hundred and eighty-three.

The number of slaves thus released amounted to one thousand and eighty-three, of whom four hundred and seventy-one were Neapolitans, two hundred and thirty-six Sicilians, one hundred and seventy-three Romans, six Tuscans, one hundred and sixty-one Spaniards, one Portuguese, seven Greeks, twenty-eight Dutch, and not one Englishman.

Fifty-eight lines in decasyllabic coupletsnot eighty-three lines of blank verse, as for some inexplicable reason Masson asserts (i. p. 150).

Poor Mrs. Lennox died in distress in 1804, at the age of eighty-three.

It was a female, and weighed eighty-three pounds.

" The mother, Mary Washington, was more of a factor, though chiefly by mere length of life, for she lived to be eighty-three, and died but ten years before her son.

It is now between eleven and twelve, and perhaps you are at this very moment receiving the blessing of Dr. Jennings; in which I most fervently join by saying, 'God bless you both!'" Though eighty-three years old, Miss Herschel retained all her old powers of memory; and in a letter to her new niece, Lady Herschel, written in 1833, she narrated some amusing reminiscences of her nephew's early childhood.

Some eighty-three of these, including the gate towers, can still be traced.

And eighty-three degrees of longitude, or sixteen hundred and sixty leagues, East and West!

When he did give it, he cut down the Company's purchase of twenty million acres to two hundred and eighty-three thousand.

During the dark hours the redoubt's defenders yelled defiance, but next morning they surrendered, and, marching out, a hundred and eighty-three laid down their arms.

The result was that in the eight years of Jefferson's administrations the national debt shrank from eighty-three million dollars to forty-five million dollars.

The pearl islands number in all one hundred and eighty-three, forming an archipelago.

More blood to the number I never saw than fell on the Lawrence, eighty-three of our hundred and two men having been killed or laid up for repair.

But when she died at eighty-three she had lived her life, upon the whole a very happy one, to the happiness of which I had (and have) the satisfaction of believing I largely contributed.

Then in a few years more the crescendo wave of trouble took my mother from me at the age of eighty-three.

In confirmation whereof, we have hereunto set our hands and seals, this seventh day of January, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-three.