560 examples of elating in sentences

The gay look on their faces, the blood in their cheeks, the upright carriage and quick, elate stepwhen compared with the hang-dog, sallow, dull creatures I knew beforeall testify to the working of some magic influence.

Ye mortals with success elate, Who bask in hope's delusive beam, Attentive view Mohammed's fate, And own that bliss is but a dream.

Incredulous I listen now To every tongue, and every vow, For still there yawns a gulf between Those honeyed words, and what they mean; With honest pride elate, I see The sons of falsehood shrink from me, As from the right line's even way The biass'd curves deflecting stray

Of God are her foundations, Wherein this day a King we crown Elate among the nations.

And, all elate, were chaunting his renown.

Where now can Fríburz, Tús, Gíw, Gúdarz, be, And the world-conquering Rustem, where is he?" No prompt reply from Persian lip ensued Then rushing on, with demon-strength endued, Sohráb elate his javelin waved around, And hurled the bright pavilion to the ground; With horror

Though the two worlds ne'er bowed my head when elate, Favors as his have bent my neck with their weight.

There is a wealth which lasts elate, unfearful of decline from fate; Hear it with joythis wealth so great, is in the hands Of dervishes.

Oh, bright-eyed Angel of the undimm'd Light, Standing upon Heaven's pinnacle, thy glance Pierces like two-edged sword through many a trance, Dividing Truth from Dreaming in its might, Scourging Doubt's myriads from Day's temple-gate, Leaving Life's worship pure, its heart elate.

well I mind the olden time, The sweet, sweet olden time; When I did long for eve all day, And watch'd upon the new-mown grass The shadows slowly eastward pass, And o'er the meadows glide away, Till I could steal, with heart elate, Unto the little cottage-gate, In the sweet, sweet olden time.

well I mind the olden time, The sweet, sweet olden time; How all the night I long'd for morn, And bless'd the thrush whose early note The silver chords of silence smote With greetings to the day new-born; For then again, with heart elate, I hoped to meet her at the gate, In the sweet, sweet olden time.

But now hath pass'd the olden time, That sweet, sweet olden time; And there is neither morn nor night That bears a freight of hopes and fears, To bless my soul in coming years With any harvest of delight; For never more, with heart elate, Can I behold her at the gate, As in the sweet, sweet olden time.

For the sake of that dear olden time, That sweet, sweet olden time, I look forth ever sadly still, And hope the time may come again, When Life hath borne its meed of pain, And stoutly struggled up the hill, When I once more, with heart elate, May meet her at another gate, Beyond the blighting breath of fate, That chill'd the sweet, sweet olden time.

Horatio made no other reply to these words than a low bow, and then elating his hands and eyes to heaven, as internally praying for the opportunity his master seemed to hint at.

What! think of peace, while haughty Scanderbeg, Elate with conquest, in his native mountains, Prowls o'er the wealthy spoils of bleeding Turkey!

Our bark, unseen, has reach'd th' appointed bay, And, where yon trees wave o'er the foaming surge, Reclines against the shore: our Grecian troop Extends its lines along the sandy beach, Elate with hope, and panting for a foe.

Through the perils of chance, and the scowl of disdain, May thy front be unalter'd, thy courage elate!

If Vulcan's smoky sway precludes An assignation in the woods, I shall not linger less elate Outside the foundry gate.

The thought of it made him uncomfortable and at the same time elate.

All these she displays to her company whenever she is elate with merit, and eager for praise; and amidst the praises which her friends and herself bestow upon her merit, she never fails to turn to me, and ask what all these would cost, if I had been to buy them.

The little train came on like a shuttle through the blue loom of the air; they got on, and were shot forward through bright green fields, past expectant groves and flowering orchards, cheered by the elate singing of innumerable birds.

His small umbrella, quaintly halved, Describing in the air An arc alike inscrutable, Elate philosopher!

How elate I grew in this atmosphere!

The sudden revulsion of feeling such a vision was calculated to occasion in a man elate with joy, may be conceived.

The praises lavished on him seemed not in any way to elate him; and he invariably refused any commendation for his labors: "He that planteth is nothing, neither he that watereth, but God, who giveth the increase," was his reply to one who congratulated him on the success which had attended his labors.

560 examples of  elating  in sentences
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