189 examples of elliptical in sentences

We then ascended, for about three miles, with far fatigue than I formerly experienced in climbing the Catskill mountains of my native State, and found ourselves on the summit of an extensive ridge, which formed the margin of a vast elliptical basin, the bottom of which presented a most beautiful landscape.

Thus the perception of the even, elliptical courses of the heavenly bodies led to the statement of the law of gravitation and the laws of motion.

Adj. concise, brief, short, terse, close; to the point, exact; neat, compact; compressed, condensed, pointed; laconic, curt, pithy, trenchant, summary; pregnant; compendious &c (compendium) 596; succinct; elliptical, epigrammatic, quaint, crisp; sententious.

It is laid out in elliptical form and its green lawns are covered with benches for the people.

The species forms a large shrub or low tree with oblong, elliptical, sub-evergreen leaves.

It is of stout growth, 6 feet or more in height, of spreading habit, and with elliptical, serrulated, bright green leaves, and clusters of crimson-red flowers produced in summer.

The fortress, as I have already stated, occupies the crest of an elliptical mound, about one thousand feet by six hundred, and two hundred feet in height.

Others have doubtless reached some of the conclusions at which I have arrived, but this is only another instance of the coincidence in judgment and effort, often discoverable in persons far apart, whose attention has been directed to similiar subjects; but with the exception of the elliptical plan, devised by Dr. Gilchrist, I am not aware that I owe an idea or contrivance to any individual whatever.


[Illustration: Fig. 20.] A.At the steam pipe, B. The throttle valve in that pipe is an elliptical plate of metal swivelling on a spindle passing through its edge from side to side, and by turning which more or less the opening through the pipe will be more or less closed.

We looked on the great valley of the Arno, perhaps twenty-five miles long, and five or six broad, lying like a long elliptical basin sunk among the hills.

The elliptical meaning is, the Misses and Messrs, who are named Story.

And though a little, the more, and the less, are common phrases, the article does not here prove the following word to be a noun; because the expression may either be elliptical, or have the construction of an adverb: as, "Though the more abundantly I love you, the less I be loved.

So Burns, in touching a gentler passion, has an inaccurate elliptical expression: "'Tis when a youthful, loving, modest pair, In others' arms, breathe out the tender tale.

If, then, the first is elliptical, as Priestley suggests, and the others are ungrammatical, as Murray pretends to prove, we cannot have in reality any such construction as the apposition of two possessives; for the sign of the case cannot possibly be added in more than these three ways.

Whether this phraseology is thus elliptical or not, is questionable.

Again, the elliptical sentence, "Teach them thy sons," is less perspicuous, and therefore less accurate, than the full expression, "Teach them to thy sons."

"The following phrases are elliptical: 'To let out blood.'

"Nearly all parts of speech are used more or less in an elliptical sense.

What says Exception 3d to Rule 2d of Elliptical Members United?

Are sentences often elliptical?

Ellipsis, or suppression, mark of, how figured, and what used to denote Elliptical construction of nouns, ("A horse, a horse," &c., SHAK.) Elocution, defined Else, other, &c., with than, in exclusive comparisons Else or other, sometimes construed with besides Else, derivation of Emphasis, defined: comparative view of accent and as connected with quantity, MURR.

" [Illustration: Linear Lance-shaped Oblong Elliptical Ovate] "That ought to be rounded at the point and narrow at the base," said the doctor's son.

ARCHES, semicircular, and elliptical, i. 35l.

PLANETS, bodies resembling the earth and of different sizes, which revolve in elliptical orbits round the sun, and at different distances, the chief of them eight in number, two of them, viz., Mercury and Venus, revolving in orbits interior to that of the earth, and five of them, viz., Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, exterior, the whole with the PLANETOIDS (q. v.) and comets constituting the solar system.

189 examples of  elliptical  in sentences