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243 example sentences with  elliptical

243 example sentences with elliptical

We then ascended, for about three miles, with far fatigue than I formerly experienced in climbing the Catskill mountains of my native State, and found ourselves on the summit of an extensive ridge, which formed the margin of a vast elliptical basin, the bottom of which presented a most beautiful landscape.

Most of these rings broke up, their fragments conglomerated and forming a sphere; one in particular separating into a multitude of minuter spheres, others assuming a highly elliptical form, condensing here and thinning out there; while the central mass grew brighter and denser as it contracted; till there lay before me a perfect miniature of the solar system, with planets, satellites, asteroids, and meteoric rings.

The chambers are, many of them, elliptical in shape; the ceiling is of mixed dark and white color, and looks much like the sky on a cloudy moonlight evening.

"One of these elliptical halls has its ceiling immensely far off, and of the deepest black, until our feeble little lights strike upon innumerable points, when it shines forth like a dark starlight night.

But it may sometimes be doubted whether Michael Angelo could himself have done more than indicate the general drift of his thought, or have disengaged his own conception from the tangled skein of elliptical and ungrammatical sentences in which he has enveloped it.

It is built of Portland stone, and consists of five elliptical arches, the centre arch being 60 feet span by 19 in height, and the side arches 56 and 52 feet span respectively.

In the gaur oxen (Bibos) the horns are situated as in Bos, high up on the vertex, but are more elliptical in section; the premaxillaries are short; the dorsal vertebrae, from the third to the eleventh, bear elongated spines which produce a hump reaching nearly to the middle of the back; the tail is shorter, and the hair is short all over the body.

Thus the perception of the even, elliptical courses of the heavenly bodies led to the statement of the law of gravitation and the laws of motion.

I have various investigations about the Earth, supposed to project at middle latitudes above the elliptical form.

Adj. concise, brief, short, terse, close; to the point, exact; neat, compact; compressed, condensed, pointed; laconic, curt, pithy, trenchant, summary; pregnant; compendious &c (compendium) 596; succinct; elliptical, epigrammatic, quaint, crisp; sententious.

The species forms a large shrub or low tree with oblong, elliptical, sub-evergreen leaves.

It is of stout growth, 6 feet or more in height, of spreading habit, and with elliptical, serrulated, bright green leaves, and clusters of crimson-red flowers produced in summer.

The principle of their action may be explained to be, that a thin elliptical metal tube, if bent into a ring, will seek to coil or uncoil itself if subjected to external or internal pressure, and to an extent proportional to the pressure applied.

This indicator has its cylinder placed horizontally; and its piston compresses two elliptical springs; a slide valve is substituted for a cock, to open or close the communication with the engine.

In some cases, however, a spiral spring, and in other cases a pile of elliptical springs, is placed directly upon the top of the valve, and it appears desirable that one of the valves at least should be loaded in this manner.

The whole legend is set forth in the racy, idiomatic, highly elliptical language of the common Russian muzhik, and is therefore extremely difficult of translation; but I have tried to preserve, as far as possible, the spirit and flavor of the original.

There in the doorway stood a feminine full moonan elliptical young woman, with half of her pink and corpulent face showing above a gauzy veil, her two chubby hands clasped in front of her, the whole attitude one of massive shyness.

by chipping, and then finishing with the file; 2, to file a round hole square; 3, to file a round hole into elliptical; 4, given a 3 in.

"Than those," is an elliptical member, meaning, "than are those moments," or, "than those moments are pleasing;" both subject and predicate are wholly suppressed, except that those is reckoned a part of the logical subject.

If the difference be not obvious, it can hardly be a momentous error, to mistake a phrase for an elliptical clause, or to call such a clause a phrase.

Such examples, however, may possibly be supposed elliptical; as, "Section, the fourth division of the chapter;""Henry, the eighth king of that name:" and, if they are so, the article, in English, can never be placed after its noun, nor can two articles ever properly relate to one noun, in any particular construction of it.

If, then, the first is elliptical, as Priestley suggests, and the others are ungrammatical, as Murray pretends to prove, we cannot have in reality any such construction as the apposition of two possessives; for the sign of the case cannot possibly be added in more than these three ways.

Whether this phraseology is thus elliptical or not, is questionable.

Again, the elliptical sentence, "Teach them thy sons," is less perspicuous, and therefore less accurate, than the full expression, "Teach them to thy sons."

4.In some phrases, a preposition seems to govern a perfect participle; but these expressions are perhaps rather to be explained as being elliptical: as, "To give it up for lost;""To take that for granted which is disputed.

This elliptical construction of a few objectives, is what remains to us of the ancient Saxon dative case.

5."Such Expressions as, Hand to Hand, Face to Face, Foot to Foot, are of the nature of Adverbs, and are of elliptical Construction: For the Meaning is, Hand OPPOSED to Hand, &c."W.

This expression is perhaps elliptical: it may mean, "that I have made myself so bold," &c. (3.)

Such terms, if elliptical, are most commonly of the plural number, and refer to the word persons or things understood; as, "The careless and the imprudent, the giddy and the fickle, the ungrateful and the interested, everywhere meet us.

In all such phraseology, there is, in regard to the form of the latter word, an evident disagreement of the adjective with its immediate noun; but sometimes, (where the preposition of does not occur,) expressions that seem somewhat like these, may be elliptical: as when historians tell of many thousand foot (soldiers), or many hundred horse (troops).

"The following phrases are elliptical: 'To let out blood.'

"Nearly all parts of speech are used more or less in an elliptical sense.

Are the countless examples of this exception truly elliptical?

"But though this elliptical style be intelligible, and is allowable in conversation and epistolary writing, yet in all writings of a serious or dignified kind, is ungraceful.

The simple members of a compound sentence, whether successive or involved, elliptical or complete, are generally divided by the comma; as, 1.

But, according to Rule 2d, "The simple members of a compound sentence, whether successive or involved, elliptical or complete, are generally divided by the comma."

Of compound sentences, a vast many are more or less elliptical; and sometimes, for brevity's sake, even the most essential parts of a simple sentence, are suppressed; as, "But more of this hereafter.

1.Grammarians in general treat of ellipsis without defining it; and exhibit such rules and examples as suppose our language to be a hundred-fold more elliptical than it really is.

They absurdly suggest that every elliptical sentence lacks a part of its own meaning!

"The phrases, 'To let out blood,''To go a hunting,' are not elliptical; for out is needless, and a is a preposition, governing hunting.

"The proper way is, to complete the construction of the first member, and leave that of the second elliptical.

A terse or concise style is very apt to be elliptical: and, in some particular instances, must be so; but, at the same time, the full expression, perhaps, may have more precision, though it be less agreeable.

Ellipsis, or suppression, mark of, how figured, and what used to denote Elliptical construction of nouns, ("A horse, a horse," &c., SHAK.)

GENUENSIS'S Prosthesis, explained Proverbs, their elliptical character Provincial expressions, use of, as opposed to purity PUNCTUATION, arranged under the head of Prosody Punct.,

The former example being simply elliptical of the antecedent, he judges the latter to be so too; and infers, "that what is nothing more than a relative pronoun, and includes nothing else.

These elliptical uses of that are all of them bad or questionable English; because, the ellipsis being such as may be supplied in two or three different ways, the true construction is doubtful, the true meaning not exactly determined by the words.

The phrase termed the subjunctive mood, is elliptical; shall, may, &c. being understood: as, 'Though hand (shall) join in hand, the wicked shall not be unpunished.'

Harrison cites a good example; pronounces it elliptical; and scarcely forbears to condemn it as bad English: "In the following sentence, the relative pronoun is three times omitted:'Is there a God to swear by, and is there none to believe in, none to trust to?'Letters and Essays, Anonymous.

Here, by way of illustration, we have examples of two sorts; the one elliptical, the other solecistical.

Having offset himself, Wells as ingeniously balances his authorities, pro and con; but, the elliptical examples being allowable, he should not have said that I and others "condemn this usage altogether.

Will it be said that the latter phrases are elliptical, for 'ask of him his opinion?'

If, for the reason here stated, it is a "mistake" to supply of in the foregoing instances, it does not follow that they are not elliptical.

The first of these examples is elliptical; (see Obs.

The last expressions have an active form with a passive sense, and should perhaps rather be considered elliptical than wanting a nominative; as, haste is required, no argument is needed, &c."Weld's English Grammar Illustrated, p. 143.

The only elliptical example, "Let there be light,"a kind of sentence from which the nominative is usually suppressed,is here absurdly represented as being full, yet without a subject for its verb; while other examples, which are full, and in which the nominative must follow the verb, because the adverb "there" precedes, are first denied to have nominatives, and then most bunglingly tortured with false ellipses, to prove that they have them!

Besides, as Mr. Malone has observed, he had now brought to the highest excellence his system of versification; and is it possible he could neglect it so far as to write the rugged lines in the note, where all manner of elliptical barbarisms are resorted to, for squeezing the words into a measure "lame and o'erburdened, and screaming its wretchedness"?

The question is, therefore, whether an elliptical or semicircular arch is to be preferred?

We shall, therefore, attempt to show the weakness of the elliptical arch, by arguments which appeal simply to common reason, and which will yet stand the test of geometrical examination.

Upon this plain principle the semicircular arch may be demonstrated to excel in strength the elliptical arch, which, approaching nearer to a straight line, must be constructed with stones whose diminution downwards is very little, and of which the pressure is almost perpendicular.

It has yet been sometimes asserted by hardy ignorance, that the elliptical arch is stronger than the semicircular; or in other terms, that any mass is more strongly supported the less it rests upon the supporters.

If the elliptical arch be equally strong with the semicircular; that is, if an arch, by approaching to a straight line, loses none of its stability, it will follow, that all arcuation is useless, and that the bridge may at last, without any inconvenience, consist of stone laid in straight lines from pillar to pillar.

If, in opposition to these arguments, and in defiance, at once, of right reason and general authority, the elliptical arch should at last be chosen, what will the world believe, than that some other motive than reason influenced the determination?

And some degree of partiality cannot but be suspected by him, who has been told that one of the judges appointed to decide this question, is Mr. Mllr, who, having by ignorance, or thoughtlessness, already preferred the elliptical arch, will, probably, think himself obliged to maintain his own judgment, though his opinion will avail but little with the publick, when it is known that Mr. Spsn declares it to be false.

Mr. M proposes elliptical arches.

It has been objected, that elliptical arches are weak; and, therefore, improper for a bridge of commerce, in a country where greater weights are ordinarily carried by land, than, perhaps, in any other part of the world.

That there is an elliptical bridge at Florence is allowed, but the objectors maintain, that its stability is so much doubted, that carts are not permitted to pass over it.

The instability of the elliptical arch has been sufficiently proved by argument, and Ammanuti's attempt has proved it by example.

The whole of the argument in favour of Mr. M, is only, that there is an elliptical bridge at Florence, and an iron balustrade at Rome; the bridge is owned to be weak, and the iron balustrade we consider as mean, and are loath that our own country should unite two follies in a publick work.

Of all these concomitants of errours, the letter of Dec. 10, in favour of elliptical arches, has afforded examples.

This grant, which was made but for a moment, needed not to have been made at all; for, before he concludes his letter, he undertakes to prove, that the elliptical arch must, in all respects, be superiour in strength to the semicircle.

The semi-elliptical arch has one recommendation yet unexamined: we are told, that it is difficult of execution.

There is negation with direct resolution, and negation with inverse resolution, which is elliptical.

The menace may be elliptical.

It is the same downward or upward movement which is reproduced when the menace is concentric or elliptical.

We refer here only to conjunctions in the elliptical sense.

Considered in itself, the word and, when elliptical, embraces what has just been said, and what is about to be said.

We see that a conjunction is not elliptical when, instead of uniting propositions, it unites only ideas of the same character.

The interjection has 9 degrees; this is admirably suited to the interjection, an elliptical term which comprises the three terms of a proposition.

Gesture is the elliptical language given to man to express what speech is powerless to say.

This word has an elliptical form.

The conjunction and interjection are alike elliptical; thus in the phrase: "Ah!

The conjunction presents a general view to our thought, it is the reunion of scattered facts; it is essentially elliptical.

The interjection is essentially elliptical, because, expressing nothing in itself, it expresses at the time all that the gesture desires it to express, for ellipsis is a hidden sense, the revelation of which belongs exclusively to gesture.

It is the elliptical expression of language; it is the justification of the additional meanings of speech.

It is an elliptical tunnel of brick, placed under ground, and marked by turrets of brick and stone placed along its course.

Most were once spiral or elliptical galaxies but were deformed by gravitational pull.

The distinctive central control tower, nearly a dozen stories high, is a local landmark with its pair of segmented elliptical pylons and a six-story platform trussed between them.

"We may be witnessing, for the first time, the formation of one of the most massive elliptical galaxies in the universe".

Determining the shape of a lenticular galaxy is difficult because the shape can be between spiral galaxy and elliptical galaxy.

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But in the early 1600s, the German astronomer Johannes Kepler presented the results of comprehensive observations which showed that the planets move in elliptical--or oval--orbits with the sun at one focus.

He's not afraid to be personal, to be slightly obscure and elliptical, to use the freedom that independence gives him. whale is definitely worth seeing and considering for filmgoers and filmmakers alike.

In giant elliptical galaxies, the red GCs are likely to represent a broad composite population formed during several major starbursts.

Originally, it was assumed that giant elliptical galaxies had an axisymmetric spatial distribution and/or an isotropic velocity distribution of stars at all points within the galaxy.

The following is generated by fitting elliptical orbits to the most recent available two line elements for each spacecraft.

The stories are diverse and peculiar, elliptical and compressed, with no linkage between them other than the spare, sure skill of the writer.