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24643 example sentences with  else

24643 example sentences with else

She ought to let somebody else put it on.

"He has forgotten to call, or he's forgotten where he left me, or else he hasn't found Fly.

And he looked in a Dictionary, and put me in a stage,I was going to tell you about that when I got ready,and asked me if I had ten cents, and I had; and then I forgot what the number was, and that was the time I saw the onions, or I should have gone right into somebody's else's house.

She had on a quilted hood as soft as her voice, but everything else about her was as hard as the door-stone she sat on.

Well, what else you got in your pocket?

The sight was so strange that Flyaway stopped to admire; for whatever else she might be afraid of, she always loved and trusted a dog.

Who else is gone?

"There, who else noticed that?" exclaimed Horace, tossing his young sister aloft.

" "That was a pretty way to speak to her, I should think," said Dotty; "but can't you just please to hush while auntie is talking?" "As near as I can tell the story," said Mrs. Brooks, rattling the poor old coal-stove,for she always had to be moving something else, as well as her nose, when she talked,"she lost her sight by studying too hard, and then getting cold in her eyes.

"And I'm sure nobody else could take it, auntie.

"No, auntie; you wouldn't let me pay the car fare, or anything else.

Fly must walk, with her tired little feet, to the Eagle office, with Horace and me; or else she must make a solemn promise not to go out of the ferry-house."

thought Horace"that's the reason she can't see anything else.

"Well, III must have been thinking, of something else, auntie."

And you must be thinking of something else still, or you'd ask me" "O, yes, auntie; how did the thief happen to give it up?

Even if it can be construed to mean something else, without violence to its language, such construction is not to be tolerated against the wishes of either party.

That there must be some degree of confidence put in agents, or else we must reject a state of civil society altogether.

You must violate every rule of construction and common sense, if you sever it from the power of raising money and annex it to any thing else, in order to make it that formidable power which it is represented to be.

III., p. 256.] This riot, this "Boston Massacre," or, as the colonists delighted to call it, "the bloody massacre," excited and aroused the whole land, forced the government to remove the soldiers from Boston to an island in the bay, and did more than anything else which had yet happened, to help on the Revolution.

It induced the King to offer us peace with representation in Parliament, or anything else we wanted except independence.

It made cotton planting profitable; it brought immense wealth to the people of the South every year; it covered New England with cotton mills; and by making slave labor profitable it did more than anything else to fasten slavery on the United States for seventy years, and finally to bring on the Civil War, the most terrible struggle of modern times.

In the third place, they started "exchanges," or shops, in the cities and large towns, to which anybody who could knit mittens or socks, or make boots and shoes or straw bonnets, or spin flax or wool, or make anything else that the people needed, could send them to be sold.

I am glad to my heart that honest farmer Williams is dead; your villainy would else have made him curse the day that ever he was born."

"Damn the fellow," said one of them, "one never hears of any thing else.

And he made the hell of a rumpus, and sent away Kit to prison in a twinky; and I believe he would have been hanged: for when two squires lay their heads together, they do not much matter law, you know; or else they twist the law to their own ends, I cannot exactly say which; but it is much at one when the poor fellow's breath is out of his body."

Why, are you such an ass as to suppose, that the sort of story you have been telling, can be of any service to you, either here or at the assizes, or any where else?

There are causes and reasons, or else I could have wished from the bottom of my soul never to have set eyes on you again.

This particular form of writing perhaps influenced those who copied Lyly more than anything else in his book.

CHAPTER III THE DRAMA (1) Biologists tell us that the hybridthe product of a variety of ancestral stocksis more fertile than an organism with a direct and unmixed ancestry; perhaps the analogy is not too fanciful as the starting-point of a study of Elizabethan drama, which owed its strength and vitality, more than to anything else, to the variety of the discordant and contradictory elements of which it was made up.

I thought it my duty to complain, in tender terms, of these frequent avocations; but was answered, that rank and fortune might reasonably hope for some indulgence; that the retardation of my pupil's progress would not be imputed to any negligence or inability of mine; and that with the success which satisfied every body else, I might surely satisfy myself.

A little onward lend thy guiding hand To these dark steps, a little further on; For yonder bank hath choice of sun and shade: There I am wont to sit, when any chance Relieves me from my task of servile toil, Daily in the common prison else enjoin'd me.

There is something else almost as indispensable to the health of soldiers as sobriety, and that is subordination.

It was another day coming; she might as well get up, and live the rest of her life out;what else had she to do?

Nobody else in the world ever called her by a pet name.

We are depressed, we are worried; and when we look back, all our departed days of worry and depression appear to start up and press themselves upon our view to the exclusion of anything else; so that we are ready to think that we have never been otherwise than depressed and worried all our life.

Why else were the Rebels so sure of a triumph?

"Not a man in the mountains," wrote one of those who watched him in that interesting sketch of Mr. Conwell's life, "Scaling the Eagle's Nest," "would have thought it possible to do anything else but shoot, that nest down.

The outlook for anything else was almost hopeless.

Thus working as hard as though he were doing nothing else, and studying as hard as though he were not working, Russell made his way through two terms of the academic year.

Yet at this moment the Great Eastern is lying in her old berth in the Sloyne at Liverpool, and unless something else at present quite unforeseen takes place, she will once more play the undignified part of a floating music hall.

First, nature, for she is the primary source and origin of all good ornament, whether ancient or modern; and if, as in everything else, we would not become servile imitators and weak copyists, we must go to the fountain head.

"Probably mistook me for someone else and thought he knew me," Sahwah thought to herself, and dismissed him from her mind.

As Sahwah remarked, she had her appetite all fixed for Katherine, and nothing else would satisfy her.

Better than anything else under the sun, Hinpoha loved to tell fortunes.

"What I meant mostly," said Sahwah, skillfully diverting a discussion that was becoming decidedly heated, "was that none of us are likely to get a chance to die for our country, and neither is Veronica going to get a chance to die for hers, or do anything else for it, even if she were willing to.

Why, it will be such a chore to study history that the pupils won't have time to study anything else!

Hinpoha, clever artist that she was herself, took a lively interest in anyone else who could draw, and from the glimpses she could get of the sketches being made across the aisle, she recognized the peculiar genius of the artist.

Forgetful of my mother-in-law's presence, indeed, of everything else in the world, I turned and gazed at the steamer making its way out to sea.

Another queer incident occurred, showing, perhaps more than aught else, Mr. Bradlaugh's swift perception of the situation and adaptation to the environment.

It is very easy to turn upon somebody else who differs from us, and in the guise of zeal of God's honour to attack somebody of a difference of opinion, whose life may be more pleasing to God and more conducive to His honour than our own.

you saw her fair, none else being by; HERSELF poiz'd with HERSELF in either eye.

He is of opinion it could not be Pharaoh's daughter, as has been commonly conjectured, because the bride in the Canticles is characterised as a private person, a shepherdess, one that kept a vineyard, and was ill used by her mother's children, all which will agree very well with somebody else, but cannot, without great straining, be drawn to fit the Egyptian Princess.

To be sure, he didn't know how hard Dick and Ethie might have spatted it, or what had gone before; but anyway his advice would be to wait and see if she was not really at Mrs. Amsden's, or somewhere else.

I'll find her, most likely, as she is somewhere else."

Prayer will reach her where nothing else can find her.

Richard was happier with that little brown-haired girl than with anyone else, and when Melinda suggested they should go together somewhere, he assented readily, mentioning Davenport as a place where Ethelyn had many times said she would like to live.

Aunt Barbara saw it all, and this, if nothing else, would have brought entire pardon even had she been inclined to withhold it, which she was not.

I can bear it better from anyone else.

THE IRISH AND THE SEA By WILLIAM H. BABCOCK, LL.B. The beginning of Irish navigation, like the beginning of everything else, is hidden in the mist of antiquity.

All payments, tribute, rent, fulfilment of contract, fine, damages, wages, or however else arising, were made in kindhorses, cows, store cattle, sheep, pigs, corn, meal, malt, bacon, salt beef, geese, butter, honey, wool, flax, yarn, cloth, dye-plants, leather, manufactured articles of use or ornament, gold, and silverwhatever one party could spare and the other find a use for.

To one group of poets the humor, pathos, and tragedy of peasant life deeply appealed, and found expression in a poetry distinctively and unmistakably national, from which a kind of pleasure could be drawn unlike anything else in other literatures.

Not only were the poor old couple evicted with the least possible delay, but their few "sticks of furniture," precious to themselves and worth absolutely nothing to anybody else, were seized and carried off to Monavoethere being no bidders at the sale which Peter held in "distraint for rent."

all right, for I 'm in safety, Thanks to this obliging door: Lightning is a thing intended For high towers and stately domes, Never heard I of its falling Upon little lowly homes: So if lion be the lightning, Somewhere else will fall the bolt: Therefore once again, Daria, Come, I say, embrace me. . . . .

Either Mr. Pocket's spilled himself all out an' down the hill, or else Mr. Pocket's so rich you maybe won't be able to carry him all away with you.

There was nothing else for him to do.

The minutes passed, and with the passage of each minute he knew that by so much he was nearer the time when he must stand up, or elseand his wet shirt went cold against his flesh again at the thoughtor else he might receive death as he stooped there over his treasure.

How else can it be, save that he hunts with evil spirits?" "Mayhap they be not evil, but good, these spirits," others said.

She considered herself fortunate; and was a widow of rare discretion, in that she was wedded to her unexpected independence, and never intended to be wedded to anything or anybody else.

I'm his younger brother, whom he has lectured and been hard on for these twenty-seven years, and I know more about it than anybody else."

But though the summer is her rest, she always does enough to tire out anybody else.

"Of course, the head of the table belongs to Richard; I never interfere there, and as everybody else is placed, this is the only seat that I can take, following the rose and thorn principle."

She dare do nothing else, terrorized by the threats of Hobart, and her own sense of utter helplessness in his power.

This accomplished, nothing remained for West to do, but sit down and wait for something else to happen.

Everything else all right, I suppose?" "Sure; quiet as a mouse; asleep, I guess.

" "I thought not, which merely proves you are not a 'fly-cop,' only a measly busy-body sticking your nose into some one else's business.

There was no time to wait and hunt for that missing piece of metal doubtless safely hidden in Hogan's pocket, or else thrown overboard; he must break a way in; but first he must explain to her, so as to spare her the sudden fright of such an assault.

There was nothing else to save life aboard?" "There are life-belts here; see, hung to the front of the cabin.

"Why else should I be here?

"You will have somebody else to kiss in a moment, and unless you can bear joy as composedly as you can sorrow, why I tremble for the fate of my little Mary."

" Miss Pyne did not remember, but did not mean to be baffled either, she would let Miss Harz know, even if that lady did know more about mythology than herself; and, if no one else would join her, meant to play her rรดle, of sea-nymph all alone, with Major Latrobe for her Triton in waiting, tooting upon a conch-shell, and looking lovely!

Captain Falconer, a naval officer, had returned to the side of Miss Oscanyan, the woman he had loved hopelessly for years, and, before the scene closed between us forever, I saw him clasp her to his bosom; so that trying hour had for some high spirits its crowning consolations, its solace and reward, and, whatever else was in store, the martyrdom of love was over.

For was not this ship our world, penned in as we were on every side, and separated from all else by an ocean inexorable and illimitable as space, and were not we likewise looking forward to a fiery doomour finite, perhaps final, day of judgment?

"So Sir Harry Raymond thought, my dear "addressing me"when I married him, ten years ago; and so somebody else thinks just now, for I am tired of my widowhood, and intend taking on the conjugal yoke again as soon as I reach" "New York," interpolated Mrs. Clayton, hastily and emphatically; clearing her throat slightly, by way of apology, perhaps, for her officiousness.

"I thought a captain was more at home on shipboard than anywhere else," I pursued mechanically; "such is the theory at least.

Not anyone else.

Nothing else could have a material effect on the outcome.

NOTHING else matters to these vermin.

"Nothing else that I've done has taken me to all corners of the city to meet all these different people," said Zeller.

Nothing else will matter.

One of those days last week (didn't they kinda run together?) the Old Forest Trail was deluged but wide open, as most everything else was closing down.

"One thing above all else will restore order to our streets: an overwhelming show of force to disperse, detain and ultimately deter lawbreakers.

โ€œOne time I was out trying to run with this 12-year-old that was struggling a little bit with motivation and Vell was on his way to see somebody else,โ€ said Julie Globokar, chairperson at Boxing Out Negativity.

One will always find a way to benefit themselves in someone elseโ€™s calamities.

You read right- a snake is immersed in the beverage after which itโ€™s consumed and the effect according what we gathered is something else.

Youโ€™re as good as anyone else in that kitchen โ€“ donโ€™t let anyone make you feel otherwise.

You're there for 12 hours a day for months on end, you have no time for anything else.

On the other hand, Iโ€™m doing things nobody else is interested in doing, or maybe can do.

On the other hand, Tony was still the biggest meat eater since high school and did not care about what effects he had on anyone else.

Our selection of bags is designed to include offerings for every lifestyle, from business, to cycling, to school, and whatever else.

Our server brought over and umbrella that someone else had left there and told us to use it.