4875 examples of embraces in sentences

The society conveyed in one carriage in the States embraces the first, second, and third-class passengers of Great Britain; and the society fed at their tables-d'hôte contains all the varieties found in this country, from the pavilion to the pot-house.

The exercise of parsing should be commenced immediately after the first lesson of etymologythe lesson in which are contained the definitions of the ten parts of speech; and should be carried on progressively, till it embraces all the doctrines which are applicable to it.

A great nation, astonished at seeing herself free, stretches her arms from one extremity of the earth to the other, and embraces the first nation that became so."Abbé

Is it a case which "has usually the nominative form," but admits occasionally of "me" and "him," and embraces objective nouns of "time, measure, distance, direction, or place?"

According to him, this class embraces more than half the words in the language.

It neither explains the connecting nature of the preposition, nor applies to all objectives, nor embraces all the terms which a preposition may govern.

Impersonal verbs, so called, their peculiarity of use called monopersonal by some Impropriety of language, what embraces In and into, difference between; nature of the relation expressed by each; derivation of, from Sax.

wild and contradictory teachings concerning Language, PROPRIETY of, in what consists; IMPROPRIETY of, what embraces PRECISION of, in what consists; Precepts concerning its opposites Language, Eng., (see English Language) Languages, uniform SERIES OF GRAMMARS for teaching the Eng., Lat., and Gr., that of DR.

HEROIC; its quality and adaptation: embraces the elegiac stanza: trochaic, example of, said by MURR.

of Propositions, permanent, in what tense should be expressed Propriety, as a quality of style, in what consists its oppos., impropriety, what embraces Precepts aiming at offences against Prose and verse, in the composition of lang.

As they arrived, they were received by their countrymen with frank embraces; but Djemboulát, not trusting to this, guarded the village with sentinels, and proclaimed to the inhabitants, that whoever attempted to desert to the Russians should be cut in pieces.

Away to the right stretches the valley of the Minnesota River, while before you the "Father of Waters" receives into his embraces the waters of the Minnesota, then, sweeping to the left, rolls slowly and majestically from view behind the companion bluffs of the eastern shore.

This region of country has been recently organized under the name of Manitoba, and embraces the rich and extensive valleys of the Red, Assiniboine, and Saskatchewan Rivers.

The wet season begins usually in November, and terminates in May, while the dry season embraces the remaining portion of the year.

Much to the chagrin of her father, she now became an avowed Methodist; and was subjected to the petty persecution, which usually awaits the first in a family that embraces vital godliness.

With these words he embraces her, while she tries to resist.

Expressions relating to the highest form of love, "that which embraces all men and all beings" are derived from a root indicative of "what gives joy."

The famous tale herewith briefly summarized occurs in the Mahâbhârata, the great epic or mythological cyclopaedia of India, which embraces 220,000 metric lines, and antedates in the main the Christian era.

Foaming, rushing on swift longing, Seethed he up in youthful zest And the Terek flood was wedded With him in embraces blest.

Here, here remains Dust far more precious than in India's veins; Within those cold embraces, ravish'd, lies That which completes the age's tyrannies; Who weak to such another ill appear,

By the law of contrast, he leaped from one extreme to the other, let his imagination dwell on vibrant scenes between human lovers, and mused on their sensual kisses and passionate embraces.

Furthermore, she was withdrawn and puritanical in her embraces, displaying none of the brute force he had dreaded yet longed for, and she was subject to none of the perturbations of his sex.

GUDRUN, a heroine in an old German epic so called; betrothed to Herwig, king of Zealand, and carried off by Hochmut, king of Norway, a rejected suitor; preferred out of respect to her vow to serve as a menial in his mother's kitchen rather than be his wife; was rescued from durance by her brother and her betrothed, and being married to Herwig, pardoned the suitor that had stolen her from his embraces.

France, now subdivided into the departments of Gironde, Dordogne, Lot, Aveyron, and embraces parts of Lot-et-Garonne and Tarn-et-Garonne.

WUPPERTHAL, a densely-peopled valley in Germany traversed by the river Wupper, which after a course of 40 m. enters the right bank of the Rhine between Cologne and Düsseldorf, and which embraces the towns of Barmen and Elberfeld.

4875 examples of  embraces  in sentences