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4875 examples of  embraces  in sentences

4875 examples of embraces in sentences

The ardor with which our Milesian element embraces the cause of France furnishes a puzzle for many thoughtful minds; and yet its solution is simple.

Alas, Philander, I am old and feeble, And cannot long survive: But thou hast many Ages yet to number Of Youth and Vigour; and should all be wasted In the Embraces of an unlov'd Maid?

Come my brave Youths, we'll toil our selves with Joys, And when we're weary of the lazy play, We'll search abroad to find new Conquests out, And get fresh Appetites to new Delights: It will redouble your vast stock of Courage, And make th'uneasy Humour light and gentle; When you remember even in heat of Battle, That after all your Victories and Spoil, You'll meet calm Peace at home in soft Embraces.

[Embraces her.

Till a hundred of years shall have fled, And then I shall meet his embraces.

O their fast and strong embraces, And their kisses hot and sweet!

Ulysses's soul melted at her moving narration, and forgetting the state of the dead, and that the airy texture of disembodied spirits does not admit of the embraces of flesh and blood, he threw his arms about her to clasp her: the poor ghost melted from his embrace, and looking mournfully upon him vanished away.

THIS CLASS OF ANIMALS embraces all those that nourish their young by means of lacteal glands, or teats, and are so constituted as to have a warm or red blood.

Bulgaria invaded by the Russians, who also extend their dominion to the Black Sea. Miecislas, ruler of Poland, embraces Christianity. 969.

Vladimir the Great of Russia embraces Christianity.

I have filled in with some detail this thumbnail sketch of thyroid deprivation as it occurs in infancy to illustrate how wide a sweep the gland's lariat embraces.

Personality embraces much more than merely the psychic attributes.

Doubtless they had often experienced trouble and had even wept at times, but they had drawn closer together and consoled one another on such occasions; none had ever been cut off from the good-night embraces which healed every sore.

[Sound. Enter the KING OF VALENTIA, ANSELMO, RODRIGO, BARCHEUS, with others; the KING runs and embraces his son.

Arthur Updyke, for example, who clerked in the city drug store, was a tenor, and nearly all of his songs were distressingly sentimental; indeed, fairly indelicate at times in their lack of reserve about kisses and embraces and sighs and ecstasies.

The former class embraces equally those institutions in which the sovereign is worshipped as a god, and those in which he performs the humble office of a manikin.

It would have saved you much misery, and might have rendered the close of your father's life more happy; but as your present creed embraces doctrines too much at variance with the Romish church to renounce the one or to adopt the other, with your views, it will be impossible to change your church without committing a heavy offence against the opinions and practices of every denomination of Christians.

On that condition thus I spread my armes, Whose chaste embraces ne're toucht man before; And will to Hubert all the favour shew His vertuous love can covet.

This fact, and a meeting with Vathek, convinced her that she was alive, and, submitting to the caliph's embraces, she consented to become his bride, and to go with him to the subterranean palace.

That was all; no emotion, no compliments, no embraces.

The general attendance is tolerably large; between 700 and 800 people frequent the church on the average; but the congregation seems to be of a floating character, is constantly changing, and embraces few "old stagers."

In the Preston circuit, which until recently included Croston, Cuerden, Brinscall, Chorley, and Blackpool, and which now only embraces, Cuerden and Crostonthe other places being thought sufficiently strong to look after themselvesthere are about 400 "members."

If that were so, did it not lie out far beyond every fact in life, include and control them all, as the great truth of gravitation outlies and embraces the physical universe?

Then, of course, there was a scene of exclamations and embraces.

That amiable princess, being cured of her wounds, and having even obliterated the scars with which Odo had hoped to deface her beauty, returned into England, and was flying to the embraces of the king, whom she still regarded as her husband; when she fell into the hands of a party, whom the primate had sent to intercept her.

Here Cadmus reigned; and now one would have guessed 180 The royal founder in his exile blessed: Long did he live within his new abodes, Allied by marriage to the deathless gods; And, in a fruitful wife's embraces old, A long increase of children's children told: But no frail man, however great or high, Can be concluded blessed before he die.

When the singular and unparalleled object of the Crusades presents itself, the historian embraces the illustrious scene with apparent eagerness, and bestows upon it a greater enlargement than might perhaps have been expected from the nature of his subject; but not greater, we confidently believe, than is calculated to increase the pleasure, that a reader of philosophy and taste may derive from the perusal.

When one is interested enough to trace the genealogy of Victoria he finds, to his surprise, that in her veins flowed the blood both of William the Conqueror and of Cerdic, the first Saxon king of England; and this seems to be symbolic of the literature of her age, which embraces the whole realm of Saxon and Norman life,the strength and ideals of the one, and the culture and refinement of the other.

Three times the man threw his arms round the woman with other embraces than those of lovethree times they returned to their swords, and cut and slashed one another's bleeding bodies; till at length they were obliged to hold back for the purpose of taking breath.

The work, which will be found the key to Ruskin's economic gospel, embraces four essays, treating successively of the responsibilities and duties of those called to fill all offices of national trust and service; of the true sources of a nation's riches; of the right distribution of such riches; and of what is meant by the economic terms,value, wealth, price, and produce.

[Embraces her] Fetch them, Annushka.

[Embraces her] Maybe they can take you from me by force, but I won't give you up of my free will.


PELAGÉYA EGÓROVNA embraces the children.

[Embraces her. TATYÁNA.

In him consciousness has reached the degree of clearness at which it embraces the world itself: his intellect has completely abandoned its function as the servant of his will, and now holds the world before him; and the world calls upon him much more to examine and consider it, than to play a part in it himself.

We parted from him with many embraces, giving him thanks for his numerous attentions, and mutually wishing each other a good journey.

He received, me with much joy, and many embraces were mutually given and received, and we rejoiced together on my safe arrival.

Over the fireplace was a long, staff-like branch, strangled in the spiral coils of one of those vines which strain the smaller trees in their clinging embraces, sinking into the bark until the parasite becomes almost identified with its support.

It embraces, as his map shows, Egypt as far south as Victoria Nyanza, Arabia, Persia, the greater part of India, the littoral of the Black Sea, the plains of the Volga, the circuit of the Caspian Sea and the Aral Sea, and in the north-east nearly touches Tomsk.

And, talking of embraces, if a woman was desirable, she need not walk all the way to Deir-el-Zor, but by embracing Islamism be transferred to a harem.

If he was separated for an hour from Arthur, he would leap up at his return, and almost overwhelm him with his rough embraces.

To the House of Representatives of the United States: In compliance with a resolution of the House of Representatives of the 10th instant, relative to the capture and imprisonment of certain persons, citizens of the United States, therein specifically mentioned, I now transmit a report from the Secretary of State, which, with the documents accompanying it, embraces the objects contemplated by the said resolution.

And to this day the inhabitants cherish the tradition that thus the poor rejected Undine still lovingly embraces her husband.

To this argument he added two or three persuasive embraces.

The whole category embraces several hundreds, and it is quite a sight to behold the court, the corridors, and terraces of the mosque swarming with them.

The interior of the cellar was decorated with scenes from the novels of Harvey Wheelwright, triumphant virtue, discomfited villains, benignant blessings, chaste embraces, edifying death-beds, and orange-blossoms.

Between Svoermere and Benoni comes the frankly first-personal narrative of a vagabond who describes himself, upon interrogation, as "Knut Pedersen"which is two-thirds of Knut Pedersen Hamsundand hailing from Nordlandwhich embraces Lofoten.

The unnatural parent, shaking the beads in the face of her only child, thrust her from her embraces; and the slave-dealer drove the agonized girl from the place of her nativity.'" EMMA.

I am the more confirmed in this Opinion from my having received several Letters, wherein I am censur'd for having prostituted Learning to the Embraces of the Vulgar, and made her, as one of my Correspondents phrases it, a common Strumpet: I am charged by another with laying open the Arcana, or Secrets of Prudence, to the Eyes of every Reader.

It will not be denied that the general "power to declare war" is without limitation and embraces within itself not only what writers on the law of nations term a public or perfect war, but also an imperfect war, and, in short, every species of hostility, however confined or limited.

" To say that the simple power of regulating commerce embraces within itself that of constructing harbors, of deepening the channels of riversin short, of creating a system of internal improvements for the purpose of facilitating the operations of commercewould be to adopt a latitude of construction under which all political power might be usurped by the Federal Government.

According to the best estimate, our immense coast on the Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific, and the Ivakes embraces more than 9,500 miles, and, measuring by its indentations and to the head of tide water on the rivers, the distance is believed to be more than 33,000 miles.

" This provision embraces a present donation to the States of 12,229,731 acres, and will from time to time transfer to them large bodies of such lands which from peculiar circumstances may not be absorbed by private purchase and settlement.

He watched what the Woman of Darkness did in her absence, and discovered that she descended into the waters and enjoyed the embraces of a monster, while the Woman of Light passed her time in feeding white birds.

The reasoning is that which embraces the whole cause; and if that be taken away, then there is no dispute remaining behind in the cause.

But the arrangement which embraces the properly distributed explanation of the facts, ought to have brevity, completeness, conciseness.

The Circle of the White House embraces the President, the Cabinet, the Chiefs of Bureaus, the Embassies, Corcoran and Riggs, formerly Mr. Forney, and until recently George Sanders and Isaiah Rynders.

In our embraces we again enfold her, She will not be a child; But a fair maiden, in her Father's mansion, Clothed with celestial grace; And beautiful with all the soul's expansion Shall we behold her face.

The width of the main range of the Himalayas will average about 500 miles between its northern and southern foot-hills; it embraces every possible kind of climate, vegetation and natural products, and is a vast reservoir from which four of the greatest rivers of the world flow across the plains of India, carrying the drainage from the melting snows, and without this reservoir northern India would be a hopeless and dreary desert.

But I'm so glad to see you," she cried, with a fresh burst of tears and additional embraces.

And fantasy of this kind consorts but ill with a scheme that embraces such realities as heart-failure and typhus.

We have thus demonstrated that the compact between the North and the South embraces every variety of wrong and outrage,is at war with God and man, cannot be innocently supported, and deserves to be immediately annulled.

We have thus demonstrated that the compact between the North and the South embraces every variety of wrong and outrage,is at war with God and man, cannot be innocently supported, and deserves to be immediately annulled.

The society conveyed in one carriage in the States embraces the first, second, and third-class passengers of Great Britain; and the society fed at their tables-d'hôte contains all the varieties found in this country, from the pavilion to the pot-house.

him is an only child, whom the sun of Italy could not save;and next, one who perished suddenly, like Miss Bathurst, in the very bud and bloom of existence,or another, who died away, day after day, in the embraces of her parents, and now rests in the midst of the beautiful in vain.

My father [Charles II.] whom with reverence I name ... Is grown in Bathsheba's embraces old.

The emperor was so delighted with her person, that he dedicated himself wholly to her embraces, spending day and night in her company, and neglected his most pressing affairs.

The exercise of parsing should be commenced immediately after the first lesson of etymologythe lesson in which are contained the definitions of the ten parts of speech; and should be carried on progressively, till it embraces all the doctrines which are applicable to it.

A great nation, astonished at seeing herself free, stretches her arms from one extremity of the earth to the other, and embraces the first nation that became so."Abbé

Is it a case which "has usually the nominative form," but admits occasionally of "me" and "him," and embraces objective nouns of "time, measure, distance, direction, or place?"

According to him, this class embraces more than half the words in the language.

It neither explains the connecting nature of the preposition, nor applies to all objectives, nor embraces all the terms which a preposition may govern.

Impersonal verbs, so called, their peculiarity of use called monopersonal by some Impropriety of language, what embraces In and into, difference between; nature of the relation expressed by each; derivation of, from Sax.

wild and contradictory teachings concerning Language, PROPRIETY of, in what consists; IMPROPRIETY of, what embraces PRECISION of, in what consists; Precepts concerning its opposites Language, Eng., (see English Language) Languages, uniform SERIES OF GRAMMARS for teaching the Eng., Lat., and Gr., that of DR.

HEROIC; its quality and adaptation: embraces the elegiac stanza: trochaic, example of, said by MURR.

of Propositions, permanent, in what tense should be expressed Propriety, as a quality of style, in what consists its oppos., impropriety, what embraces Precepts aiming at offences against Prose and verse, in the composition of lang.

Its circumference embraces one of the finest docks of the portthe Commerce Dock, thus named because it could not be finished (in 1827) except by the financial co-operation of the shipowners and merchants of the city.

The only trouble was the necessity of walking on, of accompanying his embraces and protests of love with the incessant activity of walking.

It is not necessary for a man to be convinced of the illusory nature of time and of material happenings in order to appreciate Charlotte's genius; but his comprehension of Emily's will be adequate or otherwise, according to the passion and sincerity with which he embraces that idea.

As they arrived, they were received by their countrymen with frank embraces; but Djemboulát, not trusting to this, guarded the village with sentinels, and proclaimed to the inhabitants, that whoever attempted to desert to the Russians should be cut in pieces.

Away to the right stretches the valley of the Minnesota River, while before you the "Father of Waters" receives into his embraces the waters of the Minnesota, then, sweeping to the left, rolls slowly and majestically from view behind the companion bluffs of the eastern shore.

This region of country has been recently organized under the name of Manitoba, and embraces the rich and extensive valleys of the Red, Assiniboine, and Saskatchewan Rivers.

The wet season begins usually in November, and terminates in May, while the dry season embraces the remaining portion of the year.

Much to the chagrin of her father, she now became an avowed Methodist; and was subjected to the petty persecution, which usually awaits the first in a family that embraces vital godliness.

With these words he embraces her, while she tries to resist.

Expressions relating to the highest form of love, "that which embraces all men and all beings" are derived from a root indicative of "what gives joy."

The famous tale herewith briefly summarized occurs in the Mahâbhârata, the great epic or mythological cyclopaedia of India, which embraces 220,000 metric lines, and antedates in the main the Christian era.

Foaming, rushing on swift longing, Seethed he up in youthful zest And the Terek flood was wedded With him in embraces blest.

It obtains its name from a little rivulet, the Somer, which partly embraces the village.

I have before me the eleventh edition of Esther Copley's "Cottage Comforts," 1834; it embraces all the points which demand attention from such as desire to render a humble home comfortable and happy.

Here, here remains Dust far more precious than in India's veins; Within those cold embraces, ravish'd, lies That which completes the age's tyrannies; Who weak to such another ill appear,

By the law of contrast, he leaped from one extreme to the other, let his imagination dwell on vibrant scenes between human lovers, and mused on their sensual kisses and passionate embraces.

Furthermore, she was withdrawn and puritanical in her embraces, displaying none of the brute force he had dreaded yet longed for, and she was subject to none of the perturbations of his sex.

GUDRUN, a heroine in an old German epic so called; betrothed to Herwig, king of Zealand, and carried off by Hochmut, king of Norway, a rejected suitor; preferred out of respect to her vow to serve as a menial in his mother's kitchen rather than be his wife; was rescued from durance by her brother and her betrothed, and being married to Herwig, pardoned the suitor that had stolen her from his embraces.

France, now subdivided into the departments of Gironde, Dordogne, Lot, Aveyron, and embraces parts of Lot-et-Garonne and Tarn-et-Garonne.

WUPPERTHAL, a densely-peopled valley in Germany traversed by the river Wupper, which after a course of 40 m. enters the right bank of the Rhine between Cologne and Düsseldorf, and which embraces the towns of Barmen and Elberfeld.

To the House of Representatives: In compliance with a resolution of the House of Representatives of the 22d ultimo, I communicate a report from the Secretary of State, which embraces the information called for by said resolution.

In compliance with a resolution of the House of Representatives of the 29th of April last, I communicate to that body a report from the Secretary of State, which embraces the information called for by that resolution.

The disciple of Nietzsche, indeed, embraces immorality like an austere and difficult faith.