55 examples of emerged with in sentences

"We have developed four negatives," said Thorndyke, as he emerged with the others, "and I am leaving them in the custody of Doctor Norbury, who will sign each when they are dry, as they may have to be put in evidence.

Reflect then how unreasonable you are in glorifying in your virtue: consider your injustice when you so cruelly abuse those who have had the misfortune to be born with an ungovernable inclination toward love, whom a sudden violent passion has surprised, or who have found themselves in the midst of circumstances out of which you would not have emerged with any greater glory.

Diana had mourned with all the vehement intensity of her being, but out of the deep baptism of sorrow she had emerged with a new and nobler nature.

The crowd thickened and surged, and four of the Guard emerged with the fiddler and his assailant under arrest.

Then from the obscurity of a corner a form, tall and graceful, emerged with a slow monotony of movement suggestive of stealth.

From this process of testing and strain he emerged with his faith established on a yet firmer basis than before.

But the German spirit emerged with fresh strength from the deepest humiliation.

A skirmish in which the Duke of Monmouth's officers, with the exception of Colonel Wade, emerged with but small credit to themselves took place on the morning of June 14, 1685.

As Madame Bordier went deeper and deeper into the recesses of the malle there was a tinkling sound and she emerged with the cap that Hermia wore and looked at it with sighs followed by tears.

It wasn't so bad, except once when he met a load of hay and emerged with frayed nerves from the ordeal of passing it; and he had been compelled to drive a long way until he could find space in which to turn round.

" Ten minutes later he emerged with bag, hat, and stick.

Swimming with the ease, grace and speed of a seal, he emerged with bursting lungs a good hundred yards from where he had disappeared.

Colonel Jackson gave Mr. Ross-Ellison a "lift" in his powerful motor as far as his bungalow, entered, and a few minutes later emerged with a long and fat envelope.

Thus at last out of this struggle Judaism emerged with a new-found faith in individual immortality.

Mr. Tulliver was in his little den at the back of the shop, and emerged with his usual rapidity at the ringing of the door-bell.

He emerged with, whispered secrets such as these: "fore-knew," "fore-ordained," "chosen in him before the foundation of the world," "eternal life promised before times eternal," "the eternal purpose which he purposed in Christ Jesus our Lord.

and one by one the riders emerged with grunts of relief on a sound causeway.

And there, for nearly a month, I watched the transformation of that clay into human proportions and expressions, until it gradually emerged with the familiar facial outlines ever so dear to one's self.

He emerged with a perhaps almost prudish distaste for the ugly, the vulgar, and the unclean,and with distinct delusions of grandeur.

Two or three horses picketed under the trees with their grooms, cowering over fires made upon the ground, looked very like unearthly chargers, just emerged with their grim attendants from some subterranean kingdom; while the red glare from the cooking tents, and the dusky figures moving about, could scarcely be recognised as belonging to human and every-day lifethe whole scene having a supernatural air.

He soon emerged with important intelligence.

" She emerged with a cool-looking blue kimono.

"Now where's that key?" Lawyer Quince took his son by the arm and led him into the house, from whence they almost immediately emerged with Ned waving the key.

Encumbered with heavy furs, I extricated myself with difficulty; and as I at last emerged with three pints of snow down my neck, I saw the round, leering face of my late driver grinning at me through the bushes on the edge of the bluff.

A hand plunged into one of my bags and emerged with several bars of chocolate, the wrappers of which were shorn off before the chocolate was well out of the bag.

55 examples of  emerged with  in sentences