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836 examples of emile in sentences

"Dominie, you know Emile Garin pretty well?" "Not at all," I replied, failing to identify the rickety Plooie by his rightful name.

"You are friends of mycountryman, Emile Garin, are you not?"

"Emile Garin," he said, "was a son of Belgium.

A freshly painted sign across the front of Plooie's basement, was the magnet that drew them: Emile Garin & Wife Umbrella Mender & Porch Cleanser to

" EMILE DARIO (Sonnets).

" EMILE LECLERCQ (Une fille du peuple).

" EMILE LECLERCQ (Une fille du peuple).

Rousseau, engaged in authorship from 1751 and a contributor to the Encyclopedia until 1757 comes into prominence, 1762, with his two chief works, Emile and the Social Contract.

The novel Emile is devoted to the pedagogical, and the Social Contract, or the Principles of Political Law, to the political problem.

"The Savoyard Vicar's Profession of Faith" (in Emile) proclaims deism as a religion of feeling.

Mme Emile Chartier, nee Gabrielle Landormy (NK); 17Sep68; R443990. LANE, BURTON. Don't cry little cloud.

By Emile B. De Sauze.

R82084, 10Aug51, Edward G. Mahin (A) MALAKIS, EMILE.

R83514, 20Sep51, Emile Malakis (A) MANLY, JOHN MATTHEWS.

R100736, 9Oct52, Peter De Rose (A) DE SAUZÉ, EMILE BLAS, ed.


SEE Beirly, Alfred. CHARTIER, EMILE.


La course aux rebelles, par Emile Zavie, pseud.

de Emile Boyer.

Emile Boyer, nee Clementine Josephine Beucher (W); 19Sep55; R157569.


MAUROIS, ANDRE, pseud. SEE Herzog, Emile.

SEE Durkheim, Emile.

Leon and Emile rode back to say that the road ahead was clear.

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