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1113 examples of  empress  in sentences

1113 examples of empress in sentences

The late Empress of Austria, who was a fine rider, spent some time one spring in Paris, and rode every morning in the Bois.

We divined they were the Empress's horses and waited to see her mount.

With that exception I never saw nor talked with any member of that family until I had been some years a widow, when the Empress Eugenie received me on her yacht at Cowes.

I always thought the Empress knew about it and appreciated his act, for during his embassy in London, though we never saw her, she constantly sent him word through mutual friends of little negotiations she knew about and thought might interest him, and always spoke very well of him as a "clear-headed, patriotic statesman."

The child was sometimes in the drawing-room when his mother was receiving, and heard her and all her friends inveighing against the iniquities of the Imperial Court and the frivolity of the Empress.

He saw the Empress walking one day in the Bois de Boulogne.

(The Empress is very pretty, but one must not say it to mother.)

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Since the time of Hoeyte and the Empress Leuhow, each successive generation has adhered to the established rule, and sought our alliance with its daughters.

Were the Empress Leuhow alivelet her utter a wordwhich of them would dare to be of a different opinion?

[Footnote 3: Chow-wong was the last of the Shang dynasty, and infamous by his debaucheries and cruelties, in concert with his empress Takee, the Theodora of Chinese history.]

For these reasons we read, with some degree of astonishment, a treatise on this exploded subject, by a philosopher, an eminent physician, a privy counseller of the then Empress Queen, and a professor in the university of Vienna.

In the year 1758, three old women, condemned to death for witchcraft, were brought by order of the Empress from Croatia to Vienna, to undergo an examination, with regard to the equity of the sentence pronounced against them.

After reading over the depositions, produced on the trials with the greatest care, and interrogating the culprits themselves most vigorously by means of a Croatian interpreter, these great physicians discovered that the three old women were not witches, and prevailed with the Empress to send them home in safety.

for thou art the Khouli Khan, And I am the Empress of Allahabad, or any other man, Then turtle soup may lift its crest o'er the stars in the twilight dim, Ere I, an Empress of regions fair, With a halo of succulent blonden hair, Elope with a Khouli grim.

for thou art the Khouli Khan, And I am the Empress of Allahabad, or any other man, Then turtle soup may lift its crest o'er the stars in the twilight dim, Ere I, an Empress of regions fair, With a halo of succulent blonden hair, Elope with a Khouli grim.

Otherwise be will continue to be a patriot, and will abuse Her Majesty, the Empress, with more violence than ever.

The murder of Hansin, to whose aid Kaotsou owed his elevation to the throne as much as to any other, by order of the empress, during a reception at the palace, shook confidence still more in the ruler, and many of his followers were forced into open rebellion through dread of personal danger.

Under Hoeiti, the Tartar King Meha sent an envoy to the capital, but either the form or the substance of his message enraged the empress-mother, who ordered his execution.

But at that crisis, as is generally said, either the fate of the city that was to be empress of the world, or his own want of judgment, and the influence of deities unfavorable to Carthage, carried him in a different direction.

Then turning to Valentine, he said, "I do applaud your spirit, Valentine, and think you worthy of an empress's love.

Instead of the gorgeous imperial train in which he was wont to travel, an ordinary train composed of three sleeping cars, a dining car, and several third-class coaches was used for the transportation of Nicholas and his party, which included the former Empress Alexandra, whose pro-German attitude was a prime cause of his downfall.

FORMER KAISERIN WEEPS The meeting of former Emperor William and the former empress at Amerongen is described by a Dutch correspondent as follows: "The gates were thrown open, the drawbridge was lowered with a noise of chains and iron bars that sounded very medieval, and in the courtyard before the castle an elderly man in a gray military cloak was seen at a distance, walking slowly and leaning on his stick.

The empress Matilda and her husband Geoffrey, unfortunately, were unpopular both in England and Normandy, the English barons especially viewing with disfavor the prospect of a woman occupying the throne.

This act involved England in years of civil war, anarchy, and wretchedness, which ended only with the accession as Henry II of Empress Matilda's son, Henry Plantagenet of Anjou.)

The Bristolians, under the instigation of the Earl of Gloucester, were partisans of the ex-empress Matilda; and wherever the King or his adherents had estates they came to seize their oxen and sheep, and carried men of substance into Bristol as captives, with bandaged eyes and bits in their mouths.

These were, without doubt, especial partisans of the claim to the English crown of the ex-empress Matilda; and, as the King of Scotland himself is described, were "inflamed with zeal for a just cause."

This advocate urged that the Bishop of Lincoln was the author of the tumult at Oxford; that whenever Bishop Roger came to court, his people, presuming on his power, excited tumults; that the Bishop secretly favored the King's enemies, and was ready to join the party of the Empress.

Within a month Earl Robert and the empress Matilda were in England.

But in the most romantic spirit of chivalry he permitted the Empress to pass out, and to set forward to join her brother at Bristol, under a safe-conduct.

The Bishop of Winchester came forth from his city with all the pomp of the pope's legate; and there Matilda swore that in all matters of importance, and especially in the bestowal of bishoprics and abbeys, she would submit to the Church; and the Bishop and his supporters pledged their faith to the Empress on these conditions.

The ex-Empress escaped to Devizes.

In the hour of success the empress Matilda had refused the reasonable request that Prince Eustace, the son of Stephen, should be put in possession of his father's earldom of Boulogne.

Malmesbury says, "A misunderstanding arose between the legate and the Empress which may be justly considered as the melancholy cause of every subsequent evil in England."

William Watts McNair, who was born on the 13th September, 1849, joined the great Indian Survey Department in September, 1867, when he was only eighteen years old, and served the Government of Her Majesty the Queen and Empress of India faithfully unto the day of his death, on the 13th of August, 1889.

In the official proceedings or notes of the Surveyor-General of India, for August, 1889, will be found the following more than merely formal notice of the services of the deceased officer of a great but scarcely sufficiently recognised scientific department of the magnificent Indian Empire of Her Majesty the Queen-Empress.

Some of the altars are made of fine Pyrenean marble, and the Empress Eugenie is said to have given the wooden image of the Virgin on the pedestal.

She wore no hat and her hands and finger nails were far from clean, but from the folds of her black shawl her neck rose like a column of slightly discolored Carrara marble, upon which her head with its coils of heavy hair was poised with the grace of a sulky empress.

Mr. Van Torp, who often bought large pictures, was reminded of one recently offered to him in America, representing an empress.

He would have bought the portrait if the dealer could have remembered which empress it represented, but the fact that he could not had seemed suspicious to Mr. Van Torp.

Yet their hostility would not have been heeded had not the empress herself, the beautiful and the artful Eudoxia, sided against him.

But he was accused of slandering the clergyhe had called them corrupt; of having neglected the duties of hospitality, for he dined generally alone; of having used expressions unbecoming of the house of God, for he was severe and sarcastic; of having encroached on the jurisdiction of foreign bishops in having shielded a few excommunicated monks; and of being guilty of high treason, since he had preached against the sins of the empress.

They drove away his enemies from the city; they raised a sedition and a seasonable earthquake, as Gibbon might call it, and having excited superstitious fears, the empress caused him to be recalled.

For a silver statue of the empress having been erected so near to the cathedral that the games instituted to its honor disturbed the services of the church, the bishop in great indignation ascended the pulpit, and declaimed against female vices.

The empress at this was furious, and threatened another council.

Both the emperor and empress determined to silence him.

The Arian party, headed by the Empress Justina, mother of the young emperor, was exceedingly powerful.

Then, their habits may be frogged and braided with gold, or they may fire the air in habit and hat of white and scarlet, the regimental colors, as the Empress of Germany did the other day.

CHAPTER V. Mercy's Correspondence with the Empress.

Letter from her to the Empress.

Letter of Marie Antoinette to the Empress.

The Queen's Submissiveness to the Reproofs of the Empress.

Remonstrances of the Empress.

Marie Antoinette's Letter to the Empress on his Departure.

Death of the Empress.

But as Marie Antoinette grew up, the Empress-queen's ambition, ever on the watch to maintain and augment the prosperity of her country, perceived in her child's increasing attractions a prospect of cementing more closely an alliance which she had contracted some years before, and on which she prided herself the more because it had terminated an enmity of two centuries and a half.

Their favorable reports to the Empress-queen were indeed neutralized by the frankness with which their pupil herself confessed her idleness and failure to improve.

When the Emperor and Empress had given their gracious consent to the demand, the archduchess herself was summoned to the hall and informed of the proposal which had been made, and of the approval which her mother and her brother had announced; while, to incline her also to regard it with equal favor, the embassador presented her with a letter from her intended husband, and with his miniature, which she at once hung round her neck.

" The dauphin did not falsify the hopes thus expressed by the Empress-queen.

The Empress had risen and had approached the window.

'Let us leave them,' said the voice of the Empress behind me.

When the great khan sits upon his imperial throne of state, his queen or empress sits upon his left hand; and on another and lower seat two women are seated, who accompany the emperor in the absence of his spouse; and underneath them all the other ladies of the imperial family are placed.

The number of his own followers, and of those who attend the empress, and on his eldest son, would appear quite incredible to any person who had not seen the same, and is therefore omitted.

The Empress of Morocco, a Tragedy; acted at the Duke of York's Theatre.

Had not the Empress Elizabeth died, he would have been conquered and prostrated.

At last the battle of Torgau, fought in the night, and the death of the Empress of Russia, removed the overhanging clouds, and he was enabled to contend with Austria unassisted by France and Russia.

They were brought to Rome by the Empress Helena and may only be ascended on the knees.

With the air of an insulted empress, Madame ordered its removal.

Lastly, the Emperor, and with him the Empress if he was married, the princes, and the Electors, sat down to a banquet at separate tables, and were waited upon by their respective officers.

They fooled the Empress and hung white flags out of the palace windows.

On great occasions, she approached our beau-ideal of an empress, by appearing in a black silk dress lace collar, and gold repeater at her side.

It was built by the Empress Maria Theresa, and was the residence of Napoleon in 1809, when Vienna was in the hands of the French.

This run of public favour gave Rochester some pretence to bring Settle to the notice of the king; and, through the efforts of this mischievous wit, joined to the natural disposition of the people to be carried by show, rant, and tumult, Settle's second play, "The Empress of Morocco," was acted with unanimous and overpowering applause for a month together.

Rochester contributed a prologue upon this brilliant occasion to add still more grace to Settle's triumph; but what seems yet more extraordinary, and has, I think, been unnoticed in all accounts of the controversy, Mulgrave, Rochester's rival and the friend of Dryden, did the same homage to "The Empress of Morocco."

From the king's private theatre, "The Empress of Morocco" was transferred, in all its honours, to the public stage in Dorset Gardens, and received with applause corresponding to the expectation excited by its favour at Whitehall.

And, to add gall to bitterness, the bookseller thought "The Empress of Morocco" worthy of being decorated with engravings, and sold at the advanced price of two shillings; being the first drama advanced to such honourable distinction.

If we are asked the merit of a performance which made such an impression at the time, we may borrow an expression applied to a certain orator, and say, that "The Empress of Morocco" must have acted to the tune of a good heroic play.

The Empress honors your adversity, Takes part in your afflictions, opens to you Her motherly arms!

Dread empress Zemp.

Dread empress, tell the cause of all your grief; If art can help, be sure of quick relief.

Dread empress, this strange vision you relate Is big with wonder, and too full of fate, Without the god's assistance, to expound.

Great empress, Let not your rage offend what we adore, And vainly threaten, when we must implore. Sit silently, and attend While my powerful charms I end.

This shall to the empress.

Your zeal grows saucy!sure, you may allow Your empress freedom first to pay her vow.

She may allowa justice to be done By him, that raised his empress to her throne.

Another gave her experience in getting fatally twisted in her court train when she was making her bow before the German Empress.

A few years later Josephine was crowned Empress by her husband, and consecrated by the Pope, after a priest had given the sanction of the Church to her incomplete nuptials.

At the Tuileries, at St Cloud, and at Malmaison, she held her splendid Courts as Empress.

It was thus fitting that he should make an Empress of a scullery-maid, who, as we have seen in an earlier chapter, had no vestige of beauty to commend her to his favour, and whose chief attractions in his eyes were that she had a coarse tongue and was a "first-rate toper.

" It was thus a strange and unhappy caprice of fate that united Peter, while still a youth, to his first Empress, the refined and sensitive Eudoxia, a woman as remote from her husband as the stars.

Never was there a more incongruous bride than this delicately nurtured girl provided by the Empress Nathalie for her coarse-grained son.

Pitiful years they were for the young Empress, consigned by her husband to a life that was worse than deathrobbed of her rank, her splendours, and luxuries, her very nameshe was now only Helen, the nun, faring worse than the meanest of her sister-nuns; for while they at least had plenty to eat, the Tsarina seems many a time to have known the pangs of hunger.

Empress of the Pyramids!

The Empress of Austria's villa lies tucked up on a hill-side, in a mass of orange, lemon, cypress, and magnolia trees.

Her dress, of some black clinging stuff, was rather poor, though she wore it with the air of a traditional empress.

Indeed, she looked an empress, from the tips of her perfect fingers to her small arched feet.

Her empress' air showed plainly now.

Zara's manner was that of an empress graciously receiving foreigners in a private audience!

Almost before she was aware of it Ethelrida had exclaimed: "Your niece looks like an empress, a wonderful, Byzantine, Roman empress!" Francis Markrute glanced at her, sideways, with his clever eyes; had she ever heard anything of Zara's parentage, he wondered for a second, and then he smiled at himself for the thought.

Almost before she was aware of it Ethelrida had exclaimed: "Your niece looks like an empress, a wonderful, Byzantine, Roman empress!" Francis Markrute glanced at her, sideways, with his clever eyes; had she ever heard anything of Zara's parentage, he wondered for a second, and then he smiled at himself for the thought.