34 examples of empty seat in sentences

And as the faithful lover by his loved one's empty seat Knows that the wind of love may change e'er once again they meet, So to this sad foreboding do fancied griefs appear As he who has most cause to love has too most cause for fear.

It is to this custom Gay feelingly alludes: "To her sweet mem'ry flowing garlands strung, On her now empty seat aloft were hung.

My son, he is a consul at the least, And gravity becomes Octavius best, But, Cinna, would in yonder empty seat You would for Marius' freedom once entreat.

I jumped in and managed to get the last empty seat.

I recall that on my second day, I had entered a bus and rushed for an empty seat.

By and by she went to luncheon and found herself alone at some distance from the other passengers, next to the captain's empty seat; but she was rather glad that her neighbours had not come to table, for she got what she wanted very quickly and had no reason for waiting after she had finished.

There within, The desert that remains where she hath been Will drive me forth, the bed, the empty seat She sat in; nay, the floor beneath my feet Unswept, the children crying at my knee For mother; and the very thralls will be In sobs for the dear mistress that is lost.

I answered, that he spoke like an honest man, but perhaps the time would come when he would find an empty seat on that throne, and he had better take it, for I could assure him, if he did not, no other man ever would with the consent of the people.

Mother let Sel take the empty seat in the carryall beside her.

Three rows back, he found an empty seat by a window and looked out at the glistening street.

A chauffeur sat next the driver's empty seat, apparently half asleep.

I found an empty seat by the Doctor, dropped into it, and told my story.

" "I think it is a shame," said Miriam, "that you should be driving to town alone, when there are other people who wish so much to go, and you have no use at all for that empty seat.

"I'll take my oath I put it down on that chair," said George, staring at the empty seat.

for whose only sake Those doughty knights such dangers undertake, 40 When they with happy gales are gone away, With your propitious presence grace our play; And with a sigh their empty seats survey: Then think, on that bare bench my servant sat; I see him ogle still, and hear him chat; Selling facetious bargains, and propounding That witty recreation, call'd dumfounding.

it comes yonder Approaching with swift steeds; then with a swing Throw thyself up into the chariot-seat, Seize with firm hand the reins, ere thy opponent Anticipate thee, and himself make conquest Of the now empty seat.

[Illustration: THE EMPTY SEAT.

If you folk who are out in front the noo, beyond the glare of the footlights, dinna care for me, dinna like the way I'm trying to please you, and amuse you, there'll be empty seats in the hoose to-morrow and the next day.

She had entirely recovered her serenity; she released his arm and now stood cautiously balanced behind the driver's empty seat, looking curiously out over the turbulent sea of people, where already hundreds of newsboys were racing hither and thither shouting an afternoon extra, which seemed to excite everybody within hearing to frenzy.

He was late and the palace was a very small palace indeed; it was with difficulty that he spied in the semidarkness an empty seat in a side section.

One hot day, in the month of May, I entered a crowded car at Cedar Rapids, Ia., and took the only empty seat beside a gentleman who seemed very nervous about a crying child.

So, after depositing my cloak and bag in an empty seat, I quietly propped both doors open with a stick of wood, shut up the stoves, and opened all the ventilators with the poker.

The Cathedral servants seated themselves round the sewing machine, hoping in vain that their master would come down, but content on the whole, though they did not see him, to be near him, to look at his empty seat, and to talk to the girl who expressed such ingenuous admiration for her uncle's conversation.

" "You would be rendering a great service to the municipality if you would allow me to ride with you in the empty seat.

"Excuse me for ten minutes," and I dropped into his empty seat by Mr. Bainrothe.

34 examples of  empty seat  in sentences
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