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96 examples of  enchains  in sentences

96 examples of enchains in sentences

Better to enchain the captive's soul, binding him with invisible bonds, and searing out of him the very wish to escape.

That hitherto neglected Book enchained her attention, and she became a most diligent searcher into its hidden truths.

Even in Mars, a first bride generally enjoys for some time a monopoly of her husband's society, if she cannot be said to enchain his affection.

What aroused me I could not determine, but Schmitt was again at the steering paddle, and both he and Dorothy were staring across me out over the port quarter, as though at some vision in the distance, sufficiently strange to enchain their entire attention.

Far off with fire I feel a cold face lit, That makes me burn, the while itself doth freeze: Two fragile arms enchain me, which with ease, Unmoved themselves, can move weights infinite.

"My attachment is fixed, my election is made, And when hearts are enchained 'tis in vain to upbraid.

Deeply corporealised, and enchained hopelessly in the grovelling fetters of externality, must be the mind, to which, in its better moments, the image of the high-souled, high-intelligenced Quixotethe errant Star of Knighthood, made more tender by eclipsehas never presented itself, divested from the unhallowed accompaniment of a Sancho, or a rabblement at the heels of Rosinante.

I know that she placed on view in her parlor for the first time a crayon portrait of Potts in his early manhood, one made ere life had broken so many of its promises to him, the portrait of one who might conceivably have enchained the fancy of even a superior woman.

Perhaps no circumstances existed to excite this usual attendant of the passion; but as the heart of Emily was more enchained than her imagination, her affections were not of the restless nature of ordinary attachments, though more dangerous to her peace of mind in the event of an unfortunate issue.

Their eyes met and were enchained for a moment, which seemed an eternity; then the blood flew to his face, leaving it the next moment paler than before.

While freedom struggled in the hearts of the common people to assert its rights and declare that all men were equal and ought to be free, scheming nobles sought to enchain them in one form or another of slavery.

Leaning against a curb hitching post was a person who enchained his attention.

She was restless and dissatisfied, and the misty sunlit landscape had lost its charm, and her book its power of enchaining her attention.

His brown face was flushed; but John's low, deep tones, now tender, now scornful, presently enchained and even fascinated his attention.

The very distinguished peeress who sat upon his right, and whose name was a household word in the enemy's camp, had listened to him with enchained and sympathetic interest.

What Vulcan's this that offers to enchain A greater soldier than the god of war? SOM.

We came again and again; and it was the glory of the cathedral as a wholeits expressive, noble character, its breadth and grandeur, the poetry of its dusky aisles, and the play of the rich shadows about its massive columnsthat charmed and enchained us.

A distant line of undulating blue hills seems to be its boundary, while all the soft intervening landscape lies in a manner enchained in the silver links of the Avon.

The shadows of night became darker, it snowed from the north; The world was enchained by the frost; hail fell upon earth; 'T was the coldest of grain.

The whole form a great body of fine and thoughtful work, which is as enchaining as its meaning is often profound.

He kept the attention of his audience quite enchained for above two hours, talking about terrestrial magnetism."On

This momentous decision inaugurated a millennium in which reason was enchained, thought was enslaved, and knowledge made no progress.

In the period, then, in which the Church exercised its greatest influence, reason was enchained in the prison which Christianity had built around the human mind.

When the individual is distraught by cares or pleasantry, or tortured by the violence of his wishes and desires, the genius in him is enchained and cannot move.

Its existence obviously dates from the time when people used their fists more than their heads, when priestcraft had enchained the human intellect, the much bepraised Middle Age, with its system of chivalry.

But no doubt to many persons the most enchaining picture here is the Medusa's head, which used to be called a Leonardo and quite satisfied Ruskin of its genuineness, but is now attributed to the Flemish school.

But we have Browning's word that he did not spend much time in remorse or regret, while there was the composition of the pretty little tender epigrams of this last period to amuse him and Italian politics to enchain his sympathy.

The merchant, with his thousands, can seek a shelterto the mere bird of passage, who has no "abiding country and who seeks none to come," it is of little moment whether stability or confusion predominate, but to the former who is enchained to the State, peace and order is of inestimable value.

How long shall sloth usurp thy useless hours, Unnerve thy vigour, and enchain thy pow'rs; While artful shades thy downy couch inclose, And soft solicitation courts repose?

Long enchained instincts stretch their stiffened limbs, cry out and leap into the open air, as of rightright, do I say?

dear Izdubar, I thee enchain!" "'Tis true, my love, I must return to men; My duty calls me to my throne again.

" For more than an hour Gough kept the vast audience enchained by his varied and charming talk.

The municipal body, larger, more open than the old "ward," no longer formed a corporation of unwilling aristocrats enchained to privileges which ruined them.

The sight of little David in a white tunic edged with red tape, with a calico scrip and a very primitive-looking sling; and a huge Goliath decorated with a militia belt and sword, and a spear like a weaver's beam indeed, enchained everybody's attention.

I realize that any attempt henceforth to enchain the reader's interest with church meetings, or the like enthralments, will be more than hopeless.

And no wonder; no wonder that, as the men were enchained by the matter, so were the women by the manner.

One merely accepted it, enchained by that uplifted finger and "Leave it to me!"

Love has Fetters stronger far: By Bolts of Steel are Limbs confin'd, But cruel Love enchains the Mind.

As was the case in old despotic countries, their minds are purposely kept enchained; for, were they once to awake from their present condition, the consequences to the whites might be fearful.

A short time ago I thought only of worldly pleasures, and was ensnared by vanity and admiration, enchained to one whom I knew to be worthless, and who pursued me only to destroy me.

Whate'er thou hadst, no mere delight Was thine the glittering prize to hold; Not thine the form that met thy sight, Replying from the burnished gold; Unmindful what thy hands retained, Thy gaze is fixed beyond, above; Some dearer object held enchained The goddess of immortal love.

If he could but get rid of his present standard of what is right and good in thought and language, and preach them with the enchaining fire with which he preached them once!

Let it here be said, that occasionally you look with something like indignation on the volume which enchained you in your boyish days.

Now among savages little obtains appreciation, save physical force and its immediate allies: the divine fledglings of the human soul, instead of being sweetly drawn and tempted forth, are savagely menaced, rudely repelled; whatsoever is finest in the man, together with the entire nature of woman, lies, in that low temperature, enchained and repressed, like seeds in a frozen soil.

But to me the novels were enchaining, enthralling; and to hint a defect in them stunned one.

That ascetic spirit was paramount, which had enchained the Christian world, that renunciation of secular affairs which explains the peculiar methods by which mediaeval views of life found expression.

Not merely do the scrunching squeaks of the break, the blasty trumpet whistle, the slamming of doors, and the squalling of children bewilder his brain and bedeafen his ears, but the iron tyrant enchains and confuses his eyes.

He took me and kissed me impetuously, as though my utterance had broken a spell which enchained him.

Everybody had his share, his day, his hour, in which she contrived to charm and to enchain him.

It is therefore not less necessary to happiness than to virtue, that he rid his mind of passions which make him uneasy to himself, and hateful to the world, which enchain his intellects, and obstruct his improvement.

She advised me to prosecute my victories, and time would certainly bring me a captive who might deserve the honour of being enchained for ever.

To expect that the intricacies of science will be pierced by a careless glance, or the eminences of fame ascended without labour, is to expect a particular privilege, a power denied to the rest of mankind; but to suppose that the maze is inscrutable to diligence, or the heights inaccessible to perseverance, is to submit tamely to the tyranny of fancy, and enchain the mind in voluntary shackles.

Bashfulness, however it may incommode for a moment, scarcely ever produces evils of long continuance; it may flush the cheek, flutter in the heart, deject the eyes, and enchain the tongue, but its mischiefs soon pass off without remembrance.

We have the captive, jealous in honour, susceptible and exasperatingly Quixotic, doubly enchained by his word and the charms of his fair wardress; the lady's conspicuous ill-treatment of him at the first, a slight mystery, some escapes and counterplots, and on the appointed page the matrimonial finish that hardly the most pessimistic reader can ever have felt as other than assured.

The rest disperse, and Stolberg hastes Into the house again, And him throughout the long sweet night Her gentle arms enchain.

Oh! could I wheedle the votes at the vestry, I'd have a share of those good sav'ry things; Enchained by turkey, in love with the pastry.

The terrible nature of the drinks and drugs consumed by the Natives, I have already had occasion to describe, as also the increasingly large number of those who are becoming enchained by the habit.

Little by little his voice swelled until it was full, sonorous, richly warm and compelling, the words pouring from him with a fluency that enchained.

But I suppose the weary, aching body has the soul pretty well enchained.

He can as truly deliver the body from the most persistent and enchaining habit, as he can wholly convert the mind and heart.

Fiction may weave her intricate labyrinths and enchain the fancy by wandering in mazy circuits, and weaving her mystic web; but truth will stand in all its primitive lustre, when the foundations of this earth have passed away.

Then could I wake a thrilling strain That would with mystic power enchain, But now, alas!

It was six o'clock before they began the return drive; at seven they were passing the Country Club, and, of course, they dined there and joined in the little informal dance afterwards; and later, supper and cooling drinks in a corner of the veranda, with the moon streaming upon them and the enchanted breath of the forest enchaining the senses.

We long with perfumed garlands to enchain her Within our homeland, never to take flight. GENIUS A noble heart soon finds itself at home Creates, in stillness working, its own world: And as the tree takes hold upon the earth With eager grasping roots, and soon is fast, So will a great and doubly royal nature By its own noble deeds take hold on life.

I got myself well scolded by the fair Madame, (as angels scold,) and had to plead like a lawyer to make my peace;after all, that woman really enchains me.

With this hope, however, academies have been instituted, to guard the avenues of their languages, to retain fugitives, and repulse intruders; but their vigilance and activity have hitherto been vain; sounds are too volatile and subtile for legal restraints; to enchain syllables, and to lash the wind, are equally the undertakings of pride, unwilling to measure its desires by its strength.

Whatever be the dignity or profundity of his disquisitions, whether he be enlarging knowledge or exalting affection, whether he be amusing attention with incidents, or enchaining it in suspense, let but a quibble spring up before him, and he leaves his work unfinished.

Nor do we say anything of those gifts, partly of the intellect, but also of the soul and temper and character, by which he was able at once to charm without tiring the most refined and fastidious society, to draw to him the hearts of hard-working and anxious clergymen, and to enchain the attention of the dullest and most ignorant of rustic congregations.

My own VENETIA now shall gild our bowers, And with her spell enchain our life's enchanted hours! IV.

But though her tongue could mock him, all the rest of her was enchained.

It is our will That thus enchains us to permitted ill We might be otherwisewe might be all We dream of happy, high, majestical.

Moreover, I shall expect least approval from those people who are for the moment enchained by this passion, and in consequence try to express their exuberant feelings in the most sublime and ethereal images.

The multiplication table and spelling book no longer enchained her thoughts; larger questions began to fill her mind.

With Thomson, now, o'er sylvan scenes we stray, Or seek the lone church-yard, with pensive Gray: On Pope's refin'd, or Dryden's lofty strains, Dwell, while their fire the lightest heart enchains.

Vain struggle and rancor and hatred, alas! 'Tis enchained and subdued by the unheeding mass. PUSHKIN.

In the midst thereof was seen the tall, lank figure of a man, whose extraordinary appearance enchained the attention of the multitude, and excited afresh their shouts and derisive laughter.

But, at one time, it seemed as if a higher and more serious inclination promised permanently to enchain this dreaded rival of all husbands and lovers.

All these new and unaccustomed feelings only enchained him the more closely, and made him consider the possession of her as the most desirable and only worthy object of his life.

The emperor, dismayed by the odious reports in circulation concerning Hortense, and already enchained in the mystic glittering web with which Madame de Krüdener had enveloped him, and separated from the reality of the world, acceded to the wishes of the Bourbons, and abandoned the queen.

Love has Fetters stronger far: By Bolts of Steel are Limbs confin'd, But cruel Love enchains the Mind.

SENECA, Trag. 'Light sorrows loose the tongue, but great enchain.' (P.) 96.

The effective agent in this phenomenon was Angelina's serene, commanding eloquence, a wonderful gift, which enchained attention, disarmed prejudice, and carried her hearers with her.

In Kentucky, says one of the leading papers, "For an hour and a half she enchained an ordinarily restless audiencemany were standingto a degree never surpassed here by the most popular orators.

" Then as the young Squire, awkward and clumsy in his manner, more accustomed to the company of his own servants than to that of highborn ladies, made sundry unfortunate attempts to enchain the attention of the heiress, his worthy mother turned with meek benignity to Sir Marmaduke.

He fired her enthusiasm, delighted her imagination, enchained her soul to his: she was literally swept off the prosy face of this earth and whirled into a realm of romance, enchanting, intoxicating, mysticalmost divine.

He has resolved all doubt; I am still enchained to a fate that drags me on and on into ... into what?

As the dance went on and she grew more and more like an untamed wood-nymph, even the caballeros became vaguely uneasy, hotly as they admired the beautiful wild thing enchaining their gaze.

Certainly I have no beauty to excite a man's passions, nor any genius to enchain his intellect, nor even any pretty accomplishment to amuse his leisure.

The incidents, though sometimes startling and unexpected, are very natural, and the characters and story, from the beginning to the end, strongly enchain the attention of the reader.

The evil thing had her enchained.

They hold your will enchained, my poor friend; and if you have not the spirit to break it, now a fair opportunity occurs, forgive me, if I say I can no longer offer you consolation.

'Tis true, he merits not To be betrayed, Atrides: he who loves His wife so well; he who, enchained from Troy, In semblance of a slave in fetters, brought Cassandra, whom he loves, to whom he is Himself a slave ... Cly.

"To love and to suffer; but, loving once"again the count was speaking, and his voice enchained her by its sweetness"to love forever.

The lord of those etherial domains, Once wing-maimed, pitiless fate to the dull earth enchains.

Her sense of honor made her feel she must, but the queer silent habit of her life was still holding her enchained.

There is in it all so much that is winsome and yet so much delicate irony, that one is enchained as by a marvelous curiosity, a sweet, strange enigma.