4503 examples of encounter in sentences

He marveled, he stormed, that his projects should encounter objectors, but consoled himself with the reflection that the man who is worth enemies has them, and revenged himself by attacking and tearing to pieces any project, good or bad, presented by others.

I cannot see that any plan would be altered if it were to do again, the margin for bad weather was ample according to all experience, and this stormy Decemberour finest monthis a thing that the most cautious organiser might not have been prepared to encounter.

"What would happen if I refused to obey?" "An immovable object would encounter an irresistible force.

In the confusion which followed, no one had a clear conception of all the events which concluded this tragic encounter.

There has been an encounter, as I said.

In the past few days he scarcely had slept, but had been here and there attending to the wants of surviving sufferers of the boat encounter.

The hardy and enterprising inhabitants, who first penetrated the eastern forests, to fell their hardy oaks, and build up settlements, in the then remote east, had many difficulties to encounter, which later generations know nothing of.

And as for this very element of unwillingness, I do not see how it can encounter a man of sense.

If then you should encounter exile, you can merely change your mind, but if you should incur some fatal punishment you will be unable to repent.

Also, my little book, you will encounter more malignant people who will jeer at you, and will say that you and I have cheated them of your purchase-money.

A CHRISTMAS ENCOUNTER, by Nicholas Silver [pseud. of Frederick Faust] (In Detective story magazine) © Dorothy Faust (W) Dec. 23, 1922 issue.

Who is there that, desiring to live, will encounter these in battle, resembling angry lions of erect manes?' "Dhritarashtra said, 'What Vidura told me at the time of the game at dice, "If thou seekest, O king, to vanquish the Pandavas (at dice), then certainly a terrible blood-shed ending in the destruction of all the Kurus will be the result," I think it is about to be realised.

What is there in all the world including the gods, which Krishna cannot encounter on an equal footing, when he takes up the weapons of war, wields in his hands excellent arrows, arms himself with his mace, and thus becomes unrivalled in fight?

An encounter took place near Kells.

Soon after this encounter the increasing danger from the Indians drove Boon back to the valley of the Cumberland River, and in the spring of 1771 he returned to his home on the Yadkin.

They had to encounter dangers from beasts as well as men.

In order not to encounter overt resistance, he caused a large number of his folks to disguise themselves as tillers or artisans; and so entering the town, they were masters of it before the people could think of defending themselves.

The encounter took place at Molwitz, on the banks of the Neiss.

The elector had been proclaimed, at Lintz, Archduke of Austria nowhere did the Franco-Bavarian army encounter any obstacle.

I would rather walk up to the cannon's mouth than encounter it."

She was expecting Mr. S. home in the holidays, and occasionally weakened at the prospect of what she feared might be a disagreeable encounter.

Liberty, victorious over slavery on the battlefield, had now more powerful enemies to encounter at Washington.

Since you have spoken, I perceive the shadows you have raised and must encounter.

She appeared in excellent humour, and there was laughter, and brilliant conversation wherever she paused, but not once could he encounter her glance, or find her for a moment alone.

If some of the problems to be faced and the difficulties in solving them could be presented to the young people to be studied and discussed before the actual encounter came, they would be more prepared.

4503 examples of  encounter  in sentences