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4503 examples of  encounter  in sentences

4503 examples of encounter in sentences

Is it reasonable to believe that all these will not rather have recourse to their former callings, and live in security, though not in plenty, than encounter danger and poverty at once, and face an enemy without any prospect of recompense? Let any man recollect the ideas that arose in his mind upon hearing of a bill for encouraging and increasing sailors, and examine whether he had any expectation of expedients like these.

and is not their lot safe and easy in comparison with mine, who at once encounter danger and support fatigue, carry on war and commerce at the same time, conduct the ship and oppose the enemy, and am equally exposed to captivity and shipwreck?

I know not why the sailors alone should serve their country to their disadvantage, and be expected to encounter danger without the incitement of a reward.

Wilt thou take the service?" "Gladly, SignoreIt is my humor to encounter the brave.

The guards were also about to fire when Harrison restrained them and prevented a bloody encounter.

[Sidenote: and out of an habit of] habite of encounter, a kinde of yesty collection, [Sidenote: histy] which carries them through and through the most fond and winnowed opinions; and doe but blow

Ever engaged in schemes to bring us into notoriety; ravished whenever we are fortunate enough to humiliate other women, we would make the whole world witness of the preferences we encounter, and the homage bestowed upon us.

Inasmuch as they have never been forewarned of the species of attacks they must encounter, they are left without defense.

He marveled, he stormed, that his projects should encounter objectors, but consoled himself with the reflection that the man who is worth enemies has them, and revenged himself by attacking and tearing to pieces any project, good or bad, presented by others.

conflict, skirmish; rencounter^, encounter; rencontre^, collision, affair, brush, fight; battle, battle royal; combat, action, engagement, joust, tournament; tilt, tilting [Mediev.]; tournay^, list; pitched battle.

The war by land, nevertheless, made no progress; the two armies stood face to face before Lilybaeum, but the Roman commanders, who knew not how to encounter the mass of elephants, made no attempt to compel a pitched battle.

We can easily understandespecially if we bear in mind that in the battles of that period, where the naked weapon predominated, it was really the hand- to-hand encounter that proved decisivehow a deliberative assembly might direct such operations, and how any one who just was burgomaster might command the troops.

This detachment found the whole enemy's army already transported to that bank, and occupied in bringing over the elephants which alone remained on the right bank of the stream; and, after it had warmly engaged some Carthaginian squadrons in the district of Avignon, merely for the purpose of enabling it to complete its reconnaissancethe first encounter of the Romans and Phoenicians in this warit hastily returned to report at head-quarters.

But when the endeavour had to be made in earnest, his courage failed to encounter the dreaded quinqueremes at sea; he broke the promise which he had given to his ally Hannibal to attempt a landing, and with the view of still doing something he resolved to make an attack on his own share of the spoil, the Roman possessions in Epirus (540).

They chose the latter course, and took into their pay 20,000 Celtiberians; and then, in order the better to encounter the three armies of the enemy under Hasdrubal Barcas, Hasdrubal the son of Gisgo, and Mago, they divided their army and did not even keep their Roman troops together.

The bold resolve of the proconsul to encounter with his best troops the advancing Spaniards, before their appearance should fill up the gap in the blockade, ended unfortunately.

Or put case they be studious, industrious, of ripe wits, and perhaps good capacities, then how many diseases of body and mind must they encounter?

Gallant encounter with a wounded one.

Encounter with a leopard in a dak bungalow.

He is essentially a man of peace, hating physical contests, delighting in a keen argument, and an encounter with a plotting, calculating brain.

A quail fight, a battle between two trained rams, a cock fight, even an encounter between trained tamed buffaloes, are very common spectacles in the villages; but the most popular sport is a good wrestling match.

The head man and the merchants sit down, perhaps smoke a hookah, each trying to outwit the other, but after a keen encounter of wits perhaps a bargain is made.

According to the chart compiled by Flinders, he had another long succession of cliffs to encounter, and he knew that where these cliffs came in and sternly fronted the ocean, he need hope for no relief.

It has also to encounter, in common with all our claims, the obstacle presented by the eighth article, which is found broad enough to be used as a shield to protect France, in the opinion of ministers, from the examination and adjustment of any claim which we can present.

From the view which I have taken of the subject I am satisfied that in the discharge of these important duties in regard to both the parties alluded to the United States will have to encounter no conflicting interests with either.

The goosey-gander had not expected a more dangerous adversary than an owl, and how he understood that he could not escape this encounter with his life.

I don't much fancy a hand-to-hand encounter with a band of such desperate ruffians as those gipsies have shown themselves to be.

They clashed, and light feathers came floating down from the encounter; yet presently they flew away together to a hole in a dead tree.

On the other, to array citizen against citizen, to publish the dishonor of such excesses, to encounter the expense and other embarrassments of so distant an expedition, were steps too delicate, too closely interwoven with many affecting considerations, to be lightly adopted.

CER'DON, the boldest of the rabble leaders in the encounter with Hu'dibras at the bear-baiting.

Sweet flowers, so fair and fragile, that they flourish only when sheltered from the rude blast and pelting storm by some friendly shade, and so modest and retiring in their habits, that they shun the open field, where they must encounter the scrutinizing gaze of the noonday sun, and choose this sweet seclusion for their home.

Convinced that no better terms could be obtained, Cathcart sailed for Tripoli, to encounter fresh troubles, leaving Eaton alone to bear the greediness and insolence of Tunis.

But when he called at the Parliament buildings he failed not only to find the Commission, but even to encounter anybody who knew anything about it.

His distrust of the Roman Church had been aggravated by his encounter with the black priest that morning.

His encounter with the priest, however, had driven all doubts from his mind, and that evening he did what he had never done beforehe openly attacked the Roman Church.

I cannot vouch for the entire truth of it, since I got the tale from many sourcesa word here, a chance encounter there, and at last only the puzzling reports of men who saw Grimshaw out in Africa.

As they passed the scene of their late encounter where the bodies of the dead Turks lay by the broken machine gun, Ken stooped quickly and picked up one of their rifles, and helped himself also to a bandolier of cartridges.

And, besides these two,"meaning, we presume, not two men, but two classes of men,"we have to encounter also the opposition of savansmen who live and judge the outside world through the medium of books alone.

She had not only to encounter the risk of arousing the anger of Henry by accusing the woman whom he loved, but also to combat his wounded vanity when he should see his somewhat mature passion made a subject of ridicule, and, at the same time, to conceal her own motive for the treachery of which she was guilty.

And truly did Marie de Medicis need a remembrance like this to support her throughout her unceasing trials; for scarcely had the King recovered sufficient strength to encounter the exertion than he determined to remove to Paris; and, having intimated his wish to the Queen, immediate preparations were made for their departure.

A few days after this encounter Michael Angelo was ordered to cast a bronze statue of Julius for the frontispiece of S. Petronio.

it cannot be: To advance is to encounter dreadful danger; But to recede, inevitable death; His own associates would deal the blow: Thus led by Fate, behold upon the plain, The adverse bands in view, and in advance.

I cannot see that any plan would be altered if it were to do again, the margin for bad weather was ample according to all experience, and this stormy Decemberour finest monthis a thing that the most cautious organiser might not have been prepared to encounter.

"What would happen if I refused to obey?" "An immovable object would encounter an irresistible force.

In the confusion which followed, no one had a clear conception of all the events which concluded this tragic encounter.

There has been an encounter, as I said.

In the past few days he scarcely had slept, but had been here and there attending to the wants of surviving sufferers of the boat encounter.

The hardy and enterprising inhabitants, who first penetrated the eastern forests, to fell their hardy oaks, and build up settlements, in the then remote east, had many difficulties to encounter, which later generations know nothing of.

"What is to be done?" exclaimed Louis on one occasion; "the Marรฉchal d'Ancre has, as it would seem, undertaken the ruin of my kingdom, and yet I dare not expostulate with my mother, for I cannot encounter her rage.

On the way home he talked very little; the encounter in the wood had thoroughly upset him.

And as for this very element of unwillingness, I do not see how it can encounter a man of sense.

If then you should encounter exile, you can merely change your mind, but if you should incur some fatal punishment you will be unable to repent.

They encounter milkmaids, who sing to them and give them a draft of the red cow's milk and they never cease their praises of the angler's life, of rural contentment among the cowslip meadows, and the quiet streams of Thames, or Lea, or Shawford Brook.

If, for instance, I had an encounter with Kromitzki and she adjured me in the name of our love to ask his pardon on my bended knees, I would not do it.

Whether he learned that Caesar was advancing in that direction with a force too strong for him to encounter, or found that the people were disinclined to espouse his cause, or whether the whole movement was a feint to direct Caesar's attention to Macedon as the field of his operations, in order that he might escape more secretly and safely beyond the sea, can not now be ascertained.

The army expected some signs of resistance at the gates, which, if offered, they were prepared to encounter and overcome.

His army endured, in the depth of winter, great exposures and fatigues, and they had to encounter a large hostile force under the charge of Cato.

She scarcely spoke save to ask Bertrand if he knew the cause of the encounter, and, when he had told her all he knew of the events of the evening, she relapsed again into silence.

He was right, for when Calvert was come to his senses again and was beginning to be convalescentwhich was at the end of a weekhe told Mr. Morris the particulars of his encounter with St. Aulaire, requesting that he make no mention of his part in the affair and begging him to urge d'Azay to leave Paris.

His progress through Franconia was uninterrupted; for Tilly, far too weak to encounter an enemy so superior in numbers, had retreated, by rapid marches, toward the Danube.

But the strength of its fortifications, and the bravery of its garrison, presented obstacles greater than any he had had to encounter since the battle of Breitenfeld, and the walls of Ingolstadt were near putting an end to his career.

The Vicar, walking down the village road some sunlit morning, would encounter an ungainly eighteen feet of the Inexplicable, as fantastic and unpleasant to him as some new form of Dissent, as it padded fitfully along with craning neck, seeking, always seeking the two primary needs of childhoodsomething to eat and something with which to play.

CHAPTER IX THE ENCOUNTER AT MARSEILLES Toni, who abominated railway journeys on account of his torpid immovability, now had to abandon the Mare Nostrum and suffer the torture of remaining twelve hours crowded in with strange persons.

This army consisted of fifty thousand footmen and horsemen which Aristobulus was not able to withstand, but was defeated in the first encounter and was driven out of Jerusalem.

Acquainting Henry A. Edmundson, another member, with his design, he waited on two different occasions at the western entrance to the Capitol grounds to encounter Mr. Sumner, but without meeting him.

Wilson wrote a reply declining the encounter, but in the same letter announcing that "I religiously believe in the right of self-defense, in its broadest sense.

Therefore no possible good could come of an encounter between him and me, and I shall be glad if you will keep my name dark.

Whatever hazard there might be to his scheme of vengeance in such an encounter slipped out of his mind before the thought of looking once more at that idolised face, of hearing the loved voice once again.

When did a generous romantic girl of nineteen ever stop to calculate the chances of the future, or fear to encounter poverty and trouble with the man she loved?

Sometimes a couple of these peregrinants may be seen to encounter each other in the streets, and straightway there is an adjournment to the nearest bar-room, where the most scientific method of "springing the arch" is discussed over a glass of whiskey, at three cents the quart.

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Also, my little book, you will encounter more malignant people who will jeer at you, and will say that you and I have cheated them of your purchase-money.

A CHRISTMAS ENCOUNTER, by Nicholas Silver [pseud. of Frederick Faust] (In Detective story magazine) ยฉ Dorothy Faust (W) Dec. 23, 1922 issue.

Who is there that, desiring to live, will encounter these in battle, resembling angry lions of erect manes?' "Dhritarashtra said, 'What Vidura told me at the time of the game at dice, "If thou seekest, O king, to vanquish the Pandavas (at dice), then certainly a terrible blood-shed ending in the destruction of all the Kurus will be the result," I think it is about to be realised.

What is there in all the world including the gods, which Krishna cannot encounter on an equal footing, when he takes up the weapons of war, wields in his hands excellent arrows, arms himself with his mace, and thus becomes unrivalled in fight?

The city is en fete; and somehow when I think of that Dance of Death thundering ceaselessly just south of us, it appalls me to encounter such gaiety and irresponsibility in the streets.

An encounter took place near Kells.

A certain simplification of structureeach picture possessing one or more rectangular compartmentsenhances this effect while the addition of swirling trees studded with flowers imbues each wild encounter with a surging vegetative rhythm.

During his life among the cowherds, Krishna was on two occasions confronted with a forest firethe first, on the night following his struggle with Kaliya the snake when Nanda, Yasoda and other cowherds and cowgirls were also present and the second, following Balarama's encounter with the demon Pralamba (Plate 10), when only cowherd boys were with him.

[Illustration] PLATE 16 The Eve of the final Encounter Illustration to the Bhagavata Purana Kangra, Punjab Hills, c. 1790 J.K. Mody collection, Bombay From the same series as Plates 3, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 11, here attributed to the Kangra artist Purkhu.

This sight I dreaded I should encounter when I went to witness the disembarkation; but, hoping that my presence might be some restraint upon their barbarities, I awaited the result with as much firmness as I was master of.

Meyer (189) says the same of the Encounter Bay tribe, and similar customs prevailed at Port Jackson and many other places.

Meyer (191) says of the Encounter Bay tribes that if a man from another tribe arrives having anything which a native desires to purchase, "he perhaps makes a bargain to pay by letting him have one of his wives for a longer or shorter period.

Meyer (191) says of the Encounter Bay tribe: "If a man has several girls at his disposal, he speedily obtains several wives, who, however, very seldom agree well with each other, but are continually quarreling, each endeavoring to be the favorite.

Soon after this encounter the increasing danger from the Indians drove Boon back to the valley of the Cumberland River, and in the spring of 1771 he returned to his home on the Yadkin.

They had to encounter dangers from beasts as well as men.

The encounter took place on the 25th of October, 1415.

The first encounter was unfortunate for the Orleannese.

In order not to encounter overt resistance, he caused a large number of his folks to disguise themselves as tillers or artisans; and so entering the town, they were masters of it before the people could think of defending themselves.

The encounter took place at Molwitz, on the banks of the Neiss.

The elector had been proclaimed, at Lintz, Archduke of Austria nowhere did the Franco-Bavarian army encounter any obstacle.

I would rather walk up to the cannon's mouth than encounter it."

She was expecting Mr. S. home in the holidays, and occasionally weakened at the prospect of what she feared might be a disagreeable encounter.

Liberty, victorious over slavery on the battlefield, had now more powerful enemies to encounter at Washington.

It is not eloquence, not fairness, not obstinacy, but a certain proportion of all of these that I love to encounter in my amicable adversaries.

In addition to this, Washington in 1755 claimed to have "one of the best of constitutions," and again he wrote, "for my own part I can answer, I have a constitution hardy enough to encounter and undergo the most severe trials.

Whether he wishes it or not, and frequently no doubt when he does not wish it, he must black his face, sing his death-song, set out alone if need be, encounter labors, hardships, and dangers, and never rest until his sanguinary account is settled.

Since you have spoken, I perceive the shadows you have raised and must encounter.

She appeared in excellent humour, and there was laughter, and brilliant conversation wherever she paused, but not once could he encounter her glance, or find her for a moment alone.

If some of the problems to be faced and the difficulties in solving them could be presented to the young people to be studied and discussed before the actual encounter came, they would be more prepared.