752 examples of endangers in sentences

England's possessions in the West are indivisible, and what threatens one endangers all.

Your Majesty collects your equipments of war, endangers your soldiers and officers and excites the resentment of the various princesdo these things cause you pleasure in your mind?

It endangers the motor-car communications so necessary to our armies.

Germany has held that this rock hinders, even endangers, her just and historical development in the world.

My Crowne as soone: they feele their sinowy plots Belike to shrinke i'th joynts, and fearing Ruine Have found this Cement out to piece up all, Which more endangers all.

How, Sir! endangers? King.

The people think that your press endangers their property and their lives; and they have appointed us to tell you so, and ask you to remove it to-morrow.

Some dislike it, because they think that it endangers the modern notions of democratic equality.

There is another evil which sometimes results from the too common neglect of this rule, which is, that it endangers the deterioration of the quality of the milk.

Mouse-trap: mary how trapically: this play is The image of a murder done in guyana,] [Footnote 4: Here Hamlet endangers himself to force the king to self-betrayal.]

There is great difficulty in correcting the residual fault, not only because an inconceivably small movement of the weights on the balance-curve is required, but also because it endangers the equilibrium of the balance.

"It's that it endangers the integrity of the fatherland," he replied in the tone of a notary reading an allegation.

For instance, in the country a man may drive as fast as he pleases, while here fast driving endangers life and must be prohibited.

c. 7, if she grieve overmuch, be disquieted, or by any casualty be affrighted and terrified by some fearful object, heard or seen, she endangers her child, and spoils the temperature of it; for the strange imagination of a woman works effectually upon her infant, that as Baptista Porta proves, Physiog.

This new decree of the Commune seriously endangers the liberty of all those who are so unfortunate as to have incurred the ill-will of their concierge, or whose dealings with his next-door neighbour have not been of a strictly amicable nature.

A very thick flange cast on any part of a cylinder endangers the soundness of the cylinder, by inducing an unequal contraction of the metal; and it is a preferable course to make the flange for the attachment or the framing thin, and the surface largethe bolts being turned bolts and nicely fitted.

But I don't think it degrades or endangers us, for this reason, that, while it makes us charitable to the rest of mankind, our own sense of freedom, whatever it is, is never affected by argument.

"Know, Sir, that there are no trifling events in war: nothing endangers an army like an imprudent security.

He that is too eager to be rich, generally endangers his fortune in wild adventures, and uncertain projects; and he that hastens too speedily to reputation, often raises his character by artifices and fallacies, decks himself in colours which quickly fade, or in plumes which accident may shake off, or competition pluck away.

Children under 14 may not work in mine, factory, hotel, or be messenger; no child under 16 shall work more than nine hours per day; nor be let out for any exhibition or vocation which endangers health or morals; nor ever be sent to any immoral resort or serve or handle intoxicating liquors.

The selfsame lust of conquest, that would rob You of your liberty, endangers mine.

If the offense is one of a serious nature that endangers the public, the prisoner should not be released until by understanding or education, or age, or the proper form of treatment, it is fairly evident that he will not offend again.

But idleness predominates in many lives where it is not suspected; for, being a vice which terminates in itself, it may be enjoyed without injury to others; and it is therefore not watched like fraud, which endangers property; or like pride, which naturally seeks its gratifications in another's inferiority.

He who climbs high, endangers many a fall;(Chaucer.)

It vexes me sometimes, he buys such wild brutes, and endangers his life with them.

752 examples of  endangers  in sentences