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1335 example sentences with  endangers

1335 example sentences with endangers

Their weapons do not endanger life; and as each one knows that his adversary is merely following his vocation, they often fight without animosity.

Such was the sound business-principle upon which the Boreal was conducted; and the merest child must perceive, that only the extremely unlikely coincidence of at least four insurers all dying before Eighty-five could endanger the solvency of the beneficent institution.

England's possessions in the West are indivisible, and what threatens one endangers all.

Your Majesty collects your equipments of war, endangers your soldiers and officers and excites the resentment of the various princesdo these things cause you pleasure in your mind?"

But here I had like to have dipped all my cargo into the sea again; for that shore lying pretty steep-that is to say, slopingthere was no place to land but where one end of my float, if it ran on shore, would lie so high, and the other sink lower, as before, that it would endanger my cargo again.

A covering of metal would be too good a conductor of external temperature,while clapboarding would endanger the resemblance to a roof, which is the only gain proposed.

He knew that he would receive only opposition from his young and stubborn client; that Carmel's presence and Carmel's determination would have to be sprung upon Arthur even more than upon the prosecution; that the prisoner at the bar would struggle to the very last against Carmel's appearance in court, and make an infinite lot of trouble, if he did not actually endanger his own cause.

, he forbade it because of the risk, sayin' I must not endanger my life on account of mother, an' insistin' that at some future time escape would be more easy than then.

I have no right to ask you to endanger your life to carry out this plan of mine.

The germs that swarmed in his leathern water bags will no longer endanger the lives of the citizens, and the deadly perils of stagnant cistern water have been to a large extent removed.

During the latter years of Edward IV the nation, having in a great measure forgotten the bloody feuds between the two roses, and peaceably acquiescing in the established government, was agitated only by some court intrigues, which, being restrained by the authority of the King, seemed nowise to endanger the public tranquillity.

That which is known to injure children most seriously is foul air; keeping the rooms where they sleep closely shut up is destruction to them; and, if the child's breathing be disordered by disease, a few hours only of such foul air may endanger its life, even where no inconvenience is felt by grown-up persons in the room.

Why am I to endanger myself to save a girl from the consequences of her folly?" "If you do not," I swore, "I will fling you where the carcass of which you are so careful shall be crushed out of the very form of the manhood you disgrace."

It endangers the motor-car communications so necessary to our armies."

Germany has held that this rock hinders, even endangers, her just and historical development in the world.

My Crowne as soone: they feele their sinowy plots Belike to shrinke i'th joynts, and fearing Ruine Have found this Cement out to piece up all, Which more endangers all.

How, Sir! endangers?

The people think that your press endangers their property and their lives; and they have appointed us to tell you so, and ask you to remove it to-morrow.

Some dislike it, because they think that it endangers the modern notions of democratic equality.

"In the first place," he says, "it over-stimulates them; and in the second, it renders them so susceptible of cold, that any draught of cold air endangers their lives.

There is another evil which sometimes results from the too common neglect of this rule, which is, that it endangers the deterioration of the quality of the milk.

Mouse-trap: mary how trapically: this play is The image of a murder done in guyana,] [Footnote 4: Here Hamlet endangers himself to force the king to self-betrayal.]

There is great difficulty in correcting the residual fault, not only because an inconceivably small movement of the weights on the balance-curve is required, but also because it endangers the equilibrium of the balance.

"It's that it endangers the integrity of the fatherland," he replied in the tone of a notary reading an allegation.

Of course, the present administration of the common law in regard to blasphemy does not endanger the liberty of those unbelievers who have the capacity for contributing to progress.

You have grown through those twenty years, and wisely avoided to endanger your growth by undertaking a toil not becoming to your growing age; and there you stood about another twenty years, looking resolutely but unpretendingly around, if there be anybody to question that you were really a nation.

Pity you didn't feel a cramp just when you were swimming to himnot enough to endanger your own life, you see, but sort of make you stop short."

I have even given you a hint that to delay longer in Barranquila might endanger your enterprise; since the government is just now very anxious to acquire such wonderful modern agents of warfare, as your aeroplane.

What! shall it be within benefit of clergy to delay the king's message on the high road?to interrupt the great respirations, ebb or flood, of the national intercourseto endanger the safety of tidings, running day and night between all nations and languages?

For instance, in the country a man may drive as fast as he pleases, while here fast driving endangers life and must be prohibited.

[Read] Myne enemyes have labord much, but my worst afflyctyon is thy lamented absence which may endanger us alyke.

He was still to encounter resistance, even defeat, but none that could endanger the final success of his cause within Arabia.

It either induces him to do what he would be glad to leave undone, if he were not afraid lest the omission might in some way endanger him, or injure him in others' opinion; or else it encourages him to do what he is glad to do, but has hitherto refrained from doing from fear of danger or shame; this is example of the seductive kind.

I say this for thy good; for if ever thou formest other wishes, then she and thou wilt be ruined and undone; moreover, it will endanger your lives.'

He was greatly pleased, and said, "That to every one nothing is dearer than life, but even if my life could be of any use to thee, I would not grieve to sacrifice it, and give thee now my daughter; but I fear that by doing so, I might endanger thy life, and the stain of this reproach would remain upon me to the day of judgment."

The ordinance is liberal,ten miles an hour; and the young man and his mentor had not said the speed of the automobile was greater than the law allowed, hence the dilemma of the chief; but we discussed a clause which provided that vehicles should not be driven through the streets in a manner so as to endanger public travel, and he thought the complaint would rest on that provision.

[you are a serious man, Sir] to make a venture that shall endanger my own morals?

c. 7, if she grieve overmuch, be disquieted, or by any casualty be affrighted and terrified by some fearful object, heard or seen, she endangers her child, and spoils the temperature of it; for the strange imagination of a woman works effectually upon her infant, that as Baptista Porta proves, Physiog.

This new decree of the Commune seriously endangers the liberty of all those who are so unfortunate as to have incurred the ill-will of their concierge, or whose dealings with his next-door neighbour have not been of a strictly amicable nature.

He concludes: "In seeking out a way of salvation, I think it incumbent on me to prevent the tyranny of necessity, that I might not be compelled by it to endanger my character and the interest of a friend whose kindness I have always experienced, and whose assistance I am once more obliged to solicit."

It was June when we passed over the Hinghan range, a series of sand mountains of great extent which form the breeding-ground for numerous herds of horses who spread themselves over the slopes and plains and sometimes endanger the safety of the railway.

For, when the mind labours under any such feelings, expressions are apt to be used which, whether they are well understood or ill understood, give umbrage elsewhere, and endanger the peace as well as the policy, in a word, all the highest interests of the country.

A very thick flange cast on any part of a cylinder endangers the soundness of the cylinder, by inducing an unequal contraction of the metal; and it is a preferable course to make the flange for the attachment or the framing thin, and the surface largethe bolts being turned bolts and nicely fitted.

It will only endanger those who carried already the danger in themselves, and would have fallen into some other snare if this had been away.

Position and climate and the bounteous resources that nature has scattered with so liberal a handeven the diffused intelligence and elevated character of our peoplewill avail us nothing if we fail sacredly to uphold those political institutions that were wisely and deliberately formed with reference to every circumstance that could preserve or might endanger the blessings we enjoy.

Between many of them there was, at least to some extent, a real diversity of interests, liable to be exaggerated through sinister designs; they differed in size, in population, in wealth, and in actual and prospective resources and power; they varied in the character of their industry and staple productions, and [in some] existed domestic institutions which, unwisely disturbed, might endanger the harmony of the whole.

Nevertheless, the Georgia planters near the frontier were not long in learning that the general enlightenment of the Negroes would endanger the institution of slavery.

But I don't think it degrades or endangers us, for this reason, that, while it makes us charitable to the rest of mankind, our own sense of freedom, whatever it is, is never affected by argument.

For this, diligence in business, abstinence from pleasures, privation even, of everything that does not endanger health, are to be joyfully welcomed and borne.

These objects are well stated by Mr. Sรฉrurier to be "that the Government of the Republic may avoid, with a providential solicitude, in this unsettled state of things all that may become a cause of new irritation between the two countries, endanger the treaty, and raise obstacles that may become insurmountable to the views of conciliation and harmony which animate the councils of the King."

It was, then, to avoid a communication to Congress, which Mr. Sรฉrurier saw would endanger the peace of the two countries, that this engagement was made.

If the engagement had amounted to no more than this, and His Majesty's ministers thought that an early call would endanger the passage of the law, it might possibly justify them in not making it.

They were living, at the best, in a sort of armed neutrality with the whites; such a publication, however serviceable elsewhere, could have no other effect in Wellington than to endanger this truce and defeat the hope of a possible future friendship.

"Know, Sir, that there are no trifling events in war: nothing endangers an army like an imprudent security.

He that is too eager to be rich, generally endangers his fortune in wild adventures, and uncertain projects; and he that hastens too speedily to reputation, often raises his character by artifices and fallacies, decks himself in colours which quickly fade, or in plumes which accident may shake off, or competition pluck away.

Mark was aware, by his previous sounding, that this wall rather impended over its base, being a part of an old crater, beyond a question, and that there was little danger of the vessel's hitting the bottom, or taking harm in any other way than by friction against the upper part; but this friction might become too rude, and finally endanger the safety of the vessel.

Children under 14 may not work in mine, factory, hotel, or be messenger; no child under 16 shall work more than nine hours per day; nor be let out for any exhibition or vocation which endangers health or morals; nor ever be sent to any immoral resort or serve or handle intoxicating liquors.

The selfsame lust of conquest, that would rob You of your liberty, endangers mine.

The interest now reverts to the fate of Franรงoise, and Bourbon is lost sight of; a transition which, both in acting and reading, endangers the drama.

On the other hand, our silk manufacturers would be surprised if they were told that the free admission of our cottons and hardware into the French market, would endanger their branch of manufacture: yet such might very possibly be the effect.

"My sister," Hortense had said to her, "you will at least understand that by leaving Paris now you paralyze its defence, and thereby endanger your crown, but I see that you are resigned to this sacrifice."

If the offense is one of a serious nature that endangers the public, the prisoner should not be released until by understanding or education, or age, or the proper form of treatment, it is fairly evident that he will not offend again.

But idleness predominates in many lives where it is not suspected; for, being a vice which terminates in itself, it may be enjoyed without injury to others; and it is therefore not watched like fraud, which endangers property; or like pride, which naturally seeks its gratifications in another's inferiority.

He who climbs high, endangers many a fall;(Chaucer.)

It is unfair for the individual, in a period of financial stress, to seek his own safety in a manner which is impossible for all, and thus to endanger the interests of all.

He might get himself caught and endanger your whole plan."

Living or dead, one man could not now endanger the lives of any others.

It vexes me sometimes, he buys such wild brutes, and endangers his life with them.

For in the year 1640, and for a few years afterwards, the nature of the trade and of the slavery was but little known, except to a few individuals, who were concerned in them; and it is obvious that these would neither endanger their own interest nor proclaim their own guilt by exposing it.

And, if the child's breathing be disordered by disease, a few hours only of such foul air may endanger its life, even where no inconvenience is felt by grown-up persons in the same room.

Her stepmother seems to hate her and feel that she endangers the family by being only half-mortal.

However, from 2017, tackles from any direction that endanger an opponent's safety may result in the offender being sent-off.

According to the law, if pedestrians are nearby then scooters must be driven at a speed that does not endanger them.

But by opening the door to outsourcing, the CEO endangers one of the last bastions of U.S. technology leadership.

But nurses say it endangers people already disproportionately affected by the pandemic.

Cops either need a higher standard of training or they need to be discharged when they commit a fark up that endangers someone's life or health.

DC Report: Trump endangers the Kurds in quest to retreat from Syria; Will giving the nod to Turkey undo accomplishments there?

In the pandemic, if only a small number of people are gullible enough to believe her, their behavior endangers us all.

And he endangers him once again in Avengers: Infinity War by taking him into a space war with Thanos.

Just as in the real world where people have the right to freely express themselves and refrain from speech that endangers social cohesion, this principle also applies on social media platforms.

Legislators expanded that power years later, giving governors the ability to declare peacetime emergencies for acts of nature, terrorist attacks or civil strife that endangers โ€œlife and property.โ€

โ€œOSP Troopers will not serve the City of Portland in any capacity that needlessly endangers them or their colleagues.

Pelosi described Trumpโ€™s action as a โ€œprovocative and disproportionate military airstrikeโ€ that she said endangers U.S. troops โ€œby risking a serious escalation of tensions with Iran.โ€

Any unilateral action in advance of the completion of the committee process endangers the Plan & American recognition," envoy David Friedman tweeted.

State Rep. Ron Ryckman (R), the speaker of the state House, offered a load of bollocks explaining that his party certainly wasn't trying to encourage people to go pack into a church and endanger their health, heavens no!

The Belgian government said that the anti-Semitism in the three-day festival embarrassed the nation and endangers society.

The escalation endangers months of peace efforts by Saudi Arabia and the United Nations, and highlights the challenge Riyadh faces in trying to exit a costly and unpopular war.

There is a metaphor in there somewhere for the current situation of oil and gas in Guyana, an explosive situation that โ€“ because of careless behaviour โ€“ endangers generations of ordinary Guyanese people.

The report also adds that ecosystem destruction endangers around one million speciesโ€”500,000 animals and 500,000 insectsโ€”with extinction anticipated in the next decades and centuries.

The second was to begin work with city departments for the removal of trees, debris and other vegetation that negatively impacts or endangers the flow of water through the two corrugated metal drainage pipes that pass through the levee.

โ€œThis denial of information not only endangers the Turkmen citizens most at risk but also reinforces the authoritarianism imposed by President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov.

This endangers other satellites, future launches, and especially crewed space missions.

Authorities warn the run off from rains could further endanger fish and choke rivers with oxygen-sapping ash and other pollutants.

Violence that endangers lives is not."

When the fight spills over into Yancy Street and endangers innocent civilians, Valeria realizes she has to do something to prevent disaster.

But, in a free society, the government should never endanger privacy or liberty for efficiency.

Schlass warned that if Jews are not willing to show solidarity with Israelis by visiting the state, the same threat that endangers Israel may, some time in the future, come back to haunt them.

What reputable manufacturer would endanger his whole western organizational setup in order to provide some machines to our struggling little farmersโ€™ organization.

You can also refuse to work if you have reasonable cause to believe that the performance of the activity by a worker endangers yourself or another worker (s.128 (1)(c)).

You donโ€™t have to ride on the pathways for long to realize that some pedestrians are also guilty of misdeeds, and do all sorts of ridiculous things that endanger cyclists.