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130 examples of  endlessly  in sentences

130 examples of endlessly in sentences

A swamp stretching endlessly on either hand, and back from the icy flood as far as eye could see, broken only by sloughs and an occasional ice-rimmed tarn.

So teacher and child enter into the thoughts of Him Who endlessly was teaching Above my spirits utmost reaching, What love can do in the leaf or stone, So that to master this alone, This done in the stone or leaf for me, I must go on learning endlessly.

So teacher and child enter into the thoughts of Him Who endlessly was teaching Above my spirits utmost reaching, What love can do in the leaf or stone, So that to master this alone, This done in the stone or leaf for me, I must go on learning endlessly.

Their homes represent the dull concession to a state rule; and their lives take tone from the grey, smoke-grimed repetition of one endlessly repeated design.

Unless I was to suffer endlessly these petty vexations, I must find a bold stroke to end them.

Then, as the curling waves of fire pushed farther and farther up the steins of the trees, and farther and farther endlessly into the undergrowth, an unearthly outcry and stir began.

Perspiration dripped from white faces as the operatives stood listlessly at their looms, or the children straggled back and forth in the narrow lanes between the frames, tending the endlessly turning spools.

In the spinning room at the Victory Mill, with its tall frames and endlessly turning bobbins, where the languid thread ran from hank to spool and the tired little feet must walk the narrow aisles between the jennies, watching if perchance a filament had broken, a knot caught, or other mischance occurred, and right it, Deanie plodded for what seemed to her many years.

When Mandy left her, Deanie tried for a time to tend her frames; but the endlessly turning spools, the edges of the jennies, blurred before her fevered eyes.

It was even hot, toiling endlessly up that mountain road.

And soon in these farms and cottages everybody will be asleep under the guard of the British Forces, while twenty miles away, in the darkness, the guns we saw in the morning are endlessly harassing and scourging the enemy lines, preparing for the day when the thoughts now maturing in the minds of the Army leaders will leap in flame to light.

The council breaks up, "Being abroad, the earth was overlaid With fleckers to them, that came forth; as when of frequent bees Swarms rise out of a hollow rock, repairing the degrees Of their egression endlessly,with ever rising new From forth their sweet nest; as their store, still as it faded, grew, "And never would cease sending forth her dusters to the spring.

But talk not now of what is past; The moments fly away too fast, Though endlessly they seem to last To that poor soul in fear.

I shall write you endlessly.

Endlessly long were the minutes.

She saw that the snow-covered ridges stretching endlessly were like a concrete symbol of that infinity which extended above and about her; that they were clothed in beauty.

They laid up on the worn benches of the Silver Dollar or the Same Old Luck like beached vessels, and their talk ran on endlessly of "strike" and "contact" and "mother lode," and worked around to fights and hold-ups, villainy, haunts, and the hoodoo of the Minietta, told austerely without imagination.

Pig-tailed men in skull-caps, their faces calm as polished ivory, were counting dollars endlessly over flying finger-tips.

The branches of the huge tree had begun to fork, pending the time when they would ramify endlessly, like the branches of some great royal oak spreading afar over the soil.

And the whole neighborhood gossiped endlessly about the old mad gentleman who had let himself die of wretchedness by the side of a perfect treasure, piled coin by coin upon a table, and for twenty years past tendered to the portraits of his wife and daughter, even as flowers might have been offered to their memory.

From fresh sowings there ever came fresh harvests, the sun ever rose anew above the horizon, and milk streamed forth endlessly like the eternal sap of living humanity.

Thin ghosts of Figurantes (never plump on earth) circle thee in endlessly, and still their song is Fye on sinful Phantasy.

We have fewer sands in our glass to reckon upon, and we cannot brook to see them drop in endlessly succeeding impertinences.

A more noble object of inanimate nature is not to be contemplated than a large and lofty branching tree; in its boughs and leaves, endlessly varying, matted together and intersecting each other, we see the palpable image of infinity.

We talked endlessly of a way out.

The manuscript from which they have been edited by Mr. Halliwell, one of those students of our early literature to whom we are endlessly indebted for putting valuable things within our reach, is by no means so old as the plays themselves; it bears date 1468, a hundred and thirty years after they appeared in their English dress.

Herring and caplin had long since drifted away into unknown depths, where the tides flowed endlessly over them and brought never a one ashore.

He purifies endlessly his house, saying that Hecatethat is, the moonhas exercised some malign influence on it; and many other purifications he observes, of which I shall only say that they are by their nature plainly, like the last, meant as preservatives against unseen malarias or contagions, possible or impossible.

Let whoever doubts this try the simple but endlessly amusing experiment of setting half a dozen people behind a perforated curtain, and making them put their eyes at the holes.

And if God had loved me, how endlessly sweet Had he let my heart in its rapture burst, And throb its last at your firm small feet!

And so on endlessly; she delighted, he still more charmed, for his words came from the depth of his heart and she had the pleasure of hearing herself praised, he the delight of seeing her.

The exterior of the cathedral, being huge, is therefore grand; it has a great central tower, and two at the western end; and reposes in vast and heavy length, without the multitude of niches, and crumbling statues, and richness of detail, that make the towers and fronts of some cathedrals so endlessly interesting.

I wonder if you know the feel of the fresh, soft soil, as it answers to your steps, giving a little, responding a little (as life always does)and is there not something endlessly good and pleasant about it?

Here for generations his forebears had toiled endlessly and fruitlessly, yet the fat green fields hurtling past him told with what skill and patience their black hands had labored.

CHAPTER V ON THE ROAD FROM ATLANTIS "Would you like to come along?" Agony, sitting alone on the pier, idly watching the river as it flowed endlessly around its great curve, looked up to see Mary Sylvester standing beside her.

Rome had suddenly become a naval power, and held in her hand the means of energetically terminating a war which threatened to be endlessly prolonged and to involve the commerce of Italy in ruin.

Her gaze fixed immovably upon the boy, she wept slowly, endlessly.

" Clotilde listened, her eyes drowned in tears which flowed endlessly.

Therefore, she admitted the existence of undiscovered forces surrounding the world, an immense and obscure domain, ten times larger than the domain already won, an infinite and unexplored realm through which future humanity would endlessly ascend.

Except that trains ran by endlessly, bearing wounded men north, and fresh troops and fresh supplies south, the river shore was empty and silent.

A five-days' equinoctial storm had given way to the coldest day of the autumn: our car, raw and dank as a dungeon, joggled along endlessly until afternoon gave way to evening and evening to chilly night.

At every service of every kind, and at all times, he was there, swelling out from a pewful of ruddy daughters, and endlessly beaming round at his fellow-worshippers, as much as to say, "Didn't I say he was the man for New Zion?" The old channels were beginning to fill with the new spirit, the old disused machinery was once more in motion.

He was good at games, in shape for his forties, dressed for a magazine cover at all times, and endlessly charming.

His mother liked Jennifer and gushed endlessly over Emma.

But they are wrong when they regard these invisible, minute corpuscles, which are intended to subserve this purpose as indivisible: everything that is material, however small it be, is divisible to infinity, nay, is in fact endlessly divided.

Below its gates a stretch of waste land, endlessly trailed over by mules and camels, sloped down to the mouth of the Bou-Regreg, the blue-brown river dividing it from Rabat.

After that more walls, more gates, more endlessly winding lanes, more gates again, more turns, a dusty open space with donkeys and camels and negroes; a final wall with a great door under a lofty archand suddenly we were in the palace of the Bahia, among flowers and shadows and falling water.

The ground-plan of mosques and Medersas is always practically the same, and the same elements, few in number and endlessly repeated, make up the materials and the form of the ornament.

They differ endlessly, like the faces you meet on the street.

The consequence was not seldom a nervous derangement of the whole apparatus of the soul, just at the moment when it should have been ready for its greatest performances, as in the case of Nikolaus Lenau; however, it also frequently resulted in an endlessly increased receptivity for every experience, as in the case of Bettina von Arnim, Heine, or Annette von Droste, and the most recent writers.

Being is without end; for changeless laws Bind that from which the All its glory draws Of living treasures endlessly possessed.

Gangplanks were down, and up them streams of men in khaki moved endlessly.

Then, she had been waking to action at the beginning of a long cruise; now, a battered gull with gray, folded wings, she lay at the dock, pointing her bowsprit stiffly up to the dingy street where horses tramped endlessly over the cobblestones.

The child used to watch him, fascinated, as he fumbled endlessly at the fastenings of his violin-case, and put back the top with uncertain fingers.

If only the miserable business were not so endlessly drawn out!

To her the days were full enough of things that she was terribly weary of doing over and over, endlessly.

Such attributes, endlessly varied and diversified, proceed from the basis of a common character, by virtue of which all men and eachone as truly as anotherare entitled, as a birth-right, to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

Such attributes, endlessly varied and diversified, proceed from the basis of a common character, by virtue of which all men and eachone as truly as anotherare entitled, as a birth-right, to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

Such attributes, endlessly varied and diversified, proceed from the basis of a common character, by virtue of which all men and eachone as truly as anotherare entitled, as a birthright, to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

She was greatly concerned over Joe's absorption in the strike, and once, when it appeared that the struggle might go on endlessly, she said to Myra: "Sometimes I think Joe puts life off too much, pushing his joys into the future, not always remembering that he will never be more alive than now, and that the days are being lopped off.

" The day had seemed endlessly long.

She walked up State Street, and stared in the windows; came back, turned into Madison, passed a bright little shop in the window of which taffywhite and goldwas being wound endlessly and fascinatingly about a double-jointed machine.

wearing their hearts on their sleeves, or in their letters, their music, their lives, as they trooped forth endlessly from the tomes of Burney, Hawkins, Fรฉtis, Grove, Riemann, and from their biographies and memoirs innumerable?

It was currently reported that Joshua's habit of endlessly retracting and qualifying every idea and modification of an idea which he advanced, so as to commit himself to nothing, was the effect of Aunt Lyddy's careful revision.

5. Of time absolute; as, Always, ever, never, aye, eternally, forever, perpetually, continually, incessantly, endlessly, evermore, everlastingly.

It incensed him beyond words that his colleagues dawdled so endlessly over their committees and their definitions.

Then she discovered a button missing and hunted endlessly to find another one to match.

" Anecdotes of the same type might be multiplied endlessly, and would serve to confirm the strong impression which all contemporary evidence leaves upon the mindthat the closing years of the eighteenth century witnessed the nadir of English virtue.

As the pictures in this strange and lovely book are infinite, so endlessly varied are the ways in which they impress us.

For wherever in Nature we set our foot, she seems to be endlessly the centre of vanishing roads, radiating in every direction into space and time.

But the work on a grass farm is endlessly varied.

"So you see," continued Forester, "that the work of a cotton or sugar plantation, is comparatively simple and plain, requiring little judgment or mental exertion, and a great deal of plain straightforward bodily labor; while on a northern stock farm the labors are endlessly varied.

Despite herself, against all reason, as a child is afraid of the dark there grew upon her a terror of this intangible thing called solitude that stretched out into the future endlessly.

When Mr. Smith or Mr. Stubbs has brought every wheel of life into such range and order that it is one steady, daily grind,when they themselves have come into the habits and attitudes of the patient donkey, who steps round and round the endlessly turning wheel of some machinery, then they fancy that they have gotten "the victory that overcometh the world.

, he had in preeminent degree, and an English style that has been described as "a long bright river of silver speech which unwound, evenly and endlessly, like a ribbon from a revolving spool that could fill itself as fast as it emptied itself."

It was endlessly a trouble instructing a new man, and then, of course, there was Adlington's family to be looked after, and taxes had gone up, and Mrs. Adlington was a stout woman who, despite the fact that Adlington, while alive, had frequently interrupted Mr. McCain's breakfast newspaper reading by asserting that she was a person of no character, now insisted upon weeping noisily every time Mr. McCain granted her an interview.

Beyond the fence, a great pasture-field stretches away endlessly.

There was no other in the world to whom the departed penitent could be dear; and heoh, was it difficult to suppose that merciful Heaven, merciful to the guiltiest, had placed between his conscience and his horrible offence a cloud that made all dimhad rendered his understanding powerless to comprehend a crime which reason must have punished and aggravated endlessly My judgment was prostrated by what I learned so suddenly and fearfully.

On each grave was a frail wooden cross, and this and the paling round about were already stained by the weather as gray as the tree trunks of the stunted forest that stretched endlessly on every side.

The experiment was made by Walt Whitman, and in a few of his finest lyrics, such as Out of the Cradle endlessly rocking, one gets the perfection of structure and form.

He is endlessly tolerant and sweet-tempered; and sometimes will drop a little sweet and mellow maxim, the ripest fruit of sunny experience.

The permutations and combinations are countless, and hence it is that love-stories are always fresh, since they can be endlessly varied.

Therefore organic life is like balancing a pole on one's hand; it must be kept in continual motion, and have a constant supply of matter of which it is continually and endlessly in need.

They talked about me in Turkish; other Turks came, they talked about England's rรดle in the war, they scolded, gesticulated, poured forth endlessly, forgot me.

With thy red ochre roofs,vine trellised o'er; The gardens fair laid forth in blooming luxury, The fields in glinting beads of dew stretched endlessly, Beneath the sun's fresh kiss a gilded floor!

It is capable of the highest and of the most universal culturenot merely from within outward, but also from without inwardsince it organizes similarly all parts of that which is destined to become a whole; thus the prospect of an endlessly developing classicism is opened up to it.

Joyously fearful, I see an earnest face, which gently and reverently bends over me, and amid endlessly entangled locks shows the sweet youth of the mother.

Hurtling from one hard Hour to another, Like waves that are driven From cliff-side to cliff-side, Endlessly down the uncertain abyss.

And next, where, in the investigations which may be endlessly diversified, does intellect properly come in and give its help?

The city, St. Paul's, with the rivera multitude of little boats, made a beautiful sight as we crossed Westminster Bridge; the houses not overhung by their clouds of smoke, and were hung out endlessly; yet the sun shone so brightly, with such a pure light, that there was something like the purity of one of Nature's own grand spectacles.

It developed that this grassy summit ascended in a long gradual sweep, from the apex of which stretched a grand expanse, like a plain of gold, down and down, endlessly almost, and then up and up to end under a gray butte, highest of the points around.

" "Come out for a turn," he went on; "never mind these rotten books; don't get into a habit of readingit's like endlessly listening to good talk without ever joining in itit makes a corpulent mind!" We went and walked in the garden; he stopped before some giant hemlocks.

yet we feel eternally and immutably fixed; and instead of living each day as if it was our lastwhich is a thoroughly bad piece of advicewe live each day as if it was one of an endlessly revolving chain of days, and as if we were going to live to all eternityas indeed I believe we are!

Never did the chanted, "We beseech Thee to hear us, good Lord!" appear so endlessly numerous.

O, there is so endlessly much in the sea, in the air, and on the earthwonders, which science will bring forth!wonders, greater than the poet's philosophy can create!

On rainy autumnal days when melancholy oppressed him, when a hatred of his home, the muddy yellow skies, the macadam clouds assailed him, he took refuge in this retreat, set the cage lightly in motion and watched it endlessly reflected in the play of the mirrors, until it seemed to his dazed eyes that the cage no longer stirred, but that the boudoir reeled and turned, filling the house with a rose-colored waltz.

'The wise and learned' dispute endlessly over dates of documents, over the amount of later doctrine interpolated into the earlier texts, over the nature, source, and quantity of foreign influenceChaldaean, Accadian, Egyptian, or Assyrian.

When she left him, her soul was endlessly richer than his.

But endlessly dreary would the story be, were there no Life living by its own will, no perfect Will, one with an almighty heart, no Love in whom we live and move and have our being.

I heard the sound of a piano, somewhere in the building, and I consigned the inventor of pianos to hideous torment as scales were pursued endlessly up and down the keys.