130 examples of endlessly in sentences

I shall write you endlessly.

And the whole neighborhood gossiped endlessly about the old mad gentleman who had let himself die of wretchedness by the side of a perfect treasure, piled coin by coin upon a table, and for twenty years past tendered to the portraits of his wife and daughter, even as flowers might have been offered to their memory.

From fresh sowings there ever came fresh harvests, the sun ever rose anew above the horizon, and milk streamed forth endlessly like the eternal sap of living humanity.

We have fewer sands in our glass to reckon upon, and we cannot brook to see them drop in endlessly succeeding impertinences.

The manuscript from which they have been edited by Mr. Halliwell, one of those students of our early literature to whom we are endlessly indebted for putting valuable things within our reach, is by no means so old as the plays themselves; it bears date 1468, a hundred and thirty years after they appeared in their English dress.

And if God had loved me, how endlessly sweet Had he let my heart in its rapture burst, And throb its last at your firm small feet!

I wonder if you know the feel of the fresh, soft soil, as it answers to your steps, giving a little, responding a little (as life always does)and is there not something endlessly good and pleasant about it?

Rome had suddenly become a naval power, and held in her hand the means of energetically terminating a war which threatened to be endlessly prolonged and to involve the commerce of Italy in ruin.

At every service of every kind, and at all times, he was there, swelling out from a pewful of ruddy daughters, and endlessly beaming round at his fellow-worshippers, as much as to say, "Didn't I say he was the man for New Zion?" The old channels were beginning to fill with the new spirit, the old disused machinery was once more in motion.

After that more walls, more gates, more endlessly winding lanes, more gates again, more turns, a dusty open space with donkeys and camels and negroes; a final wall with a great door under a lofty archand suddenly we were in the palace of the Bahia, among flowers and shadows and falling water.

The ground-plan of mosques and Medersas is always practically the same, and the same elements, few in number and endlessly repeated, make up the materials and the form of the ornament.

Such attributes, endlessly varied and diversified, proceed from the basis of a common character, by virtue of which all men and eachone as truly as anotherare entitled, as a birth-right, to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

She walked up State Street, and stared in the windows; came back, turned into Madison, passed a bright little shop in the window of which taffywhite and goldwas being wound endlessly and fascinatingly about a double-jointed machine.

wearing their hearts on their sleeves, or in their letters, their music, their lives, as they trooped forth endlessly from the tomes of Burney, Hawkins, Fétis, Grove, Riemann, and from their biographies and memoirs innumerable?

Then she discovered a button missing and hunted endlessly to find another one to match.

As the pictures in this strange and lovely book are infinite, so endlessly varied are the ways in which they impress us.

For wherever in Nature we set our foot, she seems to be endlessly the centre of vanishing roads, radiating in every direction into space and time.

Despite herself, against all reason, as a child is afraid of the dark there grew upon her a terror of this intangible thing called solitude that stretched out into the future endlessly.

When Mr. Smith or Mr. Stubbs has brought every wheel of life into such range and order that it is one steady, daily grind,when they themselves have come into the habits and attitudes of the patient donkey, who steps round and round the endlessly turning wheel of some machinery, then they fancy that they have gotten "the victory that overcometh the world.

The experiment was made by Walt Whitman, and in a few of his finest lyrics, such as Out of the Cradle endlessly rocking, one gets the perfection of structure and form.

The permutations and combinations are countless, and hence it is that love-stories are always fresh, since they can be endlessly varied.

Never did the chanted, "We beseech Thee to hear us, good Lord!" appear so endlessly numerous.

O, there is so endlessly much in the sea, in the air, and on the earthwonders, which science will bring forth!wonders, greater than the poet's philosophy can create!

When she left him, her soul was endlessly richer than his.

I heard the sound of a piano, somewhere in the building, and I consigned the inventor of pianos to hideous torment as scales were pursued endlessly up and down the keys.

130 examples of  endlessly  in sentences