214 examples of enfold in sentences

As I moved, an icy coldness seemed to enfold me, so that I shivered.

" She lay for a long time wakeful, revelling in the strange sense of peace which seemed to enfold her, while the evening breeze blew through the room and the twilight threw weird shadows among the dainty draperies.

Her vesture scant, her bonnet crush'd and torn; A thin shawl doth her baby dear enfold.

Can innocence quake? "Why thus do you cling to my neck, and enfold me, What fear unimparted your quiet devours?" "O mother, there's reasonfor Susan has told me, A dead body lies in the room next to ours.

She lifts them Regent (totters and falls into his arms with a tired, happy laugh, which ends in a cry as his arms enfold her).

did she thus enfold This letter in the cane?

how many perils do enfold The righteous man to make him daily fail; Were not that heavenly grace doth him uphold, it understood.

Oft mighty sins enfold, Oft where the sea looks still, quicksands abound.

And I will give the empire and the sea, the Senate, the Olympus, the Capitol, to her who shall embrace me the most ardently; to her whose heart shall throb beneath my own; to her who shall enmesh me in her flowing hair, smile on me sweetest, and enfold me in the warmest clasp; to her who soothing me with songs of love shall waken me to joy and heights of rapture!

He gave a violent start, blood suffused his face darkly, his arms leapt out to enfold her.

Mother Carey had arms to carry, arms to enfold, arms to comfort and caress.

One needed not to hear the words to see he was unveiling a sacred thing, a holiness so white and hidden, the most reverent word seemed a profanation; and, as he laboured for the least soiled wherein to enfold the revelation, his soul seemed as a maid torn with the blushing tremors of a new knowledge.

Yonder darkling brow, rugged, gloomy looking, was Nab Scar; yonder green slope of sunny pasture, stretching wide its two arms as if to enfold the valley, was Fairfield; and here, close on the left, as he faced the lake, were Silver Howe and Helm Crag, with that stony excrescence on the summit of the latter known as the 'Lion and the Lamb.'

Then the ample wings may suddenly enfold the sleeping body, and the savage jaws grip the startled head before there is time even to scream.

The chief peak now hath caught the glow, And, soft, o'er sloping walls And buttresses of dazzling snow, The flood of splendor falls; While miles of tender pink and gold Incrust the blue of space, And bands of amethyst enfold

The gale hath blown itself to rest, The sun turns all to gold, Once more the crystal mountain-sides A waveless plain enfold;

Enfold me in your ardent glow, While petals flutter to my feet!

He used to lie there at night, relaxed, just before sleep claimed him, and he could almost feel the soft Texas night enfold him like a great, velvety, invisible blanket, soothing him, lulling him.

Some great pressure seemed to enfold and encircle him, threatening his very existence as an individual.

And he would have enough intelligence to enfold mine, so I wouldn't be constantly banging against his walls....

Tiny creatures though we be, the whole solemn and majestic spectacle seems to be an extension of our own reverie, and we to enfold it all in some strange way within our own infinitesimal consciousness.

It is not death, but plenitude of peace; And this dim cloud which doth the earth enfold Hath less the characters of dark and cold Than light and warmth asleep, And intermittent breathing still doth keep With the infant harvest heaving soft below Its eider coverlet of snow.

Shouldst thou enfold another in thine arms, All food would be to me as the bitter root of the via.

Enchantress! leave thy sheeny height, Descend, be all mine own this night, Transfuse, enfold, entrance me quite!

If amid this crowded Paris he had at last beheld her coming to him, had seen the tall figure and the childish look, and the lovely, pleading eyes, would his heart have leapt within him?would his hands have been outstretched to enfold and pardon her?or would he have looked at her sombrely, unable to pass the gulf between themto forget what she had done?

214 examples of  enfold  in sentences