214 examples of enfold in sentences

Can innocence quake? "Why thus do you cling to my neck, and enfold me, What fear unimparted your quiet devours?" "O mother, there's reasonfor Susan has told me, A dead body lies in the room next to ours.

And I will give the empire and the sea, the Senate, the Olympus, the Capitol, to her who shall embrace me the most ardently; to her whose heart shall throb beneath my own; to her who shall enmesh me in her flowing hair, smile on me sweetest, and enfold me in the warmest clasp; to her who soothing me with songs of love shall waken me to joy and heights of rapture!

QUEEN ELINOR enters, offering to pull ROBIN from her; but they enfold each other, and sit down within the curtains.

O, that your gracious right hands would enfold Matilda's right hand, prison'd in my palm, And swear to do what Robin Hood desires! QUEEN.

And the dark Plutonian shadows Gather on the evening blast; Let thine arms, O Queen, enfold me, Hush thy sobs and bow thine ear, Listen to the great heart-secrets Thou, and thou alone, must hear.

No longer did the fog enfold them in its damp grasp.

He howled for his batman, and told the varlet that if there wasn't a drizzle-proof bivouac ready to enfold him by the time he had put the ponies to bye-byes there would be no leave for ten years.

It is to enfold them in a jurisdiction which will enable them to live the life of their souls' choice.

V. circumscribe, limit, bound, confine, inclose; surround &c 227; compass about; imprison &c (restrain) 751; hedge in, wall in, rail in; fence round, fence in, hedge round; picket; corral. enfold, bury, encase, incase^, pack up, enshrine, inclasp^; wrap up &c (invest) 225; embay^, embosom^. containment (inclusion) 76.

For both of us the child they saw of old, That evermore his mother's arms enfold, When Christmas comes.

" X. "That shapeless phantom sinking slow "Deep down the vast abyss below, "Darts, thro' the mists that shroud his frame, "A horror, nature hates to name!" "Mortal, could thine eyes behold "All those sullen mists enfold, "Thy sinews at the sight accurst "Would wither, and thy heart-strings burst; "Death would grasp with icy hand

The chief peak now hath caught the glow, And, soft, o'er sloping walls And buttresses of dazzling snow, The flood of splendor falls; While miles of tender pink and gold Incrust the blue of space, And bands of amethyst enfold

The gale hath blown itself to rest, The sun turns all to gold, Once more the crystal mountain-sides A waveless plain enfold;

Enfold me in your ardent glow, While petals flutter to my feet!

The last resting places of our Neolithic ancestors are scattered in great numbers about the heights that enfold the narrow cleft of the infant stream.

The fraternity here so sincerely expressed to-night will encourage us all to enfold the old flag more tenderly, to love our country more deeply, and to go on in every path of duty, showing still the spirit of '61 wherever good calls for sacrifice or truth for a defender.

A leader to inspire, an organisation to enfold, and a plan of campaign to guide, have in the most marvellous manner almost dropped from the skies since the publication of General Booth's book.

He knew that here the open vision would enfold him; here the angel of the Lord would come to him fetching his great Witness.

One tender monotone steals through them all, 'Come unto me, my kindred, I enfold you In an embrace to sufferers only known; Close to this heart I tenderly will hold you, Suppress no sigh, keep back no tear, no moan.

But a brighter vision Yet his eyes behold; Roses all, and lilies, Every path enfold; Lakes in shadow sleeping, Silver fishes leaping, And the waters creeping, Through the reeds of gold.

For a time, as is asserted by contemporary historians, he indulged visions of royalty in his own person, and had in imagination already fitted the crown of one of the first nations in Europe to his own brow; but the dream had been brief, and he had latterly resolved to transfer to one of his relatives the ermined purple in which he was not permitted to enfold himself.

" "Oh, I trust not," said Mary, earnestly touched and wrought upon, more than she herself knew, by the beautiful eyes, the modulated voice, the charm of manner, which seemed to enfold her like an Italian summer.

Green would be the dominant color, but the blue atmosphere and the clouds would enfold her as a bride is shrouded in her veila veil the vapory transparent folds of which the earth, through her ministers the winds, never tires of laying and folding about herself anew.

Here, antique dowagers and faded spinsters are all gay, laughing, rouged, and indulgentso that 'bating the subtraction of teeth and addition of wrinkles, the disparity between one score and four is not so great: "Gay rainbow silks their mellow charms enfold, Nought of these beauties but themselves is old.

The arms of infinite love enfold youhave no fear.

214 examples of  enfold  in sentences