2490 examples of enforced in sentences

The Council of Three met in secret, ordinarily issued its decrees without communicating with any other body, and had them enforced with a fearfulness of mystery, and a suddenness of execution, that resembled the blows of fate.

This court had a clerk and a sheriff, or executive officer, who respectively recorded and enforced their decrees.

The laws were to be strictly enforced; and the subalterns were promptly to notify their men of the time and place to meet.

When the slates were finally opened, not a stroke of writing nor a scratch was to be found, but at the suspected corner were the discolored marks, visible to this day, of the knife which had been inserted to extract the pencil, which, in its enforced outward passage, had left behind, in its scratches on the wood, a tell-tale trail of dust which the microscope revealed to be of the same substance as the pencil.

But I want to emphasize with all my power that the hardness of enforced celibacy presses as cruelly on women as on men.

Those who preach this doctrine remind usand very justlyof the weakness and insincerity of the "orthodox" moral standard, whether it is enforced by law or by custom.

It is the deliberate infliction beforehand of this great loss upon a child that seems to me the very negation of that motherhood in whose name this "right" is enforced.

"For ever mark, Lucilius, when Love begins to sicken and decline, it useth an enforced ceremony."

And indeed the groups began to separate and thin out; and the two editors, who had descended from their bench, mixed with the crowd, and enforced their peaceful arguments with zealous eloquence.

The superior single woman must make tenfold the effort of the inferior wife, to maintain her balance into maturity, because of her enforced solitude.

She had long felt that, kind as Catherine Morris had always been, her strict orthodox principles, which she severely enforced in her household, circumscribed Sarah's liberty of thought and action, and operated powerfully in preventing her from rising out of her depressed and discouraged state.

An officer of the Hudson Bay Company told me, in St. Paul, that it was the strict order of the British Government, enforced in letter and spirit by the Company, to keep full faith with the Indians.

Every enlightened community has enforced it upon all classes of people by the severest penalties.

Unfortunately they could not be enforced.

"The papers in all cases of reduction, removal and enforced resignation are required to be submitted to the Board for recommendation before transmission to the Civil Governor or Secretary of Department for final action.

" These extracts from official reports clearly show that the act was indeed of a very advanced type, and if honestly enforced would of necessity lead to the establishment and maintenance of "an efficient and honest civil service," for which purpose it was enacted.

It was sought as a refuge; it developed into a vocation; and it is a matter of interest to women to-day that these spontaneous vocations, growing out of an enforced life, were inspired by love of well-doing, desire for study, the acquisition of knowledge, its distribution, and the ever-ready spirit of helpfulness at the sacrifice of every personal indulgence.

Conscription is enforced; the army is the largest in the world.

It was with unspeakable relief that she arose from this enforced inactivity and, as evening drew on, resumed her work.

Idleness especially was held up before her, from the outset, as the most destructive evil and dire iniquity of which human creature was capable; and Old Briton, lounging about all day with his pipe in his mouth,by no means a rare spectacle,did not interfere with the lesson the child's mother enforced.

On an enforced trip to Washington to consult his patent attorneya trip he could scarce raise funds to makeBell met Prof. Joseph Henry.

More than this, he enforced order in his own dominions; he laid the foundation for the prosperity of Berlin; he organised the administration and got together a small but efficient military force.

Bismarck therefore determined to use his enforced leisure in order to go across to London for a few days.

The event shewed that Bismarck knew well the country with which he was dealing; the Press ordinances were not actually illegal, they were strictly enforced; many papers were warned, others were suppressed; the majority at once changed their tone and moderated their expression of hostility to the Government.

" This means that our army at Manila will he re-enforced by 6,000 regulars.

2490 examples of  enforced  in sentences