12202 examples of engages in sentences

* Misfortune and ill luck always attaches itself in a minor degree to every team which engages in a championship contest, but most assuredly Philadelphia had more of its share of reverses through accidents to players and illness than any team of the National League.

He paces if he engages in a measured, continuous walk, as from nervousness, impatience, or anger.

But suppose a girl, with slight or insufficient provocation, engages in silly or foolish though perhaps involuntary laughter.

Suppose a man engages in explosive and immoderate laughter.

But with us Germans it is still more terrible, because it is fought out by us with more love for the strife than any other war.' "Does it not sound truly horrible for the greatest benefactor of a nation, which has to thank him for having realized its century-old dream of unity, to say in all calm and as something quite obvious, that his own nation engages in a civil war 'with more love' than any other war?

Who knows, as your Bell once spitefully said, but he may have half a dozen creatures to quit his hands of before he engages for life?Yet

Reason is so far from clearing the difficulties which the building upon false foundations brings a man into, that if he will pursue it, it entangles him the more, and engages him deeper in perplexities. 13.

He engages in business as men do in duels, the sooner the better, that, if any evil come of it, they may not be found to have slept upon it, or consulted with an effeminate pillow in point of honour and courage.

He measures right and wrong by his retaining fee, and, like a French duellist, engages on that side that first bespeaks him, though it be against his own brother; not because it is right, but merely upon a punctilio of profit, which is better than honour to him, because riches will buy nobility, and nobility nothing, as having no intrinsic value.

He sells his opinion, and engages to maintain the title against all that claim under him, but no further.

Prince Richard (precise nationality unstated) was so bored with the common round of his exalted duties that, hearing of a convenient double, he engages him, at four hundred a year and pickings, to represent him at dull functions, and incidentally to pay the requisite attentions to the young woman, reported by photograph as depressingly plain, whom political considerations have marked as the Prince's fiancée.

What but difficulty, (though the lady is an angel,) engages me to so much perseverance here?And here, conquer or die!

Code Noir ou Recueil d'edits, declarations et arrêts concernant la Discipline et le commerce des esclaves Nègres des isles francaises de l'Amérique (in Recueils de réglemens, edits, declarations et arrêts, concernant le commerce, l'administration de la justice et la police des colonies francaises de l'Amérique, et les engages avec le Code Noir, et l'addition audit code).

And since such a philosophy, as we have already shown, engages the whole man, its disciple has neither impulse nor strength left for reforming labors; while, on the other hand, he perceives no external call to undertake them, since he views the world through the glasses of his system.

That monarchy is the type of force to all minds; and though she has seldom won any splendid successes in the field over the armies of enlightened nations, and has been repeatedly beaten by Prussia and France, men cling to old ideas, and give her great advantages at the beginning of every war in which she engages.

I shall be all rightthat is to say, if Ford engages me for Brown's new piece; and I think he will.'

To a modern reader it is a desolating and at times a mildly amusing book, in which everything from the liver to the seven deadly sins is personified; in which after four books of allegorized contemporary anatomy and physiology, the will (Voletta) engages in a struggle with Satan and conquers by the help of Christ and King James!

"Will, in the first person, promises, engages, or threatens.

Nothing is left which engages the affections on the part of the commonwealth.

V. Dryden engages in PoliticsAbsalom and Achitophel, Part First The MedalMacFlecknoeAbsalom and Achitophel, Part SecondThe Duke of Guise SECT.

CATHERINE II, Empress of Russia, Boswell's eulogium on her, iii. 134, n. 1; engages English tutors, iv.

Engages in politics with W. G. Hamilton, i. 489.

1777 Engages to write The Lives of the Poets, iii. 109.

In his comick scenes he is seldom very successful, when he engages his characters in reciprocations of smartness and contests of sarcasm; their jests are commonly gross, and their pleasantry licentious; neither his gentlemen nor his ladies have much delicacy, nor are sufficiently distinguished from his clowns by any appearance of refined manners.

The love of women barely engages their attention transiently in hours of idleness.

12202 examples of  engages  in sentences