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17207 example sentences with  engages

17207 example sentences with engages

* * * * * Misfortune and ill luck always attaches itself in a minor degree to every team which engages in a championship contest, but most assuredly Philadelphia had more of its share of reverses through accidents to players and illness than any team of the National League.

Name her, and here thy King engages for her.

He paces if he engages in a measured, continuous walk, as from nervousness, impatience, or anger.

But suppose a girl, with slight or insufficient provocation, engages in silly or foolish though perhaps involuntary laughter.

Suppose a man engages in explosive and immoderate laughter.

They should, therefore, be read by every Government that engages in or is forced into any war.

But this man bids defiance to the world; he is yet, in this very region, to rout well-appointed and disciplined armies with a handful of men; and he engages the partida.

Sir, Amidst the importance and multiplicity of affairs in which your great office engages you, I take the liberty of recalling your attention for a moment to literature, and will not prolong the interruption by an apology which your character makes needless.

Pickwick Engages Sam Weller Mr. Pickwick's apartments in Goswell Street were of a very neat and comfortable description, peculiarly adapted for a man of his genius and observation, and importance as General Chairman of the world-famed Pickwick Club.

Valerius Laevinus, consul, engages with Pyrrhus, and is beaten, his soldiers being terrified at the unusual appearance of elephants.

B.C. 259.] C. Duilius, consul, engages with and vanquishes the Carthaginian fleet; is the first commander to whom a triumph was decreed for a naval victory; in honour of which, he is allowed, when returning to his habitation at night, to be attended with torches and music.

Claudius Pulcher, consul, obstinately persisting, notwithstanding the omens were inauspicious, engages the enemy's fleet, and is beaten; drowns the sacred chickens which would not feed: recalled by the senate, and ordered to nominate a dictator; he appoints Claudius Glicia, one of the lowest of the people, who, notwithstanding his being ordered to abdicate the office, yet attends the celebration of the public games in his dictator's robe.

Unless some one engages him to act, and provides an audience for him, he has no opportunity of showing his powers.

The general-in-chief engages the officers of the Republic of Venice, the magistrates, and the priests, to make known these sentiments to the people, in order that confidence may cement that friendship which has so long united the two nations, faithful in the path of honour, as in that of victory.

The cross head which engages the piston rod is made somewhat longer than the diameter of the cylinder, and two great links or rods proceed one from each end of the cross head to one of the side levers or beams.

A similar cross bar at the other end of the beams serves to connect them together and to the connecting rod which, proceeding from thence upwards, engages the crank, and thereby turns round the paddle wheels.

A.I may first mention that when the engine is at rest, the connection between the eccentric and the slide valve is broken, by lifting the end of the eccentric rod out of a notch which engages a pin on the valve shaft, and the valve is at such times free to be moved by hand by a bar of iron, applied to a proper part of the valve gear for that purpose.

The connecting rod is attached at one end to a pin fixed in the middle of the trunk, while the other end engages the crank in the usual manner.

Code Noir ou Recueil d'édits, declarations, et arrêts concernant des Esclaves Nègres Discipline el le commerce des Esclaves Nègres des isles françaises de l'Amérique (in Recueil de règlemens, edits, declarations, et arrêts concernant le commerce, l'administration de la justice et la police des colonies françaises de l'Amérique et les Engages avec le Code Noir et l'addition audit Code) (Jefferson's copy).

I admire still more than the saw-mill the skill which, on the sea-shore, makes the tides drive the wheels and grind corn, and which thus engages the assistance of the moon like a hired hand, to grind, and wind, and pump, and saw, and split stone, and roll iron.

And her personality was in other ways not less attractive, for she was frank and open, sprightly and intelligent, and though evidently quite self-reliant, was in nowise lacking in that womanly softness that so strongly engages a man's sympathy.

This humanity and good-nature engages everybody to him, so that when he is pleasant upon any of them, all his family are in good-humour, and none so much as the person he diverts himself with.

Thus is the family taste made up; and this extends to the patronage of singers in the style alone deemed correct, as it is the quantity of public patronage which must influence the manager of either theatre or concert in the persons he engages.

another standard has been devised, and if we would know what rights are conceded to us by our own servants, we must consult the COMPACT by which the South engages on certain conditions to give its trade and votes to Northern men.

Bengal galley, the; engages Portuguese grabs; attacked off Colaba and boarded by Angrian ships.

Bombay galley, the, engages Portuguese grabs; attacked off Colaba by Angrian ships; sent against the Angrian fleet.

C Caesar, the, engages with pirates.

Defiance grab, the, present at the attacks on Kennery; present at Gheriah; engages the Victory, pirate ship.

England, Edward, pirate; his headquarters, Madagascar; commands the Victory; his engagement with the Cassandra; entertains Macrae on board the Cassandra; engages Brown's fleet and chases it to Goa; entertained at Cochin by the Dutch; his crew incensed against Macrae; marooned at Mauritius; goes to St. Mary's.

Fort St. George, the, galley, engages Portuguese grabs.

Harrington, the, Company's ship, engages pirate ships.

Maynard, Lieutenant of the Pearl, commands sloops sent in search of Teach; engages, and kills Teach.

Ogle, Captain Challoner, sent in pursuit of Roberts; engages the Ranger and Royal Fortune; knighted for bravery against pirates.

Revenge, the, Company's grab, built at Bombay, by Boone's orders; sent to attack Vingorla; sent to blockade Kennery; engaged by the Mahratta fleet; takes part in the attacks on Gheriah; engages the Victory, pirate ship; sent in search of pirates; accompanies Boone in the London; attacks Angria's grabs; goes to the relief of Calcutta.

Swallow, the, King's ship, commanded by Captain Ogle; engages pirate ships; takes part in the attack on Severndroog.

Taylor, , pirate, his headquarters at Madagascar; commands the Fancy; engages the Cassandra; prevented from murdering Macrae; resigns the Fancy to Macrae; commands the Cassandra; takes the Nostra Senhorade Calo and an Ostend ship; negotiates for a pardon; escapes Matthew's squadron; surrenders to the Spaniards and obtains a commission.

Victory, the, pirate ship, commanded by England; engages the Cassandra; mistaken for the Company's ship; La Buze made commander of.

Wright, Captain, commands the Caesar, engages five pirate ships.

His sprightliness engages my sisters extremely.

In the next page is a note on the Nature of Property, in the perspicuous style of a master-mind: "There is nothing which so generally strikes the imagination, and engages the affections of mankind, as the right of property; or that sole and despotic dominion which one man claims and exercises over the external things of the world, in total exclusion of the right of any other individual in the universe.

"Will, in the first person, promises, engages, or threatens.

"It engages our desires; and in some degree satisfies them also."

[Sidenote: Brutus engages in the conspiracy.]

Next the clock engages his attention; it is ticking, and that seems to impress him as novel and curious.

It cannot be denied, but that the Negligence of every thing, which engages the Attention of the sober and valuable Part of Mankind, appears very well drawn in this Piece: But it is denied, that it is necessary to the Character of a Fine Gentleman, that he should in that manner trample upon all Order and Decency.

But the man who engages in a party has seldom to do with any thing remote or abstruse.

A second method of harvesting is practised in Picenum, where they have a curved wooden header on the edge of which is fixed an iron saw: when this instrument engages the spikes of grain it cuts them off, leaving the straw standing in the field, where it is afterwards cut.

Among these, the one that oftenest engages my notice is a small white woman, evidently a ladyand, at the moment I first catch sight of her, with closed eyes and drawn-in nostrils, inhaling smelling-salts, as if to her, too, church was up-hill work this morningin a little seat by herself.

"[30] [Footnote 30: Ibid., p. 34] The only applicable portion of Article 12 says: "The Portuguese Government engages to permit and to facilitate transit for all persons and goods of every description over the water-ways of the Zambezi, the Shiré, the Pungwe, the Busi, the Limpopo, the Sabi and their tributaries; and also over the land ways which supply means of communication where these rivers are not navigable."

The business engages earnest attention, and will be made the subject of a full communication to Congress at the earliest practicable period.

An individual who engages in this activity is referred to as a bodybuilder.

She engages her audience with bright and vivid images, thought-provoking keynotes, and humorous observations.

The elite force engages immediately the insurgents while fighters, bombers, armed helicopters patrolled the battle space and strafe or bomb any insurgents leaving the area.

Underpinned by theories of social work, social sciences, humanities and indigenous knowledges, social work engages people and structures to address life challenges and enhance well being."

He ingrains himself in socialite society and engages a number of trendy philosophies.

Additionally, the company generates waste wood biomass energy, as well as engages in plastic recycling activities.

BioDelivery Sciences International, Inc, a specialty pharmaceutical company, engages in the development and commercialization of pharmaceutical products principally in the areas of pain management and addiction.

Biome Technologies plc engages in the bioplastics and radio frequency (RF) technology businesses in the United Kingdom, the United States, China, India, Italy, France, and internationally.

Bisichi PLC engages in coal mining activities in the United Kingdom and South Africa.

But for all the times such attacks have been pointed out or even decried, precious little insight has been gained into Trump engages in them and why they seem to work much less how he combines them with other rhetorical devices.

Construction Partners, Inc, a civil infrastructure company, engages in the construction and maintenance of roadways across Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

A home for artists, scholars and students, Red Bull Theater delights and engages the intellect and imagination of audiences, and strives to make its work accessible, diverse, and welcoming to all.

Equally cartoonish is Daniel's new rival, "Karate's Bad Boy" Mike Barnes (Sean Kanan), who engages in a level of harassment against Daniel and his new (platonic) female friend Jessica Andrews (Robyn Lively) that should have called for police intervention.

If a sculpture asks something of you or invites a certain footpath, it engages your muscle memory.

Intercorp Financial Services, Inc. is a holding company, which engages in the provision of financial services.

Is Antifa who engages in violent anti-social protests routinely, right-wing?

Keach plays a truck driver in Australia who engages in a cat-and-mouse game with a serial killer cutting up young women along his route.

Mr Low works with various organisations in the United Nations and engages with Syrian refugees, Rohingya and other communities to enable and empower them to solve problems.

So the US will set limits when it engages with Myanmar regarding China.

SWAN is also appreciative of Governor Nyesom Wike for deeming it fit to appoint Sirawoo, a disciplined and dedicated personality who has always shown an uncommon commitment to any assignment he engages in.

The Container Store Group, Inc engages in the retailing of storage and organization products and solutions in the United States.

The fact that inflammatory content receives any engagement at all places some of the onus to stop the spread of that content on everyone who engages online, says David Becker, an expert on election administration and disinformation.

The Teacher designs lessons and assignments to be interactive and engages with students through the use of various digital manipulatives and resources such as video storybooks, digital libraries, and STEAM experiments.

Attempting to creep forward at a stop light or in stop-and-go traffic is impossible to do smoothly as the clutch isn’t feathered as it engages, it’s either fully engaged or disengaged.

UMD is an institution that makes it possible for students to engage in significant, meaningful work with faculty because that faculty engages in significant, meaningful work with our community.

We have suspended many of the debt collection, ticketing and impound practices that the City engages in until April 30th.

Werner Enterprises, Inc, a transportation and logistics company, engages in transporting truckload shipments of general commodities in interstate and intrastate commerce in the United States, Mexico, Canada, and China.

Clean Energy Research Centre (CERC), and supported by the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions, the project engages researchers from UBC, alongside colleagues at the University of Victoria and Simon Fraser University.

Employee giving engages staff in your work and your cause.

Engages as a valued partner with the University of Alberta, contributing positively to the University’s mandate, mission, vision, values and strategic priorities (For the Public Good).

Engages ERE leadership through project governance to resolve escalated issues.

Engages family as important contributors to care planning as defined and chosen by the client.

A lobbyist who engages in this practice would be in a conflict of interest.

His prose never feels forced into the curious forms that it assumes, but rather engages the images playfully, without becoming determined by them.

His spiritual status is not a result of a certain behavior pattern; in fact, it is the other way around He engages in righteous behavior because of who He is, as a reflection of His nature.

I have an idea for how we could expedite matters in this committee, and I took the time during the minister's comments to jot down some standard themes and lines that the minister engages in when I ask questions.

In the film economist Fred Harrison visits a group of workers in Tuzla who have occupied their closed factory, and engages in a discussion on how to achieve social justice after botched privatization.

Marketers who want to be successful this holiday season should prioritize the mobile experience and push a cross-channel mobile strategy that engages and converts their customers.

No other nation spends as much on its military or its prisons, engages in as many wars or locks up as many people.

Research in this stream engages intensively in two categories: 1) complex fluids and 2) systems engineering and identification, and process synthesis and analysis.

Saudi Arabia engages in wishful thinking when it aims to expel Iran’s influence and Hezbollah supporters from Lebanon, an impossible goal to fulfil.

Saul had once enjoyed the notoriety and respect of being a prophet and he engages in crass fakery to regain this desperately needed praise.

She also delights and engages other students with her often humourous take on the foibles of people from the past.

The buyer or seller who engages a licensee to act as a sole agent is known as the client.

The Law of Trusts provides a concise, yet academically rigorous, textbook that skillfully engages with both controversial and complex issues within the subject in a British context.

At CivicAction, Siva engages with stakeholders in the business, government, and not-for-profit sectors to help address youth unemployment across the region.

A unique charity native to Vancouver, Hives for Humanity engages bees and people by creating positive, enlivened, supportive networks around bee hives and community gardens.

Though the text engages the reader, it takes a back seat- no pun intended- to the illustrations which consist of diagrams, archival black-and-white photographs and outstanding colour photos of car interiors and exteriors and action shots of major races.

While it can be difficult for some children to sit and do nothing a guided meditation engages them nurturing their inner world and honoring their imagination.

Yet, while each judgment in is persuasive, neither judgment engages the frailty of the administrative justice system that this case exposes.