575 examples of enlivened in sentences

"The road was enlivened, too, by another peculiarity.

The youth was placed on a golden throne next to Afrásiyáb, and a magnificent banquet prepared in honor of the stranger, and music and the songs of beautiful women enlivened the festive scene.

" This seemed amusing, and enlivened the others.

The visitors came back to the fireside, anxious only to be gone now that they felt enlivened.

The dullest company was enlivened when Wright entered upon the scene.

It was, indeed, this every-day regard, strangely deepened and enlivened by that collateral feeling we so freely bestow on them who are bound by natural ties to those who have the strongest holds on our hearts, and which causes us to see with their eyes, and to feel with their affections.

Behind are hills gently rising and covered with a finer verdure than I expected to see in this climate, and the scene is enlivened by a number of little clear brooks.

The fresh air was exhilarating, the birds were singing, and the woods were already beautified with every shade of glossy green, enlivened by vivid buds and leaflets of reddish brown.

The Corporal, a trifle abashed at first, listened deferentially, but as the good food enlivened him he ceased to be abashed and became cordial.

The narrative is indeed occasionally enlivened, and the language picturesque.

It is an interesting story, of marked, but not improbable incidents, involving a very few well-distinguished characters, who fall into situations to display which requires nice analysis of the mind and heart,developed in graceful and flowing narrative, enlivened by natural and spirited conversations.

This drive is enlivened by the music of the different regiments, who are at this time to be seen manoeuvering on the Prado.

pp. of animar, animated, enlivened, heated, moved, encouraged, heightened. animadversión, f., censure, reproof, hostility.

The sprightly Canadian, plying his oar in cadence with the wild notes of the boat-song, could not fail to find his heart enlivened by the beautiful symmetry of the Ohio.

Though it is true that a certain far-off flavour of these legal excitements occasionally enlivened the business to which Henry had been sacrificially indentured, for the most part it was an abstract parasitical thing which had succeeded in persuading other businesses, more directly fed from the human spring, of its obliging usefulness in relieving them of detachable burdens.

He leaned on the windowsill, his elbows spread, his chin cupped in his hands, his Indian blankness of countenance enlivened by the glow of his eyes, as jewels enliven dull brown velvet.

" The dinner hour passed on enlivened by social chat and pleasant reminiscences, and there was nothing to mar the harmony of the occasion.

The evening was enlivened with social chat and music, until ten o'clock, when Josiah gathered his children and having read the Bible in a deeply impressive manner, breathed one of the most simple and fervent prayers he had ever heard.

XX In the court, which was enlivened by a parterre of roses, Jean, carrying a letter in his hand, was trying to find his bearings according to the directions given him in a low voice, as if it were a secret, by the lay-brother who acted as doorkeeper.

The dinner was enlivened by an interesting and well sustained conversation respecting the abolition of slavery, the present state of the colony, and its prospects for the future.

The pair trudged manfully on, and Denys enlivened the weary way.

Two dear brothers that enlivened those cheerful evenings, by acting their part in the drama of life, have passed away, to "That bourne from which no traveller e'er returns," and their voices are heard no more upon earth.

The travelling English, during their visits to Geneva, found out that their countryman solaced or enlivened his solitude by unhallowed ties.

In certain court records one may read of the celebrated suit for divorce which enlivened the winter of that year in the north country.

The landscape to the left was enlivened by a herd of goats, that were browsing amongst the hazel bushes.

575 examples of  enlivened  in sentences