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373 example sentences with  enrollment

373 example sentences with enrollment

To the people he paid the one thousand one hundred and twenty-five myriads (this was the amount bequeathed to them) and in addition the sixty denarii per man which they had failed to receive on the occasion of his enrollment among the iuvenes,this with interest amounting to fifteen denarii more.

William H. Gibson, a native of Baltimore, was after 1847 teaching at Louisville in a day and night school with an enrollment of one hundred pupils, many of whom were slaves with written permits from their masters to attend.

The superintendent's report for 1847 shows that schools for Negroes had been established in fifteen counties in the State, reporting an enrollment of 5000 pupils.

Enrollment increases and changes in the mental level of the high school population.

'That after such choice and enrollment, the patentee should stand absolutely excluded, the business be carried on, and all the right of the grant be vested (not as a mortgage, but as a sale without redemption) in the governor so chosen, for the joint advantage of the annuitants, in proportion to their several interests.

These militia to be organized according to the rules and regulations of the volunteer service and such orders as may hereafter be issued, The States aforesaid will be respectively credited under the enrollment act for the militia services rendered under this proclamation.

[Footnote 13: Report from the Provost-Marshal-General, showing the result of the draft to fill a deficiency in the quotas of certain States, and recommending a repeal of the clause in the enrollment act commonly known as the three-hundred-dollar clause.] WASHINGTON, June 13, 1864.

John Carroll has an enrollment of 3,650 students.

According to Sept. 1 enrollment numbers, 1,959 students have signed up for classes with East Grand Forks Public Schools, 203 of whom registered for online-only classes.

But the last two tracks have already stopped enrollment hydroxychloroquine last month, and lopinavir and ritonavir just recently.

But the losses were offset by an increase in graduate students, many of whom are taking online courses, with total enrollment growing to 52,331, a new record.

But trial enrollment, anti-vaccine sentiment and other potential problems persist.

Cadet enrollment is projected to grow to 1,400 over the next few years.

Charter schools were created in North Carolina two decades ago, and their enrollment has increased more than 200 percent in the past 10 years.

Considering the rising enrollment numbers in learning institutions, pressure has to be eased in the access of academic material.

Discounts will not be honored if required documentation verifying enrollment eligibility is not available.

Dual enrollment numbers had been expected to decline even more than they actually did due to many high schools across the state opening their school year with mostly online classes.

Gilead Sciences Inc on Friday increased enrollment target by 3,600 for a trial testing its experimental drug, remdesivir, in severe COVID-19 patients, a day after a media report said the drug was showing promise.

I cannot emphasize enough the need to begin the program election and enrollment process now.

I’m pro-neighborhood school, but I was very curious what the selective enrollment, best-of-the-best schools in Illinois thing had to offer,'" Harris said.

In 2022-23 base student aid increases from $4,706 to $4,846, which could potentially offset the decrease in enrollment experienced during 2020-21 school year due to COVID, according to Boothe.

In his complaint, Falwell takes credit for Liberty’s $1.6 billion endowment, as well as the school’s online and in-person enrollment figures.

Interested distributors will have to go through the Pandemic Provider Enrollment process.

I understand that Medicare Annual Enrollment is our time to change our Medicare Supplement plans.

Koltes said the K-6 enrollment has been strong, with huge, huge kindergarten numbers.

Lackawanna Trail’s enrollment totals are 131 boys and 106 girls.

Lost revenue from a fifth straight year of significant enrollment declines should largely offset a 2 percent increase to the per-student state funding formula.

L&S is the university’s largest academic unit, serving 15,731 undergraduate and 4,135 graduate students in 37 academic departments and five professional schools who comprise approximately half of the university’s enrollment.

Lumateperone in Bipolar Depression: We have completed patient enrollment in Study 402, our Phase 3 study evaluating lumateperone as adjunctive therapy in bipolar depression, and anticipate reporting topline results from this study in mid-2020.

LUMBERTON Enrollment for kindergarten students in the Public Schools of Robeson County starts Monday.

Miller attributed Hillsdale’s continually high enrollment levels to the commitment to its values.

More information is provided in the online Enrollment Guide at prairiestate.

New enrollment in the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol will help meet the growing demand from consumer brands to source sustainably grown cotton for their products.

Of the 15million enrollment, Prof. Attafuah said, 14,689,672 cards had been printed; 13,848,697 issued; 840,974 printed but not issued with a backlog of 859,570 to be printed.

On Tuesday, after weeks of asking the district for student participation numbers, parents learned that Phase One is serving 3,000 students 3 percent of the district’s total enrollment and a quarter of the students officials said would qualify.

Peak Vista's Enrollment Services personnel will ask visitors to fill out a demographic form prior to testing, which collects basic information such as income and family size to determine if the patient qualifies for assistance.

Sander at UCLA presented data only for freshmen and transfer students, showing their enrollment steadily grew from 1999 onward.

School funding in Louisiana is largely based on enrollment, with a certain amount of state and federal funding dedicated for each student.

Simply put, the lower a district’s enrollment, the less funding it gets from the state.

The announcement stated that two additional sites not listed on the trial page the University of Rochester in upstate New York and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center would begin enrollment shortly.

As for seniors, they will receive the refund as a part of their enrollment deposit refund check in midsummer, also made out in the student’s name.

The COVID-19 Special Enrollment Period Act would allow these new individuals to purchase healthcare coverage during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The nationwide higher education enrollment rates peaked in 2011 and have been slowly, but steadily falling ever since.

There is a $400,000 base amount for each school system and the remainder of the total is derived from a formula based on the current enrollment.

The school, Whitefield Academy, sent an email alongside an image of Kayla's Facebook post to Kimberly on Monday, January 6, that Kayla's enrollment was terminated effective immediately because of a social media post.

The second reason for farmer enrollment falling, the official explained, had to do with crop insurance being made optional with effect from this kharif season.

The total minority enrollment?

This affected enrollment and revenue of the two institutions.

This concurrent enrollment program is a special admissions program that provides high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to enroll in college level courses taught outside of the regular high school day.

This week's report recommends that Congress require the VA to establish minimum wait-time standards and that the Under Secretary of Health conduct a review of community provider enrollment to remove challenges to community provider enrollment and use.

This week's report recommends that Congress require the VA to establish minimum wait-time standards and that the Under Secretary of Health conduct a review of community provider enrollment to remove challenges to community provider enrollment and use.

At least eight former and current UW-Eau Claire employees say the behavior of Albert Colom, vice chancellor of enrollment management, prompted them to either quit the university completely or shift roles.

Verification with your school’s registrar’s office will be conducted to confirm your enrollment status.

Vice president for Marketing and Communications Deborah Maue said despite a decline in students living on campus, enrollment is as high as it was a year ago before the start of the pandemic and that the school’s retention rate is also strong.

We usually get official enrollment numbers in late September or early October, he said.

Client A- made mat leave agreement that full time enrollment had to happened to hold spot for sibling client agreed this.

Confirmation of enrollment in classes will be sent by e-mail as classes fill.

Duties included liaising with secondary schools regarding student curriculum, programme and enrollment choices.

Early enrollment also ensures that your property is included in the printed 2009 Approved Accommodation Guide.

Enrollment appointments begin online March 9; open enrollment begins March 29 at 8:30 am.

Enrollment appointments begin online March 9; open enrollment begins March 29 at 8:30 am.

Enrollment in Chinese courses involves a formal placement process.

Enrollment in one of the study programs offered by a nearby technical school is an ideal career move for high school graduates just starting out and it's equally ideal for older students looking to enhance or change careers.

Enrollment in Psychology 9800 (Clinical Assessment Practicum) either Year 1 or 2 of Masters, dependent upon scheduling.

Enrollment in this course will be limited to 30 applicants.

Enrollment in this program is limited.

Enrollment is limited as it is dependent on the number of tutors allotted to the school.

Enrollment limited, selection based on CGPA.

Enrollment must total a minimum number of eight (8) SCARP students.

Enrollment such as groups of 4-H and Scouts Canada has been declining significantly over the last decades.

Enrollment will be limited to 15 farms and we need a minimum of 10 farms to run the course.

All staff members are expected to assist with the enrollment procedures established by the insurance company and approved by the Superintendent.

First, they make it easy by helping with enrollment and picking up the race kits.

However, British Columbia is experiencing a less extreme enrollment decline largely due to new interdisciplinary degrees that have attracted more women to information technology programs.

If the student enrollment figures start moving upward, then we would see it as positive.

If you are participating in an Education Abroad activity as part of a group, ensure that the Education Abroad Group Coordinator contacts the Orientation and Risk Management Coordinator to obtain enrollment instructions for your group.

If you are planning on graduating, you must declare your intent in by using the Declarations menu under the Enrollment & Academic Records tab.

In some cases, nursery schools, daycares, and other schools which are privately owned and operated can demand vaccination for enrollment.

In the case that student demand exceeds course capacity, enrollment preference will be given to clinical program students.

It can take up to 48 hours for an enrollment change made in Bear Tracks (eg. a section switch) to be propagated through to eClass and for your courses to appear in your class list.

Knowledge of basic food preparation and handling principles obtained through the enrollment or completion of a Food Service Worker training program at an

Mark Rosenfeld, associate executive director of the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations, says faculty hiring is not keeping pace with rising enrollment numbers.

Number of hours will be conditional on the course's final enrollment numbers but is likely to be between 110 and 130 hours per tutorial for the semester.

On Friday afternoon when I was speaking I was talking about the incredible success that we have had with college enrollment.

Pam Pandolfi lives in Cary, NC, and is founder and Director of the Cary School of Music, (enrollment approx.

Prerequisite: Enrollment in the SIAT graduate program.

Prerequisites include Kinesiology 3030 and 3230 for all studentsadditional pre- or co-requisite may be required depending on the section you are in. Enrollment into the course is based on a ballot process.

Q: What documents will be accepted as proof of enrollment?

So we actually do a monthly enrollment period for the subscription service right now.

Student numbers fluctuated during the period of 1922 to 1932, decreasing in some years and increasing in others, however, by 1932 the enrollment was 134 students.

Students are academically and financially responsible for all courses and charges that accrue as a result of the Course Selection, or Open Enrollment period, unless the Registration and Records Office is notified in writing.

The rate of international students transitioning from temporary to permanent resident status in the past decade has not kept up with the pace of international student enrollment in Canadian post secondary institutions.

There were no arrears at the time of enrollment with MEP (October 2015).

There will be recipients from each faculty based on student enrollment.

At CBU, where I teach, says Stewart, international students now represent about 60% of our enrollment.

At this time, we cannot be sure of enrollment numbers and it is possible that class assignments will change early in the new school year.

The War has a dramatic effect on the University not only in its enrollment but in the physical presence of soldiers as the Army took over the Fort Garry residence.

We hope to see you at our Spring Orientation Session and Course Enrollment Sessions in June/July.

We just take the number of students within the school division, divide that eligible enrollment by 180 and multiply by $43,700, but that money has to then be spent.

You talked in your introduction about one of the major recommendations of the Roblin commission, and that was to double the enrollment in diploma programs over a five-year period.