83 examples of entablatures in sentences

The Romans also adopted coupled columns, broken and recessed entablatures, and pedestals, which are considered blemishes.

Mouldings were discovered of incomparable elegance; the figures on entablatures were found to be chiselled accurately from nature; the pillars were of matchless proportions, the capitals of graceful curvatures.

The cella, or body of the temple, is complete except the roof, and of the colonnade surrounding it, nearly one-half of its pillars are still standing, upholding the frieze, entablature, and cornice, which altogether form probably the most ornate specimen of the Corinthian order of architecture now extant.

When it falls, the whole entablature of the portal will be destroyed.

Pillars, capitals, fragments of cornices and entablatures abound.

There are pillars, cornices, entablatures, jambs, altars, mullions and sculptured tablets, all of white marble, and many of them in an excellent state of preservation.

Our approach to the city was marked by the blocks of sculptured marble that lined the way: elegant mouldings, cornices, and entablatures, thrown together with common stone to make walls between the fields.

This, I suspect, is owing to the great size of the hewn blocks, especially of the pillars, cornices, and entablatures, nearly all of which are from twelve to fifteen feet long.

It was intended to unite everything that the magnificent ideas of a Prince could devise who wished to combine every sort of recreation, sensual as well as intellectual, within the precincts of his Palace; columns, friezes, capitals, entablatures and various other spoils of rich architecture cover the ground in profusion: many of the walls and archways are entire and almost an entire cupola remains standing.

This is a moulding of very frequent occurrence in classic entablatures, a curved surface with a double flexure.

I was obliged to assist, and even to make drawings of entablatures.

The representation of two ancient vessels in the end entablatures, merit especial notice.

avy locks of curling white hair, the good Bishop seemed indeed to have deserved the title put upon him years ago by the Church Poet,The Entablature of Truth.

" The Entablature of Truth chuckled, being not without a sense of humour.

In wives and children, in flocks and herds, he was rich; while, as to spiritual worth, had not that early church poet styled him the Entablature of Truth?

" The Entablature of Truth glanced out of the open door to where Tom Potwin could be seen, hastening importantly upon his endless and mysterious errands, starting off abruptly a little way, stopping suddenly, with one hand raised to his head, as if at that instant remembering a forgotten detail, and then turning with new impetus to walk swiftly in the opposite direction.

" The Entablature of Truth had departed with certain little sidewise noddings of his head that seemed to indicate an unalterable purpose.

She put both hands over her mouth, with a mocking little grimace that the Entablature of Truth would not have liked to see.

Thornby Place is but two stories high, and its spruce walls of Portland stone and ashlar work rise sheer out of the green sward; in front, Doric columns support a heavy entablature, and there are urns at the corners of the building.

A marble entablature in the wall above contains the inscription, which is nearly effaced, tho enough still remains to tell the curious traveler that there lies buried the mother of the "Bon Henri."

Meaningless pilasters, entablatures, and contorted cornices replaced the simpler outline and subordinate enrichment of the time of Henri II., and until the great revival of taste under the "grand monarque," there was in France a period of richly ornamented but ill-designed decorative furniture.

CARYATIDES, draped female figures surmounting columns and supporting entablatures; the corresponding male figures are called Atlantes.

TELAMONES, figures, generally colossal, of men supporting entablatures, as Caryatides of women.

The salient parts, moldings, cornices, entablatures, consoles, are of wood, bronze, or cast-iron, to which suitable forms have been given; when you do not look too closely the effect is satisfactory.

The principal front had been repaired in the style of the Renaissance and decorated with little foliated entablatures above the doors and windows; whilst a double flight of steps leading up to a grand entrance on the level of the first story, like the famous double staircase of Fontainebleau, had been patched on in the very centre, to the manifest disfigurement of the building.

83 examples of  entablatures  in sentences