4826 examples of enterprised in sentences

I Doubt not, but that some, into whose handes this little treatise shall come, will thinke me to be at greate leasure, that haue enterprised largely to leuie out and handle this argument: which to their seeming is not otherwise of great importaunce.

There is no more hazardous enterprise than that of bearing the torch of truth into those dark and infected recesses in which no light has ever shone.

'St. Mary's College was founded by private enterprise with a different view, and to meet the wants of those who objected to the Collegiate School.

And, as regards M. Zola, I was sufficiently acquainted with his character to say that he would never join in any such enterprise.

One thing is certain, he had come to the wrong person in applying to me to aid and abet him in the foolhardy enterprise he spoke of.

Which done, hee with his attendants returned home, to the no small admiration of all Christians, that heard of it, especially of the French and Venetian ambassadors, who neuer in the like case against the second person of the Turkish Empire durst haue attempted so bold an enterprise with hope of so friendly audience, and with so speedie redresse.

For should the venture fall through, the next heir might call upon him to repay out of his own pocket all that he had put into this enterprise.

" It seemed to me that there was an unfeigned carelessness in his manner, as if he would as lief as not throw up this hazardous enterprise for some other more sure undertaking.

And as man, when this fever of enterprise is upon him, must for ever be seeking to add to his cares, we persuaded Don Sanchez to let us have two she-goats to stall in the shed and consume our waste herbage, that we might have milk and get butter, which they do in these parts by shaking the cream in a skin bag (a method that seems simple enough till you have been shaking the bag for twenty minutes in vain on a sultry morning) without cost.

Witnesse, you heavens and all you gracious powers That stand auspicious to this enterprise, That Pembrooke drawes forth an unwilling sword.

Yet (Ferdinand) resolve me of the cause That moves thee to this unkind enterprise, And if I satisfie thee not in words This double wound shall please thee with my bloud; Nay, with my sword Ile make a score of wounds Rather then want of bloud divorce

Although Borneo offers many inducements to commercial enterprise, the policy of the Dutch Company has shut themselves out, as well as others, by interdicting communication.

Had I hoarse and rugged words equal to my subject, says the poet, I would now make them fuller of expression, to suit the rocky horror of this hole of anguish; but I have not, and therefore approach it with fear, since it is no jesting enterprise to describe the depths of the universe, nor fit for a tongue that babbles of father and mother.

Nokomis heard of these unsuccessful attempts and tried to dissuade her grandson, Nanahboozhoo, from such a dangerous enterprise.

If the reputation of our arms has been thrown under clouds on the other, presaging flashes of heroic enterprise assure us that nothing is wanting to correspondent triumphs there also but die discipline and habits which are in daily progress.

An enterprise of some daring to storm the castle: but he had stormed it.

It seemed to him that it was the business of the journalists to have known more, to have displayed more enterprise in acquiring information.

If it were good, then we affect him deare, And would add furtherance to your enterprise.

With this redundancy of the paper currency there arose in that country also a spirit of adventurous speculation embracing the whole range of human enterprise.

It stimulates a general rashness of enterprise and aggravates the fluctuations of commerce and the currency.

In expressing these sentiments I desire not to undervalue the benefits of a salutary credit to any branch of enterprise.

The Princess Begum attracted great attention at the time before Delhi was under the English dominion, by her intelligence, enterprise, and bravery.

The laboratories and manufacturing centers of organizations like Starlight Enterprise, Nolan Mining Enterprise, and other companies can create these probes in vast quantities very quickly, using robotic techniques.

The laboratories and manufacturing centers of organizations like Starlight Enterprise, Nolan Mining Enterprise, and other companies can create these probes in vast quantities very quickly, using robotic techniques.

Scientists from Starlight Enterprise will live on it and try to learn its secrets.

4826 examples of  enterprised  in sentences
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