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197 example sentences with  enunciating

197 example sentences with enunciating

Chemists enunciate the result of all the experiments which prove this, by stating that chalk is almost wholly composed of "carbonate of lime."

Plutarch believed that poetry gained this end by enunciating moral and philosophical sententiae, not by allegory, which Plutarch made sport of.

For while these grand moguls of their sciences were enunciating their dogmas, pioneers here and there were already setting the mines that were to explode them.

It will adopt the few fundamental expressions of its principles of action and the least number of rules that are absolutely essential to enunciate its plan and scope, to transmute its united wisdom into united action and to guarantee the coherence, continuity, and permanence of the organization despite the frequent changes in its membership due to the short terms of the Executives in many of the States.

" "Labour is prayer," remarked his father, as if he were enunciating something strikingly original.

" After honor to the dead and the needs of the conflict it was necessary in my opinion to enunciate immediately and dictatorially some great popular benefit.

For this reason when the Bible says that "he who believeth shall not make haste," it is enunciating a great natural principle that success, depends on our using, and not opposing, the universal law of growth.

Indeed when under the expansive influence of a sufficient quantity of malt extract or ancient brandy from the cellaret on his library desk he had sometimes been heard to enunciate the theory that there was very little difference between the people in jail and those who were not.

I take leave of the man,this "laurelled hero and crowned philosopher," stretching out his hands to the God he but dimly saw, and yet enunciating moral truths which for wisdom have been surpassed only by the sacred writers of the Bible, to whom the Almighty gave his special inspiration.

I say enunciate?

That was the date when Charles Darwin's great fructifying theory, enunciated in 1859, began to seep into the South.

put forth, put forward; advance, allege, propose, propound, enunciate, broach, set forth, hold out, maintain, contend, pronounce, pretend.

V. utter, breathe; give utterance, give tongue; cry &c (shout) 411; ejaculate, rap out; vocalize, prolate^, articulate, enunciate, pronounce, accentuate, aspirate, deliver, mouth; whisper in the ear.

This most important, nay, fundamental truth, so familiar to the elder philosophy, and so strongly and distinctly enunciated by Philo Judæus, the senior and contemporary of the Evangelists, is to our modern divines darkness and a sound.

I must not mention Plato, I suppose,he was a mystic; nor Zeno,he and his were visionaries:but Aristotle, the cold and dry Aristotle, has in a very remarkable passage in his lesser tract of Ethics asserted the same thing; and called it "a divine principle, lying deeper than those things which can be explained or enunciated discursively."

It is therefore hoped that the present new series of Readers, having been planned in accordance with the principle just enunciated, will prove a valuable adjunct in our Catholic schools.

But as none of these estimates take account of the many complex factors which interfere with such direct and simple calculations, Mr. Lowell then proceeds to enunciate them, and work out mathematically the effects they produce: (1) The whole radiant energy of the sun on striking a planet becomes divided as follows: Part is reflected back into space, part absorbed by the atmosphere, part transmitted to the surface of the planet.

In such a play as La Course du Flambeau, there is scarcely a scene that may not be called an obligatory deduction from the thesis duly enunciated, with no small parade of erudition, in the first ten minutes of the play.

We cannot say that it is the logic of the theme which demands the scene, for no thesis or abstract idea is enunciated.

No, he could enunciate neither the one sentence nor the other.

And here we are brought into collision with the second of the propositions just enunciated.

We must not enunciate an idea simply because it is moral, but because it is true.

It must have been agreeable for Nina, no doubt, if not improving, to listen to Dick's light and rather trivial conversation which relieved the monotony of her task, and formed a cheerful addition to the short, jerking, preoccupied sentences of the artist, enunciated obviously at random, and very often with a brush in his mouth.

Never were grander principles enunciated upon any platform, never so grand before and never can be grander again, than the declaration that "all men," including of course all women, since women are amenable to the laws, "are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights *

were words rapidly enunciated.

Of no worth at all; and its authors would be looked upon as a band of sentimental political babblers, who could enunciate truths which neither they nor their countrymen had the capacity to uphold and practically to demonstrate.

The same theory we find enunciated in the Veterinary Journal so late as 1890.

If never eminently original, he has the art of enunciating common-places with felicity and grace.

As soon as that appalling decision of the Supreme Court was enunciated, in the name of the Constitution, the people of the North should have risen en masse, if for no other cause, and declared the Union at an end; and they would have done so, if they had not lost their manhood, and their reverence for justice and liberty.

As soon as that appalling decision of the Supreme Court was enunciated, in the name of the Constitution, the people of the North should have risen en masse, if for no other cause, and declared the Union at an end; and they would have done so, if they had not lost their manhood, and their reverence for justice and liberty.

As soon as that appalling decision of the Supreme Court was enunciated, in the name of the Constitution, the people of the North should have risen en masse, if for no other cause, and declared the Union at an end; and they would have done so, if they had not lost their manhood, and their reverence for justice and liberty.

There is much physiognomy in the backs of human heads, becauseand here I flatter myself that I enunciate a profound truthpeople wear that well-known mask, the human countenance, on the front of the human head alone, and think it necessary to provide such concealment nowhere else.

Adelaide, who was fond of enunciating the belief that you could tell when people were in love by the frequency with which they wore their best clothes, noticed now how wonderfully lovely Mathilde was looking; but she noticed it quite unsuspiciously, for she was thinking, "My child is really a beauty."

The simple fact that we have just enunciated pleads loudly enough for the cause of vivisection to make it useless to defend it.

It is a culpable folly, a beastly cruelty, to constantly repeat barbarous experiments with the object of exhibiting a well known physical fact, a hundred times verified and always the same, when it would only be necessary to enunciate it.

The one interminable thoroughfare of the town is graciously invaded by the rich, who, if they have not walked down for the sake of exercise, step cautiously from their carriages, enunciate a string of orders ending with the name of a house, and cautiously regain their carriages.

And before Andrew, in his flurry and embarrassment and bewilderment, could enunciate any distinct denial of anything or avowal of anything else, the chaise was at the door, and Mrs. Maurice was waiting for him with extended hands, and Frarnie was standing and smiling behind, half turned to run away.

He watched it, fascinated; mostly silent but sometimes muttering and whispering half-enunciated words.

It is, I think, a friend of yours who has amused himself by tabulating the various Theorems which might be enunciated on the single subject of Pairs of Lines.

Mr. J.A. Rutter, who, through Canon Ainger, enunciated this theory, thinks that Lloyd may be the "friend" of the fourth stanza, and Coleridge the "friend" of the sixth.

Two theories enunciated: Arrhenius.

It is as if the new woman were striving, by making the best of her present environments, and simply developing her woman nature instead of struggling to usurp man's, to enunciate a philosophy of life which I shall so dignify homely duties and beautify the commonplace that her creed might well be: "We shall pass through this world but once.

" "That may quiet gossip against your children," said Torrey, when he had taken down Hiram's slowly enunciated words, "but it does not change the extraordinary character of the will."

Dr. Charles Wilson says, "After we have sufficiently known the figures and names of the letters, the next step is, to learn to enunciate or to pronounce them, so as to produce articulate sounds.

Through wilful perversion of the pleasing name the Professor had rendered himself incapable of enunciating it.

The characters of the drama need this intermission in order to collect themselves; for they are no real beings who obey the impulse of the moment, and merely represent individualsbut ideal persons and representatives of their species, who enunciate the deep things of Humanity.

The convention was impatient to adopt the platform without change; several delegates urged objections, one of them pertinently observing that there were also many other truths enunciated in the Declaration of Independence.

I rise simply to ask gentlemen to think well before, upon the free prairies of the West, in the summer of 1860, they dare to wince and quail before the assertions of the men in Philadelphia, in 1776before they dare to shrink from repeating the words that these great men enunciated."

Jus is the scheme of rights subsisting between men in the relations, not of all, but of civil society; and jurisdicto is the authority to determine and enunciate those rights from time to time.

Out of the big horn, as out of a phonograph, came the deliberate and carefully enunciated words: "It has been said that 'the boy is father to the man.'

Dalrymple is particularly strong when it is a question of the Jugo-Slavs, and he always gave me the idea that he spent his Saturday afternoons enunciating chatty pleasantries in Trafalgar Square and on Tower Hill.

"Sometimes," he enunciated, chewing vigorously on the bread.

It was, indeed, an axiom unhesitatingly enunciated and frequently repeated by their writers, that "there are many truths with which it is useless for the people to be made acquainted, and many fables which it is not expedient that they should know to be false."

As we know that Dr. is to be pronounced Doctor, and Mr. Mister, because we have always heard those peculiar combinations of letters thus enunciated, and not because the letters themselves give any such sound; so the Jew knew from instruction and constant practice, and not from the power of the letters, how the consonants in the different words in daily use were to be vocalized.

Or it may have been invented and adopted as the medium of enunciating a particular thought, or of inculcating a certain doctrine, when it becomes a philosophical myth.

This is a myth or legend that is almost wholly unhistorical, and which has been invented only for the purpose of enunciating and illustrating a particular thought or dogma.

Several eminent teachers and writers of the present day are proud of considering themselves his disciples, enunciate his doctrines in greater or less proportion, and seldom contradict him without letting it be seen that they depart unwillingly from such a leader.

That which Sir William Hamilton calls here truly the doctrine of Aristotle (enunciated especially at the close of the Analyt.

But while making this claim it is proper to state, that nearly all the principles incorporated and injunctions, given in these 110 maxims had been enunciated over and over again in the various works on good behaviour and manners prior to this compilation and for centuries observed in polite society.

But when we enunciate the production of pleasure as our aim, or the balance of pleasure-producing over pain-producing results as the test of right action, we are not always understood to have admitted these explanations, and, consequently, there is always a danger of our being supposed to degrade morality by identifying it with the gratification, in ourselves and others, of the coarser and more material impulses of our nature.

The others listened, feeling confusedly the marvel that such ideas should be enunciated in the cloister of a cathedral.

We have never enunciated any great truth as the cause of our uprising.

A hundred times over had I heard the Irish clergyman emphatically enunciate the contrary.

Let your loins be girded about, and your lights burning," &c. To say that he was not intending to teach a universal morality, is to admit that his precepts are a trap; for they then mix up and confound mere contingent duties with universal sacred obligations, enunciating all in the same breath, and with the same solemnity.

But this freedom is based on laws,two of which cannot be too distinctly or too often enunciated.

Whereupon Teresita bethought her of her last night's lesson, and replied slowly and solemnly: "My dear Mrs. Seem'son, howdoyoudo?" "Mrs. Seem'son," realizing the underlying friendliness of the carefully enunciated greeting, flushed with pleasure and for a minute forgot all about the patch problem.

Probably these peculiarities, coupled with a certain dry method of enunciating, added largely to Ted's renown.

It must be enunciated phrase by phrase; by words, syllables, letters, consonants and vowelsand these do not end it.

There is always, in a phrase loudly enunciated, one word which sustains the passionate accent.

This was enunciated with the calmness of despair.

It was still a great religion when the Christian doctrine of immortality was enunciated.

It is just five paces off, and I hear each of the slow and softly-enunciated words that follow.

Through every bar reigned that vividly enunciated ideal, whose expression pertains to the one will alone in any age,the ideal, that, binding together in suggestive imagery every form of beauty, symbolizes and represents something beyond them all.

His very name betokened good cheer, and was pronounced after the manner of the pert waiters who complacently enunciate a few words of English.

E. It would appear, though not distinctly enunciated, that Columbus had learnt from some of the natives, perhaps from Giumbe, that a great sea lay beyond or to the westwards of this newly discovered continent, by which he imagined he was now in the way to accomplish the original object of his researches, the route westwards to India.

It was getting harder and harder to enunciate my proposition to make a sojourn at the inn.

Did it enunciate an oblation of virginity to the senile Herod, an exchange of blood, an impure and voluntary wound, offered under the express stipulation of a monstrous sin?

AIRY, SIR G. B., an eminent English astronomer, mathematician, and man of science, astronomer-royal from 1836 to 1881, retired on a pension; was the first to enunciate the complete theory of the rainbow.

GRIMM'S LAW, as enunciated by J. L. Grimm, is the law regulating the interchange of mute consonants in languages of Aryan origin, aspirates, flats, and sharps in the classical languages corresponding respectively to flats, sharps, and aspirates in Low German, and to sharps, aspirates, and flats in High German tongues.

PROTEUS, in the Greek mythology a divinity of the sea endowed with the gift of prophecy, but from whom it was difficult to extort the secrets of fate, as he immediately changed his shape when any one attempted to force him, for it was only in his proper form he could enunciate these secrets.

XENOCRATES, an ancient philosopher and a disciple of Plato, born in Chalcedon, and a successor of Plato's in the Academy as head of it; d. 314 B.C. XENOPHANES, the founder of the Eleatic school of philosophy, born in Asia Minor; was the first to enunciate the doctrine "all is one," but "without specifying," says SCHWEGLER, "whether this unity was intellectual or moral....

One of these points is that passage in history which informs us that the Greek Anaxagoras was the first to enunciate the doctrine that [GREEK: nous],Understanding in general, or Reason, governs the world.

"Not thatnot that," she hurriedly replied, as if fearful that her strength would fail before she had enunciated her purpose.

This attitude not only reciprocated the friendly feeling shown by England during the Spanish-American War, but was in strict accord with the traditional American policy enunciated by Washington.

I heard the words of the speaker as if bound in a dreadful dream, but they were clearly understood, and now I made an effort at utterance, but failed, until after repeated endeavors, to enunciate one word.

The theory of Christian duty enunciated by them is that we should never conquer by force, but always, if we can, conquer by persuasion.

Cooper said it is harder to breathe and they muffle voices so singers have to enunciate as much as possible to be understood.

The permission in such cases shall be granted as per the policy already enunciated on the issue by the examination conducting authorities.

Well, provided you enunciate.

While she has no regrets, she did have a message to her younger self: "I would tell 22-year-old Kristin to enunciate and quit drinking so much.

Hutton uses the analogy to the cosmic cycles of planetary motion enunciated by Newton.

In regard to the criteria for determining the acceptable projects, clearly there are a number of projects that are being proposed that do meet the basic criteria that the Minister has enunciated, but are of such size that they will exceed the budget.

I wrongly assumed rights to representation were protected by the principles enunciated by the Supreme Court of Canada and reinforced by the Ontario Municipal Board when it repealed the city's odious ward-boundary bylaw.

Nevertheless, the principle enunciated had a profound effect on the power of a trial judge to exclude a confession which was, strictly speaking, admissible on the test.

So they're actually an important contrast and they see the court releasing decisions about impacts on Aboriginal rights when they're enunciating this duty that show what didn't work and what did work.

The basic articles of the Faith have been recapitulated here at the end of the Surah, just as they were enunciated at its beginning.

This particular one, however, having been enunciated in a place where he was so well known, his words and their meaning could not be disguised.

To avoid this difficulty he enunciated the theory that the body of Christ, as of every man, has more than one form, that is, in addition to the rational soul, a forma mixti sive corporeitatis, which is joined to matter and constitutes it a human body.

Because the Minister cannot enunciate any policy positions this afternoon, I have to draw the conclusion that there is no energy policy and that the government has not done any work on it yet.

While Nelson Francis' action has essentially been settled, his enunciated position is helpful in considering the MacAskill claim.