532 examples of environ in sentences

'Think on the perils that environ The man that meddles with cold iron!'

what perils do environ The man who meddles with hot Hiron!

Roman generals still might lead them, Roman laws environ them, Roman gold employ them.

And for Grace, which does bring its children to perfection, the quantity and quality of the perfection must depend on the quantity and quality of the grace, and that again, to an awful extentThe Giver only knows to how great an extenton the will of the recipients, and therefore in exact proportion to their lowness in the human scale, on the circumstances which environ them.

But if inanimate bodies owe so much of their present state to other bodies without them, that they would not be what they appear to us were those bodies that environ them removed; it is yet more so in vegetables, which are nourished, grow, and produce leaves, flowers, and seeds, in a constant succession.

At the same time, Cotus's cavalry, which used to infest the neighbourhood of Macedonia, flew to attack Cassius's camp, at which Cassius being alarmed, and having received information of Scipio's approach, and seen the horse, which he imagined to be Scipio's, he betook himself to the mountains that environ Thessaly, and thence began to make his route towards Ambracia.

V. lie around &c adv.; surround, beset, compass, encompass, environ, inclose, enclose, encircle, embrace, circumvent, lap, gird; belt; begird, engird^; skirt, twine round; hem in &c (circumscribe) 229.

The silly wren, the titmouse also, The little redbreast have their election, They fly I saw and together gone, Whereas hem list, about environ As they of kinde have inclination, And as nature impress and guide, Of everything list to provide.

The gardens that environ the town are very tastefully laid out, and serve as the favourite promenade of the beau monde of Frankfort.

Aguardiente will serve a good purpose;provided the head be not essentially weak, or too inflammable, it ascends you into the brain, and dries you there, as one hath said, all the nervous, crudy vapors that environ it.

I felt so much disappointed that two or three small openings, which probably served but to drain the vast plains of inundated country that environ the hills on the shores of this gulf, were passed by unheeded; among which was the extensive branch that trended to the south-east under Mount Connexion; this opening appeared to possess a similar character with that we had just been employed in exploring. September 25 to 26.

Oh! glorious Youth Is the true age of prophecy, when Truth Stands bared in beauty, and the young blood boils To hurl us in her arms, before the blur Of time makes dim her rounded form, Or the cold blood recoils From the polluted swarm Of armed Chimeras that environ her.

what perils do environ The man that meddles with cold iron!"Hudibras cor.

Nos ennemis, après y avoir perdu 18,000 hommes, laissèrent entre nos mains environ 80 enseignes et 15,000 prisonniers.

ENFANCE, f., période de la vie depuis la naissance jusqu'à la douzième année environ.

ENVIRON, adv., à peu près.

The magnificent woods, and the beautiful hills that environ the Abbey of Beauchief, amply compensate for any deficiency of grandeur in the subordinate adornments of so rich a scene.

le chemin est réduit uniquement à ce qu'il faut pour le passage des chevaux tout le reste, à gauche, dans une largeur et une longueur d'une lieue environ, ne présente qu'un amas immense de cailloux pareils à ceux de rivière, et dont la plupart sont gros comme des queues de vin.

Pendant le séjour qué fit à Damas la caravane, j'allai visiter un lieu de pélerinage, qui est à seize milles environ vers le nord, et qu'on nomme Notre-Dame de Serdenay.

en a environ trente mille qui portent ainsi le tarquais, et qui sont soumises à un seigneur nommé Turcgadiroly, lequel habite les montagnes d'Arménie, sur les frontières de la Perse.

Enfin, des deux moitiés de la ville, l'une est totalement en ruines; l'autre a conservé ses murs et environ trois cents maisons qui sont remplies par des Turcomans.

y avoir environ trois cents personnes.

Son seigneur est un vaillant guerrier appelé Gadiroly, lequel a sous ces ordres trente mille hommes d'armes Turcomans, et environ cent mille femmes, aussi braves et aussi bonnes pour le combat que les hommes.

Il se tire d'une roche et se taille en forme de pierre, par morceaux d'un pied de long environ, carrés, mais un peu convexes en dessus.

Many and grievous perils do environ baby-life by the Ganges,perils of dry nurses, perils by wolves, perils by crocodiles, perils by the Evil Eye, perils by kidnappers, perils by cobras, perils by devils.

532 examples of  environ  in sentences